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Time for another character question. This one is:

Does your character dance? And if so what is their signature move?


What style of dance do they prefer.

Be as detailed as possible folks.

Here's Zack's answer: Zack definitely likes to dance, even if he's spazzy at it. As a true 90s kid he likes break dancing which tends to meld well with his skateboarding. Though at parties his signature move will be the Robot, especially if @Nevon is around as backup.
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Well..I'm not clumsy...usually...but I'm not really graceful, either. So I can't really say I have a "signature move" or particular style of dancing that I am known for. But I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself, and I will dance with anyone who is willing to take a chance, and dance with me. And if the person that I'm dancing with is a better dancer than I am (which is usually the case) I am happy to let them take the lead. ;)
I'll be first to admit I'm a bit lost when it comes to faster, club sort of dances. But I am a fan of various slow dances, especially with someone I love. To me it is another way to show someone you love how deeply you feel for her.
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I'll definitely admit I have two left feet when it comes to dancing, but if I'm liking a song's beat, I'll bop along to it or move somewhat rhythmically.

(I also had "Safety Dance" stuck in my head when I first read this question. Here's the video:

You're welcome)

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