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Caernarfon, Wales.

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Agent, Male, from Caernarfon, Wales.

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Jan 10, 2016
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    Caernarfon, Wales.
    Full Name:
    Bran Abdiesus Brychanson
    February 2nd
    187 cm (6 foot 2 inches)
    87 Kg (192 lb)
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Dark Brown
    Bran is tall and athletically muscular. He has piercing eyes and expressive eyebrows. Although his expression is usually dry and even dark, he does have a soft, pleasant smile. His curly hair is kept at a medium-short length. A light, well tended stubble covers his face. His has an accent sprinkled, deep, expressive voice.
    Character Background:
    Bran was born in Caernarfon, Wales, to very wealthy parents. His father, Ahriman Modarres who later changed his name to Brychan ap Brynmor, owned sizable oil fields in Iran and Arabia, and his mother, Gwendolyn ferch Brymor, came from an ancient Welsh family.

    Throughout his childhood, Bran attended the most prestigious schools Britain had to offer. During this time, he showed a great interest in music and became quite accomplished with numerous instruments and composing. His father was killed while on a business trip in New York about this time. The event took a great toll on young Bran, and he never truly recovered from the grief it brought.

    Since Bran’s mother was often plagued by illness, he was sent to boarding school after his father’s death. These years were hard on him. He was friendless and rarely saw his family. About this time, he made a new acquaintance, Callum McKesson. Callum taught him many things that would affect his life both positively and negatively. Bran both loved and hated Callum, but he was Bran's first true friend since his father.

    Upon graduation, Bran attended the University of Cambridge where he majored in music and received a minor in biology. He then traveled to America where he earned a degree in physics and a minor in chemistry.

    Around his 22nd birthday, Bran vanished from the public for seven years, but the reasons were unknown to most of the world. During this time, he spent months and years studying experimental physics and engineering and learning how to apply this knowledge to practical use.

    After re-emerging into the public’s eye, he started working at ACME as a consultant and lab leader and was integral in the creation of the present Bunker.
    Bran is slightly melancholy, a little laid back, gloomy, but also very intelligent. He has a dry, occasionally morbid sense of humor.

    Bran is very loyal to his friends and loved ones.

    He has been accused of having anger issues in the past. Indeed he can be ruthlessly violent if pressed to his limit, although he generally hides his feelings.
    To become something my father would be proud of.
    Medium of Means:
    Being proficient in more than one form of self defense, Bran can hold his ground in hand to hand combat. While not a sharpshooter, he also is knowledgeable in the use of many different fire arms. He is particularly skilled with hand guns.

    Bran has had great success in the field of inventing military technology, although he has never pursued this calling until recently.
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