October 14
Vile thief and acme lab assistant
Full Name
Charlet saylor or Laverna heist
Known Aliases
Carmen’s sister
Oct 14
4 11
100 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Some would describe her as a vampire for her dark hair and pale skin. Her hair is styled in curls that cover her right eye. And her makeup is Smokey with red lips. Her green eyes seem to see into your soul and demons dance inside them. You can feel her ribs and you would assume she forgets to eat. A pair of combat boots are her staple companion. Her white button up shirt is often paired with black suspenders or a vest. A black tie tied around her neck. She often sports a red coat as she tries to mimic Carmen. Her feet are often bandaged from working on them all day.
Character Background
She used to be a street urchin growing up.
She was homeless orphan who refused to be put in foster care traveling through the states on feet or hitchhiking. Eventually she forgot where she came from and the only memory was seeing her mother being shot to death by the mafia.

She was stealing to survive and ran into Carmen at 13 years old. Carmen took her in under her wing as her little sister

She lies a lot about her past as she doesn’t really remember anything expect life on the streets, with nothing but her stuffed rabbit, and anything she could steal.

Her family might be the mafia who killed her mother and she's trained in weapons since infancy but she doesn't use them much.
You would describe her as a good for nothing criminal with first impression. A delinquent,, a brat,

She makes people uneasy on purpose to keep them at a distance.

If you get to know her, you realize she’s the strongest person you know. Her story might even make you cry. She’s defensive since she doesn’t understand people and she mimics Carmen as she sees that as a perfect example of humankind, She wants love but will push you away. Rough outside and soft inside. If she loves you, then never break her.

She often cries herself to sleep and acts like everything is alright. When she fights monsters all day and night in her head.

She inflates her ego to survive
She wants to be better than Carmen
Take over vile if Carmen retires
She wants to feel alive.
Medium of Means
A fast runner, that’s what she is.
She’s great at manipulating things to work in her favor. She’s great at lock picking and escaping confined spaces. She enjoys archery, However she mostly uses her ferret to enter museums and steal things without detection. She loves tranquilizers and weapons but using them in unusual ways not for murder


See you at the crime scene. Love



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