Pitya Ivyr

I am known as Jade, thel, or Pin Myril (Little Kitten). I am 19 years old and adore all animals. I enjoy learning and absolutely love studying behaviors. Animal science is my game, and I love nature and drawing. I like to write stories and enjoy working with others. I am in college and go by She/Her pronouns. My college career path is Wildlife Conservation and Rehabilitation.
August 2
K-9 Unit Manager
Full Name
Ivyr Saalira
Known Aliases
Ivyr, Ive, Crystal, Lira, Teals
July 9, 1999
Eye Color
Hair Color
Petite and small, she stands at about five foot 5 inches. Lightly muscled, lithe, and a bit toned. Skin is a slight fair ivory. Hair is down to her waist and wavy. Eyes are almond shaped and a piercing mercury dipped ice blue. She often wears leggings of an ebony color with sequins of turquoise on them in floral patterns, her top is a three-quarters sleeved top of a dark turquoise color, and a small jacket thrown over it which is black and same sequined patterns as her leggings. She wears high heeled boots that are ebony.
Character Background
Ivyr was born in Dublin, Ireland. When she was 4 her father was in a bad car accident and thus left 4 year-old Ivyr and her mother on their own. They stayed in Dublin for about a year... Where Ivyr took up singing and ballet. They swiftly moved to the US when Ivyr turned 7 years old. This was where Ivyr enrolled in a small private school. She learned quickly and at the age of 14-15 she began volunteer work with training all sorts of animals. She was great with any animal really. She could train horses, dogs, even dolphins. However, her true calling came with dogs. When she was 16 she really threw herself into her work. Working day in and day out trying to do her very best. As such when her mother passed due to a plane crash, she found herself accepted into ACME and found her calling working with the Canine Unit. She would never give up her role for anything. Currently she owns her own Saluki and Border Collie, along with a wolf-dog mix. She doesn't mind ACME much, but finds she prefers the dogs company over anything. She works in San Francisco, but keeps her distance from almost anyone. She will gladly help you despite her cold exterior. She is actually a super sweet girl but has that soft side hidden on the inside.
Ivyr is an enigma to many actually. She's shy, quiet, yet very observant. She enjoys being around animals way more so than people. She is intelligent and open-minded... most of the time. If you get in her way or try to deter her from her work she holds grudges like no other. Ivyr is... sweet tempered at times. She is fairly accepting to those that are a bit younger than her. Anyone her age or older she stiffens up and clams up like no tomorrow. She can be sassy and has sarcasm to rival the sweetness. She is .... very dedicated to her dogs. You mess with one of her babies you will regret it no questions asked. She is a hard-worker and sometimes may need a nudge to get her to dial it down for a bit. She tends to overexert herself. She is Stubborn as a mule. She will fight you till the end if she has too, especially when it comes to her 3 pups (Zienna, Xena, and Hikari). she can be forgetful, but don't bring up her family. As far as she believes she has none... they died when she was young and that is that. She tries to help everyone and anyone before herself. Her downright weak spot is those in need.
Okay so don't tell anyone, but honestly wishes to know about Carmen more. Is very curious. She hopes to help ACME out any way she can. She hopes to train more dogs.
Medium of Means
A clicker, sometimes a whistle, and herself mainly
Color #






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