The Plumber and The Hedgehog


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I don't own the following characters whatsoever...this is a double crossover

1. Main Characters: Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Lee Jordan, Ivy and Zack
2. ACME: Chief Weller, Archie Pelago, Bolt Upright, Cole Gannon, Stretch the Crime Dog, Cruiser, Suhara, Ivan Idea and Josha
3. VILE: a. The ones Jade trusted: Sara Bellum (I mean the one from WOEICS? not the Netflix one), Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Contessa, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Kitty Litter.
b. The ones Jade can't stand: Frank M. Poster, Baron Wasteland, Top Grunge, Doctor Belljar, Sir Vile, Jacqueline Hyde, Jane Reaction, Madame Doctor Ima Le Zaarde, Snarla Swing, Otto 'Gnash' Reddmore and Rig Antony

Special Guest Characters (I don't own them as well)

1. Team Mario: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach Toadstool, Princess Daisy of Sarasaland, Rosalina, Toadette/ Peachette (by using a Super Crown), Yoshi, 'Cathie'(the pink Birdo), Professor Elvin Gadd, Toadsworth, Blue Toad ('Azul') and Yellow Toad ('Opal')

2. Team Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower (two-tailed fox), Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose (a female hedgehog), Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao, Sticks (a female Badger), Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn (a female chipmunk), Vector the Crocodile, Charmy Bee and Espio the Chameleon.

3. Mario's enemies: Bowser (King of the Koopas), Bowser Jr. (Bowser's son, Crown Prince of the Koopas), and The Koopalings (Bowser's 'stepchildren': Ludwig von Kooky, Larry, Morton the Big Mouth, Wendy, Roy the Bully and the twins: Lemmy Hip and Iggy Hop. Note: This is kind-a weird, but the truth is they're not related to Bowser it's no joke anyway, in fact they are his underlings it's different from the DIC cartoon version of Super Mario Bros. 3 if you don't believe me look it up at the Mario Wiki/ the Koopalings and I know that the creator of the Mario game series is right which I don't own the site nor the cartoon whatsoever and oh yes I don't own what the creator said as well)

4. Sonic's Enemies: Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik and his Badniks: Metal Sonic, Coconuts, Scratch, Grounder, Orbot and Cubot

5. The Antiheroes: Wario and Waluigi (From the Mario game series) and Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat (From the Sonic game series)

(Sorry, I took so long finding the right way to create the story right but still using pen and paper even thinking out what happens next)
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Take all the time you need @Jade.
Thanks Tenchi, I will.


Chiba City, Japan

Inside Doctor Belljar's hideout

*Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima Le Zaarde are fixing something after Belljar found it.*

Belljar: Thanks for coming over so fast, Le Zaarde, I definitely needed your help for this old wrecking machine I've found.
Le Zaarde: Of course, anytime. *Someone banging on the door so loud.* Sacre Bleu!
Belljar: Oh no, it's Carmen!
Le Zaarde: What should we do?
Belljar: Hide it, Le Zaarde before it's too late.
Robotnik: *voice only* Open this door you have something you took from me. *Le Zaarde screamed and accidently start that old wrecking machine that really zap into a wall and then all of the sudden a big- spiked turtle like creature shows up and roars.*

*Belljar screamed so loud something just cut through the door both him and Le Zaarde screamed when a Mecha version of antimorphic hedgehog shows up along with a bald-headed man with a pince-nez glasses, and has a mustache.*

Belljar: *to Robotnik* Please have mercy on us we didn't mean to...*The spiked turtle roars*
Le Zaarde: *to Robotnik* Monsieur, please we'll do anything you ask.
Robotnik: What?!?! I just want to know where you get that transporter.
Belljar: Well gee, I've...*the spiked turtle roars he screamed as he get behind Le Zaarde.*
Bowser: I don't know how I got here but this isn't the Mushroom Kingdom.
Belljar: Uh no! It isn't this is Japan!
Robotnik: My goodness the transporter works!
Bowser: Transporter?!?! *Roared at Robotnik*
Robotnik: Hey, hey, take it easy, pal I was just talking to these where they got my transporter.
Le Zaarde: Monsieur, my colleague here found it in a scrapyard, we were just fixing it.

Robotnik: Oh my! Pretty amazing job, Miss...
Le Zaarde: Doctor, Doctor Ima Le Zaarde.
Belljar: And I'm Doctor Belljar.
Robotnik: Please to meet you both, I'm Doctor Robotnik!
Bowser: Me, Bowser, the King of the Koopas!

Belljar: Please to make your acquaintance, gentlemen and this is your robot, Robotnik!
Robotnik: Ah, yes, it is! Very cutting edge isn't it?
Belljar: I'll say!
Robotnik: You see, I'm trying to make a Mecha of a machine to create fear in this world.
Bowser: Wait fear in the real world?!?!
Robotnik: That's right! And No one can stop me!

Bowser: That's what I said to my son and my 'stepchildren' are trying find the way to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.
Belljar: *To Bowser* Wait a minute you have kids?
Bowser: Just one, my 'stepchildren' are really underlings they're not related but they wanted a 'dad' but I warn them not to call me that.
Belljar: Oh, I understand I'd better get you back to your world and conquer what's yours.

Robotnik: But why stop there perhaps we can take anywhere to conquer especially taking something out from another I'll make sure of it.
Belljar: That's it! You know something that's exactly what others want to take over the world getting rid of our problems here and there. I'll call in some colleagues of ours.
Robotnik: Are they reliable?
Le Zaarde: Oui, Doctor! *Transform into her alien form* Because no one will suspect a thing not even our boss.
Bowser: Boss?!?!
Belljar: Carmen Sandiego, of course! *Shows Robotnik and Bowser a picture of Carmen Sandiego.*
Bowser: Sandiego?!?! What an ugly name for that worthless red thief, what does Sandiego do for a living?

Belljar: Founded VILE: Villains International League of Evil.
Bowser: Ha! And I thought VILE stands for Valuable Imports, Lavish Exports, I bet it deals with stealing stuff, right? (Remember that first episode of the Netflix version of Carmen Sandiego that's what Coach Brunt said that to the new students, don't worry I don't either the character [Coach Brunt thank goodness she's not in this story], Netflix, the show or the episodes whatsoever)
Belljar: It is!
Robotnik: That worthless boss of yours is nothing but a kind-hearted one who loves a challenge against her foes of goodness.

Le Zaarde: Exactly! *Transforms back to her human form* That's what she does!
Robotnik: You're right, it seems that VILE needs to go up a lot of status as thieves in terror.
Belljar: Some made not like that idea, yet some will like us for an example. *laughed*
Robotnik: Tell you what, you contact your colleagues and tell them to meet us here!
Bowser: And together, we all conquer the world from here and there.
Belljar: Brilliant, we like it! First things first let's get rid of our own problems once and for all.

*Everyone laughed inside while someone heard from outside and not happy.*

(End of Prologue)
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Chapter One

Three Weeks Later

Greenbelt Park just two and a half blocks from Jade Ezell's house

*Two brown-haired/ blue-eyed men in blue overalls, white gloves and brown is short and wearing a shirt and cap in red and the other is tall and wearing the same except his is green...while walking the tall one is reading the newspaper. * (by the way both Mario and Luigi have an Italian accented just give everyone a heads up)

Mario: *sighed* It's good to be back in the real world.
Luigi: Everything has change over the years, Mario.
Mario: I know, Luigi, any luck in the want ads?
Luigi: No want ads for hiring plumbers. *The boys kept walking until Luigi tripped and screamed as he fell rolling the grassy hill. *

Mario: Luigi! *As he followed Luigi down the grassy hill when Jade shows up to Greenbelt Park she gasped and decided to help Luigi. *
Luigi: Oh no! The Paper! *Yup the newspaper is soaked in the river* Ow!
Jade: *as she came to Luigi* Are you alright?
Luigi: *as Jade grab his arm* Yeah, but the newspaper didn't! *Mario shows up*

Mario: You have to forgive him, miss, my brother can be clumsy sometimes. *Jade grabs the soaked newspaper with a pair of disposable rubber gloves and throws it in the trash. *
Jade: *as she removes the disposable rubber gloves and throws them away* Never read anything while walking around because you might miss a step.
Luigi: Sorry and thank you for the advice, what are you doing here?
Jade: Well, I came here just in time to get some water from the drinking fountain, I'm kind-a thirsty you know.

Mario: I wonder why?
Jade: Well, let's just say the pipes are still clogged since this morning and...
Mario: * Interrupted* Mamma Mia! Did you say the pipes are still clogged?
Jade: Yeah, why?
Mario: You're in luck, ma'am! We can help you with that! My name's Mario and this is my little brother, Luigi.
Luigi: That's right we're the Mario Brothers and we do plumbing?
Jade: What a conceive! The maintenance guy is looking for expert plumbers to fix up the problem by the way, my name is Jade, and I'll take you to my house right now!
Mario: Lead the way! *Jade did lead Mario and Luigi to her house*

Jade's house
Two hours and thirty minutes later...

Maintenance Guy: *as he packs up his tools and puts them back to the toolbox. * Thanks for the help, boys! I truly appreciate Miss Jade for bringing you boys over here!
Mario: Anytime!
Luigi: And thanks for lending us your tools, we left ours at home. *Kitchen timer buzzed as Jade finished sorting out the mail as walk fast to the kitchen. *
Maintenance Guy: *as Jade takes out a rectangular casserole shaped dish with a pair of potholders* I'd better get going, Miss Jade!
Jade: Thanks for coming! *The maintenance guy left along with his toolbox as Jade serves up two plates for Mario and Luigi and headed for the table* I hope you boys don't mind for a leftover supper.

Mario: We sure are! *Jade place a place each one for Mario and one for Luigi* Wow, leaping lasagna!
Jade: I knew you boys would like Italian food.
Luigi: Do we ever, thank you, Jade! *Mario uses the fork and knife cut the lasagna a little, taste it but spits it out. *
Mario: Yuck!
Jade: What's the matter, Mario? Is the lasagna too cold for you?
Mario: No, this lasagna taste weird.
Jade: *laughed a little as Luigi takes a taste of his lasagna* That's because the lasagna is keto friendly, the noodles are gluten free, the ground meat is plant based, the sauce is made fresh by hand and the mozzarella cheese is vegan.

Luigi: Mm... this lasagna is not bad in fact this is a good alternative to the original, Mario, it's good I think Italian food has gone healthy want to try and taste it again?
Mario: One is enough for me, thank you very much.
Luigi: *sighed* Have it your way, Mario! *He continues eating his lasagna*
Jade: So, Mario, where are you and Luigi come from?
Mario: Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York.
Jade: That far?
Mario: Yeah, but I rather not talk about it.
Jade: I understand if you two excuse me I'm going to my room.
Mario: Okey-do-key! *As Jade enters her room. *

Luigi: Why can't we tell her about...?
Mario: *interrupted* She wouldn't believe us.
Jade: *voice only* Oh fudge! *Mario and Luigi ran to Jade's room, but the door is locked*
Mario: Jade, what's going on?
Jade: *voice only* You don't want to know, Mario!
Luigi: Why not?

Jade: *voice only* Please, Luigi, I rather not explain what's going on to the both of you, because you two may not know about keeping a secret from everybody else.
Mario: If there's something wrong, we can help you.
Luigi: I don't think she want to hear that we are depressed to help find our friends.
Mario: Luigi! *As Jade opens her door*
Jade: I wish I could help you boys right now I have to wait until further notice from the volunteering group. *As she closed her door and lock it again. *
Mario: Volunteering group? *Luigi shrugged*
Luigi: Come on, Mario, our lunch is getting cold! *As he and Mario head back to the table. *

Meanwhile in San Francisco, CA, USA

Chief Weller's house
Toadsworth: *voice only in the closet* Is it safe to come out?
Chief: *who is staying in bed* Yes, my partner's gone, you and your friends come out, Toadsworth! * The closet door opens there are three mushroom like humanoids...Toadsworth, who is the older one with purple vest and red bowtie with small eyeglasses and a cane the other two mushroom like humanoids are in blue and in yellow. *

Toadsworth: I hope you talk to your partner about something.
Chief: Yes, I did, Toadsworth, I hope that scientist friend of yours return. *As the C-5 appears and so did an old man with a white lab coat and large eyeglasses with Jade's medium blue backpack. *
Professor Elvin Gadd: I'm back, Chief Weller, I've got everything this Jade person needs including this. *In his hand is Jade's Padphone*
Chief: Good work, Professor, anything else? *Gadd whispers something important to Chief Weller* I'm not surprised but be careful, Professor, you must go to her and she'll carrying out the mission.

Toadsworth: And Professor Gadd, If Mario and Luigi are found make sure they'll help her find the Princess and the others safe wherever they are.
Gadd: Right! I shall go! *He leaves the Chief's room. *
Chief: *to Toadsworth as he hands him a piece of paper* Toadsworth, I want you, Azul [Blue Toad] and Opal [Yellow Toad] go next door in disguise make sure the neighbor is going to grocery shopping it's important, come back at once.
Blue Toad (Azul): Okey-do-key!
Toadsworth: Shh! *quietly* Not so loud!
Blue Toad (Azul): *quietly* Sorry!

(End of Chapter One)


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Chapter Two
Yosemite National Park, CA, USA

Tuolumne Grove

Lee Jordan's mind: *As he sighed as he continues walking* Boy, after what happened at ACME, I'll never forgive everyone realizing and thinking they were right Chase Devineaux did make a mistake having me back after all. There's no way I'm going back to VILE either I've never learned Carmen Sandiego's Golden Rules of Thievery. But Cruiser and the others at the garage tell me to hang in there everything will be okay, I'll tell myself it won't be okay once I'll go back to prison permanently.

*When suddenly something blue just speed his way. *
Lee: Whoa! Hey, stop! * Shocked as he saw a male blue antimorphic hedgehog with white gloves and red sneakers stops after Lee shouted at him. *
Sonic the Hedgehog: Can't stay better run! * And he speeds off. *
Lee: *whistled* Weird but unbelievable! *He shook his head 'no' and hike on. * Huh?!?! * Seeing something blue flying above from the sky. * Weird again! I wonder...*Tourists gasped when they saw weird robots pass them antimorphic rooster, an antimorphic monkey and a drill like robot. *

Coconuts: Excuse us!
Grounder: Coming through!
Scratch: Outer our way, folks!

*Tourists are surprised but not Lee he's going to find out for himself. *

Glacier Point Road

Robotnik: *on his egg mobile (a one-man, all-purpose capsule Mecha hovercraft with a very distinct egg-like shape I don't this vehicle whatsoever) * What's taking so long to get that annoying blue hedgehog? *He presses a button on his video communicator there are two more robots a sphere shaped, and a cube shaped in the western side of Tuolumne Meadows near the Pothole Dome. *

Robotnik: Orbot, Cubot, have you two spotted that hedgehog?
Orbot: *on screen* No sign of him!
Cubot: *on screen* Yeah, that blue varmint is nowhere here.
Robotnik: Then what are you two doing? Stop and smell the flowers?
Cubot: *on screen* Nope, I'm just trying to set up a chili dog stand for him as a trap.
Orbot: *on screen* There's no way that hedgehog will fell for that.
Cubot: *on screen* Oh yeah!
Robotnik: That's enough you two, just keep looking. *Turns off the video communicator* Those two idiots I ought...
Scratch: *voice only on the auto communicator* Dr. Robotnik, are you there?
Robotnik: What now, Scratch?
Scratch: *voice only* I spotted Sonic at a hotel.
Grounder: *voice only* No, he's not I saw him picking poppies.
Coconuts: *voice only* He's climbing El Capitan.
Metal Sonic: *voice only* He's just tricking all of you.
Scratch/Grounder/Coconuts: What?!?!
Orbot: *As he appears on screen* Metal Sonic's right, look at this! *Shows Robotnik as a cube like device with Sonic's image.

Robotnik: Corner him at the Upper Yosemite Falls at once.
Metal Sonic: *voice only* On my way!
Robotnik: At least one badnik listens to me and find that hedgehog as hard as he could. Sonic the Hedgehog you are doomed. *Laughed as he hovered around with his egg mobile. *

At The Upper Yosemite Fall

Sonic: Phew! That little invention of Tails really comes in handy.
Metal Sonic: *Appeared from behind* Not to me, Sonic the Hedgehog! *Sonic shocked turns around and saw Metal Sonic. *
Sonic: Yikes! Almost everyone.
Scratch: *As he, Grounder, and Coconuts shows up* Surprise!
Grounder: We've got your cornered, Sonic!
Cubot: *As he and Orbot shows up by Orbot's transporter* There's nowhere to go, varmint!
Sonic: Aw, c'mon, you badniks really think you can corner me for Eggman.
Orbot: No one calls our boss an egg and gets away with it.
Metal Sonic: Face it, Sonic! You better surrender!

Sonic: Surrender? Yeah right, you bucket of bolts, I'm not giving up without a fight.
Metal Sonic: In that case...get him!
*Coconuts, Scratch, and Grounder try grabbing Sonic but got knocked up by themselves when Sonic jumped and then Cubot is about to catch Sonic with a net, but he rolled down like a die (singular for dice, a small throwing object for a board game such as Monopoly for example, I don't own the game [Monopoly] whatsoever) and he and Orbot got knock down. *

Metal Sonic: *in a rage* Must I get rid of you myself?
Sonic: Try me! *Tries to fight Metal Sonic but just then he tripped over and screamed as he about to fall into the waterfall but got saved by a mysterious flyer in deep black. *

Sonic: Thanks for the save!
Lee: *under the helmet* Don't mention it. *As he saw Metal Sonic following him and Sonic. * Hang on! *Metal Sonic is about to grab him but didn't because of the shock reflector bounce back to him*

Tuolumne Grove

Sonic: *as Lee land safely on the trailhead. * If it hasn't been for you, I wouldn't gotten all wet, thanks a lot!
Lee: *under the helmet* You're welcome, uh...!
Sonic: Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog and you?
Lee: *As he revealed himself (by the way, the helmet is nanotech.) * Lee Jordan!
Sonic: Hey, thanks a lot, Lee, better go! *As he's about to run but stopped* Ow!
Lee: *to Sonic* Oh great, I bet your ankle got sprained during your fall.
Sonic: Terrific, just perfect now what?
Lee: *back to his outdoor clothing as he disables his instant battle suit* You're coming with me back to the campground and we'll leave in the morning.
Sonic: Where are you going?
Lee: Wherever you go, I'll go with you.
Sonic: Why?
Lee: *as he picks up Sonic, carefully* I don't want to tell anybody where I'm going otherwise well, I don't want to talk about it.
Sonic: Fine with me! *As Lee carry Sonic back to the campground. *

On Robotnik's Egg Mobile

Robotnik: I don't know who this man is, he and Sonic won't get away with this. Perhaps I must talk to Belljar and find out more about that man and get rid of him as well. *An evil laughed as he hovers away. *

(End of Chapter Two)


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Chapter Three, part one

Somewhere in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

*While walking in the forest at night along some Russian army soldiers aided by Chase Devineaux. *

*Translated from Russian*

Soldier #1 (male): Are you sure Carmen Sandiego's hideout is nearby, Agent Devineaux.
Chase: Yes, according to what the Chief of ACME said it is nearby.
Soldier#2 (male): I don't see it except for that. *Chase notices some place familiar to him until something big rises the soldiers screamed and ran off back to the truck. *
Chase: Guys, where are you all going? Come back here! *Unfortunately, the truck speeds off then he started running for the truck. * Hey, wait for me! *It was too late the truck speeds so fast the driver didn't go back and get Chase. *

*End translation*

Chase's mind: Why are all the soldiers just left me behind? *Chase gasped as something coming his way, he screamed*

The Next Day

Jade's house

*As Jade opened the front door for Mario and Luigi after her mother called her and has plumbing issues thanks to Jade, she and the Mario Brothers came to her mother's house and fix the problem right away by getting a taxi van ride and then her mother took her and the Mario Brothers back to her house. *

Luigi: Thanks, ma'am! *Ran off somewhere inside as Jade and Mario along with the cats, Sam and his sister, Socks enter the house after Jade's mother left with her car (not shown). *
Mario: *to Jade* Where did Luigi go?
Luigi: *voice only* Not again!
Jade: *as she and Mario shows up in the hallway, Luigi trying get into Jade's room* Luigi!
Luigi: Ahh! Jade, I swore I won't tell anybody about anything I'm sorry!
Jade: Luigi, I have to lock the door, so nobody comes into my room except me, myself and I.

Mario: What were you trying to do, Luigi? Breaking into her room?!?!
Luigi: I just want to know the name of the volunteering group business Jade is working for.
Jade: Luigi, Unless I have to know what's going on, I won't tell anybody who I work for even amongst my family and my friends who lives here. * Someone screaming from outside and fell* Until now.

*Jade and the Mario brothers headed outside and saw one of the large trash cans fell, there Jade saw Gadd. *
Jade: *to Gadd* Are you alright? *Gadd came out of the can. *
Gadd: I've never felt better in my daring life, my dear. *The Mario Brothers lift up the trash Jade* Hello, my dear, I am Professor Elvin Gadd.
Jade: Jade Ezell and...
Gadd: *gasped* Mario, Luigi! Oh, thank goodness, you boys are safe!

Jade: Wait a minute, you know Mario and Luigi?!?!
Gadd: Of course, on separated occasions.
Mario: Professor, how did you get here?
Gadd: *as he holds Jade's padphone* Ta-da!
Jade: My padphone! But why come to me, professor?
Gadd: My dear girl, we were all separated by some big robot and each of us were sent from the mushroom kingdom into your world thanks to this evil fiend. *As he shows Jade a picture of Bowser, King of the Koopas. *
Jade: That's one ugly one!
Mario: Me and my brother knows his plots to take over the kingdom and of course, rescue Princess Peach and her mushroom people.
Luigi: But this time we're not so lucky.

Jade: Well, how can I help?
Gadd: That's where you came in, my dear.
Jade: Why me?
Gadd: You're the only one who can save our friends and stop Bowser and the others with the brothers help of course.
Jade: *expressionless face* I wish I could, but I can't not without some friends from the volunteering group to help.
Gadd: But you must help I've got your things with me if you don't mind, give me a letter from someone who works for this ACME place.
Mario and Luigi: ACME?!?!
Jade: Shh! *To Mario and Luigi* Not so loud you two want my friends to know who I work for.
Luigi: Sorry, Jade!

Jade: It's okay, Luigi, I want you and Mario to keep the secret to yourselves and not tell anyone you understand? *Luigi shook his head 'yes' *

Gadd: I was wondering, my dear, do you have anybody who helps you?
Jade: I have two who will help me out from time to time.
Gadd: Good bring them over, I have a private place with you, Mario, Luigi would you two...
Mario: *interrupted* We don't mind, professor!
Luigi: We will love to help!
Gadd: *to Jade* My dear, Meet us at the backyard in twenty minutes.
Jade: Thanks, professor! *As she heads back inside the house*

(End of Chapter Three, part one)


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Chapter Three, part two, conclusion

Jade's House

Twenty minutes later...*Jade along with her cats Sam and Socks head to the backyard and was surprised to see a big dome shaped like tent. *

Gadd: *after the door is opened automatically* Ah, Miss Jade, Come on in! *Jade and the cats enter and saw that it's not just a tent it's a laboratory with good air conditioning. * I hope you don't mind using one of your gadgets to set it up for you.

Jade: I don't mind at all, professor. *She is shocked at something familiar to her* Oh wow, it's the computerized Hobonichi techno notebook, that's the new gadget.
Gadd: You know this.
Jade: Yeah, it's something for ACME agents only according to one of ACME Japan's technicians this is just in case I'm not inside ACME Headquarters.
Gadd: It could come in handy for you, my dear, now where are your friends who will help you out from to time. *Sam chirps and Professor Gadd saw him and Socks. * Oh, my kitty cats!
Jade: Yep, this is Sam and his little sister, Socks!
Chief: *voice only* Professor, are you there?

Gadd: Whoops! *Using the computer mouse and slide then The Chief appeared on screen*
Jade: Chief, am I glad to see you.
Chief: * on screen* Thank you, Miss Jade, listen do you have something from Archie Pelago?
Jade: I have, Chief, he sent me a letter.
Chief: Professor Gadd, can you scan the letter please?
*Professor Gadd nodded as Mario and Luigi finished fixing the thermostat for Professor Gadd's lab, Jade gave Gadd the letter and send in a copy of the letter to The Chief. *

*Here's the letter from Archie to Jade that writes: Dear Miss Ezell, the reason I'm writing this letter to you is that I must inform you do not come back to ACME. Why? You may ask is that well... Remember the Chief inform me that I'll be in charge for his health's sake. Without knowing how long he just suddenly come back and change ACME around, I wasn't surprised... I've just found out that Chase Devineaux has been demoted to Agent and send him on a dangerous mission in Russia, that's not the only thing change around here...well I'm not tell you things what's going on around ACME except for one thing to inform you that Detective Lee Jordan is fired because of his criminal records that he has in the past.
Anyway, I'd better talk to him at his house and find out why, just wait until further notice.

Sincerely. Archie Pelago. *

Chief: *not surprised on screen* Just as I suspected I have nothing to do with this.
Jade: Did you tell him the truth?
Chief: *on screen* I have, Miss Jade, I've got a suspicious feeling someone is pretending to be me.
Jade: I've got a weird feeling as well, Chief.
Chief: *on screen* At least I told Archie, I've given him my permission to get every agent to move into an undisclosed location so that way no VILE agent can't find it.
Jade: Where is it, Chief? I might...
Chief: *on screen and interrupted* No, Miss Jade, it's only to all ACME agents with top security clearance only therefore I can't give you any information whatsoever.

Jade: Understood, Chief! *On the back screen Toadsworth, Azul [Blue Toad] and Opal [Yellow Toad] screamed and fell to the floor. *
Chief: *on screen and quietly* Keep it down you two.
Azul: *voice only* Sorry!
Opal: *as he popped out on screen after seeing Chief's own techno notebook* Hello!
Jade: Oh, hello there! *On screen Opal screamed when sees Jade. *
Luigi: Hey, calm down, she won't hurt you.
Mario: Mamma Mia! The Toads they're okay!
Toadsworth: *to Mario and Luigi on screen* By Jove, you lads are alright.
Mario: Toadsworth, is Toad or Toadette with you?

Toadsworth: *on screen* I'm afraid not, lads, but we need you to find everyone including our dear Princess Peach Toadstool.
Jade: Do you have a recent photo of her?
Toadsworth: *on screen* I don't!
Mario: But I do! *As he shows a picture of Princess Peach Toadstool getting rescue by Mario and Luigi from Bowser from their last time the brothers save her and her people of the Mushroom Kingdom. *
Chief: *on screen* By the way, I see you met Opal and Toadsworth and this is Azul...I give these two lads a name already until further notice wait for anything suspicious, I'll contact Archie and find out in the world what's going on.

Jade: I've figure this isn't one of Carmen Sandiego's schemes, she wouldn't harm anyone from another world.
Chief: *on screen* Yes, we have no idea where she is. *Chief turns off the screen. *

Mario: We better find our friends soon, Luigi.
Luigi: Yeah, but the only problem is we don't have any powers.
Gadd: That's where you're wrong, Luigi! *As he brings out a digital notepad with a 3-D screen and print button. * Presenting the power scanner, it could scan any object and turn into a power item must like the question box only technology form. *
Mario: Alright!
Jade: *As she looked at her backpack* That might come in handy, you two, I hope it does, professor.
Gadd: Hope it works here. *Jade saw her medium blue bracelet and a pure blue bracelet. *
Jade's mind: That's odd, what's this bracelet doing here? *Jade shrugged and grab the medium blue bracelet.

Meanwhile in an unknown hideout

Roy the Bully: What's the matter with you, Big Mouth, can't find the stupid matches?
Morton the Big Mouth: I thought Ludwig von Kooky is looking for someone with the matches.
Roy: Oh yeah!
Morton: Yeah!
Wendy: *as she came* Hey you two what's going...*screamed as the fire came but didn't came to her, Roy or Morton but to the torches* Well it's about...Huh?!?! * She sees a knight in dark armor with spikes...sees his dark skinned with an evil grin. *

Sir Vile: My, oh my, *to Wendy* what thou beautiful creature ye are.
Wendy: Who are you, you wicked handsome one, I'm Wendy!
Sir Vile: Sir Vile, Milady! *As he kissed her hand* Tis thou going to see Bowser?
Wendy: We are and thanks for bringing in the flames, you wicked knight in dark armor. *: heart eyes: on Sir Vile*
Morton: Hold everything, Tin Man, you don't want her, she maybe beautiful, she's really...*Roy place a bucket onto Morton to make him shut up. *
Roy: Can it, Big Mouth, let's go! *As he dragged Morton while Wendy gets escorted by Sir Vile as they headed to the meeting. *

(End of Chapter Three, part two, conclusion)
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You all are wondering when the next chapter is coming right? As of now I'm still taking time to do some writing with pen and paper even though I have to check everything online in order to continue with this story so be patient I'll be back with the next chapter that's a promise (remember this story is fictional you know)


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Chapter Four, part one

Somewhere in California

*After leaving Yosemite National Park Lee on a touring motorcycle along with Sonic behind him. *

Sonic: Nice bike, Lee it is yours?
Lee: *under his motorcycle helmet* Actually, my friend loaning this to me.
Sonic: Friend?!?!
Lee: Yeah, Sonic!
Sonic: When?
Lee: Sonic, I'm trying to focus on the road here.
Sonic: Sorry!

*Lee's flashback three weeks ago*

San Francisco, CA, USA

*After the landlord kick Lee out of his apartment for some reason. * (won't tell you where he lives it's none of my business)
Cruiser: *As he and the other mechanics came* Lee, where're you going?
Lee: If only I've got my Bandit ready, I have to leave town right away.
Cruiser: Sorry, your Bandit is still in the shop me and the boys just brought this over.

Lee: *As he is shocked to see a touring motorcycle* Cruiser, you and the boys are loaning me your Electra Glide?!?!
Cruiser: Please take care of her she's all I've got and it's better than your Bandit I can tell you that.
Lee: Thanks, Cruiser! *As he places his travelling bag in the storage container and the mechanics gave Lee his motorcycle helmet* Thanks for bringing my helmet, boys!

Cruiser: *As Lee put on his motorcycle helmet on* You just be careful alright?
Lee: *As he sits down on the touring motorcycle and starts up with the key Cruiser gave him to the touring motorcycle* I will, Cruiser, so long! *And he speeds off*

*Lee's flashback fades*

Sonic: So where are we going anyway?
Lee: I have to find a place to hide until further notice.
Sonic: I thought you said, 'Wherever I'll go, you'll go with me.'
Lee: I meant do you know a place to hide?
Sonic: Not really.
Lee: What? Why not?

Sonic: Lee, you don't understand, I have to find my friends because they're in danger.
Lee: In danger?!?! Why didn't you say so?
Sonic: Then why are you depressed to hide?
Lee: To get away from the trouble I cause in the past, that's why! *All of the sudden, one of the wheels got flattened he and Sonic screamed and they fell into the grassy side*

Sonic: *As he got up and came to Lee* You're alright?!?!
Lee: *As he got up and took off his helmet* Yeah, I've better take this bike to the auto repair and gas station to get another wheel. *Suddenly, Sonic hears something hoovering from above as Lee grab his travelling bag from the storage container*
Sonic: Uh, Lee, I'm afraid, we have to go.
Lee: What?!?! *As he saw a giant Mecha coming right for him and Sonic* Oh fudge! * As he and Sonic run when the Mecha use the laser beam to blast the motorcycle into pieces*
Sonic: Let's run! *As he grabs Lee's hand then speed off to get away from the giant Mecha from getting caught or getting defeat easily*

Lee's mind: *As he and Sonic continues to run away* What am I gotten myself into? More trouble that's what! *Until a semi-truck shows up and then the trailer door opens up there is a young antimorphic two-tailed fox with gloves and sneakers from inside*

Tails: Sonic, get in!
Sonic: Good timing! *As he and Lee jumped unto the trailer and the trailer door closes as the semi-truck drives on* Phew! That was close!
Tails: Could have done it without the driver! And who's he, Sonic?
Lee: Lee Jordan!
Tails: Miles Prowler, but everybody calls me, Tails!
Lee: Nice to meet you, Tails!

Sonic: Any sign of Eggman or any of our friends?
Tails: No sign of him or our friends?
Lee: Are your friends like you and Tails?
Sonic: Yeah, but only our friends are different.
Lee: But who is this 'Eggman' you're talking about? I've never heard of him.

*The driver hits the brakes, Lee, Sonic and Tails screamed and fell to the ground*

Sonic: *to the driver after opening the back window* Hey, pal, what's the...
Tails: *after the driver turns around* Ugh! The driver's a girl!
Lee: What?!?! *He saw someone familiar* Kitty Litter! *Yup, the driver turns out to be Kitty Litter, one of Carmen Sandiego's henchwoman, who is about to be close of being twenty years old, blonde hair, hazel eyes and always wearing t-shirts, jeans and hi-top sneakers*
Kitty: Well, well looks I've got some strays, oh great, I even got one of ACME's flunkies, don't want to hold up traffic, Lee Jordan.
Lee: Just drive, Kitty, we'll talk later! *And Kitty turn back around and starts driving again*

Meanwhile at Jade's house

*As Jade came out of her house with her stuff, Mario and Luigi came out from Gadd's Laboratory*
Mario: Jade, what's going on?
Jade: My house is going have some important makeover for two weeks
Luigi: You're kidding?!?!
Jade: No, boys, me and my friends have to get out of the house anyway.
Mario: I hope you pack up everything.
Jade: Except for the bedroom they just move the furniture out for new floor tiles and new windows.
Luigi: What about new locks?
Jade: Not until we come back you know, some have to find a place near their job, and some have to be with families for two weeks.

Gadd: *As he came out* Two weeks?!?! What are you going to do?
Jade: Don't know, Professor, And I have no idea where to go?
Gadd: Ah! We do! Boys, get her things together.
Mario: I hope you didn't leave anything behind.
Jade: No groceries, no laundry, not even talking on the phone for two weeks. I just brought my clothes, toiletry, laundry stuff, even my meds to bring with me. *Sam and Socks meowed at Jade* especially with you furballs.

Gadd: *As Mario and Luigi bring Jade's things inside his laboratory* At least I provide you with everything you need and we're going to Flatbush for two weeks I've figure this will be an opportunity for us to search for our friends and might find your ACME friends as well.
Jade: How do we get to Flatbush, Professor!
Gadd: Simple, my laboratory can transport anywhere in the world with the help of your Padphone, I hope you understand, dear.
Jade: Well, Professor, go for it! *As Gadd close the door (by the laboratory is in stealth mode so that way no one comes in except for Mario, Luigi, Gadd and now Jade can come without nobody notice) and press the transport button and the laboratory becomes a cargo plane*

(End of Chapter Four, part one by the way the motorcycles I mention earlier I don't own either the Suzuki Bandit or the Harley Davidson Electra Glide whatsoever or the companies I just mention already)


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Chapter Four, part two

At a hospital in Sochi, Russia

*Chase woke up in a hospital bed and he's in a hospital gown. *

Chase's mind: Whoa, what the...Where in the world am I?
Blaze the Cat: I see you're awake, stranger!
Chase: *after he saw a purple antimorphic cat with a red Bindi and in a fancy outfit and a silver colored antimorphic hedgehog with gloves and boots* Privet! (Russian: Hi!)
Silver the Hedgehog: Excuse us?!?!
Chase: Oh, I thought you guys are doctors!

Blaze: We're not, stranger, I am Blaze!
Silver: And I'm Silver!
Chase: Chase Devineaux, wait a minute, am I talking to animals here?
Silver: Actually, I came from the future and Blaze is from the Sol Empire.
Chase: I've never going time traveling to the future nor hearing an empire in world history.
Blaze: The truth is we're not from your world.
Silver: We're from a different world our friends are in danger because of this man. *Blaze shows Chase the picture of Dr. Robotnik*

Chase: I've never seen him before.
Blaze: He's responsible for creating for creating that gigantic Mecha that was after you, but he didn't do it alone.
Chase: So that thing almost captures me, but the question is how I wound up here in Sochi?

Arthur Chance: *voice only in Russian* Thank you! *Blaze gasped*
Silver: *to Blaze* We're got to go!
Chase: It's nice meeting you two!
Blaze: Until we meet again! *As she and Silver the hedgehog leaves thanks to Silver's Teleport Dash via Heart of Wind*

Arthur: *as he, Stewart Sterling and Bolt Upright came into his hospital room* Oh thank goodness you're safe!
Bolt: Chase, we've got to head for ACME Headquarters in Moscow. * Arthur goes the closet and finds Chase's clothes*
Chase: Why?

Bolt: Well I...
Stewart: *interrupted* I'll explain, Bolt! Chase, I'm afraid there is a confusion between our Chief in the office and our Chief at home I just talk to him, and he said he still recovering from his health at home.
Chase: What?!?! I thought the Chief is skipping his doctor's orders to take it easy on his job.

Arthur: Well, not this Chief.
Chase: *down casting sweat* Er...What? Chance!?!?!
Stewart: We'll explain on our way to Moscow by train.
Bolt: Yeah, in the meantime, Let's focus on this clue. *As he gives Chase a flyer written in Cyrillic*
Chase: *looks at the paper* Strange! Where did you get this?
Bolt: Someone pass out the flyer about some contest to college students I don't know what it is, but it could Carmen's latest caper. *Chase is not surprised*

Meanwhile at a truck stop near Chico, CA, USA

Inside in a restaurant

*Speaking of Carmen Sandiego, dressed as a journalist for Crime Flies Magazine (fictional magazine just made it up) along with a black antimorphic hedgehog and a female white antimorphic bat in disguise as well*

Rouge the Bat: This place is very boring nothing fancy for this one.
Shadow the Hedgehog: It's the only place for to chit chat with this Chase guy, Carmen told us.
Hostess: *to Lee, Kitty, Sonic and Tails in disguise* Table for four?!?!
Kitty: No, I am meeting a friend from a magazine, *saw Carmen* oh there she is. *As she, Lee, Sonic and Tails went to Carmen's table...quietly* I'm here, boss. *As each sits down on the table and the hostess passes out the menu to them and the hostess leaves*

Carmen: *quietly* About...oh Lee Jordan, what are you doing here?
Lee: *quietly* It's a long story, Carmen!
Carmen: *quietly* Where's Chase?
Lee: *quietly* He's not here and them.
Carmen: *quietly* Lee, this is Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog.
Shadow: Nice to meet you and it's good to see you two again, Sonic, Tails
Sonic: Good to see you and Rogue too, Shadow!
Carmen: You all know other.
Shadow: A long time ago, Carmen.
Rouge: Same here. *As two men [one short clad in yellow and the other tall clad in purple] came inside*
Lee: Is there something you have to me about?
Carmen: About the latest caper not mine.
Lee: What do you mean? *Someone taps his shoulder* Hey, do you mind...*screamed as he fell to the floor from the chair. Customers were surprised*

Sonic: What's the big...*gulped as he and Tails saw the two men who came in, while Carmen stands up*
Kitty: Oh, not those two freaks!
Tails: Huh?!?!
Carmen: *to Wario and Waluigi* Boys, I warn you two once and again I have no job openings for you two.
Wario: Who's this loser you're talking to, Miss Carmen? *Kitty grabs Lee by her hand and he stands up after Kitty gets up from the chair*
Lee: Uh, Carmen, who are these jerks?
Carmen: It's Wario and Waluigi, I don't know where these boys from, but I wouldn't hire them.
Sonic: And thank goodness you don't.
Shadow: They're just not Carmen's type of villains to mess with, Sonic.
Rouge: They're making Carmen Sandiego sick and tired of their shenanigans of making trouble.

Waluigi: That's right, batty girl *As he grabs Rouge*
Rogue: Let go of my wings.
Waluigi: I beg your pardon.
Shadow: You heard the lady, let her go!
Waluigi: Our pleasure! *Rouge screamed as Waluigi throws her into the kitchen, customers gasped and scared*

Sonic: Alright, you scumbags, you ask for it.
Tails: Sonic, should we take this outside?
Wario: *as he grabs Tails* Get lost, little boy! *Tails screamed*
Kitty: *in anger* Hey leave that little fox alone.
Wario: Here! *He throws Tails into Kitty*
Carmen: *in anger* Boys, I think you two should leave before the owner calls the cops on you.
*Both Wario and Waluigi are in a rage and Wario grabs a chocolate cream pie throws the pie, but it didn't get to Carmen's face but the owner's face because Lee saves Carmen by ducting down, the two policemen show up for a cup of coffee and a box of donuts to go saw what happened. *

Three minutes later...outside the truck stop

*While the two policemen arrested Wario and Waluigi for assault and took them away while Carmen, Kitty, Rogue and Shadow talks to Lee, Sonic and Tails*

Carmen: *quietly* Sorry, Lee, but without Chase he'll never know who behind this caper.
Lee: *quietly* He can figure it out on his own I believe he'll find out who did it and why, unless...
Carmen: *quietly* Don't even think about coming back to VILE.
Lee: *quietly* I'm not, Carmen, I have nowhere to go and no ride whatsoever.
Kitty: *quietly* Maybe not, but there's a place around the Big Apple that ACME's bunker boys use as their hideout for their inventions against us.
Lee: *quietly* I know what you're talking about, Kitty, they never told me where it is.
Tails: But I do, I hide the Tornado there.
Lee: *his eyebrows raise* Tornado?!?!
Sonic: A biplane he's really good at making inventions.
Carmen: *quietly* We'd better get going, Lee!

Shadow: Until we meet again, Sonic!
Sonic: You too, Shadow!
Rouge: Come and see me next time!
*As Carmen and Kitty enter the semi-truck Rouge and Shadow enter the cargo trailer*
Rouge: *to Lee* Hey don't forget your bag! *As she throws Lee's travelling bag to him*

Carmen: *to Lee* Have a nice flight, Lee!
Sonic: There's no airport, Carmen!
Lee: *after he hears a plane coming* I don't think that's what Carmen meant, Sonic! *As an automatic hover plane nosedive and grabs him, Sonic and Tails (along with Lee's travelling bag) *

Carmen: Stay out of trouble, Lee! *As Kitty starts the semi-truck taking her boss along with Rouge and Shadow in the cargo trailer and drives away*

(End of Chapter Four, part two)


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Chapter Five

(Sorry I'm so stressed over some important things I have to do on my own I didn't have any time to write this one so here it is)

Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

*While tourists look at the ruins of this once Mayan empire, Spencer Ross along with Ivan Idea and Brenda N. Butters in their own explorer's outfit*

Brenda: We don't understand why the Chief told us Carmen Sandiego wants to use the ruins as her latest hideout.
Spencer: To be honest I don't know why as well.
Ivan: Maybe she's not interested in these ruins she might steal them instead using them as a hideout.
*Until something makes Spencer stop*
Spencer: Did we hear something?
Ivan: No, I didn't.
Brenda: Neither did I.
Spencer: I feel something humming this way.
Ivan: Like what, Spencer.
Brenda: * gasped after she turns around, saw something coming this way * Like that one! *Ivan and Spencer turn around saw a big robot*

Spencer: Oh fudge, it's some kind of a Mecha!
Ivan: Run for it! *He, Spencer and Brenda screamed to run away from that giant Mecha in which scare the tourists while the Mecha pursues Ivan, Spencer and Brenda all over the ruins*

Brenda: Spencer, that thing is still after chasing us.
Spencer: *pointed to a ruin* There!
Ivan: The Ancient Sinkhole, are you crazy?
Brenda: I don't think we don't have much of a choice!
Spencer: Let's go! *As they headed for the ancient sinkhole the Mecha is following them*
Ivan: Now what?
Brenda: Spencer!
Spencer: Jump! *As he, Brenda and Ivan jumped and screamed into the ancient sinkhole while the Mecha is about to capture them but got exploded by some beam of light and the three ACME Lab team got safe into a bubble?!*

El Caracol (alias the old observatory)

*The three members of ACME Lab team are saved and there stood a platinum-blonde haired/blue eyed woman in a cyan gown, silver crown, silver heels, gold earrings and holding a magic wand*

Ivan: *stared at the girl* Whoa! I must be dreaming!
Rosalina: *laughed a little and to Ivan* Well you're not!
Brenda: Just who are you?
Spencer: And where do you come from?
Rosalina: I am Rosalina and I'm not from this world.

Ivan: Well, uh...Can I called you 'Rosey'?
Rosalina: Not really but to you [Ivan] (scoffed) very well anyway the one who brought that mechanical monster is trying to capture you and your friends just like it happens in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ivan/Spencer/Brenda: The Mushroom Kingdom?!?!
Rosalina: Yes, my friends were capture and they were sent into your world but the others who were left behind the Mushroom Kingdom were capture there as slaves, unfortunately for all of us we can't stay here for long they might come back for you three.

Brenda: I wonder why?
Spencer: I have no idea, but we have to help Rosalina.
Rosalina: I wish I could, but I can't, therefore we must leave I'll find the others on my own and the rest it's up to you to find yours they could be in danger.
Ivan: Come on, 'Rosey', we could work together.
Rosalina: No, it's too risky if we work together, until then...farewell!

Ivan: No, 'Rosey', wait! *Too late he, Spencer and Brenda were transfer back to the entrance of Chichen Itza*

Brenda: We have to warned ACME in Mexico City.
Spencer: If we did, Brenda, the Chief will not be pleased with our report here
Ivan: Now what? *A flyer came to his face * Hey, who turn off the lights?
Brenda: *As she grabs the flyer off of Ivan's face* That's one weird flyer.
Spencer: What is it?
Brenda: This flyer is written in Spanish.
Ivan: Then we better translated back at our safehouse. *As he, Spencer and Brenda leave the ruins*

Meanwhile at New Dorp, Staten Island, NY, USA

Gadd's Laboratory * Mario and Luigi are still asleep while Professor Gadd scan on Sam and Socks when all of the sudden he hears a noise coming from the outside while Jade got out of the bedroom after a shower and getting dressed*

Gadd: Good morning, Big Apple, what was that?
Jade: Beats me, Professor, I'll check it out!
Gadd: Be careful, dear!

There's an abandoned hangar, another building and a test drive area there was an espresso-colored car driving around the barrels.

Tails: *voice only* How do you like the new car, Lee?
Lee: *inside the car* It's great, Tails!
Sonic: It's better than a motorcycle, right?
Lee: Well sort of.

Tails: *voice only* Well with this car it has everything you could try it on water or in the sky.
Sonic: Tails, this car is limited on water and sky.
Lee: Yeah, Tails, I'll stick on land for now and... *He gasped and hits the brakes when Jade came out of Professor Gadd's Laboratory, she gasped*

Tails: *voice only* Lee, are you alright? I hope you didn't hit any of the barrels, did you?
Sonic: No, he didn't he stopped the car because...
Lee: *As he saw Jade* No, it can't be! *As he unbuckles his seatbelt, get out of the car and came to Jade* Jade, what're you doing here?
Jade: I would like to say the same question to you.

(End of Chapter Five)


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Before I go on to chapter six, I have to inform about the car Lee drove in chapter five...

The model of the car is the European Model of De Tomaso Pantera GT5 two-door coupe sportscar: 5.8 Liter V8 Engine, Four-barrel carburetor, wheelbase: 2,515mm/99 inches, highway fuel economy, five speed manual transmission, height: 1,100mm/43 inches, layout: rear mid-engine, rear drive.

The espresso color is based on the choice of colors on the 2020 Buick Envision.

Carbon fiber titanium

The add-ons are based on the generations of the Toyota Supra.

First generation: power windows, cruise control, sunroof and automatic climate control

Second generation: leather interior, power mast antenna, mudflaps and defogger with rear defroster

Third generation: full throttle, ABS (anti-lock braking system), ACIS (acoustic control induction system), airbags with airbag indicator light on the dashboard

Fourth generation: aluminum alloy wheels

Fifth generation: stereo sound system, head-up display, sports pedals, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure alert, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert and dashcam.

And others well Tails mentioned but according to Sonic it's limited, plus well better find out as this story continues...And one more thing about Gadd having his lab in Flatbush it seems his transporting lab doesn't have enough juice, so he ends up in New Dorp instead, Sorry my mistake.

(By the way I don't own De Tomaso, Buick and Toyota along with their brands (Pantera GT5, Envision and Supra) whatsoever)
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