Tenchi Masaki

August 25
Family Shrine in the mountains outside of Tokyo
Detective, Inventor, Shop Owner
Full Name
Tenchi Masaki
Known Aliases
Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
August 25 1997
145 pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark hair and his mother’s gentle brown eyes a lean Athletic build muscular, but not bodybuilder level.
Character Background
+ Jinja Honcho
+ Engineers Guild
+ Pilots Guild Granaria Chapter
+ ACME Detective Agency

+ Kenjutsu
+ Bukijutsu
+ Jiujutsu
+ Kendo
+ Advanced Weapons Training
+ Criminology
+ Engineering Degree
+ Parapsychology
+ Professional Driving (NAPD)
+ Flight Training
+ Aeronautical Theory
+ Music theory

I was born in Japan and remember my mother’s face as my earliest memory. I lived with my Father and Grandfather at the Masaki shrine until my Mom and Dad moved out. Now I live in my parents old house and my grandpa lives further up in his house. My grandpa Lord Katsuhito is a Shinto priest and he has trained me in the ways of The sword and Shintoism. My father Nobuyuki is an architect and designed my families house, and his new home in Tokyo.

I have been creating software and hardware since he was a child. My first real invention of note was the Smart Magnifying Glass, a magnifying glass with object identification and microscopic zoom. I wandered around scanning everything I could, developing a love for wandering aimlessly. My grandpa could always find me though. when I turned 15 I got to go with my grandpa on cases ahem, I mean cleansings. I couldn’t see or sense all of the things he could yet (and still can’t) So I loved watching him work a haunted area.

I upgraded my Smart Glass one last time and then created my Smart Glasses. They have multi-spectrum analysis, microscopic zoom, and extensive object identification with video recording, multi-visual spectrum and onboard database access as well as wireless connection to my super computer mainframe database. I found myself not wanting to take them off... so I don’t, except for bedtime. The nano bots that build the glasses come out of the only solid part which is the bridge. So from that day forward when I double tap my bridge the glasses appear as they are built by the nano bots. Even my grandpa said that was cool.

When I turned 18 I got to do my parents biggest fear: Wandering aimlessly! Which it really wasn’t since technically I’m scanning with glasses, helping people in need, and since I needed travel money started selling things I make and other things like coffee and tea. I am able to travel around the world by riding in a car which is usually Roadie, or flying in a plane which is usually the Daredevil. I am now currently in college and already have PhD’s in Engineering, Criminology, and Parapsychology. Graduated ACME Academy and am now a detective.
Kind, compassionate, humble, noble, level-headed, and respectful. Being surrounded by family and friends makes Tenchi happy but trying to hurt the innocent or his friends and family makes Tenchi angry. The general violent nature of humanity makes Tenchi sad sometimes.

Strengths: A highly intelligent creative thinker who is proficient at creating hardware and software. He’s been trained by his grandpa Lord Katsuhito Masaki since he could walk in martial arts and Japanese swordsmanship.

Weaknesses: Sometimes works too hard on projects and loses track of time, randomly wanders wherever he feels like even not so safe places, Maybe certain inventions made on a tight budget stop working... or explode every so often.
To be a top agent in ACME and catch Carmen Sandiego.

Turn Patty to the side of good (wishful thinking).

Become a great inventor and benefit mankind.
Medium of Means
Nanotech Smart Glasses: Have HUD and can see/scan in digital, infrared, and ultraviolet. Can detect and identify various chemical substances in effective range in the surrounding environment.

Computer Gauntlet: Top is armored and blocks sword strikes, underside is where computer is to better protect it (hidden under shirt sleeve most of the time).

High-Frequency Sword: Made of a high density alloy for sustaining blade sharpness. Has a high oscillating frequency sent along the cutting edge making it easier to cut with less strength. Generates energy that separates molecules can slice through titanium in one cut... as long as it isn't too thick and the battery lasts.

Roadie: Futuristic super car!... of 30 years ago. Artificially intelligent gadget loaded spy car that can drive on land, sea, and air! has a limited harrier jet based lift fan hover system that assists in hydro and hover modes. (Has an older brother named Wheels)

Djinn: Self made Smart Guitar for passing time during travels. Can nano-shift from acoustic to electric guitar with built in amp and various musical synthesizer options added in for full musical accompaniment if desired.

Daredevil: Plane from a bygone era designed by an engineering genius and built 80 years later by Tenchi after discovering the blueprints. Triple engine plane faster and more maneuverable than a P-51 Mustang! Optimized for long range travel.
Color #


Creativity is intelligence having fun because a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. So the first step is to be a creative person; the second is to do the unexpected. **Crash!** Charlet don’t touch that!


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