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    Closed [11 Questions] Water and Sand

    The thing with deduction exercises, is to create your own clues and only guess the exact answer when you're at least 80% sure. Do not guess if you are unsure. The idea is to ask as many questions as possible to pinpoint this location. First you might ask: About its physical property -- Is it...
  2. Chase

    Closed [11 Questions] Produce

    It is not the Mandarin Orange. Remember that one of the clues was that the fruit is not eaten unless candied. Another clue also said it was not an orange. Any of those points would have excluded the Mandarin Orange. I'm looking at a decently popular citrus fruit in the East, often used during...
  3. Chase

    Closed [Hot/Cold] Star Light, Star Bright

    My list dwindles... The Pistol Star?
  4. Chase

    Closed Elementary, my dear Watson

    Does this element have the atomic number of 77?
  5. Chase

    Closed Botticelli Game: Elvis Costello

    Are you... Elvis Costello?
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