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Breaks the silence. #isshatterthesilencebetter? Apr 25, 2014

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Jul 31, 2014
    1. Rose
      Breaks the silence. #isshatterthesilencebetter?
    2. Rose
      Just met my neighbor (not the one who keeps me awake at night). #neighborscanbenice #pleasantlysurprised #wonderswhyneighbor'skidsarentloud
    3. Rose
      has a strong urge to go on a sudden trip and conveniently miss the PTA meeting. #freedom! #openroads #Tragedymissingoutonsoccermomfellowship
    4. Rose
      I won a box of icecream bars at the store!! #herestothefirsttimewinners #herestotheoneswhogoagainstallodds #herestothosewhodontcareabouteeth
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      2. Zack
        Feb 17, 2014
      3. Rose
        *debates for a moment* Here, take two.
        Feb 19, 2014
    5. Rose
      hides the 'The Bay Gull' from her daughter. #wondersifsheshouldhideitfromherfriend #MorphoPaleidespft #justwhenthedaycouldntgetanyworse
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    6. Rose
      That moment when soccer moms stop complaining about their husbands and adore them just because you don't have one. #seriously #justbequiet
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    7. Rose
      Normally I don't encourage violence...#Middleoftheweeknightsdrag #drasticactionsagainstneighborswithloudmusicthatinterruptssleeparejustified
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    8. Rose
      Always make sure something is broken before you try to fix it. #feelsrealstupid #Somebodyturnedoffhotwateraftergettingbadideafrombestfriend
    9. Rose
      Well, the hot water in the shower stopped working this morning.#istoostingytohireaplumber #knowswhatthisweekendisgoingtobelike
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    10. Rose
      Is saving the world one cereal box at a time. #cantbelievetheamountofsugarincereal #wondersifsavingtheworldisworththecostofpersonalhealth
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    11. Rose
      Fun for the day: Figuring out how to get into my apartment without calling the locksmith. #Wonderswherestupidkeywent #shouldnotlosekey
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  • About

    Works at MOSS
    Full Name:
    Rose Abigail Ningolsham
    Middle Twenties
    December 11th
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Dark Brown
    Striking eyebrows. Prominent cheekbones. Wears glasses or contacts. Has straight hair that comes to the middle of her back.
    Character Background:
    There were no records that Rose Abigail Ningolsham even existed the January when the U.S. police apprehended a pregnant, fifteen year-old girl shoplifting near Portland, Oregon. From the girl’s accent, they could tell she was native German, but when they asked her who she was and where she was from, she only gave them the name Rose Abigail Ningolsham. They searched all records but found nothing and subsequently placed her in foster care.

    The following Spring, Rose gave birth to a baby girl and immediately parted with it in order for the girl to have a better life. The following year saw Rose being transferred from one foster home to another. None of the families wishing to retain her because of different problems which they attributed to Rose who had made a name for herself as a troublemaker.

    Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, a woman named Edna Willis saved Rose from a life-threatening accident. She took care of the girl till her high school graduation in May of the following year, six months after her seventeenth birthday. Although their relations were not peaceful when Rose left Edna’s home in the Summer after graduation, the time spent there had given Rose what she needed to attend the United States Naval Academy.

    For four years, she studied and persevered through the Academy at Annapolis. It was not without numerous demerits and suspension warnings for her substandard physical condition and other behaviours that she graduated with a degree in Naval Architecture.

    After graduation, Rose went through specialized basic training courses, and in September of the same year as graduation, she was called for Individual Augmented Duty. She was sent overseas to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Riding in a Marine convoy from port to base, her unit was ambushed by al Qaeda forces.She reacted bravely alongside a Marine and survived the attack despite attaining injuries, and later received the Navy Cross for her deeds.

    After returning from Iraq, she continued in her service as a recruiting officer in Seattle, Washington, until deemed fully recovered which ended up being six months. From May to June of the following year, she was a division officer on an aircraft carrier . Then for another six months, Rose served as an aide to RDML Sean Rarus. Afterwards, she settled into a less combat-oriented environment, and worked as a naval architect until the end of her military career.

    The Summer that marked her six years in the Military, Rose went on a trip with her friend, Constance Kitlyn, to South America. During the trip, she found herself in a hostile situation and suffered a traumatic brain injury, causing a loss of memories which she never full regained. Although she eventually recovered, she was medically discharged from the Navy with the title Lieutenant Jr. Grade.

    She spent much of the following Fall after her injury in a small town as she tried to get back on her feet, living off of what money she had saved and the small salary she received for writing small articles in the town’s newspaper. In early December, she received a phone call from the police stating that her daughter’s adopted parents had been killed in a car accident, leaving the eight year-old girl much of an orphan. After many meetings and legal arrangements, she received all responsibility of her daughter. That event caused her to search for a job, and she subsequently found and soon joined ACME.
    Because of events that took place at an impressionable age, Rose’s outlook on all things is very cynical. Though she had become a little less negative in her late teens, her time in the military undid what little progress had been made.

    The military molded Rose into a highly professional character which she stays true to, even in social environments. Thus, she tends to come across as very indifferent. She is inclined to distance herself and does well keeping strangers at bay. Although she is good at listening, they find her silence unnerving and sometimes sense a critical air about her. If someone does manage to break through her emotional wall, one will find that she is a very faithful and incredibly patient friend.

    Her natural instinct is to keep to herself and spend her time researching and learning rather than socializing. Although that is her usual self, she sometimes will surprise people with a contrary warm civility or mischievousness. Her mood swings are not frequent but very drastic, leaving people wondering who she really is.

    She likes to argue a lot and is good at it. At the end of some fights, she may reveal that she actually shared her challenger’s opinion in the first place, but took the other side for the sake of an argument. She almost never gets angry, considering it a waste of energy. When she is angered, however, her fury is almost incomparable. It is her usual procedure to go on physically expending runs in order to blow off steam.

    When it comes to working, she enjoys jobs that involve her being in the very middle of the action because she hates to wait helplessly on the side. She has a strong work ethic and admires others who share her diligence. She disdains those who show signs of indolence or complaining. She is very proud of the success she has attained in life through her strong will and determination.

    The most important thing in her life is her daughter. Because of that, she spends much of her money, time, and energy into making the girl's life everything she didn't have herself subsequently thinking little of her own personal goals. She wishes above all else to be a mother that she only dreamed about having but feels she often falls short and so continues to strive towards somewhat impossible ideals.

    One goal she, however, has not utterly banished from her mind. Ever since graduating from the Naval Academy, she has been hoping and planning to build her own yacht. Once she retires, she hopes to take her yacht and sail around the world.
    Medium of Means:
    Small things.
    Color #:
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