Dewey. 18.
·I'm a student currently (prob will be for a while)
·Books and videogames are amazing
·I collect rocks, antiques, and wooden swords for some reason.
·I have a rendition of the painting The Storm in oil paints I found on my birthday and its ethereal
January 12
Jack Of All Trades
Full Name
Victorique Valarian Ivory
Known Aliases
Ivory, Victorique, V
Jan. 12, 2002
Eye Color
Grey (Gray)
Hair Color
Considers self to be of average appearance, however many consider swoonworthy. Has grey eyes, one darker than the other, that change between silver, green, and blue. Dyes hair often; hair is pink as of yet. People perceive as charming, albeit clumsy at times.
Character Background
From a prestigious line of nobility-turned-rogues, Ivory was born in Ireland while her parents were on a brief trip. Name is an alias, for ones own protection. Some early memories involve disassembling a crib at two years old, using an old pocket knife on various wooden objects, learning to use a bow, and playing the piano.
Charming and boisterous at times, reticent and reserved at others, can easily win a crowd with charm, or a new friend. Might also start a riot with scientific fact. Often becomes melancholic about how small humans are in comparison with the largest known star. May become angry about the ecological state of the world. Or bananas.
·To not die tripping face first
·Live to 100 like the rest of the family
·See the world
Medium of Means
Uses wit, know-how, and agility. In addition, has the ability to tread softly enough to walk beside you without you having noticed. Often uses this combined with the ability to predict the flow of a crowd to escape unnoticed.
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    “I have a lot of growing up to do. I realized that the other day inside my fort.”—Zach Galifianakis
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    (in good news three of my moths so far have made it)
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    Invader Invader: (in good news three of my moths so far have made it)
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