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    is in Breda for the weekend, enjoying Roodharigendag with others who carry a variant of the MC1R...

    is in Breda for the weekend, enjoying Roodharigendag with others who carry a variant of the MC1R gene.
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    Secret Santa 2016

    To my Secret Receiver... Here is a set of miniature plushes to add to your sizable collection of wins (That is some skill with the claw-machines!): And, here is a geometric terrarium to serve as a holding place for your little friends as they fly or flutter in and out of your life...
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    Safe & Sound

    If anyone at ACME Headquarters slept, they would not be sleeping now. Pulling her palm away from the centre of her steering wheel, the silence that followed the sound of a horn seemed deathly as Sophie stared at the man who had fallen off his toppled Kawasaki. Unbuckling her seatbelt and...
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    Safe & Sound

    Friday, April 1, 22:50 The sprig of mistletoe lay on a sheet of clear glass, now a crisp golden-brown hue from the lack of moisture. A tiny bud and its corresponding stalk had been removed from the cutting three months ago, for analysis within the ACME laboratories that Doctor Sophie Conrad...
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    Safe & Sound

    Sophie posted a new thread: Safe & Sound Read more of this thread...
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    Open New Year Tidings 2016

    ...CONTINUED January 4, 14:12 Accolade Tower, San Francisco There was a low click as a metallic latch slipped back into its matching strike, the door to her office closing behind her as Dr Sophie Conrad stepped into her office on the 26th floor. She had arrived at the ACME airbase an hour...
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    January 4, 04:42 Knox County, Maine The house had stood on this private islet, overlooking the waters of Rockport Harbor and Penobscot Bay, since the early-1900s. Following acquisition in 1992, it was always a priority of the Huntington family to retain the architectural character of its...
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    Co-Written Home For The Holidays

    Christmas Eve, 2015 It had been a particularly dry year for the state of California, but all of that seemed to be changing for the city of San Francisco now as slate precipitation drizzled onto the streets, accompanied by the pall of fog that rolled with the tides into the Bay Area. Chase...
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    Open Gifts & Things 2015

    Dearest Ivy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (Black tee-shirt + Ceramic unicorn earrings, wrapped in brown paper and white cotton string) With love. To: Invader, Jade, Julie Justice, & Lucy Thank you all for staying around. Chase gathered the ingredients, I did the baking...
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    Open Quote of the Week

    June 10, 2015 | Week 24/52 - The First History Man Mad Max: Fury Road
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    Open ACME Retro

    With a sharp intake of breath at the sound of gunshots, Sophie Conrad lifted her head towards the length of 2nd Street. From her angle, she could not ascertain the origin of discharge, but relief exhaled when various members of the team began to report their safe statuses across the open...
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    Open Quote of the Week

    31 May, 2015 | Week 23/52 - Doctor Who
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    Open Quote of the Week

    24 May, 2015 | Week 22/52 - Anaïs Nin
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    Open ACME Retro

    “No,” Sophie Conrad interjected over the open communication channel to stop Nace Bilby, “No killing.” Glancing around, she found Lee Jordan peering out of the backseat window, making a face at the felled suspect. “We’re good here in Vehicle Three,” she continued, addressing Jason West...
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    Open ACME Retro

    The gas station was not a large stop, with four pumps and a modest two-storey building attached. The exterior walls of the building were a freshly-painted white, and black metal grills protected dusty windows. From a distance, a small group of people in varying dress and distress huddled...
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