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Could you give me a link to your story in reading order so I could check it out? 🙂

Also for real are you in Japan? Because if you are I'd like to ask you some questions for research for plot line C of my current story.
*writes Christmas list for Santa

I want a sweater for escapee
A lock pick set
The spy handbook on how to spy
Heads up Chase astao206 Troll/Dummy account links lead to another site. Doubt it, but possible virus/malware threat. Sites lead to laptop circuit boards for sale, and stone engraving machines... (I could use one of those come to think of it)
Happy Birthday Jonny! *got him a eyeglasses cleaning and repair kit just in case his glasses gets dirty and screws get loose.*
Jon Eckart
Jon Eckart
Hehe... about the only thing I don't have around here.
Thank you Jade!
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I got trapped in the showers tonight

luckily some Co-worker I didnt know freed me.

now I’m scared of showers for a while
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    Tenchi Masaki Tenchi Masaki: wow cette chemise était super envahisseur! je t'aime *sur chaque joue* baiser baiser @Invader