What I Watched on TV Before Bed Last Night

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I originally wrote this 2 nights ago, and posted it here, and was a little freaked out when it also showed up in the Shoutbox, which at the time was still being used for the "Halloween Improv." But @Zack encouraged me to post it again, so here it is:

(Both of these shows were on our local Ion/Quobo station, but I'm sure you can find them on-line, on YouTube, etc.)

10:55 P.M. The last 5 minutes of a cartoon called "Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century" (hopefully that is self-explanatory).

11:00 P.M. -12:00 A.M. - Two episodes of "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?"

And I couldn't help wondering: Could Sherlock Holmes catch Carmen Sandiego? !! LOL!! :)

12:01 A.M. Then I changed the channel, and saw the last few minutes of an episode of original "Perry Mason." It was a courtroom scene, and there was an older lady (remember 50-60 yrs. old was considered "old" back then!! LOL!!) was on the witness stand. She had a "wee bit" of a Scottish accent. She was a Maid or something like that, and Mr. Mason was trying to get her to admit that she killed her employer with a fireplace poker, and was trying to blame it on his wife (I think). At first she denied it, but eventually, she broke down and confessed in typical, tearful fashion. And the first thing I thought was about the "Halloween Improv" @Zack, and I said to myself,"Well, at least it wasn't the Butler!!" LOL!!

Then, I thought wouldn't it be great to that kind of scene between Carmen Sandiego, the great and classy Queen of Crime, and Perry Mason, the great gentleman lawyer? !! Then, I thought, no, that will never happen, because Carmen always admits to the things she does. Oh, well...LOL!!

Then, I thought, I'll probably be having these kind of thoughts again soon... like Momday-Friday night, @ 11:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M. LOL. :)
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No way, not even Sherlock could catch Carmen Sandiego.
Maybe not...but it would be fun to watch him try, wouldn't it? !! LOL!! And I think we can all agree that the hardest part of "catching" Carmen is keeping her from getting away from you once you've "got" her!! ;)
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Julie it's Jade about Perry Mason I don't think he won't be prosecuting against Carmen at all because well he's retired don't you think? Other than that nice one.
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The kid, laundry room ghost.
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( I miss that cartoon dearly, but have the entire series on DVD, I like to marathon watch it on a day off. )
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Julie it's Jade about Perry Mason I don't think he won't be prosecuting against Carmen at all because well he's retired don't you think? Other than that nice one.
Hello Jade. I used to watch the original "Perry Mason" episodes on one station, early in the morning, and then change the station and watch the made-for-TV-"Perry Mason" movies in the afternoon!! LOL!! So, yes, I know that the character "Perry Mason" had retired long before Raymond Burr actually died. :( But like I said, I was watching an episode of original "Perry Mason" when he was still a lawyer. And, as Lee suggested it would be possible to write a fan-fic type story, either about Sherlock Holmes chasing Carmen (the cartoon "Sherlock Holmes and the 22nd Century") or about Carmen on the witness stand in the courtroom with Perry Mason. Because (as we all know) Carmen does have a time machine!! LOL!! But mostly, this post was about what I watched on TV the other night before I went to bed the other night, and how it all had a law-enforcement theme: The World's Best Detective ("Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century") and the World's Best Thief ("Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?") followed by The World's Best Lawyer ("Perry Mason") and it just made me laugh a little. That's all. But thanks for your comment!! :)

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