Dj Inn(Djinn)

June 15
Strumming guitar/sidekick
Full Name
DJ Inn Guitar
Known Aliases
Djinn, English Oak, Wish-master, Magic Man
11 or 521 whichever you prefer
June 15, 2009
Eye Color
Hair Color
Standby Mode: Looks like an ordinary hybrid acoustic/electric guitar.

Normal Mode: Looks like a normal guitar though can start glowing in certain situations. Djinn is able to talk and interact with Tenchi or others when necessary. Known for his cynical nature and blunt commentary.

Magic Mode: To put it simply; Phenomenal cosmic power in a quite large and spacious living space. Guitars are bigger than lamps after all. As a result of the sealing process Djinn is partially sealed inside his guitar. This means he can come out on his own in theory
Character Background
Djinn was built by tenchi when he was young and bored. He is capable of various technological feats aside from talking courtesy of his advanced A.I. He possesses the ability to make other instruments sounds utilizing his synthesizer enabling tenchi to be a true one man band. Djinn also possesses multiple defense system to help Tenchi in battle.

Of course there are those who believe him to be a real genie sealed into the guitar by someone close to Tenchi. This is mostly because Tenchi never named him Djinn yet one day the guitars A.I. told him to call him DJ Inn. Tenchi just shrugged and went with it annoying Kylie as usual in the process. Those close to Tenchi witnessing strange phenomena have concluded Djinn is more than he seems.

Tenchi however reassures his friends saying that the nanotechnology is to blame for all of Djinn’s seemingly magic feats. Besides Tenchi says if DjInn was also a genie he would grant wishes and live in a lamp, and not a guitar. The fact that Tenchi either laughs or smiles suspiciously afterwards doesn’t instill confidence in his peers.
Djinn is friendly to those who see beyond his six strings and treat him like a person. He is upfront and quick to point out anything he thinks is silly.
To become king of the genie nation.
Medium of Means
Music to soothe the savage beast for starters, though if that doesn’t work there’s always the machine gun that fires non lethal rounds. Besides that Djinn is equipped with various defense systems to subdue felons.


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