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*leaves Lucy a 🎁 of some salmon-favored cat treats, 2 catnip 🐁 and two $10 gift cards from Pet Co for Luna and Velvet, for International Cat Day.* 😼
*leaves a 🎁 of salmon flavored cat treats, catnip 🐁 and two $10 gift card for both her cats in honor on International Cat Day.*😼
Thank you, Julie! Sam and Socks are truly happy for the International Cat Day. *Sam and Socks purrs*
*is in Aomori, in Tokhu region of 🗾🚶‍♀️in the parade of floats of warriors and colorful 👺👿👺😈 in the Nebuta Matsuri, the largest festival of its kind, that takes place every summer.* 🙂
*leaves @Pitya a card, and inside
the card. and inside the card are 2
$50 gift cards that she can use for
the K-9 unit.* 🙂
Oh, Julie I'm so sorry about your birthday I didn't see it yesterday I can't believe everyone forgot including me. *Place a new diary with the cover of a kitten sleeping on a pillow* I got it two weeks ago. Got to go!
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Julie Justice
Julie Justice
*says,"That's OK. Jade. If you look at the Help Thread, you'll see the Today's Birthday feature was not working that day. Thanks. I can always use a new 📖.journal." 🙂
You're welcome, Julie, I knew something's not right either the internet is too slow, or Chase simply forgot once in a while.
*had some beef and mushroom tips wife rice for dinner; and then had a piece of the Oreo Cookies and Cream cake. The cake part was so/so; the best part was the cookies and cream. Going to get ready for 🛏 now; but feels thankful for her family and friends--as always.* 🙂
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