When the wind blows...


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Cole Gannon,Ivy,Zack,Invader,Kidman,Sara Bellum and Ira Gation whatsoever and by the way I don't own the cartoon (Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?) or the episode (When it rains) as well)
(Act one begins)
Somewhere in Kansas...
ACME underground storm shelter

After the Chief (Doctor Weller) inform ACME about a super tornado is about spin through Kansas...
Lee Jordan tries to research on the super tornado.
"Yo! Detective Jordan!" Tyson Jackson yelled as he and Cole Gannon came downstairs that Lee almost drop his laptop to the floor (lucky thing he caught it just in time)

"Tyson,never yelled at me while I'm researching jeez!" said Lee as he put up his laptop away.

"We just want to know everyone is safe." said Tyson as Jade Ezell,her cat,Sam and Invader who is volunteering to help out ACME to put the supply safely downstairs and Sam jump unto Lee's laptop bag

"Hey!" said Lee to Sam "Get off of my bag,cat."

"Sam,no!" said Jade as she grab Sam from the bag "that is Lee's laptop bag not a travel size litter box."

"Mind if I take him to the litter box?" Invader asked Jade
"Good idea!" Jade answered as she gave Sam to Invader and head for the bathroom so Sam can used the litter box...as Chase Devineaux came and said "Jordan! Have you found anything about the Super Tornado?"
"None Chase I don't know why Carmen has gone insane after a tornado." Lee answered as the lightning strikes and Cole closed the door.
"Storm has just begun!" said Cole

"Well,it seems the tornado is on their way and I hope the ACME underground storm shelter helps out safely." said Chase as Invader came along with Sam..."Now do you understand where to go to the litter box?" Invader asked and Sam meowed.
"Well let's lock the door!" said Cole until something or someone is banging on the door while rain just pour in...Cole opened and saw a gray haired woman all wet and cold as always.

"I hope you got a room for me." the gray haired woman said.
"We got plenty of room...come on in!" said Cole and the gray haired woman entered "Yo! Cole closed the door,man!" said Tyson and Cole did and he lock it too.
Jade gasped and said "Kidman,what are you doing here?"
"Try to find shelter." Kidman answered as she shivers in wet clothes.

"Thank goodness,Kidman's in!" said Lee as he grab Sam out of Invader's arms "And out you go,cat!" the lightning strikes "Then again,I don't want your nine lives to be blown away." Lee gave Sam to Jade...
"Honestly! You don't like cats." said Invader
"Yeah,they are in fact annoying." said Lee
"To Lee yes,the rest no or unless they are allergic or afraid of them." said Jade as she puts down Sam nice and easy to the floor.

"But I just don't understand why Kidman shows up all the sudden?" Tyson asked

"Maybe she can tell us why is Carmen stealing a tornado." said Cole as Kidman still shivering and she sneeze and Jade got a small bag of clothes that her mother bought at a cheap clothing store and they are not Jade's size beside they are too small anyway.

"Here Kidman, there's towels in the bathroom so you can dry up." said Jade as she gave Kidman the clothes.
"Thanks,mate!" said Kidman "Beside I'll tell you all everything." and she head for the bathroom to change into drier clothes.
(end of Act one)
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(Act two begins)

After Kidman got dressed and throw her wet clothes in the small bag..."Ah! Much better,mate!" she said as she sits down and explained to Jade,Chase,Lee,Invader and Tyson "You see everyone she wanted to created the super tornado by stealing the F-5 and wanted to used it to blow something away in San Francisco."

"Don't tell me it's Lombard Street!" said Lee
"No,mate! It's not!" said Kidman
"The Golden Gate Bridge?!?!" said Cole
"Fisherman's Wharf,Chinatown?!?!" said Tyson
"No way but I do got a hint for all of you..." said Kidman
"Okay what is it?" Invader asked

"It deals with you guys at ACME." Kidman answered
"Well except me,Invader and Sam we don't count,Kidman." said Jade
"Well it deals with a tower,mate." said Kidman
"Kid,the first tower is gone." said Lee
"I meant the new one." said Kidman and everyone gasped.
"Oh terrific why the Accolade?" Chase asked
"I don't know." Kidman answered
"Of course you do,Kid." said Lee "Spill the beans!"
Kidman got scared and said "Because that's not my master's idea it was someone else's."
"I don't believe you,Kid!" said Lee

"Well I do,Lee!" said Jade "Kidman,ACME overheard a rumor that Carmen is after the Spruce Goose."
"Nope like I said that's not my master's idea." said Kidman
Jade's mind just sudden got a flashback..."Of course...I remember this story once from Ivy and Zack."
"What do you mean by that,Jade?" Lee asked
"I remember I read a newspaper clipping dealing with the Spruce Goose robbery almost twenty years ago." said Jade as the lightning strikes and the winds howled from the outside.
"hmm...Perhaps you can tell us the story of what happened that day." Tyson requested.

"Okay I will...the robbery starts in McMinnville,Oregon at a municipal airport...according to two airport security guards (the flashback begins) Carmen Sandiego enter outside by using a torched cutter and her henchmen use bomb to start blowing up with a help of a villain named Ira Gation...as the henchmen bomb up the hangars...."Look out!" one of the security guards said as the parts of the hangars came down "Airport Security to McMinnville Police Department come in." but just then Carmen's henchmen just sealed the doors with a drill gun and lift them with an auto lifter..."Help someone come in Carmen Sandiego is trying to stealing the Spruce Goose." but it was too late Carmen got the Spruce Goose by using a super jet engine and a remote control to take off before the police came." (the flashback fades)

"So who is this Ira Gation guy?" Cole asked as Jade shows Cole the picture of the crook "yikes!" and the lightning flashes again and the wind howls and getting stronger.

(end of Act two...about those towers well I don't own that whatsoever and no I'm not the creator of those towers.)
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(Act three begins)
while remaining in the underground storm shelter...Jade continue her story "As Ivy came in and she looks like a mess...but just then an incoming hot tip came somehow Carmen stole ninety-five hundred weather balloons in France."
Lee's eyes popped up "ninety-five hundred weather balloons?" he said

"Exactly,Lee!" said Jade
"Why would she steal that many?" Tyson asked
"Maybe she wants to make the world's largest hot air balloon." said Invader
"I don't think so,mate." said Kidman
"so what is Carmen doing with the balloons?" Chase asked Jade

"That's easy,Chase." Jade answered "Carmen used the stolen balloons to the mirrors of the World's largest solar furnace in Odeillo,France thanks to Zack's answer for the same numbers of the mirrors and the balloons unfortunately Carmen stolen it...however Carmen leaves a clue easy."

"Easy? Oh please her clues are never easy,Jade." said Lee as the lightning strike again and Sam jumped onto Tyson.

"Take it easy,pussycat." said Tyson seeing Sam getting scared "It's ten times worse than a kitten used the French Horn the wrong way." (that refers to Animal Planet's Too Cute episode "Musical Kittens" when Melody, a European Burmese kitten her meow in the French Horn scared the whiskers out of her siblings)
"Jade,get on with the rest of the story before Tyson is going to make a poem about your cat." said Lee

"Okay,okay! Well Ivy and Zack heading for the Amazon rain forest in Brazil somehow Carmen stolen the whole section of the rain forest by burning down or cutting down...Unfortunately Ira Gation was left behind...(the flashback begins)

"Look Ivy,I'll handle this,okay? I'll go toe-to-toe with him my wits against his. You know like Sherlock Holmes..." said Zack"(English accent) Now it's elementary,my dear fellow that you are working for one Carmen Sandiego and..."
Ira interrupted and said "She went to Chile...The Le Paige Museum in San Pedro de Atacama. What more do you want from me?"
(The flashback faded)
"Again,Carmen's clues are never easy." said Lee
"True Lee,but thanks to Ira, Ivy and Zack came to the Le Paige Museum (the flashback begins) they tiptoe quietly..."

"You think Carmen is really here?" Zack asked
"I think the answer is behind that door." Ivy answered as she points the door that glows...then all the sudden she and Zack heard something hovering in their way...they gasped and they said "Carmen!" and they head inside...
"You bit the bait,hook,line and sinker,detectives." Carmen said and laughed insanely.
"Whatever you're up to,Carmen,we'll figure it out and stop you!" said Ivy but Carmen trapped Ivy and Zack by pressing the button and the laser bars appeared.
"And I'll help you."
"What?" Zack shocked
"Two Carmens?" said Ivy because there was Carmen in the laser bars while the other one is laughing insanely.

(end of Act three/please note: some part of Zack's sentence are cutout so I have to do it.)
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(Act four begins)
A huge noise interrupted Jade's story so Chase send Lee,Cole and Tyson to find out what it is and where it comes from...and yes Sam jumped and hides under the table.

"I don't get it,Jade!" said Invader "Two Carmens,that's weird!"
"True,Invader!" said Jade
"But I don't understand,Jade why is there another Carmen?" Chase asked
"Which one?" said Jade as Lee,Cole and Tyson return and Cole close the door while Kidman and Invader laughed at Lee.

"What's so funny?" Lee asked and Jade chuckled and answered "Your hair silly!" (reminds me of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? episodes 20 and 21 'Boyhood's End' at the end of part one and before a new hairstyle and a new outfit for Lee in part two and I don't own those episodes whatsoever)
"Huh!?!?!" said Lee as heads for the bathroom and he said after he looks at the mirror "Yikes!"

"What did you found?" Chase asked
"We've found a VILE minivan blow down to the ground." Cole answered
"Thankfully the driver wasn't inside and oh yeah out of nowhere I saw a fifty five inch flat HDTV just fly down to the ground." said Tyson as Lee got out of the bathroom after he brush his hair with a hairbrush and comb combo.
"Did we miss the rest of the story?" Lee asked
"No mate you didn't." Kidman answered
"Let's continue shall we?" Jade asked and everyone nodded "Anyway..."
(the flashback begins)

The Le Paige Museum,Chile

"We knew there's something weird about this case from the beginning." said Ivy "The real Carmen would never trash that airport and steal the Spruce Goose."

"I hate this break up this meeting from the Carmen Sandiego Admiration Society but I'll be the one collecting the kudos as soon as the sun comes up." the fake Carmen said as she revealed by removing a hat and a wig who it is thanks to Ivy saying "Sara Bellum?!?!"

"But you work for Carmen! You make all her high tech gadgets." said Zack as Sara came by her own hovercraft and said "Well,I got a little tires of being Carmen's main brain alright,Zachary? Nice jacket!" as she pulls Zack's shirt and he said "Hey!"
"Maybe I'll get one!" said Sara
"You get the feeling maybe Sara's finally gone one glazed doughnut short of a dozen?" Zack said to Ivy.

"Even you'll have to appreciate the sheer boldness of my first solar caper,Carmen. I'm going to steal the famous Giant of the Atacama!"

"That's the largest representation of a human figure in the world!" said Zack.

"Perfect for the new larger than life Queen of Crime herself,me!" said Sara.
"You activated the solar furnace!" said Ivy
"And it's all ready to collect the first rays of morning sunlight,putting out enough power to run the super grow lights I've invented." said Sara

"You're going to grow a tropical rain forest in the desert? Why?" Zack asked

Sara insulted and answering to Zack "You know for a kid genius,Zack,you sure are dumb as a wall! The moisture that evaporates from my rain forest will fill the clouds. Then,I use the Spruce Goose to carry a massive cloud seeding machine to drop salt crystal that will help it rain,rain,rain!" and Sara laughed insanely.

"Do you know what would happen if that much precipitation fell on the driest place in the world?" Ivy asked

"Well,let me think,Ivy. Ah-ha! *snapped her fingers* for one thing,I'll be able to float the giant away on massive pontoons and pull off the grandest crime in history!" Sara answered and laughed insanely

"Well,Sara I see working you're taken the most rational route. Unfortunately,the bridge is out." said Carmen.

"the beauty of it is...if anything goes wrong,you'll be the one taking all the blame,Carmen." said Sara putting back her wig and hat.

"But if I succeed then I'll reveal to the world that I did it and the police will find you here happy to lock you away for all your past,also petty crimes...Where on Earth is Sara Bellum? Has a nice ring to it,don't you think?" and she laughs insanely away. (the flashback faded)

"Carmen Sandiego Admiration Society?" Chase pondered while raising his eyebrows.
"Dumb as a wall?!?!" said Tyson "I swore another insulted from that maniac she's so toast as burnt and black!"
"Easy Tyson!" said Lee
"Yeah,mate!" said Kidman "I know this story that much."
"Whoa! How come you never told us the story,Kidman?" Cole asked "I mean right before Tyson suggested Jade to tell that story."
"You never asked me,mate!" Kidman answered
"Shall we find out what happens at the end?" Invader asked

"Okay to make the ending short." said Jade
"Too late!" said Lee as Sam trying to untied his bootlace "that's not a piece of string,cat,get!" and kick Sam away from his boot.

"then again I better finish the concluded." said Jade as Lee got up and said "Don't want to hear how it ends." and he went to check outside and see if the storm is gone.
"Anyway,Ivy,Zack and Carmen escaped by using shoelaces,Zack's leather belt and Ivy's compact mirror and yes Carmen's red shoe."
"Red shoe?!?!" Invader said
"Yes, red shoe in which on the right side has an antenna like stick to escape from the closed down elevator or aid out to bounce reflected back to the generator." said Jade.

"Did they captured Sara?" Invader asked.

"They sure did!" Jade answered
"Well, thanks to Ivy and Zack they spotted her just in time...(the flashback begins)"
somewhere in the Atacama desert

"Hurry! Adjust the super grow lights the sun begin to rise in minutes." Sara commands the henchmen pretending to be Carmen.

"Zack, the keypad on her left hand controls everything you redirect away from the furnace while I redirect her." said Ivy and then she and Zack when Sara is about to get ready Ivy jumped onto her hovercraft she tries pull the lever but Sara can't let go and Zack jumped to redirecting the furnace for the sun and all the sudden Ivy,Zack and Sara crash down.

Ivy and Zack ran when Sara said as Carmen "Stop them,men!" but just then Carmen appeared from the bushes and said "Stop her,men!"
the henchmen stop and one of them said "Huh? Which one is Carmen?"

"She's an impostor!" said Sara
"Ach! You should know the real Carmen!" said Carmen

"*bad English accent* Wait,wait,wait. It's a simple deduction,really my dear ladies the real Carmen is only wearing one shoe." said Zack as he pointed out already both Carmen and Sara are wearing one red shoe (because right after Ivy,Zack and Sara crashed one of her red shoes has fall out of her foot)

"Now what,Sherlock? Carmen's shoe? You kept her shoe? said Ivy when Zack took out Carmen's red shoe (cut Zack's sentence and Ivy gets frustrated)
"But we haven't got all week! *grab Carmen's red shoe* Give me that! Catch!" and Carmen caught her shoe. "You lose, Sara!"
Sara gasped
"I've got her!" and Ivy did.
"Way a go,Ivy!" said Zack (the flashback faded)

"So at the end,Carmen got away while Sara ends up in jail?" Cole said
"That's right!" said Jade as Lee came downstairs and said "The storm's over!"
"Woo-hoo!" said Invader
"Alright!" said Kidman as Jade's padphone beeped and Jade pick it up...
"It's from The Chief...he inform us that the person responsible for stealing the Spruce Goose and flying in our area is Sara Bellum." Jade said.

"Let me guess she's also responsible for attempt to steal the F-5 tornado for the Super Tornado to blow the Accolade away from San Francisco right,Jade?" Lee asked

"Exactly,Lee!" Jade answered
"Hey that story really helps!" said Cole
"And Kidman's right it wasn't Carmen's idea it was Sara's idea all along."
Lee sighed "I guess I didn't believe."
"the story?!?!"
"No Jade I should have of believe in Kidman sorry about that!"
"It's okay,mate!" said Kidman "I forgive you!"
"Speaking of Sara where is she heading?" Chase asked and Jade answered "Oh no she's going to Oklahoma to attempt to steal the F-5 tornado again."
Everyone gasped and Tyson said "That's it she is going to make a terrible mistake."
"Then we better get going,right Chase?" Lee asked
"Absolutely,Jordan!" Chase answered as Jade finished send in a message to the ACME Animal Action team.

"and while we're heading to Oklahoma it's time for you,Sam to go home afterwords Tyson has an uncle who owns a barbecue restaurant Kansas-City style and believe me you're not allowed in the restaurant,understand?" said Jade and Sam meowed happily to wait for the ACME Animal Action team crew member to pick Sam up and return home safely and Jade and the others head for Oklahoma to stop Sara's plot.

(end of Act four and again I have to cut Zack's sentence the part where he has to find and Ivy gets frustrated over his bad English accent)
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Hey Jade. Yes..I did read Act 4, and I think it's a great story. I look forward to the NEXT one. :)


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It'll be a while Julia right now I'm just brainstorming and don't worry I will just be patient.

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