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    sexy goblin king Neb

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    Pants snakes

  5. Ivy

    Current Events

    Disclaimer: This event takes place a week after Hiatus ends and is a foreshadowing of what is to come. Chase Devineaux’s dialog has been approved by Chase Devineaux. 9:00 pm. Clayton Street, San Francisco Ivy Monaghan flipped on the lights to her apartment. Owned for little more than two...
  6. Chase

    Co-Written Bridge: In Retrospect

    Bridge: In Retrospect This Journal entry is called a "Bridge" because it immediately follows the Roll With It RP, and the Desert Cayman RP. It is also linked directly with Ivy's 2 journal entries: Intro Part 1: Hong Kong, and Intro Part 2: Quid Pro Quo. ((All parties mentioned have either...
  7. Ivy

    Intro Part 2: Quid Pro Quo

    Ivy paced down the riveted steel floors of the Hong Kong Police Department's detainment facility. The hall was lit, one pulse at a time by iron glazed pendant lights that hung from an exposed ceiling. She wore only dark grey, a tank top covered by a one button blazer and stove-cut pants. All...
  8. Ivy

    Intro Part 1: Hong Kong

    ((First written in 2011 or 2012)) For Ivy Monaghan, there was nothing more refreshing than waking up to the harbor sunrise. Her apartment was small, meant to be inhabited by only one person, and with standard furnishings that could best be described as plain and unimaginative. But she could...
  9. Ivy Monaghan

    Ivy Monaghan

    And the FN SCAR
  10. STUN Suit

    STUN Suit

    The ACME S.T.U.N.
  11. Ivy

    Open Carnival

    March 1st, 2014 Copacabana Palace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ivy Monaghan, supervised as ACME Securities completed their set up of a basic monitoring studio. She was in a junior-suite directly above the Copacabana Palace's Golden Room, where suspected drug cartel leader Barbas Chuate was said to...
  12. Eugene

    Co-Written Paper Airplane

    [Featuring Euge and Ivy in an edited live chat. Enjoy!] “Hey Dimwit,” Ivy stomped into the Flight Office and slammed her schedule down on the metal desk, “You printed all my times wrong. What kind of operation do you think you’re running?” Not willing to spin his chair around and face Ivy...
  13. Ivy

    Co-Written Friending

    [Featuring Ivy and Chase in an edited live chat session.] Friending Accolade's external blue tinted windows were constructed of several layers of glass, air, microscopic metallic film, and silicone-based elastomer. Any light that came directly from outside passed through enough particles to...
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