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  1. Jacqueline Hyde

    Closed To Walk Among the Stars [Solved]

    Is it Peggy Whitson?
  2. Jacqueline Hyde

    Closed Botticelli game #2

    Lisa Lopes!
  3. Jacqueline Hyde

    Deduction Botticelli: Round 4

    Evel Knievel?
  4. Jacqueline Hyde

    Deduction I Sea What You Did There

    So to summarize: In the Northern Hemisphere Touches the Atlantic Ocean Surrounds at least one island under the control of a European country Does not border Europe Does not border South America (i.e., not the Caribbean Sea) Not the Labrador Sea or the Greenland Sea Is it the Sargasso Sea? I...
  5. Jacqueline Hyde

    Deduction O Captain! My Captain!

    We love a giveaway. Leela from Futurama.
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