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Time to spill the beans! Tell us about your character's first love or crush. It has to be a person, if you don't have one, you can imagine one. No need to mention any names, just tell us a story about them.

Short Example: He was tall, dark and handsome with silver eyes and a confident smile that made my knees want to buckle. We met when he tackled me down while trying to get to my boss.


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(LOL at the example, mate)

I was in the second grade and there was this girl with braided pigtails. I used to go over to her on the playground and pull one of them until she cried. After a few times she slapped me, and the teachers had to separate us. Then for valentine's day the next year I gave her a heart card which she threw into the garbage right in front of me. Those were great times. LOL


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I forgot how old I was, but it was definitely grade school. We used to have these sleepovers and I was so into this girl, I don't know if it was because I thought she was cute or I wanted to be her or what, but she was always totally cuddly. We used to share lunch, like half my sandwich and half her cake. Then around the fifth or sixth grade, I wanted to practice kissing and she said we should. I was at her house, and the first time we tried it, she pretended to play the male role and I swayed my head back and forth kissing like I'd seen the actresses in movies. We were inseparable after. Then summer came and the fervor went away. She had summer school out of state, and we both got boyfriends. A few year later I moved away and we lost touch.


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I've had minor relationships here and there, most of them don't mean much. Probably more in the category of infatuation than love. But there was an incident, I was probably 22. It was after my first series of cases, the same year I made Detective with ACME.

I needed some time off.

At the library, in the old ACME building, there used to be a corner most people miss. It was between two pillars and behind a well-placed bookshelf. Contractors may have meant for something like servers to be hidden in that nook but never quite completed the walls.

Right, so I figured I could sleep there between briefings. But as I was laying down, I saw this book, Niccolò Machiavelli's Il Principe in Italian, tucked behind the shelf. It looked at first like part of some forgotten décor.

Inside this book, someone had made penciled notes in English and Italian on the sides, all over. Every page had something.

There was no recent library stamp, the last time this book had been checked out was over ten years ago. So instead of leaving it alone, which would probably have been wiser, I tore paper from my notepad and left a notice in the book. I told the vandal that this was a valuable book, he'd do well to not write all over it like some amateur, and that I expected to see this book returned to its proper location by next week. I may have added something about one of the scribbles being misconstrued. Then I put it back behind the shelf.

Next week came and I found that book exactly where I left it. This time, when I opened it up, instead of my notepad paper was a lengthy letter, typed out. The vandal wrote that I had assumed incorrectly that she was a he, that by calling her a vandal, I had also incorrectly grouped her with an East Germanic tribe, and proceeded to lecture me on lecturing her about the value of this book. It wasn't my business, she made this clear, how anyone learned.

I wrote back, penning the flipside of her letter arguing my case.

A few days later, I found another typed reply. She translated a section from the book, illustrating the irony of us arguing over an account of Cesare Borgia.

I wrote back, because she was right. We began discussing random things between the pages of a political treatise; sometimes a few days in between, other times a few weeks.

Those brief, limited interactions consistently made my day. I wasn't immune, I did want to ask who she was, or if we could meet beyond the pages, but to add that to these cerebral letters seemed out of place. There was a side of me that didn't want to solve it, I was solving enough things already. I didn't think she cared who I was, either.

About eight months in, as mysteriously as the exchanges began, it ended.

The book was gone.

I asked around, nobody had seen anything. Some years later, I bought a copy of Il Principe during a trip to Florence and donated it to the library in the new Accolade Tower. Figured it was good closure.

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There was this girl that I once worked alongside...she was beautiful and intelligent, strong-willed, took no nonsense from anyone. It was fun to see others underestimate her and get put in their place.

Those days working alongside her were some of my favourite; no matter how tiring the day was, her smile always brightened my day. I'd like to think we were good friends, but she was always hard to read. Didn't actually try and romance her because I didn't think she saw me that way.

We kinda lost contact for awhile due to our various commitments. I tried to reconnect with her recently but she seems to have changed...wonder if she still remembers...
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I guess my very first crush was when I was in kindergarten.

There was an Indian boy in our class (yes, even back then, I knew the difference between Indian and Native American). I thought he was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. His parents and his siblings came to school functions a few times, and I thought that they were all really beautiful, actually. His mother had the red dot on her forehead and wore a sari; and I was really intrigued by that.

Anyway, one day, we were sitting on the floor in a circle, and I was sitting next to him. At one point, I said something to him (after all these years, I forget what!! Lol). Whatever it was, it must have really annoyed him, because he reached over and knocked my glasses off my face. He did not hurt me in any way, and luckily, my glasses were not damaged in any way either. But of course, I was still very upset, and burst into tears, as little kids do.

He apologized to me after being scolded by the teacher. I still liked him after that, but not quite as much, and from a distance. But, I was well liked as a child, and I got a lot of Valetintines back then, so I got over it pretty quickly, the way kids do. :)

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