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This is the OOC Discussion Thread for: Carnival
In the spirit of our beloved Blue Moon Masquerade Role Play, the Rio Carnival is an Open RP for both VILE and ACME agents.

Selected Agents from ACME are performing a stakeout operation against suspected Drug Lord Barbas Chuate. Barbas is said to be holding a meeting at the Copacabana Palace's Gold Room while the Magic Ball takes place in the hotel and Carnival parades continue on surrounding streets.

ACME will be trying to subtly keep tabs on people entering and leaving the room.

For any V.I.L.E. players, the hotel is also hosting a large collection of Colonial Era Portuguese artifacts as part of the Carnival celebration. What these items are will be up to you as the story builds.

V.I.L.E. is welcomed to join and add mischief. Larger heists and plots are greatly encouraged though anything that requires a lot of reaction posts from other players should be discussed before implementation to help flow.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Copacabana Palace, a 5-star hotel and former casino situated right on the coast of Copacabana Beach. [Google Map Link]

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Our story takes place at one of Rio's most exclusive balls, the Copacabana Palace Hotel's Magic Ball. This year, the date falls on March 1st, 2014.

Dress code: Black tie/ballgown, costumes, or a mix of both.
Theme: Salvador Dalí, Surrealism and the art movements of the 20s. [According to this Portuguese/Brazilian news site]

"This legendary ball is not just the high point of the night but also the most famous Carnival ball; the natural choice for glamour and sophistication. Luxury costume or black tie/evening dress is required, and a number of international and local VIPs are always among the guests." -- From

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Role Play Note: This is a game. Have fun, and don't take the little details too seriously.

This is where the rich and affluent go to celebrate Carnival. In our RP the Palm, Gallery and Crystal Rooms are open to guests who can watch the Carnival parade and beach from the seclusion of the balcony. The Golden Room is where we suspect Barbas Chuate is.

This RP takes place on March 1st, 2014.

Standard RP Rules apply. We will be world and plot building as we go along so pay close attention to each other's posts.

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Ivy said:
Drug Lord Barbas Chuate
*OOC Chuckles*

Okay, nice. Do we want to establish what we need from Mr. Chuate before we continue? I'd also like to request a list of all participating V.I.L.E. agents for tabs as we go along.

Also maybe a rough plot.

And how many of you are staying at the hotel? It's going into the expense report... that @Ivy has to write.
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I'm in! Costumes are right up my ally! Though I'm sure as far as capers go, the boss probably has something in mind
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Spring-Heeled Jack will be there, though in the persona of Johnathan B. Nimble, young British aristocrat with an injured leg who has to walk with a cane. Up to the ACMEs how much they suspect JB, but I would prefer that there's no solid proof that he's Spring-Heeled Jack, if that's alright.

Edit: It won't go on the ACME expense report, but he's also staying in the hotel. In his room is a trunk that has all the stuff he needs to become Jack.
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Working with @Molly for the setup of the forensics lab. Additionally I think @Cali and @Deric should be on the advanced group that arrived on the 27th of February due to the formers knowledge of the area and the latter's language skills and experience in undercover operations


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If it's Carmen's birthday, Patty's definitely here for a reason.

Gudrun will join the lab team? She's more the mythology student, but I think I can say she's doing lab assistance as field work credits? (@Chase)
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Hoo! This sounds good, I'm so in. I'm probably gonna have Zack be up with the technies doing monitor duty. If that conflicts with anyone lemme know.

*goes to get his tux dry cleaned*


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For all intents and purposes, there's going to be one running "background story" underneath all the individual character stories. @Carmen will be in Rio de Janeiro for her birthday. Last year it was at Ibiza, this year, Rio. VILE agents are invited to join for a little get-together, and anyone in the area will receive a text message from... *reads*


Of course you know when it's Carmen, it's never just one thing, so stay tuned and make yourself available, kiddies, it's going to be a party!


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At the moment, while we're still developing story arcs, I'm going to suggest both [USERGROUP=5]ACME[/USERGROUP] and [USERGROUP=6]VILE[/USERGROUP] pick a partner or partners for writing. You'll naturally fall into this game pacing anyway, and you may switch partners as you go.

For example, Nace Bilby is writing primarily with Molly. And the bunker boys may start out together then individually split to write with other narrators.

It's a basic buddy-system. The purpose is to minimize mass interaction, and you will be helping your partners come up with story arcs and ideas. And yes, you may have ACME-VILE partnerships for writing, feel free to drag Dr. Roux into your stories, he's shy.

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