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Yul B. Sorry
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I'm back my V.I.L.E. co-workers & ACME friends that enjoy following me. Yul B. Sorry here telling you that I'm still trying to get a hang of this website so I can show you ACME friends what a NEW Carmen crook can do. Anybody seen my employer, Camren Sandiego? How's my muscular brute beautiful Eartha doing? ;) I've heard there's been a few new ACME agents out there lately. & I'm ready to meet them &................start my capers, if only I can know how to post up a photo of my loots like I do on facebook. Well, Yul's returned & ready to have a fun & exciting time.
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Yul,Jade here you just miss my 'sister' (Carmen Sandiego...don't worry she's not my real sister,Yul but I always think of her as a sister,an older sister that is)...May I suggests reading the role-played 'Carnival' and you'll see not only her but Patty,Joe,Eartha and Contessa maybe Vic-the-Slick is there too. If I were you I would wait for the next role-played at the Loft because I was in the role-played 'Green Tea' trust me read that story as well...I hope that would help for now.
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The kid, laundry room ghost.
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Hey there Yul B , I am wondering would you like to chat here sometime? I would be quite honored if you would.

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is very intrigued by the this "Name the Nation" guessing game, now that knows the correct answer is a nation in Africa. ;)
*discovers she has "hole"y socks just in time for the holidays*
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Nice snapshot, Patty!

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