Claire Yeon

Art insurance investigator
Full Name
Claire Yeon
February 29
5'1" barefoot
112 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Small and slender; wears high heels but always seems to be shorter than everyone else just the same. Delicate features.
Character Background
Claire Yeon was born and raised in Queens to immigrant parents originally from Busan. She is a first-generation American and her parents' only child.

Claire has been interested in art since an early age, but lacking any significant natural talent of her own, focused instead on the historical aspect. She performed well enough in school to earn a partial scholarship to NYU. Against her parents' wishes, who wanted her to be a doctor, and to the general ridicule of her small circle of childhood friends, Claire chose to study art history. After enduring a seemingly endless series of taunts from her peers about her "useless" degree in her first year, Claire made herself a promise: within five years of graduation, she would be making more money than any of them.

It took three.

Her keen eye for forgeries, determination to prove her naysayers wrong, and apparent lack of the human need to sleep propelled her through the ranks of the world's top art detectives. She interned with Leary, Mohs, and Kirley LLP between her junior and senior year, where she assisted in the recovery of over $5 million worth of art from the hands of traffickers, and later accepted an offer of full-time employment. During her first year of employment with the firm, she personally recovered three original Rothko paintings from a smuggler's cache before they could be sold on the black market. Though the smuggler evaded capture, Claire received the gratitude and recognition of the art community - and the $250,000 finder's fee.

Time passed, but the thrill of the hunt never did. Claire eventually received an offer to be made partner in the firm, but declined, electing instead to go her own way. These days, she operates her own independent consulting firm, advising everyone from banks lending against the value of fine art collections to the FBI's newest batch of customs agents. When the jobs slow down, though, so does the cash, and that simply won't do for someone with expensive tastes. Only one thing remains certain: in the world of fine art, there is always a buyer willing to pay top dollar.
Generally prefers to observe. Do not mistake lack of participation for lack of paying attention. Slow to anger, but can hold a grudge for a long time. Loves to prove others wrong and rub it in after. Spends money almost as fast as she makes it. A bit hard of hearing.
Make enough money to own a penthouse at 220 Central Park South, or an original Vermeer.
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