A Totally Weird Caper

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    Free agent and amateur detective
    a small town in east Tennessee
    Color #:
    Blogger's notes

    I don't own the following characters whatsoever...

    1. Main Characters: Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy and Zack

    2.ACME: the Chief,Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Armando Arguella,Tatiana,Josha,Li,Cole Gannon,Cruiser (was a henchman but still a friend to Lee Jordan now he's one of ACME's mechanics along with the other unknown henchmen who join Lee Jordan since the last two episodes of WOEICS?),Suhara,Stretch the Crime Dog and Phoenix (Chase's pet falcon)

    3.VILE: a. Vic-The-Slick,Patty Larceny,Contessa,Sara Bellum,Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas.

    b.Otto 'Gnash' Readmore (Sorry I misspell his last name wrong when I found out all along),Doctor Depth,Count Hypno,Snarla Swing,Jane Reaction,Double Trouble,Dee Cryption,Doctor Belljar,Madame Doctor Ima LeZaarde,Al Loy and Dara Riska.

    4.Other: Malcolm Avalon,Juan (one of Avalon's Security Guards) and Rex and Dynamite (Avalon's guard dogs WOEICS? episode 39: Can you ever go home again? Part one: I've figure Lee Jordan and Cruiser didn't see those dogs before kidnapping Avalon)

    Guess Characters (From Totally Spies I don't own the cartoon or the characters whatsoever)

    1. Main characters: Samantha ('Sam'),Clover,Alexandra ('Alex') and Jerry Lewis (real name: Gerald James Lewis),head of WOOHP.

    2. Other WOOHP agents: Dean,Blaine and Britney

    3. Family Members of each the main characters: Gabriella (Samantha's mother),Stella (Clover's mother),Norman (Clover's cousin and Stella's nephew),Carmen (Alexandra's mother and she's a different Carmen,no offense,Carmen Sandiego!) and Mrs.Lewis (Jerry's mother)

    4.Other characters: Oinky (Alexandra's pet pig),Mandy (rival to three of the four main characters),Trent (Mandy's Intern who hates to be bossed around from Mandy) and Phoebe (Mandy's mother)

    (this is a crossover)

    (The story everyone wants to read is fictional even finding out if Carmen has a family or not also fictional and different from the four part journal co-written by Chase (Parts one,two and four) and Carmen (part three) as well no animals will be harm while I blogged this story)


    A cat cafe called the Mocha Tabby (a fictional place) just twelve minutes from Jade's house...customers comes in to enjoy different coffee drinks with or without a treat and while seeing the cats (who will be adopted someday) play nicely at the cat room as long the employers feed them and clean up the litter box as well.

    Sometimes the customers bring their own cat to the cafe as long as they are nice to each other especially Jade Ezell while wearing a periwinkle/cherry blossom print mock-wrapped dress,pink canvas sneakers and a pink handbag with a extended shoulder straps along her cat,Sam now with a leash and a harness that matches his flea collar (even though Sam hates those Jade wants to be sure he's safe) as they enter inside the cafe.

    There stood a gentleman about Jade's age,black hair,greenish-gray eyes dressed nice in a casual sweater with a necktie on and he's about Lee Jordan's height.

    Jade: (to the gentleman) Hello,you must be an ACME agent,right?
    The Gentleman: Indeed...Arthur Chance! (pun name: Half the chance I don't own any pun names whatsoever especially Sue Flay (pun name: Souffle) from Yogurt-bound)
    Jade: Jade Ezell and this is my cat,Sam *Sam purred at Arthur and rubbed his legs*
    Arthur: I can see why Detective Jordan hates cats especially yours.
    Jade: True,Arthur! *something growled from outside* Did you hear dogs growled?
    Arthur: Sounds like it.

    Mocha Tabby owner (male): Hey,did you leave the door open?
    Mocha Tabby employer (male): I have to...because the air conditioner is broken and I'm trying to reach the repairman to fix it,Why?

    *The two dogs came in and growled scaring the customers started screaming and ran out of the cafe*

    Jade: Sam,run for your nine lives! *Sam saw the two dogs and ran out of the cafe...the two dogs follow Sam's tail.*

    Arthur: *as he saw the police car and the animal control truck came.* Jade,go! *Jade leaves the cafe*

    *Two teenage boys laughing around the greenbelt (an area of open land around the city,on which building is restricted.)

    Teenage boy#1: Those cats are about to be dog food by now. *Sam screeching while being chase by the two dogs.*

    *the two teenage boys gasped and screamed as Sam jump unto the tree and when the two dogs are about to get the boys but two animal control officers caught the dogs with poles that turns a rope into a collar.*

    Jade: *as she came to the tree* You can get down now,Sam! (Sam jumped down and land on Jade's shoulder as the two police officers handcuffed the two teenage boys when Arthur shows up)

    Teenage boy#1: Okay we admitted we have to bring those dogs to the cafe!
    Teenage boy#2: We didn't mean it,honest!
    Teenage boy#1: We've just want to have a skate park just like a lady promise us she would if we can get rid of the cats out of the cafe.
    Jade:What lady?
    Teenage boy#2: Well she wears a fedora and a trench coat.
    Arthur: Fedora? Trench coat?
    Jade: Are you boys talking about Carmen Sandiego?
    Teenage boy#1: Well kinda like her!
    Teenage boy#2: Except her fedora and trench coat is black instead of red.
    Arthur: Where's Carmen now?
    Teenage boy#2: She left.
    Arthur: And where did she get those dogs?
    Teenage boy#1: She didn't say when she bring the dogs to us.

    *As Jade uses her padphone to zoom and take a picture of the two dogs *

    Jade: Arthur,these two dogs have collars but their tags are Spanish.
    Arthur: Can you translated? *Jade use the translated button to translate from Spanish*
    Jade: *gasped* Oh fudge! These dogs are named Rex and Dynamite...Arthur,these dogs belong to the security guards working for Malcolm Avalon.

    Arthur: Malcolm Avalon,the millionaire industrialist in whom Carmen claim is her long lost father?

    Jade: Until recently after the DNA analyst informs ACME that Avalon isn't Carmen's father somehow one of his lawyers give ACME something important that shouldn't be mention in the media at all...that's what Chief Weller told me and beside no one should know that important piece of the information not even himself,myself or any ACME agent shouldn't find out at all...At least Chief Weller hides it safe and privately.

    Arthur: Exactly,Jade! However three months ago Avalon disappeared from his home in Buenos Aires,Argentina the last time someone saw him was his secretary.
    Jade: Secretary?
    Arthur: Let's just say his secretary doesn't like to be interview in public or in private.
    Jade: Okay,Arthur it's time for me and Sam to head back home for now...keep in touch.
    Arthur: See you soon,Jade! *to Sam* Nice meeting you,Sam!

    *Jade and Sam left on foot for home.*

    (end of prologue)
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    Free agent and amateur detective
    a small town in east Tennessee
    Color #:
    Chapter one

    Somewhere in New York City,NY,USA

    Nighttime...Entering a mysterious building is ACME's own Director of Operations,Chase Devineaux...

    Chase's mind: That's strange Carmen should be here by now.

    And then a shadow figure appeared...

    A woman's voice: So glad you made it,Chase Devineaux!
    Chase: Carmen,show yourself...Carmen...Carmen,do you hear me?

    *Someone knock Chase down from behind left.*

    A woman's voice: Good work,henchman! Make sure ACME doesn't find Devineaux,is that clear?

    Henchman: Yes,ma'am! *as he dragged Chase away*

    While the shadow figure walks away...

    The next day somewhere on the Pacific Coast Highway...

    There in the green car along with a lot of stuff are three ladies in their 20's.

    1. the driver looks like Ivy Monaghan except her hair length is long, fair skin and her look is so preppy and hippie.

    2. the passenger next to the driver has chin length golden blonde hair,blue eyes,medium skin and her look is so trendy.

    and 3. the passenger on the back seat has short black hair,brown eyes,tan skin and her look is so tomboyish and girly and of course she has a pet pig.

    Blonde-haired girl: *to the Red-haired girl* Well there goes our own future going down the drain.

    Red-haired girl: So much for journalism I'll never get my first story.
    Black-haired girl: I'll never become a good veterinarian now.
    Blonde-haired girl: And there goes my first fashion line for the runway.

    Red-haired girl: *to the Blonde-haired girl* Well cheer up Clover,we're going back to Beverly Hills!
    Clover: *to the Red-haired girl* Hello,Sam where are we going to live in Beverly Hills?
    Samantha ('Sam'): Maybe look for a cheap apartment and a job afterwords.
    Clover: Great no shopping or meeting cute guys for the rest of our own lives.
    Black-haired girl: Oh Clover,seriously we will meet cute guys but not all the time.

    Clover: *to the Black-haired girl* Hey Alex does your parents mind to have Oinky as a pet?
    Alexandra ('Alex'): I doubt it...Oinky will be off in the petting zoo than at a farm.
    Samantha ('Sam'): Why is that,Alex?
    Alexandra ('Alex'): I don't want Oinky to become a ham for the rest of his life...*gasped* What's a tunnel doing there?

    Clover: That's no tunnel,Alex!
    Somehow the 'tunnel' just whooped the green car while the girls screamed and the green car parked safely.

    Samantha ('Sam'),Clover and Alexandra ('Alex') got out of the car along with Oinky.

    Samantha('Sam'): Where are we?
    Alexandra('Alex'): Some parking garage.
    Clover: Okay,why are we here?

    Suddenly a trap door has sprang and the girls screamed again and Oinky squealed and landed on the couch...there stood a man in his 60's with grey hair and black eyes and a man about the same age as the girls.

    Man in his 60's: Hello,girls! So glad you drop in?
    Clover: * to the Man in his 60's*Hi,Jerry!
    Alexandra ('Alex'):*to the Man about the same age as the girls* Hey Dean good to see you too!

    Dean: Same here girls! No time to waste!
    Jerry: There's trouble...with a crime-fighting organization like us except this crime-fighting organization is older than us.

    Samantha ('Sam'): Wait a minute what crime-fighting organization are you two talking about...is it ACME?!?!
    Dean: Exactly,Sam they've been going after this criminal mastermind for years.*Dean shows the girls a picture of Carmen Sandiego.*
    Samantha/Clover/Alexandra: (in unison) Carmen Sandiego!?!?!

    Dean: Exactly,girls! We don't know what that thief is up to but we have no choice but to help ACME.
    Jerry: You better head for Taipei,Taiwan that's where your mission begins,girls...You three meet an ACME agent there we don't know the agent's name...get some information and let's work together as a team,please.

    Samantha('Sam'): *sarcastically* Whatever you say,Jerry!

    Dean: Since I don't have new gadgets made I upgraded your favorites.

    *Jerry's table turns from a simple office table to a gadget table*

    Jerry: Expandable Cable Bungee Belt!
    Dean: Magnetic spring loaded and turbo version.

    Jerry: Heat sensor 6000 infrared motion detector sunglasses.
    Dean: It's now anti-glare and anti-hypnosis.

    Jerry: Jet pack backpacks
    Dean: This one is super turbo fueled with airplane wings.

    Jerry: And your laser lipstick!
    Dean: In which I call it REBEL!
    Samantha/Clover/Alexandra: Rebel?!?!
    Jerry: Rechargeable Electronic Backup Energy Laser.

    *Dean gives the girls their own gadgets in their own bag*
    Alexandra ('Alex'): *to Oinky* Oinky,you be good! *Oinky oinked.*
    *Jerry uses the remote control to send the girls by using a trap door and of course the girls screamed.*

    Dean: Come on Oinky I'll get you some lunch and I don't mean a B.L.T. for you. (B.L.T. stands for Bacon Lettuce and Tomato I don't created that sandwich whatsoever)

    *Oinky oinked as he and Dean leaves Jerry's office*

    Jerry's mind: I wonder how my old friend is doing. *While Jerry looks at a picture of him and an old classmate when they were in their teens after taking out of his drawer.* *sighed* Oh well at least wherever he is I hope he's alright.

    (end of Chapter one...about the gadgets from WOOHP I don't own those whatsoever)
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    Free agent and amateur detective
    a small town in east Tennessee
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    Chapter two

    ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

    The hallway...

    Jason Argonaut and his cousin,Jessie Lyon return from the dog park around Crissy Field...with Stretch,ACME's Top Canine and Reuben,Lee Jordan's beagle dog

    Jason: Boy,this is not going to be a good day.

    Jessie: True Jason,the ACME Animal Action Team has a hard time taking Avalon's guard dogs back to Argentina.

    Jason: It's not that,Jessie...ACME's going nowhere fast after failing to stop that lady in red from stealing the world's greatest treasures like the Mona Lisa,the Crown Jewels,the Hope Diamond,King Tut's Sarcophagus,a priceless samurai sword in Tokyo,Japan and recently she took the sculpture created by Modigliani out of Malcolm Avalon's mansion in Buenos Aires,Argentina.

    Jessie: Avalon,you mean Carmen Sandiego's father?
    Jason: Jessie,Avalon isn't Carmen's father alright?
    Jessie: Oh right,Jade said that to us once but right now we have shake off Carmen's 'fake trail'.
    Jason: You said it,Jessie!

    Then all of the sudden there was a plenty of noises coming out of the garage with a cat screeched...Cruiser and the other mechanics (who are once Lee Jordan's henchmen still remain friends to him.) came out of the garage...

    Jason and Jessie came...

    Cruiser: Hey gumshoes! Trouble's coming out!
    Jason: Oh yeah,what kind of the trouble? *Jade's cat,Sam came out of the garage screeching along with Rex and Dynamite (Avalon's guard dogs) chasing Sam's tail again...Stretch and Reuben pursue them by being release the leashes from their handlers.

    Jason and Jessie: (in unison) Yikes! *As they go after Stretch and Reuben*
    Jessie: *voice only* Stretch,get back here!
    Jason: *voice only* Oh c'mon Reuben quit chasing the other dogs!

    Jade came along with two staff members from the ACME Animal Action Team.

    Jade: Cruiser,have you seen...
    Cruiser: *interrupted* That dumb kitty of yours oh yeah he went that way.*one of the mechanics point the finger to where Sam ran off*
    Jade: Thanks,Cruiser! *as she ran along with the two staff members from the ACME Animal Action Team.*

    At the Pavilion...

    Archie Pelago and Bolt Upright are relaxing for a while until a black-haired/violet eyed girl shows up about the same age as Samantha,Clover and Alexandra.

    Bolt: *To the black-haired/violet eyed girl* Can we help you,miss?

    ?: The name's Mandy! And I was wondering did any of you seen a young man coming in this building?
    Bolt: Not did I know of!
    Archie: Would you describe the young man,please?
    Mandy: Tall,black hair,light blue eyes...Eek! *Sam jumped onto Mandy and got scared* (to Sam) You furball get off of me or I'll...*Sam shocked and screeched as he jumped off of Mandy* Well that was quick...*Screamed and ran because of Rex and Dynamite*

    *Stretch and Reuben follows them while Jessie and Jason came pass through Archie and Bolt.*

    Jason: Excuse us!
    Jessie: Coming through!

    Jade and the two staff members of the ACME Animal Action Team shows up...

    Archie: Miss Ezell,care to explain this dog-gone shenanigans?
    Jade: Well,you see...
    ACME Animal Action Team male staff member: *interrupted* It's our fault,Mr. Pelago.
    ACME Animal Action Team female staff member: We were trying to take Rex and Dynamite home but they refuse and the whole thing just got rough.
    Jade: Don't blame Sam for this,Archie! I warn him to stay out of trouble.

    *Archie slapped his forehead with his hand while Bolt nodded his own head.*

    Rex and Dynamite got Sam and Mandy cornered by the tree.

    Mandy: *yelled* HELP!!!!!!!! *Jason and Jessie came when Stretch and Reuben started barking at Rex and Dynamite*

    The two staff members of the ACME Animal Action Team came and captured Rex and Dynamite by using pole turn the rope into a collar and added muzzles to stop the dogs from hurting any human or animal...the staff members dragged the guard dogs carefully and slowly.

    Jade: *as she came* Whew! That was close!

    *Mandy screamed as she fell down to the bushes*

    Jason: *as he came to Mandy when he gives her his hand to pull her up* Are you okay,miss?
    Mandy: *as she stands up from the bushes* As if! *As she push Jason away lightly to the ground* Hm! *as she walked away*
    Jessie picks up Jason...They nodded their own head.

    Jade: *to Sam as he jump down from the tree and onto Jade's shoulder* I'm glad you're alright,Sam! *Jade's Padphone beeps...Jade looks at the message* and just in time too one of Avalon's security guards is coming to ACME. *as she heads back inside along with Sam,Jason,Jessie,Stretch and Reuben.*

    (end of chapter two)
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    Free agent and amateur detective
    a small town in east Tennessee
    Color #:
    Chapter Three


    Stepping off the metro train are locals and tourists alike...well one tourist whose not forward to have a happy vacation for himself...Lee Jordan.

    Lee's mind: *sighed* I hate traveling by myself but them again...I should stay out of trouble...That's what Chase said to me but he couldn't explain why...

    'Salesman': Tins for tea! Tins for tea! Tins...* as another metro train shows and out comes Samantha,Clover and Alexandra.*

    Both the girls and the 'Salesman' screamed...and the 'Salesman' fall down by the girls and bunches of empty square tin tea boxes all over the floor...Lee rushes in.

    Clover: That's one weird train ride I'll never forget!
    Alexandra ('Alex'): Me too!
    Samantha ('Sam'): Me three! *As Clover and Alexandra got up by themselves Lee came and approached to Samantha*

    Lee: Excuse me,miss are you alright?

    Samantha ('Sam'): Yeah! Me and my friends just broke this guy's fall. *Lee lifted up Samantha by his hand* Thanks whatever your name is?
    Lee: Lee Jordan and you are?
    Samantha ('Sam'): Sam!
    Lee: Sam!?!?!
    Samantha ('Sam'): Short for Samantha!
    Lee: I really like the name 'Samantha' even better!

    Clover: *to Lee* Oh please I hate it when a guy prefers a good name for girls like you,Sam...Would you mind help us out?
    Samantha ('Sam'): Coming...*as she came and lifted the 'Salesman' after Clover and Alexandra pick the empty square tin tea boxes* We're so sorry sir we didn't mean to...

    'Salesman': * Interrupted* Why don't you girls just watch where you're...huh! *looks at Lee,screamed and ran off with the empty square tin tea boxes*

    Alexandra ('Alex'): *about 'Salesman'* What's with him?
    Clover: I don't know,Alex he seems weird.
    Lee: Or maybe he's just seeing stars!

    Samantha ('Sam'): Uh, Lee these are my friends Clover and Alex!
    Alexandra ('Alex'): Short for Alexandra!
    Clover: Whatever! C'mon Sam let's go look for that ACME agent Jerry told us about and get some information from that agent.

    Samantha ('Sam'): Uh,Clover he didn't mention the ACME agent's name remember.

    Clover: Oh then again let's go window shopping!
    Alexandra: But where's the shopping mall?
    Clover: *as Lee came* Beats me!

    Lee: Well if you're looking for a mall you're at the right place! *he points his finger at the Taipei City Mall* (I don't own the mall whatsoever)
    Clover: Really!?!?!
    Lee: Of course Taipei is one of the cities in the world to have the first underground mall.

    Samantha: That's easier said than done thanks,Lee!
    Lee: Uh,Samantha if you're not doing anything tomorrow would you like to go out with me and enjoy some places like the Hot Springs Museum in the Beitou district,maybe we can stop at a hot springs afterwords or maybe we can stop at a 24 hour bookstore in the Xinyi district?

    (That 24 hour bookstore is called Eslite which is a chain only in Taiwan,Mainland China and Hong Kong...I don't own the company whatsoever.)

    Samantha: I wish I could but I can't! Sorry,Lee! Gotta go!

    (As she,Clover and Alexandra left for the mall)

    Lee's mind: Terrific, I ask a pretty girl like Samantha out and boy did she turned me down for nothing I don't know why...*Lee looks something important to him from an unknown messenger* Then again I'll just go on with my 'vacation'!

    (as he heads for the same mall as the girls are.)

    The 'Salesman' sneaks inside the storage room where Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas are...

    Moe and Lars: *quietly* Vic! (Yup,it's Vic-The-Slick alright)
    Vic: *quietly* Any sign of our lady of VILE?
    Lars: *quietly* Nope! No sign of the boss,Vic why?
    Vic: *quietly* Lee Jordan's here!
    Lars: *quietly*Who?
    Vic: *quietly* You know the one who try to overthrown our boss before rejoining ACME by that Chase Devineaux!
    Moe: *quietly* Vic,try and act natural okay?
    Vic: *quietly* Fine,same here!

    Unaware for Vic,Moe and Lars someone is listening their conversation...

    Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters...

    When Juan,a security guard working under Malcolm Avalon came and reunite with the guard dogs while Jade is here,her cat,Sam just sneak off somewhere.

    *translated from Spanish*

    Juan: Rex,Dynamite! Oh thank you so much,miss!
    Jade: You're welcome,Juan! May I ask you a question?
    Juan: Yes,miss!
    Jade: Just three months ago when was the last time you saw your employer?
    Juan: The last time I saw Mr. Avalon was scheduled for a business trip at some boating company somewhere in East Tennessee...That's according to his secretary who told me that was three months ago.
    Jade: Secretary?!?!?!
    Juan: Yes,miss her name is Jenna Rossity (Pun name for 'Generosity').
    Jade: Where is she now?
    Juan: I don't know where she is at this time,miss I'm sorry but I have to go back to Buenos Aires,Argentina...I hope Mr. Avalon is okay wherever he is.
    Jade: Thank you and goodbye! *Juan along with Rex and Dynamite left escorted back to the airport by two ACME agents safely.*

    *end translation*

    Mandy: *as she dragged a young man about her age* Come on,Trent whether you like it or not you're still working for me.
    Trent: You don't understand,Mandy!
    Mandy: As if! Let's go! *as she and Trent who is feeling upset just left Jade nodded her head and then Maylee Young shows up along with Ivy Monaghan,her brother Zack Monaghan and Tatiana Erzin.

    Jade: Maylee,what happened?
    Maylee: My Interrogation test is going to be a zero by my instructor no thanks to that 'Miss Crazy Queen' if you all excuse me I need to cool off at the aquatic center. *as she leaves*

    Ivy: I don't blame Maylee for what happened today,Jade
    Zack: Don't worry,Jade she'll be fine.
    Tatiana: In the meantime,Zack! I'll check out Malibu University and find out what's going on.
    Zack: Thanks,Tatiana! *as Tatiana return to her office.*
    Ivy: Zack,see Spencer and Josha at once at the Lab.
    Zack: On it,sis! *as he heads for the Lab*

    *Phoenix squawked from Chase's office*

    Jade: What's wrong with Phoenix?
    Ivy: I don't know,Jade! *Jade is heading for Chase's office she is about to knock on his door when all of the sudden she saw her cat,Sam up on Chase's file cabinet.*

    Jade: *to her cat,Sam* Sam you're not supposed to...wait a minute that's strange why would Chase left his door open all of the sudden?
    *Jade uses an unsharpened pencil to let herself in*

    *Phoenix still squawked as Ivy came in*

    Ivy: Jade,don't disturb Chase while he's...
    Jade: *interrupted* Chase isn't here,Ivy!
    Ivy: Then we better leave before he comes back.
    Jade: Like I said,Ivy Chase isn't here!
    Ivy: What?!?! Jade c'mon let's go...*Jade looks at a piece of paper left on Chase's desk* Jade leave that paper alone.

    Jade: Oh fudge!
    Ivy: Jade!
    Jade: We better warned the Chief ! *as she grabs the paper* Let's go,Ivy and you too,Sam! *As Sam jumped onto Ivy's shoulder*
    Ivy: Ow,Sam I hope your claws are trimmed! *as she,Ivy and Sam leaves*

    (end of Chapter Three sorry I took too long I have to think before blogging you know.)
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    Free agent and amateur detective
    a small town in east Tennessee
    Color #:
    Chapter Four

    Somewhere around the Lombardy region of Italy...

    *a doorbell rang at a mansion there...*

    *Jeeves opens the door and gasped when a middle-aged man appeared at the front door.*

    Jeeves: Oh my!
    ?: You recognize me already?
    Jeeves: Of course,sir you must be Malcolm Avalon,the millionaire industrialist from Buenos Aires,Argentina.

    Avalon: Not anymore.
    Jeeves: What!?!? Why? What happened?
    Avalon: It's none of your business,whatever your name is?

    Jeeves: My name is Jeeves.
    Avalon: Are you the owner of this place?
    Jeeves: Oh no,sir! I'm a butler to Madame Covrenzi... what brings you here?

    Avalon: I need a place to stay for a while until everything's back to normal.
    Jeeves: All I know is my employer has a guest villa for anyone who needed to stay as long as ever.

    *Until a young man shows up from the back side of the mansion.*

    Young man: I've finished cleaning the swimming pool,Jeeves.
    Jeeves: Excellent!
    Young man: Is there anything else for you? *the phone rings*
    Jeeves: Would you mind escort Mr. Avalon to the villa?

    Young man: Yes,Jeeves! *as the young man approached to Avalon he grab Avalon's suitcase* Right this way Mr.Avalon! *as he and Avalon head back to the back side of the mansion while Jeeves picks up the phone after closing the front door.*

    Back at ACME Headquarters...

    The Chief's office (Chief,Bolt,Archie,Zack and Arthur gasped after Jade and Ivy inform that Chase isn't here at Headquarters and left his door open.)

    Chief: What?!?!
    Bolt: It can't be!
    Arthur: Are you sure about this,ladies?
    Ivy: Definitely,Arthur!
    Zack: No way,sis!
    Archie: You two can't be serious are you?
    Jade: No we're not serious...*as she gave the note to The Chief*

    *The Chief looks at the note and it said...Chase, meet me at 1071 5th Avenue at 89th street...come alone,Carmen.*

    Archie: Why would Miss Sandiego give the note to Mr. Devineaux without even telling us?
    Zack: Probably a secret rendezvous.
    Ivy: Zack!
    Arthur: Or maybe this note leads him to a trap I may want to investigate that place if I could find that address.

    Jade: That and possibly someone wrote the note as Carmen Sandiego the handwriting analyst will find out if I right about this weird case of the false crime.

    Zack: Well I'll be in L.A. along with Josha and Spencer making sure that HELP is safely at the Griffith Observatory.

    Jade: Oh for the telescope to be repair by the US Naval Observatory will bring in all the way from Flagstaff,Arizona...Oh I forgot what's HELP stand for?

    Zack: High Energy Laser Projectile! (a fictional device I made up and the US Naval Observatory I don't own that place whatsoever especially the Griffith Observatory.)

    Chief: Miss Ezell,why don't you just go home for the day.

    Jade: Okay,Chief let me know when this or any other cases yet to be solved. *as she opens the door and close the door* *to her cat,Sam* Come on,Sam! Let's get going! There's something I have to do before going home. *as Jade and Sam leaves ACME by C-5 of course.*

    Unknown Area

    Speaking of Chase he's just woke up,got up and saw sand,water waves and palm trees sway by the wind...

    Chase's mind: *as Chase started to walk around* First I was at the museum and now an island great I don't get it.

    Until someone grab him behind...
    ?: Friend or Foe?
    Chase: I'm a friend!
    ?: Friend? I ought *turns Chase around* Chase! (It was Stewart Sterling of Interpol who is also Chase's friend from their Marine years a character I made up.)

    Chase: Stewart,what are you doing here?
    Stewart: As if I'm on vacation,right?
    Chase: I doubt it,Stewart!
    Stewart: You're exactly right,Chase! I've figure Carmen Sandiego did the same thing to you as I did.
    Chase: Straight up!

    Stewart: But that's not all I've found something very interesting on this island.
    Chase: Lead the way,Stewart! *as he follows Stewart around the island.*

    (end of Chapter Four)
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