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(This one is the answer to these questions that is based on the Character Building I read so everybody I have to do this for my character's sake)

Jade's Favorite Color: Blue,pure and medium

Jade's Favorite Food: Anything Ethnic and just like a dietitian always to do make a plate of protein,grain,fruit,vegetables and milk or water.

Jade's Greatest Obsession: Collecting and reading Non-Fiction books because it makes her smart.

Jade's Favorite Breakfast: a bowl of Cheerios

Jade's Ready Bag: her padphone,an infrared nightvision wraparounds,mini digital binoculars,safety and survival kit,a data processor pendant,a day/night spy scope and the digital hand held recorder with communicator eavesdropper (the eavesdropper is disposable after an informant or an ACME agent in disguise.

Jade's Dress for Success: Beside her preppy,casual,tomboy and lady like outfits she always puts on makeup whenever it is for undercover or a night out with her favorite perfume,jewelry and keeping her hygiene like her hair,body and teeth.

Jade's Favorite Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate and sugar free (she's health conscience)

Jade's Caffeine of Choice: she likes coffee,hot chocolate and hot and iced diet tea but she hates soda because she can't stand carbonated water and it makes her stomach huge.

Jade's Monster Mash: She doesn't turn into a monster but she can't stand evil creatures lurking around abandoned buildings like an asylum for example.

Jade's Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Roast Turkey with cranberry sauce,stuffing,sweet potato casserole with pecans instead of marshmallows,green bean casserole (although she hates green beans that much she likes it as a casserole),deviled eggs,smoked salmon,green garden salad and for dessert sugar free versions of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and apple pie with vanilla ice cream

(The only questions my character doesn't have are her loyalty bonus,her morning routine, and her favorite song that describe herself)
(and also something to do with her skin,naming a plane(bird) and her seven day schedule as well)

So that's for now (and sorry again! :halo:)
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That's great, Jade. I agree with most of those, as you already know. We will have to meet up sometime, to work together, or go out somewhere, and have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, too. I look forward to your other entries, too. :)
Known Aliases
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Oh you mean in the latest story? Sure why not beside I got some brainstorming to do and of course it deals with my favorite holiday of all time.
Known Aliases
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Jade's back and yes more about her (based on Character Building...again!)

Jade's Inner Animal: a house cat (What else!)

Is Jade Feeling Lucky?

Sometimes she does sometimes she doesn't all she knows is that house cats (especially black cats and her own cat,Sam) are good luck charms to her (makes her happy and keeping her blood pressure low...Jade is always health conscience).

Jade cannot give out her childhood memories because it's already mention in her profiles.

The rest of the answers well she may or may not have more at this time. So that's all for now!

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