October 14
The southern states of America
That depends on who’s asking
Full Name
Known Aliases
Bonnie Parker
Bon park
Young adult
Oct 14. Unknown year
Four foot eleven
Ninety five pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
She is a history bounding individual with a vintage nineteen thirties wardrobe. She has long black pin curls that go to the swell of her back. She has side swept bangs that cover her left eye. Her make up consists of a Smokey eye and winged eyeliner; Ruby red lipstick and cream rouge. Her perfume smells like tobacco, vanilla and lavender to draw you back to the public enemy era. (( all make up and perfume from a vintage replication brand Besame)) Her signature outfit is a tailored black waistcoat with matching slacks. A button up white silk blouse with a black tie. Shiny leather boots with hidden pockets with a two inch heel.
Character Background
A daughter of a former mafia boss named Titus saylor. Whom was known as the serpent in the underground. She was raised in a violent and hostile criminal organization known as the mauve ((maniacal association of underhanded evildoers)) until her mother was murdered by her own hand at ten years old. It was merely an accident that will taint her reputation forever.

She survived living as a street urchin for three years before being rescued by Carmen sandiego. Laverna is often getting into trouble for a different viewpoint on how to protect herself on a crime scene. She never got a proper education outside of the criminal underworld; She dated an acme detective named Ruslan child and they have a child.
She was recently partnered up with chemical warfare specialist Devlin crooks and they will bury them side by side as the mauve hunts them down for being lose screws in a full out mob war.
She is a pint sized gun moll with her partner the southern devil: This femme fatale is not to be messed with and has the means to trick you into leading her to her desired outcome. She knows the ins and out of the criminal underworld. She’s a devious creature out for the limelight as a starlet. An avid troublemaker with a unhealthy obsession with mobster history of the 1920s and 30s. She can be obsessive, Playful and known to pick fights for the fun of it. She’s not a fan of political correctness and sharp around the edges. Proceed with caution if your trapped in a room with her.
An aspiring broadway baby or go down in history as the world’s greatest crime boss.
She don’t care if it’s fame or infamy that she gains
Medium of Means
She is good at deception
She is trained in firearms, sword fighting, voodoo and martial arts.


See you at the crime scene. Love



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  • Lucy Lucy:
    I just heard on the news they're going to have to remove the Sakura trees in Washington because of damage to a sea wall. They have to build a sea wall and replant new trees.
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    They were a gift from the mayor of Tokyo!
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Okay wait. Only 158 of the 2,500 have to be taken down. They are also taking clippings from the cut down trees to propagate new ones
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Is everyone ready for the solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024? :)
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  • Invader Invader:
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  • Tenchi Masaki Tenchi Masaki:
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  • Laverna Laverna:
    I’m staying inside
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    I just found a wolf spider in my house. :D
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    one of the GOOD spiders you want around because they eat all the really bad bugs in the house. We put them outside :)
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Did you know there are over 400 species of parrots in the world??
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Did you know David Attenborough was knighted twice? First in 1985, and again in 2002
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    @Lucy ... don't know if you really want wolf spiders in your home... I'd go for jumping spiders, they can't bite... wolf spiders are the fast movers, and they can bite.
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    And, jumpers are cute
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    ((Will lose my ACP internet towards the end of the month, unless anyone knows about it ending sooner. Trying to switch my Lifeline phone to a better provider that doesn't shut me off after four and a half gigs of data, nothing but failure so far and "call here" and "it's on their end" and the back and forth crap... in the morning, it's time to demand the supervisor and might even get to harsh language (after three days of that). I plan to use the Lifeline phone tethered as Internet source, share that to my own router... I've done it before (it's messy, and not 100% effective, but it works). ))
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    ((The 'net is the main way to apply for jobs now, so I need that, and I've moved/changed Lifeline providers before without an issue, so no idea what the problem is. I have active Verizon through ACP, active Lifeline through Airtalk... is that somehow the issue? If anyone knows, please let me know before I tear someone a new one (ya know what I mean). After three days of this, and two days about a month ago, I'm ready to walk there with katana in hand.))
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    ((And, thoughout this process, I want to port my number (have the info for that) and use the phone I have (Samsung Galaxy S9... gotten for free through Airtalk... note to anyone: if you choose a nice phone through them, you are locked into a 120 day "commitment" to get the phone for free, and they have a very hard data limit... once you use up your data, they cut you off, point blank.))
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    Jon Eckart Jon Eckart: ((And, thoughout this process, I want to port my number (have the info for that) and use the...