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Vault 42

One week before departure.

Kristine was delighted to have found the portable corridor unit, and had taken it upon herself to deliver it to Zack. Making her way upstairs she noticed the agent, was not it in at the time, but left a note for him. After doing so, she retreated back to her room, to write a short letter to chase. Things seemed to be falling into place, and going according to plan for now. It had been a good nearly two years, but she was growing very restless, and wanted to prove she was ready for the next step.

Taking out a piece of paper she wrote the following.

Dearest Chase

I am thankful for all you have done, and for giving me a place here. However I feel it is time to repay you for letting me stay here. I have found a letter, that tells me of a vault at the old lab. I am going there to bring something back for you, that will help you and the other agents. Please do not be too worried about me, I can handle the place. I will be back within a week, and I promise if I do get it trouble I will leave you with a way to find me. Right now I have a portable corridor unit in the lab for Zack, once it is assembled I will use one of the four mini units to get to the lab. Once there I will be off the radar for a bit, the other three units will be there for you to use just in case.

Sincerely Yours


With that Kristine placed the note on the desk of chase, then returned to get blueprints of the vault. Furthermore she started packing what she might need, and got ready to depart in the upcoming week. Quickly she gathered a small bag, that would hold everything she needed, as well as leave room for the drones. However Chase would be the only one that knew of it, and she hoped he would not mind too much. Currently she was restless, but nonetheless bides her time anticipating what was going to go on.

Day before departure.

Everything was in place, and it seems Zack had been busy working on the unit. Holding one of the pods, it was flashing a slight green color.That meant it was fully charged, grabbing the other three, she carried them to Chase’s office, and left further instructions. It was around two in the afternoon, and Kristine was a little hungry.

Silently she stepped out of Chase's office, only to run into someone.

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