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(I don't own the characters Eartha Brute,Yul B. Sorry, Dazzle Annie Nonker,Ben Derbyfore, Archie Pelago and Bolt Upright whatsoever.)

Chapter one

In a shopping center just a mile away from Jade's house...

a grand opening of a self serve frozen yogurt place called Berry's has come to halt where a line of people are waiting for a free frozen yogurt to the first one hundred people...suddenly the owner came out and said "Sorry everyone there's not gonna be any frozen yogurt today why don't you just go home!" and the people did in frustration...except for Jade Ezell.

"Excuse me,sir." she said "But why is there no frozen yogurt?"
"Miss,the self-serve frozen yogurt machines were stolen."
"Do you have any security footage?"
"We don't!"
"But do you know who took it?"
"I'm sorry,if only we knew who took it." said the owner and enter inside the building feeling so ashamed.

"Great,I better warn ACME!" said Jade

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Archie Pelago's Office

"What!?!?!" said Archie after Jade inform him and Bolt Upright about what happened where she live.

"That's the fourth time this week." said Bolt "Berry's is going to be out of business if these thefts keeps up."

"Got any leads?" Jade asked

"So far,none police are confused and so is ACME." Archie answered
"Listen Jade if something comes up we'll let you know." said Bolt
"Thanks,gentlemen!" said Jade as she leaves Archie's office.

ACME Academy

Outdoor Soccer Area

ACME Academy students who between the ages of twelve to fourteen are practicing soccer for a game against the ACME Academy students from Brazil coming up next month.

among the students is a light brown haired/ hazel eyed girl playing among the boys she dodge one of the boys from kicking to the goal.

The soccer coach blows his whistle and said "Good Job there Jessie!"

"Thank you,sir!" said Jessie

"Coach,she's the only girl in this team." one of the boys said "Girls don't play soccer you know."

"Girls can too." said Jessie "Think of Marta alias Pele in skirts or Mia Hamm for example."

"Well your cousin is better soccer player than you,Jessie Lyon!" one of the boys said "So we say you're out!"

Jessie ran out of the soccer area...she started to cry

Jessie's mind said "I can't believe those boys were so rude and bullied telling me girls can't played soccer although I'm new to the Academy...The question is how!"

Suddenly a janitor whistling some tune..."Hey you!" said Jessie "How did you get in?"
"Just minding my own business." the janitor answered
Jessie saw the janitor's face on the right side "Whoa! Where did you get that scar I can take you to a tattoo parlor to make x's and o's?"

The janitor ran out of the soccer area..."Wait!" said Jessie as she follows the janitor.

All of the sudden the janitor's gone Jessie tries looking for the janitor unfortunately she bumped into Jade.

"Oh I'm sorry,Jade!" said Jessie
"Jessie,why aren't you playing soccer?" Jade asked
"It's a short story!" Jessie answered
"Come on,let's go back the area and talk to the coach immediately." said Jade as she and Jessie goes back to the outdoor soccer area while the janitor sneaks out with the extension cords and ran out.

(end of Chapter one)


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Chapter two

(almost forgot Berry's is a fictional place is just like any frozen yogurt place that anybody choose their own frozen yogurt and toppings without waiting for a full-service and holding up the line at the same time except for the weigh-in of a frozen yogurt before paying...anyway I don't want to mention the names of the self-serve frozen yogurt place whatsoever)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Archie Pelago's office

"We don't have a janitor with the 3 by 3 grid scar." said Archie "Where did you find that out?"
"From Jessie Lyon one of the ACME Academy students." Jade answered as someone knocking on the door.
"Come in!" said Archie as Bolt opens the door "Archie,the extension cords from the storage closet it's gone."
"What?!?!" Archie said "Who told you this,Upright?"
"The janitor!" Bolt answered
"You mean the one with the 3 by 3 grid scar?" Jade asked

"Oh no the head janitor you see he saw someone grab one of the janitors' uniforms." Bolt answered

"Does the head janitor know what that janitor looks like?"
"All he knows is that janitor has dark skin and some weird scar on the right side of the face sort of a tic-tac-toe game."
"The 3 by 3 grid scar." said Jade.

"Anything else,Upright?" Archie asked as Bolt shows Jade and Archie a paper bag
"Well here's the lunch bag what that janitor left behind and it smells like cheeseburger." Bolt answered

"Archie why don't we go to the file room and find out about that janitor." Jade suggested

"Excellent idea,Miss Ezell!" said Archie.

When Jade is about to go to the file room the security guard shows up and said "Miss,you get over at the lobby there's some ad on TV about some frozen yogurt place."

The Lobby

"I just record this on DVR (Digital Video Recorder) this morning while I was about to take my lunch break." the Security Guard said to Jade
"This better be important." said Jade as the security guard play the ad on the DVR.

The ad...

Announcer: Tired of going to the same boring frozen yogurt place that doesn't give you something savory yet mostly sweet?

Customers: Yeah!

Announcer: Then come to Chez Acidophilus and enjoy the savory flavor of our best yogurt like jalapeno and herring and spinach and garlic.

Customer: or a morning yogurt like espresso.

Announcer: And there's also available in our self-serve frozen yogurt so come to Chez Acidophilus the best yogurt around at the East of Suez.

Archie Pelago's Office

"Chez Acidophilus!?!?!" said Archie
"Sound familiar to you?" Jade said
"Indeed,Miss Ezell,that yogurt place is run by Miss Sandiego's henchwoman,Dazzle Annie Nonker."

"What can you tell me about her?"

"This blond haired blue-green eyed woman is like Miss Sandiego only she wants to make it rich by running that yogurt place and covering Miss Sandiego's plots of crime by some tough crooks who are not members of VILE."

"Anything else?"

"Well she has an assistant by the name of Ben Derbyfore and something she brings in entertainment like a comedy routine from Miss Sandiego's henchman,Yul B. Sorry." said Archie as Jade look at Yul B. Sorry's profile and the picture of him.

"Of course that's his hobby...he maybe our guy who disguise himself as a janitor and took extension cords out of the storage closet thanks to Jessie that 3 by 3 grid scar is our only clue so far."

"Not only that,Miss Ezell he also pair up with another of Miss Sandiego's henchwoman,Eartha Brute."

"and the location of that place is at the East of Suez... could it be Singapore?"

"Not sure but I wouldn't go to Singapore just yet tell you what I'll find out where it is by contacting all of ACME's informants one of them will find that yogurt place and close that place down." said Archie "Better head home until further notice."

"Yes,Archie!" said Jade as she put the profile of Yul B. Sorry down on Archie's desk and leaves.

(end of Chapter two...about jalapeno and herring that is based on the DC Comics version of WITWICS? issue number three and hey I don't own DC Comics or the one created that comic book version whatsoever)


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Chapter three

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Archie Pelago's office

Someone knock on his door..."Come in!" he said.

Jade came in along with her cat,Sam who sneezed.

"You're a little late Miss Ezell."

"Sorry Archie,I have to give Sam a bath!" said Jade

"That's a fair excuse,Miss Ezell."

Sam jumped onto Archie's desk..."Ah,Sam nice to see you again."

"Don't petted him,Archie I spray Sam with flea powder spray."

Jade warns Archie when he's about to petted Sam.

"Oh my! Forgive me Sam I'll just petted you later." said Archie

"Miss Ezell,we've found Chez Acidophilus and it turns it's not Singapore nor San Francisco...the East of Suez is just a phrase in the British Military."

"Great we're back at square one...All I need to do is to find Yul B. Sorry and tell him where Chez Acidophius is while in the interrogation room."

"Not exactly Miss Ezell!" said Archie "It seems he's been spotted recently around Kolkata (the city formally known as Calcutta) stolen jaggery."

"Jaggery?!?!" Jade ponders

"Non-certrifugal cane sugar...also Eartha's 'nephew' Tom A. Hawk stolen wild ginseng out of Tibet and fermented milk out of northern China."

"This yogurt case is about to be sour as sour cream."

"And Dazzle Annie Nonker herself took jameed out of Jordan."


"Hard dry yogurt!"

"Like cheese,Archie?"

"Kinda like cheese,Miss Ezell...but it made of sheep or goat's milk." said Archie as someone knock on his door again "Come in!"

"Sorry to interrupted you,Archie it's one of the ACME Academy students is not at the outdoor soccer area." said Bolt

"Which of the students is missing,Upright?"

"According to the coach the boys left Jessie Lyons in the ACME cargo plane during a field trip around ACME's training facility and airfield base in Almeada." Bolt answered

"That's a relief better pick her up!" said Jade

"Unfortunately the cargo plane left after one of our pilots got knock down cold."

"What?!?!" Archie and Jade are shocked in unison.

"Let's talk to those boys." said Jade

"And Upright,see you can bring in a security footage from there." said Archie.

"Already on it!" said Bolt as Archie and Jade while Sam stays in Archie's office

ACME Academy

The Headmaster's office

"I hope you boys are ashamed of your own selves." said Archie as he,Jade and The headmaster of the ACME Academy (who is an African-American woman).

"It was our idea to get rid of her." one of the boys said

"But not around the airfield base honest."

"We sort of wanted her off the soccer field."

"She'll messed our soccer practices and losing the game because she's the only one in us boys team."

"That's not an excuse,boys not only that your coach will fortify the game next month in South Africa." said Archie "But you boys will be suspended from the Academy for the next three weeks." the boys gasped,moaned and scowled.

"And someone will bring in the paperwork for you for the lessons you'll missed those three weeks...unless one of you tell us what happened today." said the Headmaster.

"Okay,so we did said that while inside the cargo plane then we left and notice Jessie isn't with us." one of the boys said

"She must heard us while in the cargo plane."

"Boys,you just hurt Jessie's feelings and how would tell her cousin, Jason Argonaut for what you boys did to her he will be upset... so when we find out where she is you all better apologize to her." said Jade.

"Miss Ezell's right,boys you all have to apologize to her just because you're all are boys doesn't mean that one girl wouldn't miss out on playing the game no matter if it's soccer,basketball,baseball or any other sports girls can join in and participate." said the Headmaster.

"As of now boys soccer practice is cancelled for today and you boys are in detention for the weekend." the boys groaned as something beeping around the Headmaster's office.

"What was that?"

Jade look up her padphone and saw the message..."That's from ACME Israel they spotted the ACME cargo plane landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv."

"Miss Ezell,go to ACME Headquarters at once you'll see Dr. Ross there." said Archie
"Right away,Archie!" said Jade "As soon as I get my cat out of your office." And she left to do that...

Ben Gurion Airport,Tel Aviv,Israel

There stood Dazzle Annie Nonker come out of her limousine..."Perfect!" she said "This cargo plane will do for a chain of my business with the frozen yogurt machine sent to Chez Acidophilus around the world...I wish it was the Spruce Goose."

"Annie,didn't Sara Bellum stolen that when she disguise herself as our boss?" Ben Derbyfore asked. (remember the WOEICS? episode 'When it Rains' which is also mention in 'When the Wind Blows' I don't own that episode whatsoever)

"Shut up,Ben!" said Annie

"Miss Annie we've got ourselves a stow away." one of the henchmen said as they brought in Jessie whose struggles to get herself loose.

"Take her with us...and put her inside my office."

"Isn't that where we meet Eartha and Yul along with Tom with the frozen yogurt machine they brought in?" Ben asked

"Ben, please shut up!" said Annie as she walked back in the limousine along with Ben while the two henchmen takes Jessie to the minivan Annie has for her yogurt business and drives off.

(end of Chapter three for more information about jaggery and jameed go to wikipedia...you know I don't own that website whatsoever


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(Chapter four)

ACME Headquarters,Tel Aviv,Israel

A fifteen year old dark brown haired/brown eyed male ACME agent who wears a kippah or a skullcap hat is surprised to see Jade and Sam appearing from the C-5.

"Shalom! You must be Jade!" the ACME agent said
"Of course!" said Jade "and this is my cat,Sam!" Sam meowed at the ACME agent
"Tobi Kasher welcome to ACME Israel." the agent introduce himself. "Come I'll take you to the lab."

The Lab at ACME Israel

"I'm glad you came Jade and you too,Sam!" said Spencer

Sam meowed at Spencer..."I have here for Sam...a mini cam which clip onto your collar allow me." as Spencer put the mini cam onto Sam's medium blue flea collar. "While Sam enters inside the hideout my video watch can listen in the conservation of what VILE is up to."

"Would you explain why?" Jade asked

"I can tell you,Jade." Tobi answered "My family runs a restaurant around Jaffa they spotted Eartha Brute along with Tom A. Hawk and Yul B. Sorry and enter inside Chez Acidophilus around the port while waiting for Miss Annie and her partner from the airport."

"Tobi this is very important to ACME Academy...a student named Jessie Lyons is missing and the ACME cargo plane landed at the airport." said Jade "We better find her."

"Jessie Lyons?!?! That's Jason Argonaut's cousin!" said Spencer

"Exactly,Spencer wherever she is that's where we find Dazzle Annie Nonker." said Jade.

"We've got no time to lose." said Spencer.


"(translated from Hebrew) Thank you father!" said Tobi after talking to his father at the restaurant.

"Follow me you two!"

Jade,Spencer and Sam followed Tobi to the port...

"This port is ancient I don't know Miss Annie wants to created a restaurant to create yogurt and beside it's part of a kosher diet in which my family and I eat."

"Then we better send in Sam for the answer." said Jade as she noticed Sam's nose is sniffing out something and Spencer turns on the mini cam onto Sam's collar and in no time Sam enters Chez Acidophilus at the back without any VILE henchmen notice...as Sam saw smoked salmon until he saw Annie and Ben in along with Jessie and put her in the broom closet while entering Annie's office and closed the door in front of Sam luckily there's a peephole on the door.

Dazzle Annie Nonker's office

"Is there everything ready?" Annie asked
"All set,Annie!" Eartha answered

"So when do we started the frozen yogurt?" Yul asked
"Soon as we meet a food critic whose also a restaurant franchisor tonight." Annie answered
"But when?"

"I don't know Yul just go find yourself a Big Mac in Tel Aviv." said Annie
"Yay! McDonald's here we come."
"Don't get me a Happy Meal,Yul!" said Tom
"Why Tom you don't want a toy?"

"He's a grow up,Yul!" said Eartha "All he craves for is a Quarter Pounder."
"Make it two with cheese,fries and a large milkshake." said Tom
"Can we get you something,Annie?" Eartha asked "I'll get myself a Filet-O-Fish!"
"No thanks,Eartha get it to go and come back here!"
"Bring me back some fries!" Ben said to Eartha

"Who asked you,Ben I want you to keep an eye on that ACME brat while in the broom closet."
"Right after a nap!"
"Ben,stay awake and keep your mouth shut!" said Annie as she leaves the office. (I don't own McDonald's or any of it's products whatsoever)

Outside of Chez Acidophilus

"So they want a food critic to come to the restaurant...And they'll gonna get one." said Jade as Eartha,Yul and Tom leaves

"How?" Spencer asked

"By disguising myself as a food critic." said Jade. "Better make sure Sam distracts Ben while I distract Annie."

"Good thinking,Jade!" said Tobi

"Enough time to save Jessie!" said Spencer.

(end of Chapter four)


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(Chapter five)

Still in Jaffa,Israel

Chez Acidophilus (outside)

" Please knock before coming in." Jade reads the sign while in disguise as a food critic wearing a earth tone multi-colored dress,pale gray headscarf, a pair of brown ethnic inspired ballet flat like sandals and her wraparound sunglasses.

She knock on the door...someone slide a peephole there is an eye of a henchman

"State your business?" the henchman said
"I'm here to see Dazzle Annie Nonker." said Jade
"Who sent ya?"
"Sven Galli!"
"And what's the password?"
"Curds and Whey."
"Good enough!" said the henchman and he opened the door for Jade.

Inside Chez Acidophilus

Henchmen from around the world are enjoying yogurt while they played cards such as poker and gin rummy...

There coming out from the back is Dazzle Annie Nonker..."Why hello there you must be the food critic." said Annie to Jade in disguise.

"That and a restaurant franchisor...you can call me Sue Flay."

"Sue Flay!?!?!"

"I'm not suppose to give out my real name you know."

(Sue Flay is a pun name for Souffle)

"Ah! Of course food critics keep themselves classified." said Annie "Would you try my yogurt for the taste?"

"Why yes if you're got the frozen yogurt set up?"

"Not yet?!?!" said Annie.

Break room next to Annie's office

Eartha,Tom and Yul are finished their own dinner.

"At least we saved some fries for Ben." said Yul as something crack

"What's that?" Tom asked

"Must be Annie she must have forgot something." Eartha answered

"Let's find out." said Yul as he grab the brown bag with fries inside.

the main bar

"That's one good tasty savory yogurt." said Jade after she tasted the spinach and garlic yogurt. "But still I'm interested in frozen yogurt."

"Okay,okay as long as you have a contract with you." said Annie as Jade gave her the paper."thank you I'll be right back,henchman keep an eye on her."

Annie saw Eartha,Tom and Yul "What are you three doing?"
"We hear a door crack." said Eartha as Annie enter her office and gasped as she saw the broom closet opened..."Ben you suppose to...*gasped* Ben!" said Annie

"What I'm getting a massage!" said Ben
"Oh yeah from a cat?"
"What do you..."
"Hey,what's going... *gasped*Aunt Eartha!" said Tom as he came and saw Sam on Ben's back.
"What?!?! Oh no!" said Eartha as she and Yul came in.
"Let's get that cat!"

"Cat!?!?!" Ben said as Eartha,Tom and Yul jumped on to Ben to grab Sam.

"I better read this..." said Annie as she looked at the paper "*gasped* A search warrant?!?!"

the Henchmen screamed coming from the back..."That food critic!"

Annie walk back and saw that the henchmen got handcuffed by the police.

"Surprise,Annie!" said Jade as she removed the headscarf as Sam ran to Jade "Good job,Sam!"

"There it is!" said Yul and saw Jade "Oh my goodness what a pretty girl you are!"

"Yul!" said Eartha "She's with ACME."
"Wanna dance to some soul music?"
"Sorry Yul but you're going to dance to the jailhouse rock." said Jade as Yul dropped his jaw and Annie give herself up and shows Jade where the stolen items are.

A week later...

San Francisco,CA,USA

At the grand reopening of Berry's at pier 39

"This is really good frozen yogurt?" said Jessie as she enjoys a honey vanilla/tart combo with almonds and cherries.

"It sure is,Jessie!" said Jade as she enjoys a no sugar added pomegranate sorbet/green tea combo with strawberries,blueberries,raspberries and blackberries.

"Yeah!" said Jessie as the boys from the ACME Academy soccer team came in..."Hey Jessie!" one of the boys said

"We like to apologize for what we said about girls not playing soccer."

"I forgive you boys,would like some frozen yogurt." said Jessie
"Sure do!" the boys said as they heading for to have some frozen yogurt and added their own topping and so has the other ACME agents enjoying a good frozen yogurt as well.

And as for Sam he stays at Jade's mom's house having a good catnap.

(end of Chapter five)


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Epilogue (no not really that epilogue just an explanation)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Lab

Spencer Ross: Spencer Ross,here! You're wondering what's going on in Israel,right?

Of course I do here's what happened before the police arrive at the scene of the crime...I just tested my instant battle suit by making stealth or invisibility mode.

I enter with Sam who jumped onto Ben Derbyfore and massaging in other words Sam's a cat who is kneading on Ben's back while I free Jessie Lyons oh I forgot to mention that kneading is massaging or squeezing with the hands in other words paws...at least Sam's claws are trimmed carefully by going to the vet during a check-up otherwise Ben would have become a pin cushion if the claws weren't trimmed at all.

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