tripwire (action story)


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Jules huddled in a ditch in the woods. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and pressed down on a comn in her hand.

“ACME, report in-”

She heard static.

“Hawkins, I got caught. Tripwire knows I’m… me.”

She had to stop speaking, panting and gasping, out of breath, and suck in air.

“Jules, where are you? I’m getting a team!'' Hawkins's voice whispered over the comn, sending hope soaring through Jule’s chest.

“In the woods outside of the base. “

“Calling for help, are we?”

Jules was grabbed by the back of her shirt. She was thrown back and smashed against a tree, sliding to the ground while still clutching her comn.

“Jules, are you alright-”

Hawkin’s voice was cut off as the attacker stomped down onto her hand, cracking the comn.

“ACME doesn't usually do undercover…” the man muttered.

Jules took in his appearance: a blonde man a bit older than her. He was muscular and broad-shouldered, much stronger then her. His uniform matched hers, as she’d been undercover with the criminal organization he worked for, but now she had been caught, and now she was in danger.

“Now are you gonna calm down and come with me peacefully or do I have to break that pretty face of yours?” he asked, cracking his knuckles.

Jules dove at him, tring to sweep his legs. He jumped and swung a kick that collided with her temple, sending stars through her sight. She managed to stay awake and kicked, hitting him where the sun don't shine. He collapsed groaning, and Jules tooka few steps back, planning to turn and run, but she was grabbed from behind, her hands yanked behind her and cuffed.

“Good job, Joseph.” another agent helped him up.

After a few moments he sighed and turned around, kicking her in the chest hard enough to send the air from her lungs, leaving her gasping and choking.

“I’ll teach you to-”

“Joseph that’s enough!” the one holding Jules snapped. “We need her alive. Information. ACME doesn't usually do undercover, so we need to know.”

“JULES!” Hawkins' voice rang.

“Rescue squad-” the sentence form there descended into expletives.

“Come on we need to get her out of here.” Joseph growled.


The man holding her put his hand over her mouth.

“JULES!” Hawkins called out again and the light of a flashlight cut through the woods.

It was too late, and one of the tripwire agents smashed her hard in the face, and her world went black.


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When Jules woke, the world was a blur, and she couldn't find her glasses to remedy that. it took her a few moments to realize another person was with her.
"finally awake?"
Jules nodded hesitantly.
"what's your name?" the other person demanded.
"Julia Anne Argent." she mumbled, stepping away from the figure.
"one of ACME's best" the voice mumbled, "now why were you undercover?"
Jules shut her moth and turned away.
"no need for that."
"first things first, where are my glasses?"
"I have them."
"I can't see a thing without them!"
"answer my questions and you can have them."
"then this will be a long night."
Hawkins sat in his hotel room, running his hands though his hair.
they took Jules
he was barley to late for her. she had desperately called for his help and he had been to slow.
ACME had no idea if the detective was even alive anymore: tripwire tended to show little to no mercy, so her chances weren't good.
there was a knock on the door. he stood up and cautiously opened it a crack, looking at the person on the other side.
she stood stiffly, her hair a pale white, and wearing a black jacket over a white tank top, and black leggings. he didn't recognize her, so he didn't fully open the door: she could be tripwire.
"Agent Hawkins?"
"call me shadow."
"my name is Agent Zari. Chief sent me."
"uhhhh" he had nothing to say.
"with the unfortunate fate of Agent Argent, they decided you needed a new partner"
"after all a rescue mission from tripwire isn't gonna be easy!"
Hawkins's heart began beating a mile a minute.
"yeah?? Unless you think we should abandon agent argent?"
So she was alive! and ACME already had a rescue plan? that was good.
"ok, come in."
he opened the door and Zari walked in.
"sooo, Zari, what's your first name?"
"Crystal. but to you it's Zari!" she hissed.
"got it."
Jules had been left alone, after bargaining a small amount of information on her operation in exchange for her glasses (that had one cracked lens. she had made a point to complain about this)
she was now alone, and as afraid as any woman would be: she wasn't a combat agent, and she had been moved: otherwise Hawkins would have rescued her by now.
the situation was bad: she could now only hope it didn't get worse.
she also needed a escape plan, and fast. keeping information from the tripwire agents was a good strategy: they couldn't take her life if they still needed information from her
that gave her time, but it also presented the troubling option of them deciding to torture her to get what she knew faster.
but for now she seemed safe, and she just needed to figure out a way out: or at least a way to communicate with ACME while she waited.
so, time to work on that she supposed


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(OOC but thanks to my friend Keimi, who isn't on here but i know IRL for doing a illustration for this chapter while she edited it for me :D)

Jules was huddled by the door to the cell, waiting for someone to come. they had to bring her food eventfully and then she could-
well, she one of her shoelaces in hand.
it didn't take long and as soon as the door slid open, she surged forward, looping the rope under the guard's left arm and yanking him back before shoving him down and taking off running though the hall.
she slid, she needed to get out of here-
"get down!"
she was tackled to the floor, the hand of the man holding her driven panfully into the place where her jaw met her neck.
she recognized the brute who'd pinned her, Joseph, the tripwire agent who she'd kicked and who now seemed to have a problem with the detective.
"good job." the female interrogator from earlier walked over, "I'll take her from here."
Joseph mumbled something about 'annoying detectives' and got off of her, but before she could run, the interrogator had grabbed her wrist and begun to drag her back to the cell where she'd come
"we treated you pretty well for a prisoner, girl." she spat, "and you do..... this."
"what are you gonna do-"
"make sure it isn't gonna happen again, that's what!" she was practically flung back into the cell.


meanwhile, Hawkins was working with zari, looking at the scene of jule's kidnaping.
"i heard she cried out for your help." zari mumbled.
"how far were you from her."
"I was close."
"why didn't you get her then?"
"I don't know! I was just to slow!" he snapped
Zari ignored his outburst.


Jules sighed.
she was now leaning against the wall, wrists tied behind her.
she's been given a grey t-shirt and some shors to wear. she was in fact barefoot now, that's what she got, she supposed, for trying to garrote a guard with her shoelaces.
a guard was in the cell with her now, but he was unfamiliar and quiet.
she still needed a way out.
"hey!!" she shouted at the guard. he didn't respond. "sir, where am I?"
he just growled and she decided it was good to shut up.


Hawkins was pacing around, "we got nothing."
"so, are you suggesting we abandon her?"
"never." he hissed, "we will find her!"
"the stop being so negative!"

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