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    What you may do in the "Sandbox"
    The sandbox is where the playground mingles and where creativity flows. Here, you may:

    • Ask questions about any or all Role Playing or Guessing Games.
    • Create an out-of-character ideas and story thread for Role Playing Games.
    • Invite friends and get to know other players before you post a game it in the RPG section.
    • Brainstorm stories and interactions.
    • Get to know people in and out of character.

    Specifically for Guessing Games (GGs) and Role Playing Games (RPGs), you may start a thread here following the format "Your Game Name (OOC)" or "Your Game Name (Discussions)" if the following applies:

    • You're starting a free form Role Playing Game (RPG) or Guessing Game (GG) and you need a discussion to share ideas with other players.
    • You want to recruit players for a closed/restricted RPG.
    • You've already started an RPG and the story has become complicated
    • For any reason that you need a separate thread outside of the In Character (IC) game thread
    There are no real rules to the sandbox, please be polite when posting.

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