The Plumber and The Hedgehog


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Before we go to the next chapter...

Here's the M.O.B. (Mission Objective Briefing...I don't own this idea whatsoever)

Main Objective: Stop VILE, Bowser, Robotnik and save the ten 'finalists'
(Make sure the warrants are issued before leaving for Istanbul, Turkey and rejoining the other members of ACME and Team Chaotix)

Caution: Watch out they are strong.

Only Ideal Entry: Front only (according to the map there's no back door at the underwater fortress that submerge to the surface at night): Backing up by Carmen Sandiego, Patty Larceny (impersonating Princess Peach), Chase Devineaux, Ivan Idea and Sally Acorn along with other VILE who are trusted Carmen [Professor Sara Bellum, Vic the Slick, Contessa, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Kitty Litter]

Team ACME disguised as unknown investors in Arabic clothing: Men in black covered their own face [except for the eyes] and same for the women in dark blue.

Team Mario and Team Sonic [which includes Team Chaotix] each hide in the cardboard version of two treasure chests.

(After Ivan finds out the tea that the crooks brew will shows the 'finalists' the truth like what happened to Jade already in London)

Get ready for the battle of good versus evil.

P.S.: Found out that the house computer needs a new modem and a new router...Don't worry, I've got a friend who will get that [I won't tell anyone my friend's name because it's no one's business to ask me that question] and for me I've got a lot of brainstorming to do.
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Before I put in the next chapter...well, there's good news and bad news for the house computer.

Good news is my friend got a combination of a modem and router; however, the bad news is the house computer cannot be connected without some help from the cable company that is; so, I'm still brainstorming to get the happy ending right. All I know is that I've got the next chapter ready, but you have to wait until then.
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Chapter Twenty-Six

(Sorry I took so long to wait for the cable company to fix the problem, unfortunately they're not going to help squat, so don't blame me or my friend [the one who got the combination of a modem and a router], time to continue)

Rumelihisari or Bogazkesen castle, Sariyer district, Istanbul, Turkey

Three Days Later...

*The ten finalists arrive and there was Wario and Waluigi disguise as servers serving the 'tea'*

Samir Kumar (male with a turban): Uh, sir, where's our host of this contest?
Aya Kazama (female with dyed red hair): Yes, where is our host?
Waluigi: Patience, everyone, he will come tonight and please have some tea.
Khalid al Hijab (male with a keffiyeh): Of course, I'm so thirsty for one.
Wario: There's plenty for everyone.
Troy Castleton (red-haired male): Thank you!
Zoey Collins (dark-skinned female): Boy, it's so hot, I've figured I need something cool to drink.
Christophe Bing (Asian-European male): Me too.
Bethany Einsberg (brunette-haired female): Same here.
Owen Townsend (dark-skinned male): Okay with me.
Johan Neumayer (brown-haired male): Why not!
Somchai de Windt (Thai-European female): *As she and the others grab a cup of 'tea'* Thank you! *As the finalists drinks the 'tea'*
Zoey: Whoa! I feel strange what's wrong with us?
Wario: Don't worry, relax, all shall be fine.
Waluigi: Now rest until tonight. *He and Wario laughed as they left the finalists to fall asleep*

*Unaware that Zack's drone is listening everything without being seen*

Inside ACME Headquarters, Istanbul, Turkey

Archie: Unbelievable!
Zack: Just like that they fell asleep.
Jade: Exactly, Zack, this time they overdose the 'tea.'
Ivy: But it wears off quickly, right?
Jade: I don't think so, Ivy.
Ivy: You mean?
Jessie: Jade's right, Commander.

Maylee: Jade drank it alright but wears off already.
Jade: In London, girls!
Cole: But the finalists, they're not so lucky.
Lee: Yeah, it's like drinking a strong energy drink with loads of caffeine.
Jade: Anyone plays video games who drinks that will eventually well you know...
Suhara: That's because we must drink carefully.
Bolt: And that's why we must drink one cup of coffee only in the morning.
Jason: Or better buy some that are decaf.
Jade: Agree! *As The Chief and Tyson came with a sheet of paper*

Tyson: Yo! Everybody, we've got a morse code message translated thanks to Spencer and Brenda.
Arthur: Good!
Chief Weller: It's from Chase and Ivan. *Tyson gave the piece of paper to Stewart*
Stewart: *reads the paper* Get ready and be set, get the 'gifts' ready for the 'host'
Jade: Brilliant, let's get in disguise at once. *Jade turns around and walk towards Mario, Sonic and their own friends by giving them an okay and blink her left eye*

Jade's mind: *As Jade headed for the dressing room to get ready for tonight* Just you wait until you see the surprise we got you, VILE and believe me you all will be sorry you mess with ACME.

(End of Chapter Twenty-Six: Well, good news everyone, someone from the cable company is coming to check and hopefully replace the old modem with a new one that's according to my friend at my home, you know I'll be back to continue with this story)
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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Rumelihisari or Bogazkesen Castle, Sariyer district, Istanbul, Turkey

Six Hours Later...

*The 'contestants' awaken from fall asleep and then they saw a 'golden palace' rising from the water*

Rig Antony: *as he came* Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and huh?!?! *When he saw Contessa along with Vic, Moe, Lars, Sara and Kitty* Contessa, what are you doing here? I didn't invite you and the others over to come.
Contessa: Carmen told us to bring in the investors. *Rig saw the 'investors' and two boxes of their 'gifts' with them*
Rig: Okay, okay! If the boss said so come in. *And they did*

Inside the 'golden palace' (alias the underwater fortress)

Zoey: *after she sees some 'flowers'* How beautiful roses?!?!
Ludwig: *stops Zoey while she sees him as a distinguished guest * Uh, I wouldn't pick those up.
Troy: Look at the guards.
Christophe: Very well guarded ones.
Samir: I wish my father's guards are well guarded too.
Khalid: Same here.
Ivy (while in disguise): *quietly* Those aren't roses, are they?
Luigi (while Team Mario are inside one of the two 'gifts' takes a peek at the 'roses'): *quietly* They're sure aren't.
Mario: *quietly* They're Piranha Plants!
Jade (while in disguise): *quietly* Are they like Venus' Fly Traps?
Daisy: *quietly* I guess except they don't trap flies and not on the ground.
Peach: *quietly* But only from the inside and the outside of the pipes.
Sonic (while Team Sonic are inside the other 'gift' takes a peek at the 'guards'): *quietly* And those guards are SWAT Bots.
Tails: *quietly* That's not good.
Lee (while in disguise): *quietly* Get ready, here comes Ivan with the another serving of 'tea' for the guests. *Lee's right it is Ivan brings in the 'tea'*

Ivan: I hope you all enjoy the presentation. *As the 'finalists' grab a cup of 'tea' and the 'distinguished guests' claps as Chase and Carmen came*
Chase: (Remember: he and Carmen are pretending to be brainwashed) Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming all this way for tonight's events. *'Distinguished guests claps again*
Carmen: Introducing his excellence the King of Tortuga de Fuego.
Chase: And his excellence the Grand Duke of Imperio del Huevo. *'Distinguished guests' claps again as Bowser and Robotnik came while the 'finalists' sees them as a king and a grand duke*

Robotnik: I don't know what that means but thank you for coming.
Bowser: And I hope you'll meet our special guest of honor. *Whispers to Carmen*
Carmen: Oh yes, and our special guest of the hour, the host of the theme park designing contest, the president of Isla de la Diversion. *The distinguished guests claps while the 'finalists' are surprised as the guest host*

Frank M. Poster: (while the 'finalists' were seeing him as the president of the theme park company while holding a glass of champagne) Thank you, thank you, I just want to say we will the biggest theme park and I want to congratulate our ten finalists and of course, I want to thank our investors from Playtime Limited to invest our latest theme, a toast to all of you. *As the 'host' drinks the champagne while the 'finalists' drinks the 'tea'...then the 'host' looks at the designs along with the other distinguished guests as judges who turn out to be Jane Reaction, Otto 'Gnash' Reddmore and Rig Antony*

While in the back

Bowser: *to Patty disguise as Princess Peach quietly* When this is over with while everyone's working away for our dream theme park, I can give anything you want.
Patty: Really? What?
Bowser: How about some water from Niagara Falls, maybe some fog from San Francisco, oh I know how about solid gold bars from Dubai, just name it and it'll be yours.
Robotnik: *quietly to Bowser* Psst, we're ready to announce the 'grand prize winner.'
Bowser: Hey, you [he meant Jacqueline Hyde] keep an eye on the Princess.
Jacqueline: *quietly* With pleasure. *With her evil grinned face, she realizes that's not Princess Peach at all*

Zack: (while in disguise) *quietly* Whoa! Sounds like Spanish not Turkish.
Jade: (while in disguise) *quietly* You're right, Zack!
Archie: (while in disguise) *quietly* You what they mean in Spanish, right?
Tyson: (while in disguise) *quietly* Sure do!
Spencer: (while in disguise) *quietly* Tortuga de Fuego means Fire Turtle.

Toadsworth: (while in one of the boxes) *quietly* Of course, Bowser breaths in the flame from his mouth.
Arthur: (while in disguise) *quietly* Imperio del Huevo means Egg Empire?!?!
Tails: (while in the other box) *quietly* Sounds like the Eggman Empire.

Josha: (while in disguise) *quietly* And the last one means Fun Island.
Chief: (while in disguise) *quietly* But where are they going to build it at and stop them before they start.
Jade: (while in disguise) *quietly* We'll find out right now.

Frank: And now, I have chosen the country to build our theme park is Ukraine, so lovely, so beautiful and these drawings are just right, and you finalists will build it all over Ukraine and it'll be incredible for all of us to enjoy.

Johan: What?!?! That's not fair.
Aya: And I thought you would pick a winner to see who will get the money to pay off our own student loan. *And all of the sudden the 'finalists' are awakened to the truth and surprising they were tricked for money turns out to be for nothing*

*Zoey screamed at the one of the 'roses' are about to bite her*
Samir: Ukraine, my foot, none of us won't build your theme park there.
Owen: It's too dangerous to build there.
Bethany: I wouldn't build it all should remember the Chernobyl disaster. (Want to know the Chernobyl disaster look up at Wikipedia, I don't own that website or the history behind it whatsoever)

Frank: I don't care what you all say, but our investors are invested in our park.
Robotnik: *to the Chief in disguise* Are you?
Chief: Well, we all rack enough money to pay your 'theme park.' *As he snapped and brings in the two 'gifts.'*
Bowser: Thanks for your generosity. *Laughed* Alright, your losers, you're going to start build our theme park, I can't wait for...*the two 'gifts' opens and surprise Team Mario and Team Sonic appears while the 'investors' disappeared* Huh?!?!

Mario: Did you all missed us?
Bowser: What?!?!
Robotnik: It can't be!
Sonic: Sure is, Eggman!
Bowser: Now where are those investors?
Frank: And where are the finalists?

Ivy: *voice only* Gone for good.
Maylee: *voice only* The party's over you fiends. *Belljar turns around is shocked because of the members of Team ACME each in their own instant battle suit: Ivy in teal, Cole in dark gray, Spencer in forest green, Tyson in navy, Jessie in golden yellow and Arthur in indigo*

Arthur: You all won't get away with this.
Jason: Got a warrant for your arrest.
Robotnik: *to Chase* Devineaux, do something about this.
Chase: Okay, you're right! *Uses his dark red bracelet and turns his outfit into a dark red instant battle suit and came for ACME's side* And my colleagues are right, you're under arrest.
Bowser: Don't just stand there, Sandiego, get rid of them.
Carmen: I'm afraid not, it's over.
Jacqueline: *in evil form who drags Patty* Oh yeah, shame on you, boss!
Vic: *quietly* Oh no, Pats!

(End of Chapter Twenty-Seven: The next chapter is going to be incredibly amazing)


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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Underwater Fortress

Bowser: *to Carmen* How could you betray us, Sandiego?
Carmen: I've figured that brainwashing formula of yours doesn't work at all.
Chase: It's over, everyone and that's includes Belljar and the others who rather prefer their own way of crime instead of their boss's.
Bowser: No matter, you're going to be sorry for this. *Using his pendant and holding a bell at the same time turning him into Cat Bowser and Sam and Socks pounces at Cat Bowser*

Bowser Jr.: Daddy! *Grabs Socks and hello he turns into Cat Bowser Jr. with his own power pendant and scared her and Sam away*
Bowser: *laughed* Thanks, son! *To the Koopalings* What are you all standing around here for stop Mario and his friends. *The Koopalings cheered and getting ready to get rid of Mario and his friends*
Bowser Jr.: You heard Daddy, Koopa Troopas, help out! *Koopas Troopas shows up*

Robotnik: *to Metal Sonic, Orbot, Cubot, Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts* You Badniks, get rid of pesky hedgehog [Sonic] and his friends too.
Scratch: Alright!
Cubot: It's about time!
Orbot: SWAT Bots, you heard Robotnik, let's do as he said.

Belljar: Let's not stand around here, let's help! *The ones sided Belljar cheers* No will stop us. *Uses his laser beam it was bounces by Archie's reflector who just arrive in his bistre instant battle suit* Archie Pelago?!?!
Archie: It's not over yet, Belljar!

Jade: *removing her disguise* Yeah, Bowser, you and Junior scared the whiskers out of my cats...Going Advanced!!! *Her bracelet is now in advanced stage turns her outfit into a familiar outfit of Carmen Sandiego's...instead of red and black it's two shades of blue (pure and medium...Jade's hair was down, no headband, but the same hat in the same shades of blue and yes, Jade still has her glasses on) *
Mario: Mamma Mia!
Sonic: That's so cool!

Robotnik: Hah! That doesn't surprise us.
Lee: *removing his disguise* Think again, Robotnik! Going Advanced!!! *His bracelet is also now in advanced stage turns his outfit into a special instant battle suit resembles to what ACME created years ago, however it's espresso and deep black (ever heard of the STUN Suit...if you don't know what it is look at the Elusive Carmen Sandiego Wiki Fandom and by the way I don't own that idea nor the site whatsoever) *
Belljar: Okay, now we're all surprised! Not! Where's the other one.
Cole: Oh Ivan, he just left for good.

Bowser: *in cat form to Team Mario* Looks like you don't have powers like we do.
Gadd: *holding the power scanner* Think again, lizard breath! *Activates the power scanner and brings out six super bells and given to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Rosalina and Toadette and oh yeah, they become cats*
Mario: Let's have a cat fight!
Robotnik: *holding his power pendant* Hah! Sonic don't have any powers like I do.
Tails: Think again, Eggman!
Knuckles: Go for it, Princess!
Sally: *after Tails gives the power scanner to her* Got it, now! *Team Sonic uses power sneakers and Daisy gets a pair of power sneakers, while Opal and Azul get a propeller mushroom each for themselves*

Belljar: You all are outnumbered.
Jade: But not for long.

Jacqueline: *evil form holding Patty as her hostage after Jade turns around* OH YEAH, MISS SMARTY PANTS, HAND OVER THE REAL PRINCESS PEACH TO BOWSER OR PATTY'S...*Azul and Opal pull the fake rug from behind making Jacqueline screamed and fell to the ground and Patty is freed, while Knuckles fights Jacqueline after she stands up*
Vic: *to Azul and Opal* Thanks, boys! *Azul and Opal give Vic and Patty the thumbs up for a gesture as they ran to the Patty* You're alright, doll face? *As Moe and Lars give Patty a couple of yellow shopping bags*

Patty: Sure did!
Lars: At least we got you something to change back into.
Moe: *after he sniff something from the closet* Yeah and make it quick!
Patty: *as she opens the door* Thanks, boys! *And surprised there's Top Grunge, she screamed*
Moe: P.U.!!!!

Lars: Run! *As he, Vic, Patty and Lars ran and then bump unto the SWAT Bots...they screamed*
SWAT Bots: Don't move, stay where you are. *Got shocked thanks to Sara's tasering rope*
Sara: Get going, quick!
Vic: Thanks, Professor! *As he, Patty, Moe and Lars ran off to find something to stop Belljar, Bowser, Robotnik and the rest and the place for Patty to get dressed into her normal clothes*

Bowser: You, your brother and everyone else will paid. *Bowser meows badly*
Robotnik: And includes you and your friends, Hedgehog!
Sonic: We'll see about that. *Sally gives Sonic, a pair of power sneakers started out speed Robotnik thanks to the power scanner*

Robotnik: Why you, Metal Sonic, stop that hedgehog!
Metal Sonic: With pleasure!
Shadow: *As he shows up* Oh no you don't! *Starts fighting Metal Sonic*
Sonic: Thanks, Shadow! *Going after Robotnik whose about to escape when all the sudden* Huh?!?!
*Screamed as Sir Vile uses a mace to smash Sonic but escape unharmed*

Sir Vile: Tis thou get you, hedgehog! *Uses his mace, but his mace bounces back thanks to Spencer's reflector*
Spencer: Go, Sonic!
Sonic: Thanks, Spencer! *And speeds to chase Robotnik*
Wendy: Oh, you're going to get it! *Using her wand to throw a ring-shaped boomerang unto Spencer, however Daisy uses her baseball bat to pitch the boomerang back to Wendy* Ow, my pretty face! You'll pay for this, Princess Daisy! *Brenda wacked Wendy with the mop Spencer was surprised to see her in a powder blue instant battle suit*

Spencer: Brenda!?!?!
Brenda: She needs to learn...*screamed as Sir Vile grab her and ran off after getting up*
Spencer: Brenda! * Wendy stops him from saving Brenda however, Daisy knocks her from behind with her baseball bat*
Daisy: I got her, save your damsel in distress!
Spencer: *as he ran to stop Sir Vile and save Brenda* Thanks, Daisy! *As he goes after Sir Vile, Roy and Morton knock him down*

*Meanwhile Bowser and Junior knock the cat powers out of Mario and Luigi while Wario and Waluigi strips the cat powers out of Peach, Toad and Toadette, but miss Rosalina as her cat power wore off of her*

Bowser: You think you can stop with cat power try and stop me with this power. *Turns into Raccoon Bowser laughed*

Jade: Well, nobody's laughing back at you, Bowser and beside you're so ridiculous.
Bowser: Why you? *Jade escapes unharmed by blocking Bowser's raccoon tail attack with her reflector yup, it wears off completely*
Belljar: You'll pay for that, Miss Smarty Pants! *Chase uses his Krav Maga move unto Belljar, while Jade came to Team Mario, however Lezaarde knocks Chase down with her taser, while Rig and Jane captures Ivy, Cole, Arthur, Tyson, Jason, Maylee and Jessie*

Jade: You guys alright?
Luigi: We're okay, Jade!
Mario: Okie-dokie!
Jade: Professor, time to get them in nature. *Gadd uses the power scanner and give Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Rosalina with a Super Leaf each turns into a raccoon except for Luigi he turns into a fox, while Toadette was so dizzy both Cathie and Yoshi get her to safety, while Jade goes after Rig and Jane while dragging the capture members of Team ACME*

*Shadow screamed as Metal Sonic throws him down but save by Lee*
Shadow: Lee Jordan?!?!
Lee: I owe you, my life!
Shadow: You don't owe me anything.
Metal Sonic: *as Lee turns around and saw Metal Sonic* Except your own, Jordan! *Metal Sonic activating his plasma beam at him and Shadow, however thanks to Lee's reflector it bounces the plasma beam back to Metal Sonic*

Robotnik: *after seeing what happened to Metal Sonic* No! I hate Lee Jordan almost as much as I hate Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic: *as he shows up to stop Robotnik* It's over, Eggman, you lose! *Until Jacqueline Hyde throws an orb unto Sonic, he screamed and fell*
Tails: Sonic!!! *Silver saves him, but Robotnik grabs Sally and destroys the power scanner at the same time*

Amy: Oh no, I can't run anymore!
Sticks: Me neither! (Yup, when the power scanner was destroyed, the powers wore off for Team Sonic and Daisy)
*As Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts laughed after they captured Amy and Sticks*
Orbot: That's satisfying!
Cubot: I'll say! *Team Chaotix tries to knock the Badniks but no good thanks to Jacqueline's orb*
Sonic: Oh no!
Robotnik: *laughed* You surrender, hedgehog, because I'm powerful than you!
Sonic: Power or no power we'll defeat you! *As he jumped and attack Robotnik, but Robotnik blocks Sonic with barrier shield thanks to his own power pendant while Bowser attacks Team Mario with the fire power*
Toadette: Oh no!
Azul and Opal: *in unison to Gadd* Do something! *Gadd uses the power scanner, and three ice flowers came to them and Toadette and turns into ice toads and throw ice balls at Bowser and got frozen*
Bowser Jr.: Daddy, no!
Mario: Toadette, Toads, thanks!
Toadette, Azul and Opal: *in unison* Our pleasure! *Until Jane Reaction grabs the power scanner from Gadd and destroys it causing Team Mario to lose their powers as well, while Gnash grab Gadd and Junior grabs the Toads along with Larry, Ludwig, Hip and Hop*

Mario: Oh, spaghetti and meatballs! *Team Sonic got captured (well except for Silver and Blaze) and so did Team Mario after Bowser break the ice to freed himself*
Bowser: It's over, Mario!
Robotnik: And you too, Sonic!
Bowser: *to Robotnik* Shall we finish them off? *Robotnik nodded his head 'yes'*
Sonic: It's nice knowing you, Mario.
Mario: Same here, Sonic! *However, Bowser and Robotnik were knock down thanks to Jade and Lee each grab a power pendant with their own super strength*
Mario and Sonic: *in unison* Huh?!?!
Mario: Jade!
Sonic: Lee, but how?

Jade: Let's just say we got help! *Mario and Sonic saw that Jade and Lee weren't alone, Carmen shows up along with Vic, Patty, Sara, Moe, Lars, Contessa and Kitty, who save their own teammates along with Silver, Blaze, Yoshi, Cathie, Shadow and Rouge who tied up Belljar and the others who were on Belljar's side*

Bowser: I'll get you, Sandiego!
Bowser Jr.: I'll get her! *Yoshi grabs Junior's power pendant with his tongue and gives the pendant to Jade while Junior got knock down and landed on his father*

Jade: Thanks, Yoshi! Let's finished them off, Lee!
Lee: This time will be the last time those creeps are officially history.
Carmen: Bringing in more trouble than I thought it would be, Belljar, you and the others are...
Belljar: Fired?!?! *As he and the others were released thanks to Belljar's laser cutter* Think again! *About to use the laser beam at Carmen when all the sudden it was block thanks to Jade and Lee's reflector*

Jade: Guys! Now! *Throws Bowser's power pendant to Luigi* Luigi, destroyed this one it's fake.
Luigi: What about the other pendant?
Jade: There's something special about this one, go for it.
Luigi: Amy, may I?
Amy: *as she hands Luigi her hammer* Sure can!

*Luigi destroyed Bowser's power pendant with Amy's hammer (Bowser: *yelled* NO!!!!!!) and Jade gives Junior's power pendant to Mario [which she notices that Junior's power pendant contains a super star shaped gem] and surprised Team Mario became Team Super Mario while Lee gave Robotnik's power pendant to Sonic (Lee: Take it, Sonic! Sonic: Thanks, Lee!) and surprise that's no ordinary pendant it's the Chaos Emerald making Team Sonic into Team Super Sonic and thanks to Jade and Lee both of them joins up with Mario and Sonic along with Team ACME [who's freed thanks to Carmen and her trustworthy gang members] and Bowser and Robotnik flabbergasted along with the Koopalings, Bowser Jr. and the Badniks and together the villains are defeated by their own strength and knowledge together*

Ten minutes later...

Robotnik: This isn't fair! *After each one was under arrested*
Archie: It is fair! *Bowser Jr. crying very loudly*
Wario: *to Carmen* We didn't mean to do this, but we want to join VILE.
Carmen: I'm sorry, Wario, Waluigi, you two are not VILE material.
Vic: Better leave, boss lady!
Shadow: Same here!
Carmen: Hold on, Shadow! Since you came to aid out maybe you should join the Friends of VILE.
Shadow: Sorry, Carmen, not interested in your friendship, in fact, I'm neither a hero nor a villain.
Rogue: Same here, well see you later, Carmen! *To Vic, Moe and Lars* And I'll see you later, boys! *Blows a kiss much of dismay to the boys as they leave with Carmen, Patty, Sara, Contessa and Jeeves when law enforcements show up*

Chief: *to the 'finalists' * You all have been deceived by the ones luring you into this trap we'll see to you to it you all will return home with our deepest apologies. *The 'finalists' accepted the Chief when all the sudden an Interpol agent shows up*

Interpol Agent: Sterling told me what's going on here, care to explain it.
Chief: We will explain everything!

(End of Chapter Twenty-Eight: Coming up the aftermath before the epilogue oh the by about the super star-shaped gem it's inspired from Super Gem from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and the Super Star from the Super Mario Bros. game series and the Chaos Emerald is based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series oh by the way, I don't own the games or the items whatsoever)
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1. After explaining to an Interpol agent what just happened in the events of the crime by Stewart Sterling, ACME were acquitted of all wrongdoing because of Frank M. Poster impersonating The Chief of ACME according to each staff member at ACME and one of board members as well.
2. For Bowser and Robotnik [along with Bowser Jr., The Koopalings and the Badniks] they were sent back to each world they come from.
3. While Belljar and the other VILE members were sent to prison for the crimes.
4. Meanwhile back at ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Director of Operatives' Office

Lee: I'm glad you got your promotion back, *brings a letter of resignation to Chase* well it's time for me to hit the road.
Chase: *after raising his hand up* Jordan, why?
Lee: *sighed* Everyone knows you made a big mistake taking me back here.
*Chase just got up from his chair, open his desk drawer and throws a car key to Lee*
Chase: Jordan, about the car ACME Tech created for me well...that didn't suit me and beside you got rid of your Corvette, figure you need a new car.
Lee: I rather be on my Bandit, because this is your car.
Chase: No, Jordan, that car was meant for you.
Lee: What?!?!
Chase: I'm saying you've got a promotion coming soon, because the monthly board meeting is coming up and I'll make sure you and Jade will be promoted at ACME.

Lee: You mean?
Chase: That's right, you will rank as lieutenant, hopefully and don't tell Jade, she might become a Special Secret Agent under us.
Lee: I'm not going to tell her that.
Chase: *grabs the letter of resignation* And this.
Lee: Shredded it.
Chase: That's what I like to hear. *And yes, he presses the button to the paper shredder and the letter of resignation is shredded* Why you don't take a day off, Jordan, I have a word to any agent who dares talking about you and me in the past, understand?
Lee: Yes, Chase! And thank you, I better Cruiser get a new Electra.
Chase: No need, Jordan, it's been taking care of.

5. Speaking of Jade, well after saying goodbye to Mario, Sonic and their own friends back to each world, she returned home already, and the house looks brand new, however, well almost new.

And 6. As for Carmen Sandiego, well, have no idea what she's up to next.

(End of the Aftermath)
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New Dorp, Staten Island, NY, USA (almost a month later)

Vic (as a carnival barker) *to the visitors*: Hurry, enjoy the fun for this fundraising event and be surprised when you all see the guests around here. *The C-5 appears and so did Team ACME* Hey, you all made it.
Jade: We sure did, Vic! *Showing Vic, the invitation card she got by mail*
Vic: Oh, I see, I'm glad the boss lady invited you all.
Chief: Yes, we want to know why here?
Vic: There's not enough in San Francisco so we decide to pick this one for a fundraising carnival.
Chase: For what purpose?
Vic: Oh, different types of charitable organizations she picks out from people to animals and every country in between whether it's war-related issues or poverty issues she gives it to them, along with small business for their promotion.

Lee: Really? We want proof.
Carmen: *as she shows up* And we will, detectives and you too, Jade.
Jade: How did you end up opening a fundraising carnival and who helped you?
Mario: *as he jumped down to the ground* Surprise!
Sonic: *as he speeds in* Hey you guys!
Team ACME: No way! *Cheered at Mario and Sonic along with their own friends*
Jade: I thought you guys left already.
Mario: Well, we decided to hang around here.
Sonic: And help you all out, follow us. *And with Carmen, Team ACME enter the fundraising carnival started with game booth Dunk Bowser*

Bowser: You can't dunk me, little girl, you can't even throw good. *Laughed, however, the little girl throws a softball and hello, he screamed as he got plunge into the water*

Rig: *crying at the dunking tank while Moe and Lars dressed in breathable causal wear outfits* We've got a winner! *As he gave the little girl four tickets to a water theme park for the summer for her and her family and he still crying*

Zack: Whoa, I've never Rig Antony crying like that.
Lars: Well, he has no choice but to shut down his amusement park.
Moe: His business goes down the drain.
Lars: Let's just say, the royal family of Spain wants his park shut down years ago.
Moe: Thank goodness, Carmen warns him big time.

*While Contessa helps out with the shooting gallery because Jane and Jacqueline are making the kids cry, however the young man shoots the targets carefully and won* [Well Jeeves just tied and gagged them for misbehaving and making the customers lose money with a sucker gun]

Contessa: We have another winner, Jeeves!
Jeeves: *As he gave the winner, a box with a stand of genuine pearl necklace from the new jewelry store * Here's your prize, young man.
Young man: Thank you, sir! Wow, Mom will love this. *The young man walks away*

Ivy: Well, that's a relief!
Amy: And that's not all look at Eggman! *A little boy throws a 'pie' at Robotnik's face*
Cubot: Another winner!
Orbot: *gives the little boy, a coupon to a bakery, his parents are happy* Here's your prize!
*Team Chaotix cheered when a teenage boy throws a basketball at the hoops*
Knuckles: *as he, Luigi and Tails shows up* Hey, you guys, everyone enjoys the rides.
Tails: Especially the VR Go-Kart race Professor Gadd made safer.
Luigi: Even the bumper cars.
Archie: That's great!
Vector: And that's not all, the food is delicious! *Team ACME were shocked and came to the snack bar*

Lee: Well, well, 'Hot Dog' Henry!
'Hot Dog' Henry: ACME, so glad you're here and guess what I'm opening a diner thanks to you guys, you always for the food, I mean my dad passed away five years ago and I'm his only child so, I've got these creeps to raise the funds for the homeless people.

Daisy: That's right, you guys!
Toad: Those Koopalings got they deserved.
Cream: So, did those Badniks.
Peach: I think it's better job for them than taking over the world.
Sally: I agree to that.

*Wendy and Sir Vile crying while chopping the onions*
Patty: Why are you crying? *While she and Kitty drinking a root beer float along with Rogue the Bat*
Sir Vile: Don't remind us.
Wendy: The onions made us cry.
Roy: And it makes us upset over the potatoes we fried.
'Hot Dog' Henry: You'd better not over fried them or you'll do it again.
Ludwig: Yes, sir! *Larry, Hip and Hop checking on the burgers and the hot dogs again*
'Hot Dog' Henry: I don't want to hear the complains from the customers again.

Jade: Well, we are amazed.
Carmen: Let's just it's a community service.
Toadsworth: By Jove, I say.
Chief: Me too.
Mario: Well, looks like this is going to be great.
Jade: And great for you, Sonic and your friends, I declared you all Allies to ACME.
Shadow: Congratulations, Sonic!
Wario/Waluigi: You too, Mario! *Crying*
Carmen: Pipe down, boys!

Mario: Thanks, everybody, we accept it.
Peach: And Team ACME, we want you to have this as token of our appreciation.
Blaze: Congratulations as well.
*Each ACME agent was given a medal on each of their own neck by Peach, Sally, Blaze and Silver*
Jade: The order of Friendship and Peace, thank you, we accept it as well.

Sonic: So why we don't say we fun.
Team ACME: Yeah!

Suhara: *voice only* So, this case was solved, and new friendship became an allied, who knows another adventure will come for ACME's very own special secret agent, Miss Jade.
Cruiser: *voice only* And of course, Lieutenant Lee Jordan.
Bolt: *voice only clearing his throat* Uh guys, it's not officially just yet.
Arthur: *voice only* Only time will tell.
Stewart: *voice only* Hoping the board would agree this time, unlike the last time.

Mario: *voice only* Until next time...Do the Mario!
Sonic: *voice only* And do the Sonic!

(The End by the way: Gnash, Top Grunge and Baron Wasteland are responsible to cleaning up and sanitizing the tables and seats at the snack bar and yup they had been warned by 'Hot Dog' Henry as well except Dr. Belljar, Frank M. Poster, and Madame Doctor Ima Lezaarde refused to work so they send to jail instead)
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    The AI kept flying after the pilot ejected so they lost track of it but now they are saying they found it crashed eventually in a field
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