Julie Justice Female Sherlock Holmes Costume

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Julie will be portraying a female Sherlock-Holmes type-Detective at a murder mystery party, where they will enact the Mystery of the Golden Scarab, in which a friendly rivalry between two well known Archeologists leads to murder, after the famous Egyptian artifact is stolen from the British Museum.

Julie looks over her costume, and decides to try it on.

1 Deerstalker cap -- camel color, with dark brown and white plaid pattern.
1 Women's Cape Coat -- fitted though chest, 39 - 41 inches, shoulders, 16 - 18 inches. Slanted slit armholes at sides. Length 30 inches. Camel color, with dark brown and with pattern. Brown faux fur trim at neck, armholes and hem. 3 buttons on front, covered with brown fabric.
1 pair, white cotton gloves (70% cotton, 30% polyester.) Stretchable lining.
1 Cornelian Shell Cameo, 30 inches x 26 mm. 14 karat gold, on a black ribbon choker.
1 Victorian-style ladies shirt, white. High, scoop neck. Lace trim at yoke, on sleeves, at elbows. Long trumpet sleeves, elastic at cuffs.
1 Women's Wide Leg Trousers, ankle length, sits at natural waist,with elastic, with side pockets. Dark brown.
1 pair of Women's White Cotton Ankle Socks, with Lace Ruffle.
1 pair of Women's Loafers, slip on, round toe, synthetic sole, faux leather lining, with tassels. Brown.

1 Leather Messenger Bag, with wide Crossbody Strap -- slip-in back-pocket, and with pockets, for pens, cards, and other interior space for other important items. Cognac (Brown)
1 Vintage Costume Women's Cigarette Holder
1 Antique Hand-Held Magnifying Glass
1 Brown and Brass Derby Walking Cane -- Made of solid hardwood, brown walnut finish. Brass handle Derby handle, with twisting vine pattern. Steel-reinforced suction rubber tip. :)


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Julie nice description of the costume you wearing it's an elementary style my dear Justice.

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Is working on setting up a mini arcade in the secret basement room at ACME headquarters.
is enjoying what's left of the brownies she made late last night to celebrate the Cleveland Browns beating the Denver Broncos. :)
Finish her Christmas shopping just in a nick of time.

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