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  1. Heather

    Open Secret Santa 2018

    Count me in. :P
  2. Chase not Synic

    Chase not Synic

  3. lulz


  4. Crayons


    Pen drawing of Kidman's crayons scene from Seraphim
  5. Kidman Scribble

    Kidman Scribble

    Just a quick sketch of Kidman that I flat-colored in photoshop. Not sure what she's doing with her hand. maybe shaking it out of pinching it picking locks... or something.
  6. The Techno Twins

    The Techno Twins

  7. Invader Sketch

    Invader Sketch

    couldn't sleep and wanted to draw something. Saw Invader's profile and thought Invader was pretty, so I tried to sketch her. I hope this came out as cute as 1am would have me believe it did
  8. Joe Kerr

    Joe Kerr

    Merry Christmas Joe! :)
  9. Paris


    Can't believe that I forgot to upload this here. Heh.... This was done for a themed art gallery show in Downtown Orlando, titled "Where in the World." While the exhibit was meant to highlight places other than Central Florida, I couldn't help but play on the name.
  10. Patty


    A sketch of Patty for Patty. :)
  11. Heather

    Comment by 'Heather' in media 'A VILE Getaway'

    My Nissan pic made it somewhere other than where I posted it? Or... like.. woah... I'mma have to see this. Thanks for the heads up! XD
  12. Concentration


    Piece drawn on my phone.
  13. Haircut


    Experimenting with a new hair cut (and other things).
  14. A VILE Getaway

    A VILE Getaway

    Inspired by a red 1987 300z Nissan, a "cosplay" event, and a bunch of Caffeine. P.S. This piece is Ooooooooooooooooooollllldddddddd.........
  15. Avatar


    Drawn by me
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