The North Pole Dilemma


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(I don't own these characters: Carmen Sandiego, Lee Jordan, Armando Arguella, Sara Bellum, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas)

Guest Characters: From Pokémon series: Ritchie and his Pikachu, 'Sparky' along with Ash's Pokémon: Noctowl the Owl Pokémon, Heracross the Single Horn Pokémon, Totodile the Big Jaw Pokémon and Bulbasaur the Seed Pokémon and of course other Pokémon who will be joining in this story and after all I don't own anything from Pokémon whatsoever and this is also a Christmas crossover as well.


VILE Lab, disclosed location

Carmen Sandiego: *as she and Professor Sara Bellum walk down the hallway* I'm glad you've fired that scientist even if Jane Reaction said otherwise.
Sara: Created something to destroy Christmas is very unfair.
Carmen: Christmas should be a time of giving, be with friends, be with family.
Sara: *as she presses the button of an id code* Let's hope so! I'll make sure that machine is...*gasped as a VILE operative who was gagged and tied up* Oh nyet! (Russian: no!)
Carmen: *as she ungagged the operative* What happened?
VILE Operative (male): Boss, Professor, I'm sorry, I try to stop him but he's not alone.
Carmen/Sara: What?!?!
VILE Operative: I'm serious there's some weird monsters with him.
Sara: Describe them to us. *Carmen untied the rope off the operative*
VILE Operative: Some prehistorical one, a big poison-dart frog like creature jabbed me down, an upside-down squid and some electric eel just drain down the energy.
Sara: No wonder there was a brownout.
Carmen: It seems this crook took his project while his Pokémon took care of you.
VILE Operative: Yeah, huh? *He saw something floating around* I believe I saw one. *Carmen and Sara walk out of the lab and surprise Sara recognizes the Pokémon from her childhood when she was ten years old, she met an electrical ghost coming out of nowhere*

Sara: *quietly* Rotom?!?!

(End of Prologue)


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Chapter One

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan


*Doctor Joy came along with a pair of special Pokémon and a photo album to Jade Ezell, Lee Jordan, Armando Arugella and Arthur Chance*

Doctor Joy: I'm very glad you guys show up on time because Chief Jenny is very concerned.
Lee: Concerns about what? Everybody's getting ready to spend time with family on Christmas.
Armando: Yeah, can't wait to see my family enjoying Christmas back in Argentina.
Jade: Well, not everyone doesn't have a family to spend Christmas time.
Lee: Why is Jade?
Jade: Some people are really sick for the holidays.

Doctor Joy: Precisely flu and other illnesses are still on the rise, and they made the right thing to stay in bed and get well soon. *As she gives Jade her photo album and shows some picture from people, they met well not everyone*
Oh, by the way this is Doc and Nanny they're Indeedee the emotion Pokémon giving to me by a Nurse Joy in England as a Christmas gift last year, they're very intelligent for psychic types, they serve people and Pokémon with feelings of gratitude. Male Indeedee like Doc here are loyal to trainers and female Indeedee like Nanny here are skillful babysitters. (Chief Jenny and Doctor Joy are based on Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy in the Pokémon anime I don't own the anime or the characters whatsoever)

Arthur: That's amazing, Doctor Joy, hey look at these people and their own Pokémon.
Jade: Wow! There's Brock with Blissey?
Doctor Joy: He's now a Pokémon Doctor.
Armando: Hey, Jade who this girl?
Jade: That's Iris and a Haxorus?
Doctor Joy: Iris became a champion in the Unova area of the Big Apple (remember Pokémon: Black and White).
Lee: Hey there's Serena and Clemont boy, their own Pokémon grew.
Jade: Hello, Lee, evolve they trained them as hard as they can and evolve by level, using any items or trade Pokémon.

Lee: Yeah, Jade, hey check out Squirtle and Torchic.
Jade: *as she saw the two pictures with trainers with Squirtle and Torchic* Wow! I'm so happy for these two.

Chief Jenny: *as she, Ritchie and his Pikachu, Sparky shows up* I hope you're not going to look all day.
Lee: That's not exactly what we're doing here.
Arthur: You said this is an emergency.
Ritchie: That's exactly why Chief Jenny needs you guys again.
'Sparky': Pika!
Armando: Looks like we can't go back home and spend Christmas am I right, Chief Jenny?
Chief Jenny: That's exactly why I'm concern come to my office now!
Jade: *as she gives back the photo album to Doctor Joy* See you later, Doctor Joy, Merry Christmas! *As she, Chief Jenny, Lee, Armando, Arthur, Ritchie and 'Sparky' leaves the lobby and go to Chief Jenny's office*

Chief Jenny's office

Arthur: So, what's your concerned, Chief Jenny, everyone is going to spending time on Christmas.
Chief Jenny: *turns on the screen* Check this out! *On screen was a familiar place to Lee*
Lee: Hey, that's Striezelmarkt in Dresden, Germany. *Gasped when a laser just blasts a Christmas pyramid* Unbelievable who would destroy an object like the Christmas pyramid there*
Chief Jenny: We have no idea who's behind that blast somehow, we found the source where the laser comes from.
Armando: The North Pole
Jade: Isn't where Santa Claus lives?
Chief Jenny: Bingo! But unfortunately for you, Jade your Padphone cannot C-5 us there however we got help from ACME Norway they've dispatched us a way to get there.
Arthur: Take a look in Vienna, Austria's Christmas Market.
Jade: *after notice on the screen* That's Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas.
Arthur: And they're not alone there's something or someone coming to save them.
Lee: I've figure they're not responsible for the blast.
Ritchie: I say we've got no choice but to take the risk and head for the North Pole.
Jade: Yeah, Ritchie, stealing Christmas is bad, but destroying Christmas is worse.
Lee: Time to get that Scrooge.

Chief Jenny: Before we do, Professor Oak gave us the okay for some Pokémon to help us. *As she opens the door there was familiar Pokémon to Jade and two more a giant Hercules beetle like creature trying to sip on Bulbasaur and an owl-like creature*

Armando: Ay Caramba! Hey, you get away from Bulbasaur. *Bulbasaur uses vine whip to the big bug*

Chief Jenny: *got a can of nectar* Here Heracross! *Throwing a can of nectar* Catch! *Heracross drinks the nectar*
Lee: So that's a Heracross
Chief Jenny: Exactly Lee, that Pokémon is always crazy for the nectar, that's why I want you to pair with Heracross.
Lee: Hey just give me a couple cans of nectar so I can keep that bug away from Bulbasaur right, Chief Jenny? *Someone sprays water at him* Hey! *Jade notices that Big Jaw Pokémon right away*
Jade: Totodile! Stop doing that.
Chief Jenny: That's why Jade, you'll pair up with Totodile.
Jade: Good at least I leave my cats at home.
Arthur: So, I end up with...
Chief Jenny: Noctowl will be your partner, Chance. And I'll come along with Growlithe, Manectric and Gumshoos as well figure to back everyone up.
Jade: Thanks, Chief Jenny! Let's go to the North Pole via Norway
Ritchie: Yeah, let's go save Christmas, Sparky!
'Sparky': Pikachu!

(End of Chapter One: about the characters on the photo album, I don't own them whatsoever)
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Chapter Two

Longyearbyen, Svalbard Territory, Spitsbergen Island, Norway

*There is a woman in her 20s, blond-haired and blue eyes and has a cute little fox, a blue colored like creature and a green like creature she is holding when the C-5 appears and so did Team ACME (Jade, Chief Jenny, Lee, Armando, Arthur and Ritchie along with the Pokémon in their own winter outfits*

Ingrid: You guys made it.
Armando: Ingrid, good to see you...Ay Caramba!
Lee: Hey, Heracross, no! *After he and Armando saw Heracross trying to get some sap out of Bulbasaur*
Chief Jenny: Not again! *As she, Armando and Lee going to break Heracross and Bulbasaur*
Jade: Hello Ingrid!
Ingrid: You must be Miss Jade and Detective Chance; Chief Weller told me all about the both of you.
Arthur: Thank you, Ingrid!
Jade: So, you're an ACME agent?
Ingrid: I am but I'm also an ACME Academy instructor from Oslo and these are my Pokémon, Vulpix and Glaceon.
Jade: Why hello you two and I see you've got a Chikorita too.
Ingrid: Chikorita isn't mine, Professor Elm gave it to me and take care of it before the new trainer to arrive soon. (I don't own the character Professor Elm whatsoever)
Ritchie: What's wrong with Chikorita?
Ingrid: Kind-a stubborn in the way, Chikorita cannot obey any trainer who would choose some strong Pokémon uh...
Ritchie: Ritchie and this is my Pikachu, Sparky!
Sparky: Pikachu!
Ingrid: It's honor to meet you, Ritchie and every Pokémon in need of help likewise. *After Chief Jenny tame Heracross with another can of nectar and Armando and Lee tame both it and Bulbasaur*

Chief Jenny: We don't have time to chit-chat we need to head for the North Pole.
Ingrid: Well, you're in luck, Chief Jenny! Our transportation has arrived. *Coming out of the water are a school of Lapras*
Lee: Whoa, I've never seen a school of those before.
Ritchie: They're Lapras the transport Pokémon
Jade: Are they yours, Ingrid?
Ingrid: No, but they're here to help us get to the North Pole and they're worried about Santa Claus.
Lee: What? Santa Claus? I didn't know he has Pokémon. (Almost forgot in the anime series Santa Claus has Pokémon as well so Lapras is one of his, oh yeah don't own anything from Pokémon whatsoever)

Ingrid: Of course, he does whenever his group of reindeer are ill, he can use Ponyta or Stantler and his helper, Delibird for help.
Chief Jenny: My guess is Santa is also in danger.
Jade: And we all better hurry or there's no gifts for the good kids.
Arthur: Lapras, can you and your friends take us to the North Pole? *Lapras nodded and Team ACME and the Pokémon went aboard and headed for the North Pole and they're not the only ones headed for the North Pole because here another school of Lapras with Carmen, Sara, Moe and Lars along with Lucario, Rotom, Farfetch'd and Buizel*

Lee: What the...Carmen?!?!
Carmen: Ho-ho-ho, Detectives!
Chief Jenny: Carmen, I see you want to take over Santa's village.
Carmen: That's not why we're heading for the North Pole.
Moe: We're here to stop a mad scientist who used for us.
Lars: Yeah, Detectives he even got Pokémon as well.
Jade: I bet the Pokémon are his.
Carmen: They are and dangerous.
Ritchie: So that mad scientist is responsible for destroying Christmas?
Sara: That's exactly why we're stop him and decommissioned his laser cannon.
Jade: Then we better help Santa and save Christmas.

(End of Chapter Two)
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Chapter Three

The North Pole

Ingrid: *to the school of Lapras* Thanks for the ride, Lapras! See you all later. *As the school of Lapras leaves*
Inside Santa Claus' House
Anton Gravity: * after seeing who came on screen* Blast those ACME nitwits has shown up along with the Pokémon.
Santa Claus: *who was tied up at his chair* They're here to save Christmas and they're not the only ones.
Anton: Ahh, Carmen Sandiego, what she is doing here along with the others?
Santa: It seems she's upset that everyone's favorite holiday is in danger can't you give up now?
Anton: Give up? Bah, humbug! (I don't own that quote [Bah, humbug!] whatsoever and Anton Gravity is a pun name for Antigravity in I don't own it as well)


Jade: So, this mad scientist hated Christmas.
Sara: All his life, Jade!
Lee: How long did he work for VILE?
Sara: He works under Jane Reaction for seven years I've found out he created a laser cannon without permission.
Moe: Boy, we're all angry at the guy.
Lars: But Jane refuse to let him go, but Sara fired him anyway.
Moe: With Carmen's permission of course. *Someone throws a snowball at Lars*

Lars: Moe!
Moe: I didn't throw a snowball at you.
Lars: Then it must be Lee Jordan.
Lee: Hey, I didn't throw a snowball at anyone.
Armando: *after another snowball came at aim at him* Ow! Really?
Lee: Hey, I didn't!
Armando: Wait a sec, if you didn't throw a snowball at me then...
Arthur: Noctowl, use foresight to see who did it. *Noctowl uses foresight and saw who did it and it turns out to be a Pokémon throwing snowball at Team ACME and Team VILE using it arms* Noctowl, tackle that Pokémon. *And Noctowl did and Team ACME and Team VILE shows up* I've never seen that one before.

Chief Jenny: A Malamar!
Ritchie: A Dark and Psychic type Pokémon and the evolve form of Inkay.

Moe: And it's not the only one look! *Moe's right there's three more Pokémon coming this way*
Ritchie: A Toxicroak?
Jade: The evolve form of Croagunk, a poison and fighting type. *Totodile spotted a shocking Pokémon* Uh oh there's an electric one.
Chief Jenny: That's an Elektross!
Ritchie: The final form of Tynamo. *Gasped there's a prehistoric one* Kabutops, a rock and water type.

Anton: And it's only your doom! *Laughed after he came out of Santa's house*
Jade: You won't get away with this, Totodile, water gun!
Anton: Malamar, use psychic and return that attack back. *Malamar uses its attack and aim at Jade and Totodile*
Ingrid: Glaceon, use blizzard to freeze it. *And Glaceon did just in time* Now Glaceon, you and Vulpix double quick attack at Malamar.
Anton: Psychic, Malamar. *Malamar did* Now wrap them up everyone attack them.
Ingrid: Glaceon, Vulpix!
Arthur: Noctowl use Confusion on Malamar, make that Pokémon set Glaceon and Vulpix free! *Noctowl did*

*Toxicroak goes after Jade and Totodile but Lucario stops Toxicroak by using close combat*
Jade: Lucario!
Carmen: Go Jade, Ritchie, help Santa!
Jade: Right! *Screamed as Kabutops blocked her way*
Lars: Buizel, used sonic boom!
Moe: Farfetch'd, aerial ace! We got this one, detectives, move! *However, an Elektross blocks their way*

Sara: Rotom, use Electro Ball! *Rotom did at Elektross*
Anton: Kabutops, use ancient power.
Lee: Heracross stop it [Kabutops] with horn attack from behind. *Toxicroak escape from Lucario and uses poison jab on Heracross, Kabutops uses ancient power onto Farfetch'd who try fury cutter unto Kabutops*

Moe: Farfetch'd, no!
Lars: Now Buizel stop Kabutops with aqua jet.
Anton: *to Malamar* Wrap that Buizel up for Kabutops' sake.
Chief Jenny: Gumshoos and Growlithe take down Malamar! *Gumshoos and Growlithe did and Buizel knocks Kabutops down aqua jet*
Lars: Alright, Buizel! *Buizel started to glow* What's wrong with Buizel?
Jade: Nothing, Lars!
Ritchie: Buizel is starting to evolve! *Ritchie's right Buizel did into a Floatzel*
Moe: Whoa, what? Buizel is...
Jade: Now a Floatzel!

Anton: Who cares neither can't stop me.
Carmen: Yes, we can, Lucario, aura sphere! *Lucario did and defeated Toxicroak*
Lee: Heracross stop Malamar with horn attack.
Arthur: Noctowl, tackle Malamar! *Heracross and Noctowl defeated Malamar*
Jade: Totodile, head butt Kabutops.
Lars: Floatzel finish it with sonic boom! *Totodile and Floatzel defeated Kabutops*

Ritchie: Let's wrap this up, Sparky with thunderbolt on Elektross.
Chief Jenny: Manectric, Shockwave!
Sara: Rotom, electro ball! *Sparky, Manectric and Rotom knock Elektross out*

Anton: No!
Armando: Hurry, Bulbasaur, trip him with your vine whip! *Bulbasaur did at Anton*
Ingrid: Chikorita, wrap him up with vine whip! *Chikorita did on Anton*

Inside Santa's House

Ritchie: *as he and Jade came in and found Santa* Santa!
Santa: Ah Ritchie, Miss Jade! *Jade untied the rope off of Santa*
Jade: You're alright, Santa!
Santa: *pointed his finger* There's his laser cannon.
Chief Jenny: Let's move that cannon to a safe place to destroy it.
Anton: *voice only* NO!!!

Three hours later

Santa: Thanks to all of you, Christmas is saved! *Team ACME and Team VILE cheered* I hope you're not taking over North Pole are you, Carmen Sandiego?
Carmen: Absolutely not, Santa!
Santa: I felt that your friend's Christmas party was cancelled.
Carmen: Yeah, Contessa is down with the flu.
Doctor Joy: *who came by Lapras* Hello, Santa!
Santa: Doctor Joy, you'll just in time, Jynx, Stantler, Ponyta and Delibird are all sick.
Doctor Joy: Don't worry, Santa, I've got it covered.
Santa: As for everyone else it's time to go home I've got to continue with work I hope everyone goes to sleep on Christmas Eve.
Ingrid: You're right, Santa, I have to help some Academy students fix rice porridge before a Nissie will mess up the livestock.

Jade: It's a Norwegian Christmas tradition, Santa! (Don't own that info whatsoever)
Santa: I see, Miss Jade! Allow Lapras to take each of you home or even on your vacation perhaps and Chief Jenny, make sure Ash's Pokémon goes back home with you.
Chief Jenny: Thank you, Santa! *To Team ACME (Jade, Lee, Armando, Arthur, Ingrid with Glaceon, Vulpix and Chikorita), Ritchie and Sparky* So long and Merry Christmas!
Jade: *As each ACME member hop unto each Lapras* We will say the same, bye, Totodile!
Lee: Hey, Heracross stay away from Bulbasaur!
Armando: *to Heracross* You heard Lee Jordan, Heracross! *To Bulbasaur* Feliz Navidad, Amigo!
Bulbasaur: Saur!
Arthur: Farewell Noctowl!

Carmen: *to Lucario* It's time to depart my friend and Merry Christmas.
Moe: Bye, Farfetch'd!
Lars: Until we meet again, Floatzel!
Sara: Until we see each other again, Rotom! *Rotom waves goodbye to Sara*

*Sara's flashbacks to her childhood as a ten-year-old girl studying for a math quiz but the electric brown out until Rotom came to her and she smiled as her flashback faded away as she, Carmen, Moe and Lars hop unto each Lapras and leaves with a great friendship between themselves and the Pokémon they met as children*


After weeks of what happened everything's back to normal Santa gets everything ready, he went to every house to give gifts...

*Maylee is asleep along with her black cat, Kuro while staying in Hong Kong, Jason and Jessie are staying at Jessie's house sleeping with their dog, Goalie, Tyson in Harlem staying with his family, other ACME agents and Academy students are all asleep as well while stay with their own families or on vacation*

Outside of Milan, Italy

Inside the Covrenzi Mansion (Carmen mention earlier that Contessa is sick)


Jeeves: *As he saw something on the tray and after sniffing the cup* Oh hot red wine! *Shrugged and grab the tray* I hope this drink makes Madame feel better. *And left the kitchen*

(Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight/ I don't own that quote whatsoever)

(End of Chapter Three and Epilogue)
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