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    The Moment of No Return

    The crisp autumn air didn’t bother Constance as she raced down the small hill that led to the High School football field below. Tonight would be the night. The school’s biggest game of the season fell on this particular evening. Two undefeated teams would battle until only one champion remained...
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    Q & A What's your personality type?

    ENFJ ENFJ personality | 16 Personality Types
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    Q & A Dress for Success

    I generally have two different types of outfits that I wear on most occasions. The first is my medic uniform. Since I usually work at the medical center, this consists of a simple pair of scrubs. Outside the medical center, the uniform varies according to operation. For instance, when assigned...
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    Q & A Is your Ready Bag Ready?

    My ready bag would contain: Medical supplies: ACME Communicator. Medical Center protocols and list of standing orders. Water bottles. Size small, non-latex gloves. Alcohol swabs. Hand antiseptic. Packages of sterile gauze. LED penlight. Bandage scissors. Stethoscope. Blood pressure cuff...
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    is enjoying spring break. There needs to be more of these each year.

    is enjoying spring break. There needs to be more of these each year.
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    Q & A Green Eggs and Hamlet

    Constance's favorite breakfast is her aunt's homemade blueberry pancakes with two scrambled eggs and a side of various other fruits and fried mushrooms. She likes to sprinkle some grade B maple syrup on the pancakes and place a small, melting slab of butter to top it off. Currently, since...
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    Q & A Bedtime Routine

    Constance's routine starts with dinner. Since, especially on the week days, she doesn't have time to cook, she usually picks up a small meal at a nearby restaurant and takes it back to the dorm. After eating, she carefully brushes and flosses her teeth with whitening products. Next, she...
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    Q & A Seven Days

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    So... I was doing some research and found out that red hair and blue eyes is the rarest...

    So... I was doing some research and found out that red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world. It's about as rare as a four leaf clover.
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    Q & A The Skin You're In...

    I don't really have any scars or birthmarks, but I do have a small, blue butterfly (Morpho peleides) tattoo near the inside of my right ankle. It can only be seen when I don't wear socks; so basically when I wear flip flops or high heels.
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    Discussion ACME Dorms Revival

    I'm in.
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    Closed Tall Glass

    Constance’s glance followed the leader’s gesture and she nodded in understanding. The heat from the sun paired with the sand and the stark lack of trees created a dangerous environment. The team would need to be cautious during their work. A seemingly unimportant but careless disregard of safety...
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    Q & A Describe Your Morning Routine...

    I usually get up at 0500. I grab a quick snack to eat and then go on a run for about an hour. When I return to my room, I take a shower and fix a larger, balanced breakfast with a fair amount of fruits. During breakfast, I plan out my agenda for the day. After that, I pick out my clothes and fix...
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