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    (Of course, I do not own the character of Lucy; but she and I have discussed IC doing a story like this; and we decided this story should be posted here. But I haven't told Lucy the details of this story, because it is meant to be a surprise for her. I hope she likes it. ;) )

    Julie Justice was in her office at ACME. She had one more gift to wrap for one of her friends at ACME; a young Junior Detective named Lucy Sanchez. Lucy was very smart, inquisitive, and determined; qualities that could be found in many ACME Detectives. But, unlike many Detectives at ACME, especially her peers, Lucy was painfully shy. But Lucy felt comfortable with Julie, and the two of them had easily become friends. So Julie had been encouraged when she saw that Lucy had a few new friends, including one of her roommates in the ACME dorms. Julie knew that Lucy's mom had a job in the military, and even though they didn't get to spend a lot of time together, Lucy and her mom had always been close. So Julie knew that Lucy's first Christmas apart from her mom -- at ACME -- might be difficult for the shy young girl; and Julie was determined to find her a special gift.

    During her on-line Christmas shopping, Julie had found a fully sculpted resin Tinkerbell figure, sitting on a "wood grain" looking block, with letters, H, B, D, and E ; light up wings with glitter, and glitter on shoes. 8 1/2 in. H x 4 in W x 3 1/4 in D. With 3 x AAA batteries included. Julie carefully opened the box, and carefully removed the item, inspecting it to make sure that it was intact, and that the batteries worked. Satisfied that everything was as it should be, Julie put the item back in the box, and wrapped the box in light blue wrapping paper with little white snowmen on it; on the top of the package, she put a small card that said: "I hope this small gift makes you smile, and helps you to remember that you can do anything when you're determined. (Because as Shakespeare said) For though she be but little, she is fierce. Love, Julie. :) "

    Now, the hard part would be finding the young Junior Detective. Hopefully she was actually on the grounds somewhere, and not on the roof. Finally, Julie heard Lucy walking down the hall to the Library, talking to a few people, and carrying the cat carrier with her little black and white cat, Luna; Julie ran and hid around the corner, so that Lucy wouldn't see her. Lucy put her backpack, under the one of the computer tables; and took the cat carrier outside, so she and Luna could run around and play for a few minutes. Julie ran over and put the gift in Lucy's backpack, and ran back to her office, wondering how long it would take the young girl to find the gift. :)
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