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*is Elsewhere, in Los Angeles, helping to provide security at the Madcap Hotel 🏨 an immersive role-play attraction for visitors that a fun, safe escape from reality.* 🙂
*feels Blessed 😇 and Proud 🥰 to be an American-- on this day celebrating the creation of the 🇺🇸 flag--and every day!!
Currently reading a Cat Commendation letter(with little Ivy trying to look) thanking Julie Justice for tracking down various cat themed items stolen by VILE…
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Julie Justice
Julie Justice
This is the purrrr-fect 🐱🐯🦁 thing for me to see before going to bed 🛏. I always like when I can use my knowledge and many years of experience with cats on this job.🕵️‍♀️ 🔎🌎🌍🌏
Currently noclipped into the backrooms. God help me escape alive and IT not find me.
in case anyone is wondering it is a creepy pasta and there's a free game on Steam. Check it out! :)
*leaves 🛍 with assorted notebooks, 📚 (colored pencils) 🎨✏and 🖍with a note that says,"Here are a few things to help with your artistic endeavors." And leaving a 🧁 and a 🕯with a note that says, "Don't forget to make a wish." * 🙂
*considers the lilies 🎋 of the field; they neither toil, nor do they spin; yet 👑 Solomon in all his glory was not was not arrayed like these. ✝ 📖 Matt 6, 28-29.
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Julie Justice
Julie Justice
*enjoyed Sidney Portier's Oscar winning performance in the 1963 movie "Lilies of the Field" earlier today.*
Currently testing if the directions “north, south, east, and west” and “left and right” are accurate...
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