The Plumber and The Hedgehog


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Chapter Nineteen (In the last chapter about those sports teams I don't own them whatsoever)

Willis Tower, Chicago, IL, USA

Tails: So, this is Willis Tower.
Sticks: It sure is tall.
Jessie: But not as tall as Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Sticks: Excuse me?
Jade: Jessie's right, Sticks, it used to be the world's tallest building from 1973 to 1998 and it used to be called the Sears Tower but now they might change the name soon as next year. *Until people came out of the building running and screaming* (I don't own the facts whatsoever)

Maylee: *to one of the tourists* What's going on?
Tourist (male): There's a hostage situation at the one-hundred-third floor. *And he ran*
Amy: *raising her eyebrows* One-hundred-third floor?!?!
Jade: The Skydeck, Amy, let's get in! *As she, Maylee, Jessie, Daisy, Tails, Amy and Sticks headed to the elevator as she presses the up button, and the elevator door opens*
Jessie: If only we can reach the hostages by taking the stairs.
Jade: Relax, Jessie, there's only one hundred and four elevators, sixteen of which are double height, but there's only two-thousand-one-hundred and nine stairs we have to take hours to catch our breath to reach to the Skydeck in time to save the hostages. *And the elevator after Jade presses the button to go up to the one-hundred and third floor* (Again I don't own that fact as well)

The Skydeck

Koopa Troopa: *after the security guards try stopping them after trying to save the hostages including Toad, Toadette, Opal, Azul and Toadsworth being held in one of the glass balconies* Is that all you got? There's nothing you can do but to surrender.
Security Guard (male): We won't let you harm the hostages.

Koopa Troopa: No way! Move it or else! *One of the security guards is going to press the button to get some help from the police* Don't bother! *As he throws a Bob-omb [a mechanical living moving bomb] coming to straight to the security guards* Don't you dare summon the police or boom you're doom. *As the elevator door opens Jade, and the others [Maylee, Jessie, Daisy, Tails, Amy and Sticks] shows up just in time*
Maylee/Jessie: No way!

Jade: Boys, you release the hostages like right now!
Koopa Troopa: That's what you think! *To Bob-omb* Blast them!
Daisy: Oh no you don't, you Bob-omb! *As she grabs Bob-omb from the floor and ran fast*
Maylee: Careful, Daisy! * And Daisy throws that mechanical bomb outside and boom thank goodness no one got hurt*
Koopa Troopa: You'll pay for that, let's get them! *He and the other Koopa Troopas goes after Jade, but she grabs a push broom to knock one of them down and hit them like hockey pucks, while Amy smashes them with her hammer and Sticks throws her boomerang at them

Jessie: *to the hostages* Come on follow us back to the elevator.
Koopa Troopa: Yeah, right say goodbye to them [The Toads]! *As he uses a quickie Bob-omb and blast the glass balcony the Toads are falling*
Jade: *As Daisy, Maylee and Jessie gets the hostages to the elevator* Tails!
Tails: On it! *As he flies thanks to his two-tails and using the power scanner after using it to scan something the Toads* Take them! *As he flies back for the others*
Toad: Hurray! *As he transforms into a raccoon by using a super leaf while Toadette, Opal and Azul became flying squirrels by using a super acorn each and together they save Toadsworth and land him safe while Jade, Jessie, Maylee, Daisy, Amy and Sticks got the hostages and the security guards to the ground floor*

Toadsworth: Thank goodness, you came and save us.
Daisy: We did, Toadsworth!
Jade: But unfortunately, we're not done just yet. *As Professor Gadd came down to the floor*
Gadd: Miss Jade's right, everybody and if I'm not mistaken, I bet are going to find each other in no time, no matter where they are in the world, we have to stop those wicked fiends and their schemes.
Jade: But for now, we must head back and hoping for some good news.

Unknown Hideout

Belljar: What?!?! That amateur detective is back to save others.
Jacqueline Hyde: And I thought she'll be crying home to her mommy. *Turns evil* Yeah right, she's making a comeback to stop us.
Bowser: No matter she won't find Mario.
Robotnik: Not even Sonic will speed back.
Lezaarde: I wonder why?
Belljar: They'll history as for ACME we'll find them where the remaining members are hidden, they must be found completely. *An evil laughed*

*Speaking of Mario and Sonic...Somewhere in the Sahara Desert two nomads riding on each camel saw some mechanical snake roaming towards them but thankfully they got snipers to shoot at and the snake was history*

(Translated from Arabic)

Nomad#1: Do you see anything?
Nomad#2: Nope, wait a minute, *points his finger at Mario and Sonic lying on the sand* look!
*The two nomads came to Mario and Sonic*
Nomad#1: *gasped as he and Nomad#2 came to Mario and Sonic* This man is unconscious.
Nomad#2: *as he and Nomad#1 grabs Mario and Sonic* So does the hedgehog.
Nomad#1: Come on let's go back and take them with us until we find out who they are.
Nomad#2: Right! *He and Nomad#1 place Mario and Sonic on each camel and head back to somewhere?!?!*

(End Translation)

(End of Chapter Nineteen: Yup, ACME is coming back as this story continues)
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Chapter Twenty, part one

Jemaa el-Fnaa (a marketplace), Marrakech, Morocco

*After getting bail out from Moscow by trading Arthur and Stewart for two Russian Con artists who were arrested in Paris thanks to Interpol, they took the next flight to Marrakech*

Arthur: We got to warn ACME at once, I don't know what they're going to do to Chase.
Stewart: They'll not get away with this, Chance and I doubt the Chief will help us after what he has done with us so far.
Arthur: I wonder is it just us or is the Chief well...different?!?!
Stewart: Only one way...what the...Chance, look!
*Arthur gasped as he saw Yoshi eating the oranges from one of the booths but spit it out*
Yoshi: Not good!
Merchant: *in Arabic* These oranges are plastic!
Cathie: Yoshi, I'm hungry!
Yoshi: Sorry, Cathie, I'm trying to look for something sweet for you.
Arthur: *to Yoshi* Hey, you little dinosaur, those oranges are not real you're just trying to eat the display.
Yoshi: Uh, oh sorry! *Screamed when he saw Arthur and Stewart* Don't hurt Yoshi and Cathie!
Stewart: Cathie?!?!
Cathie: Me, Cathie, I'm hungry!
Merchant: *in Arabic* Huh?!?! *As he saw two nomads shows up from the desert with Mario and Sonic* Hey, gentlemen, how the...*gasped when he notices Mario and Sonic on their own camel's back* What happened to that man and that hedgehog?

Nomad#1: *in Arabic* We don't know in fact we found them after we got rid of that mechanical snake.
Arthur: *in French* Excuse me, do any of you gentlemen speak French, I don't speak Arabic?
Nomad#2: *in French* I do, sir.
Arthur: *to Nomad#2 in French* Tell us what's going on in the desert?
Nomad#2: *in French* A big mechanical snake came out of nowhere after a sandstorm just got hit there, me and my friend decide to investigate and sure enough we found them.
Yoshi: *screamed* Mario!
Stewart: *to Yoshi* You little one you know *point his finger to Mario for Yoshi* this man.
Yoshi: Uh-huh! Me Yoshi and Cathie know him he's, our friend.
Cathie: Cathie knows him too.

Arthur: *in French to Nomad#2* We need to find ACME Morocco and inform the other agents.
Nomad#2: *in French* Who are you, sir?
Arthur: *in French* I'm Arthur Chance and this is Stewart Sterling, he's our Director of Intelligence.
Nomad#2: *in French* Ah! I'm glad you two show up, me and my friend will take you both there.
Arthur: *in French* And send someone to the desert to pick up that mechanical snake you two found in the desert.
Nomad#2: *in French* Of course!

Meanwhile in Singapore

*While Cole, Jason and Tyson go after a burglar stealing some loot in an old apartment building, Luigi fixes some plumbing problems on River Valley Road (real street name in Singapore, don't own that street name) *

*After the Singapore Police apprehend the burglar*

Luigi: *to the residence of an old apartment* Thank you!

Tyson: Yo! Luigi, what did you do in that place?
Luigi: Fixing the problems turns out that burglar who robbed the apartment is no plumber. Whew! What a workout!
Jason: So how much you did make back there?
Luigi: Two hundred and sixty-five Singapore dollars. (201.82 in U.S. dollars)
Cole: That's not enough to get us back home.
Tyson: Let's go find out what's going on next here in Singapore. *Until one little girl came out of the apartment shows up*
Little Girl: Guys, my mother works at a beauty salon on Orchard Road, there's no water and shoplifting is a little high.

Orchard Road (Again I don't own that street name)

* Three teenage girls laughing after leaving a clothing store*
Jason: Going somewhere, girls?
Teenage Girl: Yeah, just home!
Cole: *As a shop owner running* Really? Explain why you girls didn't purchase it yet?
Teenage Girl: Huh?!?! *When she and the other two teenage girls are about to run*
Tyson: *As he shows three teenage girls his ACME badge* Don't even think about it. *Three teenage girls screamed but the Singapore Police came and so does the shop owner*

Ten minutes later

Shop Owner: *to Cole after the police arrested the three teenage girls for shoplifting* And that's why these girls have shoplifting my shop because they couldn't afford fancy clothes or something.
Cole: I doubt that's true maybe my colleagues does.
Tyson: *As he and Jason came back from the police and to the shop owner* Excuse me, you're the shop owner, right?
Shop Owner: Exactly!
Jason: According to the police these girls are working for a blackmailer from Hong Kong.
Shop Owner: What?!?!
Tyson: Don't worry, sir! That blackmailer is behind bars according to the police.
Jason: Better head for the station to pick the items they stole.
Shop Owner: Thank you so much! *As he heads back to the shop, Luigi came out of the beauty salon*

Luigi: Did I miss anything?
Cole: Nope, we caught the shoplifters.
Luigi: That's good, because I've got five hundred and forty-six Singapore dollars. (415.85 in U.S. dollars)
Tyson: Altogether it's eight hundred and eleven dollars.
Jason: Oh, that's not enough *his stomach is growling* It's enough for us to eat.
Cole: Well, why don't we stop at a hawker center.
Jason: Great idea, Cole, I've figured the prices are affordable there than a five-star restaurant.... Let's go there.
Luigi/Cole/Tyson: Yay!

(End of Chapter Twenty, part one)
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Chapter Twenty, part two


At a hawker center

Tyson: Rats, here we are and there's no more beef satay to try.
Cole: I was hoping for a chilli crab, but they're fresh out of crabs.
Jason: Great, let's hope Luigi has find dinner or I'll eat a durian fruit.
Cole: That stinking fruit the last time I saw you eat that fruit was in Sumatra Island in Indonesia was almost three years ago after we busted Top Grunge for trying to steal a Sumatran tiger cub from its mother.
Jason: True, but he did grab a Rafflesia arnoldii for his own personal hygiene.
Tyson: It got us, and Detective Jordan nauseated, I mean after all it is the world's largest flower and the most stinking flower around.
Jason: Using one of the national flowers of Indonesia for hygiene purposes is so wrong.

At one of the booths

Luigi: *after the customer left with the food she orders and looking at the menu* Can I have four of these?
Cashier (Female): Ah, the Hainanese chicken rice.
Luigi: Yep!
Cashier: Brilliant Choice, anything else?
Luigi: Four of these!
Cashier: Alright, four mango Lassis.
Luigi: That's right!

Forty-five minutes later...

Jason: Mmm...This is so good meal.
Cole: Yeah, the Hainanese chicken rice is one of the national dishes here.
Tyson: Yeah, really good choice, Luigi, I wish Mario could eat healthy like you.
Luigi: Yeah, but still, I try to force him to try some healthy for a change even Italian food.
Cole: What do you mean...*interrupted because of people screaming as Tyson puts on a disposable eavesdropper earphone*

From Tyson's disposable eavesdropper earphone

Local (male): *to the police officer* There's a snake and turtles with spikes at the Gardens by the Bay escorted by a barefooted lady.
Police Officer (male): What do you mean by that?
Local: I don't know, I have no evidence.
Police Officer: Why?
Local: She just destroyed my smartphone with a python she brought in because she hates technology and warn us not to recorded what she's up to I'm being honest. *The police officer isn't surprised after what the local said to him*

Cole: Tyson, what's going on?
Tyson: *removes the disposable eavesdropper earphone and throws it away* Guys, there's trouble at the Gardens by the Bay.
Luigi: What do you mean, Tyson?
Tyson: I've found out from the local that he was at the Gardens by the Bay and his smartphone was destroyed by a python brought in by a barefooted lady...yikes!
Cole: What barefooted lady...uh oh!
Jason: You mean...*Gasped and in unison with Tyson and Cole* Snarla Swing!
Luigi: Who is she?
Cole: She's one snake-loving techno-hating barefooted villainess around.
Luigi: Anything else?
Tyson: Something about turtles with spikes.
Luigi: Ahh, the Koopalings, that means Bowser is somewhere here.

Cole: Then we better get going to the Gardens by the Bay.
Luigi's mind: *after Luigi gulped and has an expressionless face* I was afraid they say that if only Mario was here, he would encourage me to be brave.

Gardens by the Bay, Central Region

*After using a Mass Rapid Transit; Luigi, Cole, Jason and Tyson arrive they enter the place*

Cole: Hello, anyone around?
Jason: I don't see anyone here, Cole.
Tyson: Except us. *As his nose smells something really going on* Guys, we've better leave.
Cole: What?!?! Why, Tyson?
Tyson: I smell a trap!
Luigi: I agree with Tyson, let's get outer here! *As he grabs Tyson, and they ran off*
Jason: Tyson, Luigi!
Cole: Forget it, Jason, let's keep searching.
Jason: Yeah, we'll explain...oh I feel so sleeping.
Cole: Jason, oh man, *as he and Jason fell asleep* it's sleeping gas! *Roy the Bully, Morton the Big Mouth, Wendy and Snarla shows in their own respiratory gas mask*

Snarla: Looks like we got some ACME creeps.
Morton: Only two and we're missing Luigi and the other one.
Roy: They must have found out and ran.
Snarla: Never mind about the rest we'll get them in another trap of mine that would give VILE an advantage. *As Roy, Morton and Wendy dragged Cole and Jason*

Outside of The Gardens by the Bay

*Both Tyson and Luigi catch their own breath*
Luigi: Phew! That was close, but how did you know it's trap?
Tyson: I smell that gas from out of nowhere and... *Yelled after something stung him* YEOW!!!
Charmy Bee: Gotcha! *Gasped as he saw Luigi* Luigi?!?!
Vector: *voice only* Charmy Bee, where are you?
Charmy Bee: Over...*As Tyson stands up and saw him* Uh-oh!
Tyson: Yo! What's the big idea stinging me like that from behind?
Charmy Bee: I thought you're one of the bad guys. *Vector and Espio shows up*
Espio: Tyson, Luigi!
Luigi: Hey you guys, what are you doing here?
Espio: We like to ask you the same question.

ACME Secret Hideout, Beaver Dam, WI, USA

Archie: *while talking to Stewart and Arthur* I'm glad you two are alright.
Arthur: *on screen as Jade and Tails returns from Chicago along with Maylee, Jessie, Daisy, Toad, Toadette, Toadsworth, Azul, Opal, Amy and Sticks* We sure are, Archie, but not these two.
Azul/Opal: *screamed when they saw not only Yoshi and Cathie, but someone familiar * Mario!
Tails/Amy/Sticks: Sonic!
Jade: Arthur, what happened to them?
Arthur: *on screen* We don't know but these nomads found them in the desert and something to do with a mechanical snake that bit them.
Stewart: *on screen as Jade starts firing up her padphone* Jade, can you transfer these four to our secret hideout? *And she did that already and then Yoshi and Cathie came along with the unconscious Mario and Sonic*
Toadsworth: By Jove, they must be bitten by a cobrat.
Jade: No, remember what Arthur told us earlier both of them were bitten by a mechanical snake.
Arthur: *on screen* They're coming back with the mechanical snake; ACME Morocco will keep you guys posted.
Archie: For now, Chance, you and Sterling head for Istanbul.
Arthur/Stewart: *on screen* Right! *Screens off*
Jade: I don't understand, Toadsworth, but what is a cobrat?
Toadsworth: A large desert-dwelling snake in our world.
Jade: My guess is that someone created that mechanical snake adds a venom of the cobrat just get rid of Mario and Sonic.
Daisy: A venom of cobrat?!?! Jade, they throw small cannonballs.
Toad: Hold on, now that your mention of cobrat, they are poisonous and...
Amy: Is there some ways to prevent ourselves from snakebites?
Tails: And are there any treatments to cure a snakebit?

Jade: In this world we have to be careful of snakebites, we have to prevented ourselves by wearing protective footwear and not live in the areas where snakes live and not handling them...just be careful the snake could be poisonous or not.

Archie: Miss Ezell, what Toadsworth told us that snake isn't from this world.
Jade: I guess an antivenom is out of the question then.
Daisy: No, but I say food might save them.
Jade: What do you mean by that, Daisy?
Daisy: I remember when Peach told me about what happened in the Mushroom Kingdom's Caveman Land, Mario was bitten by a cobrat while going to meet a medicine woman there all I remember was that one pizza is the cure for a cobrat bite by making it yourself. (That is from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode: Quest for Pizza, I don't own the show or the episode whatsoever)

Amy: *gasped* That's it! You guys let's make chili dog a la Sonic.
Tails: Great idea, Amy, no offends, Jade, your chili dog is okay, but Sonic wants the real thing.
Jade: Great, while you guys create the chili dog for Sonic, the rest of us can find the ingredients for a pizza for Mario's sake. *Toad, Toadette, Azul, Opal, Yoshi, Cathie, and Daisy cheered*

Archie: Let's hope they will be okay!
Jade: Let's hope so, Archie, because we have to stop VILE, Bowser and Robotnik together.

(End of Chapter Twenty, part two)
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Chapter Twenty-one

Back in Singapore

Espio: Your friends are taken after you and Luigi left and didn't realize it's trap.
Tyson: Do you know anything else?
Vector: All we remember is to find Cream and Cheese.
Tyson: You mean...
Charmy Bee: That's right, they're kidnapped and trying to find them and something about get rid of VILE's problems by getting bit by a lot of snakes at the zoo, I guess.
Luigi: Snakes, zoo? Yikes!
Charmy Bee: And that barefooted lady she's going to enjoy a Singapore Sling.
Tyson: Singapore Sling?!?!
Luigi: You know what is it?
Tyson: It's a cocktail drink and if I'm right Snarla might be at Raffles' Long Bar.
Team Chaotix: Huh?!?!
Luigi: Uh, Tyson what about the snakes at the zoo?
Tyson: When it comes that clue the place to find snakes at the zoo is at Singapore Zoo's Reptopia which was once called the Snake House.
Luigi: So now what?
Tyson: Team Chaotix go to Singapore Zoo while Luigi and I head for Raffles.
Vector: Good idea, Tyson! Let's go!

Meanwhile in Bosphorus area of Istanbul, Turkey (As in The Ciragan Palace: once own by The Sultans of the Ottoman Empire now turned into a five-star hotel/ I don't own the information whatsoever)

Bowser: *while looking at the drawings* Trash! *Place one of the drawings down on the table* Blah, so ugly, so not what I wanted. *Someone knocks on his door* Doors open! *Bowser Jr., Ludwig, Larry, Hip and Hop enters his room* What now, boys?

Bowser Jr.: *as he gives his father more drawings* Check these drawings out, Daddy!
Ludwig: We look at them are they great?
Bowser: *looking at the drawings* Are you kidding? It's brilliant!
Larry: What do you mean?
Bowser: Find out all about the ones who draw these I think we found the finalists we're looking for. *Laughed*

In the hallway...

Jeeves: *to the hotel receptionist* Are you sure there's someone in Madam's suite?
Hotel Receptionist (male): *as he uses the key card to open the door* Of course, I'm sure and she's weeping. *Jeeves enter the room and saw Princess Peach crying that's when Contessa along with Vic, Moe, Lars, Patty and Kitty shows up*
Contessa: Oh my!
Kitty: Do tell! *As Sally Acorn came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe and her hair is wrap up in a towel she gasped*
Sally: Uh, hi!
Vic: *to the hotel receptionist* Would you excuse us for a while?
Hotel Receptionist: Of course, if you need room service just anytime 24/7. *As he leaves*
Patty: Hi, I'm Patty Larceny, this is Vic, Moe, Lars, Kitty, Contessa and her butler, Jeeves!
Peach: I'm Peach and this is...
Sally: Sally Acorn!
Lars: Say, what's going...? *The lights went out, the curtains close automatically, and the door is locked*
Moe: What's the meaning of...
Sally: Shh! *Quietly as she holds a remote control* Keep your voices down, I've found this remote control to keep it soundproof.
Contessa: *quietly* Don't I know that dear!
Vic: *quietly* Okay, spill it, Sally, what's going on?
*Sally whispers to tell him, Contessa, Kitty, Patty, Jeeves, Moe and Lars about what happened they gasped, and they already know what's going on*

Kitty: *quietly* What can we do about this? And our boss she...
Contessa: *quietly* One of us should stay here and Peach will leave with Jeeves quietly.
Jeeves: *quietly* Agree, Madam! So...
Patty: *quietly* I'll stay behind.
Vic: *quietly* I thought so, doll! *As he brought in a big gift box for Patty* I've figured this disguise will help you! *Patty opens the box and saw the right disguise*
Patty: *quietly* Perfect, Jeeves give Peach a disguise and get her to safety at once.
Jeeves: *quietly* Of course, Miss Larceny!

(End of Chapter Twenty-one: Let's hope no Koopa Troopa doesn't notice anything after all the suite is soundproofed)


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Before I get to the next chapter...there's some computer troubles at home and hoping someone will find a computer technician to take care of the problem, it could be dust or could be a virus no thanks to the person who looks at nasty things on the internet (by the way I don't own the computer whatsoever it was bought and paid for by someone who helps out not only myself but others who lived with me and the person who used to live here is no longer living here)...then again it'll be a long wait. But I'll still have a lot of brainstorming to do.
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Chapter Twenty-Two

Reptopia, Singapore Zoo, Mandai area, Singapore

*Cole and Jason wake up and saw Roy, Morton and Wendy and realizes they were tied up*

Morton: Good, we're glad you're awake yep! *Laughed out loud, but Wendy covers him with a sack*
Wendy: *quietly* Why don't shut your big mouth somebody would hear us.
Roy the Bully: *quietly* Well boys, it's time for us to leave you two alone with the snakes.
Wendy: *quietly* Have fun! *Laughed a little as she, Morton and Roy who uses his wand to release the snakes out of their own house (he releases the glass and put the glass back afterwards) and leaves the zoo the snakes slithering*

Cole: Geez, are those snakes poisonous here?
Jason: Just the King Cobra, The West African Gaboon viper and the Western Diamondback rattlesnake.
Cole: Yikes!
Jason: At least the Green Tree python and the Reticulated python are not poisonous.
Cole: Yeah, but the Reticulated python can eat one of us.
Jason: Just remain calm, Cole and leave them alone.

*Suddenly someone is playing the Pungi (an Indian wind instrument use to hypnotize snakes/mostly cobras, vipers and pythons) that stop the snakes from coming to Cole and Jason and each snake return to their properly home all but the Western Diamondback rattlesnake which didn't affect by the music, but Vector the Crocodile grabs a sack to capture the snake and put it back to its home*

Cole: Huh, Vector! *As Vector, Charmy and Espio who holds the Pungi came*
Jason: Charmy! Espio!
Espio: Figure this comes in handy thanks to the Contessa's butler, Jeeves who has been souvenir shopping with her in Mumbai recently.
Cole: *As Charmy cut the ropes with his stinger to freed him and Jason* Is the Contessa here?
Charmy: She left for Istanbul.
Vector: Yeah, she found us around London when we're about to ship it to Hong Kong but end up here.
Jason: Who send you guys?
Vector: Tyson and Luigi!
Charmy: They left for Raffles hotel to stop Snarla.
Cole: Why are you three here?
Vector: Searching for Cream and Cheese.
Jason: Then let's go to Raffles fast!
Vector: Let's hurry!

Raffles Hotel (twelve pointed nine miles from the Singapore Zoo)

Snarla: *as the bartender places a Singapore sling for her* Thanks for the drink you can put a tab on the Presidental Suite the guest is buying.

Tyson: *voice only* Cancel the tab, bartender, she's going to jail at once.
Snarla: *as she turns around and saw Tyson and Luigi* You two how did you two get here.
Luigi: We took the bus?
Snarla: Well, you can't take another ride back. *She snapped her fingers, and the SWAT Bots shows up with Cream and Cheese being gagged and tied-up* Get them! *As she grabs Cream and Cheese with her*
*Luigi gulped as the SWAT Bots came to capture him and Tyson somehow, they got tasered when Cole, Jason and Team Chaotix show up*
Cole: Tyson!
Tyson: Jason, Cole!
Luigi: Whew! Thank goodness you guys made it, but too late.

Rouge: *voice only* Not quite! *As she shows up with Cream and Cheese*
Vector: Rouge, you found them for us.
Rouge: Unfortunately, that reptile lady escape.
Charmy: But what about the SWAT bots?
Sara: *As she shows up with a taser laser* Don't worry about them they're fried.
Cole/Jason/Tyson: Professor Bellum?!?!
Sara: We have to leave for Istanbul, Luigi why don't take Cream and Cheese with you, your brother needs you.
Luigi: *as he saw a E-Gate appearing* What?!?! Why?
Sara: All shall be explained.
Luigi: Thanks!
Cole: We'll going to Istanbul, warns the others.
Luigi: Right! *To Sara* Thank you! *As he, Cream and Cheese enter the E-Gate*
Vector: We'll go with them, be careful and come back for us.

Beaver Dam, WI, USA (ACME's hidden headquarters)

Jade: *As she took out of an extra-large pizza out of the pizza oven* Thanks to Professor Gadd's mistake this pizza should save Mario in no time.
Daisy: You said it, Jade!

Spencer: *As he enters the kitchen* Girls, you got the pizza?
Jade: Already, Spencer.
Daisy: Let's hurry, Jade before the pizza gets cold.
Jade: Right, Daisy.

The Recreation Room

*Amy and Tails brought in the chili dog a la Sonic for Sonic and Jade and Daisy got the extra-large pizza for Mario while both Mario and Sonic are still unconscious*

Archie: I hope this works, everyone.
Spencer: Me too.
Bolt: Same here!
Brenda: Glad I show up just in time and I brought in somebody, uh, she kind-a lost!

*The Toads gasped as they recognized the lady in a peach-colored blouse, peach floral knee-length skirt, peach-colored flats. white hat with a peach-colored bow detailed and a gold bangle*

Toadsworth: By Jove, Princess Peach!
Luigi: *As he came along with Cream and Cheese* Peach, Mario!
Peach: Mario, oh no, what happened?
Jade: It's a long story!
Amy: Right now, we have to save them!
Jade: Peach, would you do us the honor and save Mario?
Peach: I thought you never ask and thanks for making the pizza in time.

*The results are nerve-wrecking when Amy gave Sonic the chili dog and Peach gave Mario the pizza one sniff and a bite all of a sudden, it's a miracle*

Sonic: *after he opened his eyes* Amy, Tails, Sticks!
Tails/Sticks: Alright, it works!
Mario: *after he opened his eyes as well* Luigi, Daisy, Toad, Yoshi, Peach-a!
Peach: Mario!
Yoshi/Cathie: Hooray, Mario's save!
Archie: Whew! That's a relief! *Everyone is cheering when Josha and Chief Weller shows*
Josha: Hey everyone would keep it...Ay Caramba! What just...
Chief: *interrupted* Never mind, Josha, listen up everyone the ten finalists have been announced just a half hour ago.
Archie: Already, Chief?
Chief: Yes, Archie and I wrote down the finalists' names find out about them.
Jade: Do you have the list with you, Chief? *Chief shows Jade the list of the finalists' names and the college or university they attended*
Bolt: Any of those names sound familiar?
Jade: Don't think so, Bolt, however they're going to fell into a huge trap big time as of now we better find the others.

Luigi: They left for Istanbul.
Archie: Who left?
Luigi: Cole, Jason and Tyson along with Team Chaotix when we end up in Singapore.
Peach: I was held in a hotel in Istanbul thanks to Contessa, Patty, Kitty, Vic, Moe and Lars
Mario: Mamma Mia, that Bowser really boils my pasta!
Sonic: That Eggman surely tries to fry us up in the desert before we got bitten by that mechanic snake.

Jade: I was right, I've figured they want to get rid of us but in different areas.
Toadsworth: By Jove, Miss Jade, it makes perfect sense.
Sonic: Peach, is Sally with you?
Peach: No, Sonic, she stays behind allowing me to escape.
Jade: Then that means we need to find Zack, Ivy, Ivan, Lee Jordan, Cruiser and Knuckles.
Sonic: Then we need to find them at once.
Mario: Yeah!
Toadsworth: No boys, we don't know where the rest are at?
Josha: No need, I've found them thanks to Zack's tracker on his cellphone.
Jade: *As looks at Josha's cellphone* Beijing, China!

(End of Chapter Twenty-two)


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Chapter Twenty-Three

Unknown Hideout

*Ludwig is tested one of the Mechas and sudden someone knocking on the door*
Ludwig: Come in the door is open. *The door there was Ivan in a lab coat while Ludwig is still checking on the Mechas*
Ivan: Do you need any assistance?
Ludwig: Yes, I do, I need you to check on GOONIE for Belljar's sake I have to make some tea for our very important guests.
Ivan: That's wonderful! Go on I'll test them out.
Ludwig: Thank you! *As he turns around and saw Ivan* Huh?!?! What are you doing here?
Ivan: I drink some of that purple juice and boy that stuff just tastes like grape soda mix with dish soap and whoa, here I am.
Ludwig: You decide to join VILE?
Ivan: Exactly!
Ludwig: Well, welcome, I've figured another genius comes in, I'd better go and get the refreshments ready you just turn these GOONIES into hovercars within three days.
Ivan: Sure, I'll do that! *Ludwig leaves the room...quietly* Psst, Rosey, I'm in!

Rosalina: *after she appeared by magic...quietly* Ivan, I'm glad you pretend to be evil worked.
Ivan: *quietly* It's because that potion doesn't work, right?
Rosalina: *quietly* Exactly! That happened to both Carmen Sandiego and Chase Devineaux by force.
Ivan: *quietly* All I need to do is turn these Mechas into cars, but I have no idea...*He saw the buttons on one of the Mechas' arms* Never mind!

Meanwhile at the Olympic Green in Beijing, China

*Zack, Ivy, Cruiser and Knuckles walk quietly and there they saw Lee Jordan along with Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts walking*
Cruiser: *quietly* There's Lee!
Knuckles: *quietly* And those Badniks are escorting him to his doom.
Zack: *quietly* So what are we going to do?
Ivy: *quietly* Keep walking slowly little bro and don't make a sound while following them. *And they did sneak slowly as possible*

Zack: *gasped and quietly* They are escorting Lee into the Water Cube.
Cruiser: *quietly* Now what?
Knuckles: *quietly* Got an idea?

Inside the Water Cube (alias Beijing National Aquatics Centre)

Lee: *gasped when he saw someone familiar* Chase!
Chase: Good work, boys!
Lee: Chase, why?
Robotnik: *voice only* Oh, I'll tell you why, young man, he's with us, now. *Lee turns around and saw him and Carmen*
Lee: Robotnik and the elusive Carmen Sandiego, I'm not surprised!
Carmen: You should be, Lee, and your friend is not a good swimmer. *Laughed as Lee gasped who underwater in the diving area*
Lee: Sonic! *Scratch stops him from diving into the pool*
Scratch: Not so fast, pal!
Grounder: You can't dive in there without proper swimwear.
Robotnik: Grounder's right, Jordan! Devineaux, escort this loser to the locker room.
Chase: Yes, sir! *As he walked around and escorted Lee from behind* Let's go, Jordan!

Men's Locker Room

Chase: *quietly while Lee is changing into his swim shorts from behind* I'm sorry, Jordan, I can't help you escape.
Lee: *voice only, quietly* Why are you doing this?
Chase: *quietly as he places something inside Lee's vacation bag carefully* I'm not going to tell why; you and the others have to figure it out on your own all I remember is I have to return to Istanbul for a party that's all I know.
Lee: *voice only, quietly* A party in Istanbul?!?!
Chase: *quietly* I've got a suspicious feeling this party is just a cover-up for a dangerous scheme. *As Lee appeared in his black swim shorts* Shall we?
Lee: *quietly* Escort me! *And Chase did just that*

Outside the Water Cube

Carmen: *as she comes out and saw Zack and Cruiser tied-up* What's going on here?
Knuckles: *disguise as a VILE Henchman* These boys try to escape from the airport.
Ivy: *disguise as a VILE Henchwoman* However, we caught them just in time.
Carmen: Good work, you two, keep an eye on them and don't them escape! *As she saw Shadow on top of the roof of the Water Cube and winks at him from above...quietly* I'm sorry, I can't help you all out and neither is Chase; don't worry about us you'll be there to stop those fools but not alone.
Knuckles: *quietly* Thanks a lot, Carmen Sandiego!

Inside the Water Cube

Robotnik: *As Lee climbs on the ladder to a large platform diving tower* Well, we'd better go, we don't want Carmen to keep waiting for us for long, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, let's move!
Coconuts: Right, boss! *As the Badniks, Robotnik and Chase headed outside*
Chase: Farewell, Jordan! *As they leave Lee took his deep breath*

Lee's mind: I don't know what kind party VILE is up to. But first, I must save Sonic, right now! *As Lee dives into the pool* There he is...wait a minute, that's not...oh no!
*Lee thought it was Sonic turns out to be Metal Sonic and got out of the water and summons a shark like Mecha to Lee and Metal Sonic escape leaving Lee behind to be devoured*
Lee's mind: *Lee kept swimming for his life while trying to outwit that shark like Mecha* Man, not without my instant battle suit I'm doomed.

*Until that shark like Mecha is about to get Lee all of the sudden Shadow and Knuckles dives in to destroys that shark like Mecha, while Lee got out of the pool in time...Ivy, Zack and Cruiser came in*

Cruiser: *Lee coughed off water* Lee, good night, as if you were swimming with the fishes.
Lee: Just one big shark that's all and no, that's not a stolen item. *As C-5 appears, and Jade shows up*
Jade: Oh, thank goodness, is everyone alright?
Knuckles: Yeah, unfortunately we can't find the others. *Zack and Cruiser ran to the locker room to grab a towel and Lee's vacation bag*
Jade: Some of them maybe heading for Istanbul, I've got a feeling this case will be solved, but we have to regroup.
Knuckles: I agree, Jade, if only I knew where Sonic is?
Jade: Knuckles, he's safe and recovering, he'll explained to you what happened.
Ivy: Lee, go with Jade, while me and Zack head for Istanbul.
Zack: *as he returns with the towel and wrapped around Lee* But, Jade, why Istanbul?
Jade: VILE is up to no good and set up a contest for college students who are majoring in architecture and engineering to design an amusement park for their own.
Lee: *gasped* That's what Chase meant something about a party in Istanbul.
Ivy: What do you mean, Lee?

Lee: I saw Chase alright; he is...well...I...
Ivy: *interrupted* Never mind, Lee, you can explain to the Chief while you recovered.
Lee: Thanks, Ivy!
Cruiser: *holding Lee's vacation bag* Well, we better go!
Shadow: *to Knuckles* Go with Jade, I'll take Zack and Ivy to Istanbul.
Knuckles: You got it, Shadow!

*Jade activated the C-5 through her padphone she, Lee, Cruiser and Knuckles head through the corridor*

Unknown Hideout

Silver: *after looking at his crystal ball like orb seeing Jade* It looks like the girl has some intelligence within her.
Blaze: However, the rebellious adventurer isn't wise like Chase, but has a rough strength inside of him
Silver: Maybe we can find out together about his dark past without inferring. *As he is about to power up the orb all the sudden Sir Vile shows up when he spots him and Blaze*
Sir Vile: A-ha! Thou spot thee intruders. *Blaze gasped*
Silver: You want to think again. *He and Blaze escapes from Sir Vile*
Sir Vile: What, where do thou art go?
Wendy: *voice only* Sir Vile!
Sir Vile: Coming, milady! *As he leaves*

(End of Chapter Twenty-Three)
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Before I move on the next chapter, I'm still brainstorming a lot of ideas to complete, however, the computer is still having a lot of errors since yesterday and no word on yet a technician and also, I have to fix my other stories with grammar and spelling. Hope everyone understands.


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Chapter Twenty-Four, part one

ACME Hidden Headquarters, Beaver Dam, WI, USA

Chief Weller: Here's the list of the ten people who are heading for Istanbul.
Archie: How did you find out about them, sir?
Chief: I contacted every informant and agent if anyone knows them and by Jove, they did.
Jade: Great job for the participation of helping us solve this case.
*Lee screamed as his beagle dog, Reuben jumped onto him and kissing him*
Lee: Oh Reuben, cut it out, gee whiz, boy, you always worry about me too much...*Yelled* JADE!!!
Jade: Eek! Oh no, Sam, Socks! Excuse me, gentlemen! *As she grabs the lint roller*

Meanwhile in the First Aid room

Peach: What?!?! You were in the desert.
Mario: Yes, Peach, along with Sonic.
Sonic: Yeah, no thanks to Eggman.
Mario: And Bowser, no doubt.
Luigi: At least we're safe here maybe we shouldn't let ACME stop them.
Mario: How could say that Luigi, we need their help they're the only ones who can stop that Belljar, Hyde, that Le Zaarde.
Tails: Even the ones who trusted those two like Gnash, Sir Vile, Top Grunge, Baron Wasteland, Reaction.
Daisy: Yeah, Luigi, we cannot give up now.
Amy: If only we could find their hidden hideout.
Brenda: *As she and Professor Gadd shows up* All we know is they are somewhere in Istanbul, Turkey and luring those finalists into a trap.

Gadd: Tails, I have fixed the duplicate of the power scanner for you, Tails, Mario and your friends can use some the powers, Sonic and his friends uses as well.
Mario: That's a good idea, Professor. (Power Items are different from each game series from Mario and Sonic and without a doubt each power item is in the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics series only in Dream Events...Oh, by the way, I don't own the game series [Mario and Sonic at the Olympics] whatsoever)

About five and a half minutes later...

Jade: *as she came out with the lint roller out of Lee's room along with Sam and Socks while Lee scowled at her and the cats* Lee, they just 'making biscuits' out of your pillow I'm going to de-shed their fur right now when the Chief will tell us who those finalists are.
Lee: Really?

Jade: By the way, Lee, are any of your family members wanted to be in architecture or engineering?
Lee: Come to think of it my youngest brother wanted to be an engineer but I'm not sure what type of engineering he's going end up in, why did you ask, Jade?
Jade: I'm just afraid if your...
Lee: *interrupted* I doubt he enter, Jade and it's none of my business to tell you anyway, I bet one of your family members did.
Jade: Nope, none in my family enter in the field of architecture and engineering anyway and like you said it's none of my business to tell you anyway.

Unknown Hideout

Robotnik: *As he and Bowser shows up after Belljar finished using the phone* Belljar, what's taking so long the guests will be within three days.
Belljar: I'm contacting a lot of investors interested in our amusement park so far, no answer.
Bowser: *voice only as Ivan walk quietly in the hallway* What are we going to do now? Without any investors how can we deal with the amusement park without any money, hmm?
Belljar: I'll get to them somehow; I'll send someone who bring in the investors within three days.
*And then someone grabs Ivan from behind*

(End of Chapter Twenty-Four, part one)


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Chapter Twenty-Four, part two

Unknown Hideout

In the closet

*Remember what happened in part one, well it turns out Chase was the one who grabbed Ivan from behind*

Chase: *quietly* Ivan, what are you doing here? *Ivan whispers to his ear* Really?
Ivan: *quietly* Yeah, Dr. Belljar is trying to find investors for their amusement park.
Chase: *quietly* Just as I thought they would, listen I have an idea leave this part to me.
Ivan: *quietly* Right! *Until Ludwig von Kooky opens the closet door*
Ludwig: Hey, what are you two doing in there?
Ivan: Oh, just getting reunited, that's all.
Ludwig: That's good to hear, three days the party will be a surprise to remember and dress formally, Devineaux.
Chase: Of course, Ludwig!
Ludwig: And you [Ivan] I want to head for the kitchen for taste testing at once.
Ivan: Whatever you say! *As he leaves for the kitchen*

ACME Hidden Headquarters, Beaver Dam, WI, USA

Archie: Here are the ten finalists according to Informants and a few ACME agents recruiting.

(These finalists are fictional anything I don't own anything)

Josha: This is Samir Kumar from Mumbai, India who attended the University of Cambridge's Department of Architecture, according to an ACME informant in India, he's the youngest son of the Maharaja of Kolhapur.

Jade: The next finalist is Aya Kazama from Tokyo, Japan who attended Harvard Graduate School of Design, according to Sakura Watanabe from ACME Japan, her aunt was a former royal princess, whose is the cousin of the emperor of Japan and her uncle is the head of the University of Tokyo's Department of Architecture.

Josha: What happened to her parents?
Jade: According to Sakura, her parents were killed during an earthquake that struck Kobe.
Suhara: Ah, yes, the Great Hanshin earthquake.
Jade: Exactly, Suhara, that hits the seismic intensity of seven, lucky for her, she survived.

Maylee: The next finalist is Johan Neumayer from Princeton, New Jersey in USA, according to an ACME informant in L.A.
Jessie: This finalist attended The University of California, Berkeley Campus' College of Environmental Design [Architecture] and College of Engineering [Civil].
Jade: Lee, I wonder which university did your...
Lee: *interrupted* Can't tell you, Jade, remember?
Jade: I know, it's none of our business, anyway his parents were immigrated from Switzerland.

Sonic: *As he, Mario and their own friends shows up* Hey, what's going on here?
Chief: We're looking at the finalists who enter this illegitimated contest.
Bolt: Well, it's true, Sonic!
Mario: Really? Who else made it so far?
Bolt: The next finalist is Somchai de Windt from New York City, New York in USA, according not just an ACME informant in Amsterdam, but Ratana from ACME Thailand.
Sonic: What's this finalist's story?

Jade: Well, Sonic, this finalist was born in Paris, France, her parents were once royal, but each lose its title not only from Thailand, but from the Netherlands as well.
Mario: Mamma Mia, what do you mean by that?

Jade: Well, her father was a prince from the Netherlands who was accused of extortion no thanks to his greedy male cousin who was fifteen years old at the time and her mother was a princess from Thailand who was accused of abusing her then thirteen-year-old male cousin they met while being exile from each other's country, anyway they got married and they have her, but they couldn't stay in Paris; they decided to live in America forever, it was almost fourteen year and a half years ago, still they didn't regret themselves for what their own cousin done to them.

Chief: True, Miss Jade, at least each ACME informant from those countries [The Netherlands and Thailand] kept an eye on them so far, they lived a normal life without knowing each other's scandal...*Clearing his throat* Anyway there's six more finalists, anyway.

Archie: Exactly, sir! *Spencer came out of the lab holding an espresso-colored bracelet and came to Lee*
Spencer: Care to explain this?
Lee: *raising his eyebrows* Huh?!?! What the...*gasped and realized Chase place the bracelet in his vacation bag while in Beijing, China* Oh fudge, I can explain this in the lab?
Spencer: Good idea, let's go!
Lee: Excuse me, you guys, go on without me. *As he follows Spencer to the lab*

Archie: Now where were we?
Tails: Don't you remember the six finalists?
Archie: Oh yes, thank you, Tails! The next finalist is also from New York City, New York, his name is Troy Castleton attending Yale University's School of Architecture, he's a member of the famous family there just like his father, a famous news journalist, and his grandmother, who is a newspaper editor, according to an ACME informant from New York City.
Bolt: Not only that finalist but the Big Apple informant also recognize two more but from different cities.

Maylee: Who are they, Mr. Upright?
Bolt: They are Bethany Einsberg and Owen Townsend.
Jessie: Ah, Bethany is from Washington, DC and Owen is from Cleveland, Ohio.
Maylee: They both attended Cornell University's College of Architecture.
Daisy: What's their story?
Amy: Bethany is the granddaughter of the Criminal Court Judge.
Toadette: And Owen is the grandson of a local novelist.

Knuckles: Who are the other three finalists?
Toadsworth: By Jove, another royal no doubt.
Archie: Exactly, Khalid al Hijab from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia who attended Syracuse University's School of Architecture.
Jade: According to an ACME informant in Cairo, Egypt, he's the son of a billionaire businessman who is also a prince.
Peach: I can't believe they fell for this trap without notice who the hosted this contest.
Jade: They'll soon realize they've been tricked for sure.
Chief: Archie, look at the last two finalists for me.
Archie: Why is that?
Chief: It seems I have some morse code to translated. *As he entered his office*

Daisy: Last two finalists?
Archie: Ah, yes, the next finalist is Christophe Bing from Paris, France who attended Tufts University's School of Engineering and Arts and Science.
Bolt: He was born in Hong Kong and he's the son of a philanthropist and a former figure skater according to an ACME informant in Paris.
Jade: And last, but not least came from an ACME Informant from Knoxville, Tennessee in USA inform us about Zoey Collins from Atlanta, Georgia who attended the University of Central Florida's College of Arts and Humanities.
Peach: Wow! Is that her?
Jade: No, that's her mother she was a former beauty queen, and her father is the state senator.

Luigi: Leaping lasagna!
Mario: You say, bro, that Bowser!
Sonic: That Eggman, is going to be scramble by all of us.
Jade: Don't forget they have minions as well, as soon as the Chief returns we'll be ready for them.

(End of Chapter Twenty-Four, part two)


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Chapter Twenty-Five

The Ciragan Palace, Bosphorus Area of Istanbul, Turkey

*Someone knocking on the door*

Patty (disguise as Princess Peach): Come in! *Bowser enters after opening the door*
Bowser: Ah Peach, you look kind-a pretty and now friendly, I thought you hated me.
Patty (disguise as Princess Peach): I just suddenly changed my tune a bit.
Bowser: Really, as soon as everything is ready for the party, I'll give you anything you want, in return you must give me your kingdom.
Patty (disguise as Princess Peach): Before you do that, you must give me something as well.
Bowser: What's that, Princess?
Patty (disguise as Princess Peach): Bring me Carmen Sandiego, please.
Bowser: Uh...*Carmen clears her throat from behind* Alright, hey, Sandiego, the princess wants you at once, *to Patty as Princess Peach* Anything else?
Patty (disguise as Princess Peach): Yes, we need to be alone and afterwards I'll be ready for your party soon.
Bowser: Okay, whatever you say, Princess.
Patty (disguise as Princess Peach): Please leave at once you don't want to hear our conversation.
Bowser: Right, right, *to Carmen* Sandiego, the princess is all yours.
Carmen: Thank you, Bowser! * Bowser leaves after closing the door...quietly* Clever disguise, Patty!
Patty: *quietly* Thanks, Aunt Carmen, *to Sally* psst, Sally, now! *Sally Acorn uses her remove control to seal the door and turning off the cameras. *

Unknown Hideout

Henchman: *notice the camera being turn off from Peach's hotel room when Gnash enters the security room* That's weird!
Gnash: What do you mean, Henchman?
Henchman: It happen again it's the third time the camera got turn off again.
Gnash: What?!?!

In Belljar's office

*The phone rings, Belljar picks up the phone*

Belljar: Hello!
Chief Weller (on the phone): Yes, this is the CEO of Playtime Limited, I hear there is going to be a new amusement park, am I right?
Belljar: Yes, there is, but where are you located?
Chief Weller (on the phone): Oh no, no, no, we can't tell you where we are located in fact we would like to see in the designs and the setting of your amusement park at, where can we meet you?
Belljar: Uh, the Sariyer District in Istanbul, Turkey; meet us outside of Bogazkesen Castle and of course meet the ten finalists who created the best amusement park designs so far and we will tell you the location is going to build at.
Chief Weller (on the phone): Really? That's wonderful, me and my other investors will be there.
Belljar: Brilliant, me and my 'friends' will welcome you all with open arms and see if you agree with everything.
Chief Weller (on the phone): When is a good time?
Belljar: Within the third night, I hope you'll meet us there.
Chief Weller (on the phone): We will be incognito on the third night.
Belljar: Good, ta-ta for now. *And he hangs up the phone when Bowser and Robotnik shows up when started to laugh*
Robotnik: What's so funny, Belljar?
Belljar: What's so funny, I've got the investors and they'll coming on the third night.
Bowser: Wow!
Robotnik: Brilliant, Belljar, that's just brilliant!

ACME Hidden Headquarters, Beaver Dam, WI, USA

Sonic: Hah! They fell for our investing group!
Jade: All thanks to Chase's morse code translated for the Chief's sake.
Mario: Now what?
Archie: I have a feeling our friends are in Istanbul already as we speak.
Bolt: We'd better tell them to be in disguise on the third night.
Spencer: *as he and Brenda came out of the lab* Exactly, Jade, Lee, we got a surprise for the both of you.
Brenda: I hope you two can use these for now on. * Jade and Lee are shocked and saw two advanced instant battle suits disguise as bracelets...For Jade, a pure blue/medium blue one and for Lee, an espresso/deep black one*
Rosalina: *voice only* I agree! We've figure you are the ones who will help save three worlds.
*Team ACME, Team Mario and Team Sonic shocked when they saw Rosalina, Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat appeared*
Team Mario: Rosalina!
Sonic: Silver, Blaze!
Blaze: We were wrong about humans facing our own enemies alone.
Silver: But what we saw seems surprising.
Tails: How did you know?

*Silver shows Team ACME [Chief, Archie, Bolt, Jade, Lee, Josha, Cruiser, Maylee, Jessie, Spencer, Brenda, Suhara and the ACME animal action (Reuben and the cats, Sam and Socks)], Team Mario and Team Sonic, his crystal ball and saw something surprising showing the past of Jade's (from all the adventures with ACME's help of course and others who aid her on) and Lee's (Based on the two-part series of the second and the last season of WOEICS?/ Boyhood's End (second season) and can you ever go home again? (Fourth and final season) and finally returning to ACME by Chase Devineaux of course, want to know how Lee got back to ACME, look at his profile, I don't own it whatsoever)

Rosalina: And that's not all everyone.
Silver: Check this out.

In the vision of Silver's crystal ball

Ludwig von Kooky: *as Bowser shows up while holding a necklace* Ah, Bowser, there you are.
Bowser: Ah, the power pendant, I hope it works this time I don't want to defeat like the last time.
*As Coconuts came out with a green pendant as Robotnik shows up*
Coconuts: Here you go, Robotnik, you might need this.
Robotnik: I don't need that; we already defeated our enemies.
Coconuts: But what if they return.
Robotnik: Nonsense, Coconuts; they are defeated but, I wear this pendant on the third night, anyway.

*The vision fades*

Blaze: Just as we suspected; They will get ready to succeed.
Silver: But they will fail when someone finds out the truth on the third night.
Rosalina: Exactly and we will win.
Gadd: Because we got these. * As he brought in two power scanners* I've figure it'll work in the real world.
Rosalina: True, but they will find out eventually.

Suhara: The question is why Jade?
Silver: Not just Jade, but all of you.
Blaze: And together, we will succeed once more.

Sonic: Then let's work together.
Mario: I agree, let's go to Istanbul.
Luigi: Mario, how do we get there?
Jade: Just leave to me and ACME together. *Team Mario and Team Sonic cheered*

Istanbul, Turkey (inside the ACME safehouse)

Zack: *quietly* Hey, everyone, check this out *As Ivy, Stewart, Arthur, Cole, Jason, Tyson, Vector, Charmy Bee and Espio came to Zack*
Ivy: *quietly* This better be good, little bro.
Zack: *quietly* It sure is, sis, I've got a copy of the underwater base thanks to Ivan and Chase.
Arthur: *quietly* Thank goodness they'll alright.
Stewart: *quietly* Detective Monaghan, send in the copy to the others via Jade.
Zack: *quietly as he copied the same underwater base Ivan and Chase gave to him* Already on it.

Meanwhile outside of the ACME safehouse in Kitty's semi-truck

*Someone knocking at the door, Jeeves [Contessa's butler] opened the door it was Sara with Shadow and Rogue*

Jeeves: *quietly* Professor Bellum?!?!
Rogue: *quietly* Hey there, Jeeves!
Shadow: *quietly* Rogue, don't ask for any jewelry of his employer.
Rogue: *quietly* Nah, hers are...
Sara: *quietly* Rogue, please; Is everyone there?
Jeeves: *quietly* Indeed, come in!
*And Sara, Shadow and Rogue enter the back of Kitty's semi-truck...a familiar shadow figure leaves in a hurry*

Hidden ACME Headquarters, Beaver Dam, WI, USA

*Jade's padphone beeped and Jade look at her padphone*
Jade: Chief, we've got something from Zack in Istanbul.
Chief: Loaded in. *Jade did just that as they were surprised, and Jade notice Zack sends in the message telling her and the other ACME agents that Ivan and Chase send in the copy of the underwater base* By Jove, well done, Detective Monaghan, we're on our way.

(End of Chapter Twenty-Five: About the power pendant, the item was created by Ludwig von Kooky, was based on the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 last episode: Super Koopa, by the way I don't own the item, the shows [WOEICS? or Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3] or the episodes [WOEICS: Boyhood's End parts one and two and can you ever go home again? Parts one and two and Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Super Koopa] whatsoever)
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    ((IRL: Just checking in... limited internet at ma's place... my cell phone is the modem, basically. I am poking around online to see if there is a way to get them an internet connection through the ACP (they didn't get a tablet or anything beyond their cell through Assurance, were previously through QLink)... ma gets foodstamps and SSI and Medicare (the one for elderly), stepdad gets SSI and Medicaid... what I'm trying to figure out is a cheap (ideally free) way to get them internet... I can handle the network issues and all that (nerd here), just seem to remember there was a way to do regular internet through something))
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Greetings friends. Doing a drive by check in. Sorry don't have any jokes this time. Hi everybody!
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    okay, I think I'd better brush up on my history because Netflix is confusing the crap out of me. First Cleopatra was black, now Alexander the great? Wasn't Cleo Greek and Egyptian?
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  • Laverna Laverna:
    Lucy said:
    okay, I think I'd better brush up on my history because Netflix is confusing the crap out of me. First Cleopatra was black, now Alexander the great? Wasn't Cleo Greek and Egyptian?
    . She is Greek and Egyptian. They just don’t hire accurate actors nowadays
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    I had to do a quick google search on that....I'm like.....that's not I remembering history class wrong?
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    nope! :D
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  • Jon Eckart : Jon Eckart
    does a drive-by :p ing
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Great to see you @Jon Eckart always :)
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    ((IRL: I'm still here, limited internet (using my cell phone's USB Tethering function), and trying like crazy to find a place... currently staying with the folks in their one bedroom HRA apartment (my bedroom is their livingroom). I am hired at Dominos here in town, still working out how my hours will work being that I don't have a vehicle and rely on the city bus, and have no friends who can help with that one. At the same time, am trying to get a SCSI card (Adaptec 2100s) working under Win10 (looks like a fun trip to the psych ward) so I can backup the tower. and the Radeon HD7850 apparently bit the dust (started with blue and light green pixels in columns vertically, then reboots started taking longer and longer... installed a Quadro FX 3450, and am trying to get it to understand widescreen monitors))
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    Yeah, It really sucks to have to rely on a bus isn't it? You have to remember the bus schedule and it is only certain hours. If you miss it you have to wait for the next one. IT takes all day to get somewhere you need to be. Sorry about that Jon.
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    *sits eating watermelon* yummy! Been waiting for this! <3
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    you know what I love most? Writing stories and starting them with "Based on True events" :D
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    Lucy Lucy: you know what I love most? Writing stories and starting them with "Based on True events" :D