Jon Eckart

Long-time writer (My Google Stories folder it's a live folder, so stuff gets changed there when I update it), though I might be a little rusty on my D&D and GURPS.
December 4
San Francisco, CA
Detective, Full-time
Full Name
Jonathan James Eckart
Known Aliases
Jon, Jonny, J (single letter), JE (pronounced 'G')
August 15th, 1993
5 feet 5 inches or 165cm
140 pounds or 63.5kg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Somewhat longer, slightly messy hair which is a sandy blonde (usually kept under a baseball hat), usually has a slight five o'clock shadow, tends to dress in whatever's comfortable, always wears a watch and his titanium-framed glasses. Usually carries a crush-proof case for his glasses either in a pants pocket or in his backpack (he can see pretty good without them, just wears them most of the time for reading and the rest of the time to complete his style), tends to like flannel shirts and in general prefers clothes that can get dirty and torn if the situation calls for it.
Character Background
Orphaned at 13 years old, bounced between foster homes until running away to live on the streets of northern California, often sleeping in cars and homeless shelters, . Eventually, he went back to school and graduated high school early, and managed to get into college for computer security and criminology, where he was recruited to the Academy.
Usually has a skateboard strapped to his backpack (which he always wears into the Agency), along with his laptop computer and cell phone and at least a pair of Bluetooth ear buds
Described as loyal, friendly, smart, and energetic by his friends at college and is known to be somewhat standoffish and sarcastic, and can be sneaky (can tend to be a prankster if given the chance, tends to have a slightly warped sense of humor). Not given to violence without a very good reason.
Jon has always been generous since he got off the streets, and would even go out of his way to help other homeless kids he met on the street.
He hates seeing kids in bad situations, and seeing anyone falsely arrested or jailed.
On the anniversary of his parent's deaths, he will always have a drink of a bottle of expensive whiskey in their memory.
Not a huge fan of blood, but does know a fair bit about first aid.
Is a smoker, but infrequently, and can go without for longer than most would think.
Has completed his training and has became a full-time detective; hopes to stick with the Agency to retirement
Medium of Means
Computers, lockpicks and a collapsible slimjim, also carries a Gerber multi-tool at pretty much all times on his left hip, along with a mini Mag-Lite (every day carry stuff). Can use firearms (pretty good with handguns, decent with rifles), though prefers not to.
Is cleared to carry everything that could be needed as a Full-Time Detective.
Always has at least one notebook and a handful of pens in his shoulder-pack (which is always carried with him, along with a basic first aid kit).
Would rather talk a situation down before escalating to force, though a chase is not out of the question when it comes to it.
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