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  • saw Canadian skater Gabi Daleman skate to Habanera, from the opera Carmen, while watching the Olympics. ;)
    Julie Justice
    Julie Justice
    saw the skater from Kazakhstan skate to an instrumental version of "Habanera" from the opera "Carmen" at the Olympics also. It wasn't exactly the "Battle of the Carmens" between Katarina Witt and Debi Thomas in the 1988 Olympics. Both ladies fell tonight, early in their programs. But, still, very nice performances. :)
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    is in her office, eating a gyro she got at Deli Board, while watching the game between the Warriors and the Cavs in Cleveland. Go Cavs!! :)
    Julie Justice
    Julie Justice
    is a bit disappointed that the Cavs lost... But the rivalry between Golden State and the Cavaliers in the NBA is still better than rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Browns in the NFL...at least the Cavs still have a chance of beating the Warriors!! Ha, ha!! ;)
    enjoyed the holidays at home in Ohio...despite the unusually frigid temps..but is glad to be back in San Francisco. ;)
    thinks that old acquaintances should never be forgot..and wishes all her friends at ACME and VILE a very Happy New Year!! ;)
    was very happy to learn that the gifts she ordered arrived before she did, and is now looking forward to Christmas in Ohio. :)
    has made a new batch of mashed potatoes and gravy and some Thanksgiving themed cookies, too. She heads to the ACME Lounge. :)
    found a good recipe for simple brown gravy and was happy with the result and will make a new batch of potatoes and gravy tomorrow. ;)
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