The Love Bug Caper


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright, Armando Arguella,Cole Gannon,Buggs Zapper,Medeva,Eartha Brute,Wonder Rat and Jacqueline Hyde whatsoever...It's not only a crossover it's also a Valentine's Day nothing bad just bring a sense of humor that's all.)

Guest Characters (From Pokemon anime in which I don't own the cartoon or it's characters whatsoever especially the Pokemon as well.)

Serena and her Pokemon

1. Braixen (the Fox Pokemon)
2. Pancham (the Playful Pokemon)
3. Sylveon (the Intertwining Pokemon)

Clemont and his Pokemon

1. Bunnelby (the Digging Pokemon)
2. Chespin (the Spiny Nut Pokemon)
3. Luxray (the Gleam Eyes Pokemon)
4. Dedenne (the Antenna Pokemon)

Bonnie,Clemont's little sister

and Aria the Pokemon Queen of France (alias the Kalos Queen because in the Pokemon XY animated series because Kalos reminds everyone of France.)

And I won't forget Ash Ketchum's Pokemon...(although he's not in this story but his Pokemon will some will be mention but don't appear some will appear.)

(Chapter one)

ACME Headquarters,Paris,France

The Lounge

While waiting for Archie Pelago and Bolt Upright coming in from Tokyo,Japan...

Jade Ezell and Lee Jordan watches the news...The news reporter said (translating from French)

"Our reigning Pokemon Queen Aria has been kidnapped after a major incident while performing for the next Pokemon Showcase to defend her title her Pokemon are injured thanks to a maniac who used some orb to knock her Pokemon down and no one not even her mentor find out after what happened...Police are stump at this time."

"Terrific everything's gone completely insane." said Lee "And of course ACME's Valentine's Day party is just a week away and so far the decorations has been postponed.

"I know,Lee!" said Jade "First Ivy and Zack failed to stopped Eartha Brute from stealing the roses from the Isparta region in Turkey it's just like it happen when Patty Larceny stole the roses from Kazanluk,Bulgaria when rose picking festival is on the way." (Remember the Kazanluk Cologne Caper on WITWICS?)

"Tell me about it...Tyson failed to nailed Wonder Rat in Brussels,Belgium after that rat took all of the chocolates out of the Godiva Headquarters around Koekelberg." said Lee "And then Cole and Jason failed to stop two VILE henchmen loading up bottles of Dom Perignon champagne out of the Champagne region here in France."

"And Maylee Young failed as well in Kansas City,Missouri to stop a VILE henchman who dressed as a postman grab all the greeting cards for Valentine's Day at the headquarters of Hallmark."

"Unbelievable!" said Lee "Thanks a lot,Carmen Sandiego!"
"I wouldn't blame Carmen for the thefts just yet,Lee!" said Jade "Bolt and Archie are coming and boy it's not a happy day!"

Until Jade's Padphone beeped...Jade look up the message..."Uh oh,trouble on Lumiose Street."
"About time!" said Lee
"I better leave a message for Archie and tell him that you and I have to go find out what's going on in Lumiose Street." said Jade.

"Good idea!" said Lee as he and Jade leaves the lounge.(Lumiose Street is fictional street in Paris because it reminds everyone of Paris in the Pokemon World that is.)

Lumiose Street

As the C-5 appears and so does Jade and Lee..."(translated from French) Sir,Miss...Oh thanks for coming over." said a baker (it's a man)

"(translated from French) Excuse me,sir,what's going on?" Jade asked
"(translated from French) a little thief came inside my bakery." the baker answered
"(translated from French) Where is he?" Lee asked
"(translated from French) Not he,it."
"Come on,Jade let's find that thief!" said Lee as he and Jade enter the bakery and saw a bipedal mammal creature in light green and light brown is looking at a sample of macarons that is in a box. (not macaroons,macarons there's a difference between those two).

"Hold it right there!"

"Ches!" the creature said starring at Lee and Jade when she said quietly "A Pokemon!"

"Step away from the sweets and come with us right now!" said Lee

The creature refused to listen to Lee when someone shouted "CHESPIN,NO!!!!!" the creature ran out with the box of macarons.
"Oh rats!" said Lee
"Come on,Lee!" said Jade "Let's get that Pokemon!"
"Pokemon!?!?" Lee said as he and Jade followed the creature to the kitchen holding the box of macarons.

"Put the box down!" said Jade the creature refused to listen to Jade until Jade used a magenta cube..."I got you something better than those!"

The creature sees the cube Jade has on her hand.

"Come on open wide!" Jade said to the creature and then the creature open his mouth wide and Jade tossed the cube into the creature's mouth and the creature eat the cube and then the creature fainted after swallowing the cube.

"Whew! Good thinking,Jade!" said Lee as a blonde haired blue eyed boy and a little girl came...

"Chespin,I thought I told you not to eat those macarons." the boy said
"Uh Clemont he didn't eat one macaron." the little girl said
"What happened?"
"Well,kid this Pokemon is about to eat a macaron." Lee answered

"But I toss a Pokeblock in his mouth and voila his cravings has been stop." said Jade
"a Pokeblock?!?!" the little girl said
"Yeah it's a colorful candy cube just for Pokemon."
"Wow! That's amazing!"
"Thanks,oh by the way I'm Jade and this is my friend,Lee Jordan."

"Nice to meet you...whoever you kids are!" said Lee
"I'm Bonnie and this is my big brother,Clemont!" the little girl said as came to Jade "because you stop Chespin from eating the macarons I hope you take care of my brother."

"Bonnie!" said Clemont,being embraced in front of Jade and Lee.
"Sorry Bonnie,I'll tell you what why don't you two come with us back at headquarters and explain everything." said Jade
"Yeah and of course apologize to the baker before heading back there is that understood?" Lee asked
"Yes,sir!" Clemont and Bonnie answered in unison.

(end of Chapter one)
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(Chapter Two)

ACME Headquarters,Paris,France

Archie saw Jade and Lee entering headquarters...

"I'm glad you inform the receptionist about you and Mr. Jordan leaving for a theft around Lumiose Street how did that happened?" Archie asked

"It's turns out to be a Pokemon called Chespin." Jade answered
"What was that Pokemon doing?"
"Try to scarf down the macarons." Lee answered

"And I stop that Pokemon with a Pokeblock." said Jade
"Ah Miss May is the one who gives us a demonstration how to make Pokeblocks while Miss Dawn makes Poffins." said Archie

"Smart move Miss Ezell!"
"Thank you,Archie!" said Jade
"Shall we get going?"
And Jade and Lee followed Archie to the lounge...

"*gasped* Chief Jenny,Sakura,Daniel!" Jade said as she,Lee and Archie saw Chief Jenny,Daniel Yamaguchi and Sakura Watanabe along with Chief Jenny's Pokemon, Growlithe.

"What are you all doing here?" Lee asked

"Let's just say ACME Japan's Tokyo branch needs some remodeling." said Chief Jenny

"What do you mean by that,Chief Jenny?" Jade asked

"Well...We've got a huge hole in the wall no thanks to ten VILE henchmen who stole thirty Tauros out of Professor Oak's Ranch." Chief Jenny answered.(thirty Tauros? No wonder why Ash Ketchum caught that many however a Pokemon episode called 'The Legend of Dratini' is never aired in the U.S. because well you'll find the reason on Bulbapedia...a wikipedia about Pokemon...I don't own Bulbapedia nor wikipedia whatsoever)

"Is that all?" Jade asked.
"Not quite follow me you two." Archie answered as he opens the door...Jade and Lee saw Chase Devineaux holding a Caterpie (the Worm Pokemon) while Chief Jenny,Daniel and Sakura followed them as well

"Wow,Chase I didn't know you already caught a Pokemon." said Lee
"Zip it,Jordan!" said Chase "I'm just waiting for Doctor Joy."
"Doctor Joy?" said Lee when all of the sudden a pink haired/blue eyed female came along with three pink creatures.

"Hi,I'm Doctor Joy!" the doctor said "I'm one of ACME Japan's doctors." (Doctor Joy is like Nurse Joy (in which I don't own the character whatsoever) but unlike any other Joys around)
"Hello!" said Lee as Doctor Joy got scared.

"Don't tell me you're Brock,right?" Doctor Joy asked
"Uh no Doctor!" said Lee "I'm Lee Jordan,I'm an ACME agent."
"And I'm Jade, free agent and amateur detective." Jade introduced herself.
"Nice to meet you both." said Doctor Joy "And these are my Pokemon...Chansey,Audino and Wigglytuff "

"What are your specialties beside Pokemon?" Jade asked
"Not only I take care of Pokemon but I take care of people and regular animals." Doctor Joy answered "Right now there's trouble around five regions and all bug-type Pokemon are sick I'm stump of how this happened."

Jade used her Padphone to scan Caterpie and the result is analyze..."Insecticide."
"What?" Doctor Joy said in a shock.
"Insecticide is a substance used to kill insects."
"And there's only one crook that can't stand bugs." said Lee
"Buggs Zapper!" said Archie "We should've know it was his work spraying all bug-type Pokemon."

"I'm trying to find a cured for all bug type Pokemon." said Doctor Joy.
"How 'bout Pecha berries it cures Pokemon who are poisoned or this one." Jade suggested while grabbing a rainbow cube.
"A Pokeblock?" Doctor Joy said "It might help but not good enough."
"At least I try to help." said Jade and all of the sudden someone screamed.

Jade,Lee and Archie came to the receptionist
"(translated from French) Two little thieves have grab my macarons." the receptionist said
"(translated from French) Where in the world are those two thieves?" Archie asked
"(translated from French) Underneath my desk." the receptionist answered.
"(translated from French) Excuse me,ma'am!" said Jade as she look and saw Chespin and Oshawott fighting over the macarons.
"Ches...Chespin!!!!" Chespin surprised to see Jade and ran off Oshawott declared the prize for itself but Jade grab the box of macarons and said to Oshawott "No,no Oshawott *place the box back to the desk and take out a rainbow cube* take this instead." Oshawott is overjoyed with the Pokeblock and eats it.

"Chespin! Chespin!" the spiny nut Pokemon said to Clemont and Bonnie...along with a small round orange mouse with antenna like whiskers came out of Bonnie's yellow bag.

"Dedenne." said Bonnie
"Dedenne!" the antenna Pokemon said
"Aw what a cute little Pokemon you got there,Bonnie." said Jade.
"Actually it's really my big brother's I'm not even ten yet." said Bonnie.

"What did Chespin do this time?" Clemont said
"Try to scarf down a macaron again." said Lee
"Luckily that Pokemon scared off because of me and not only Chespin but Oshawott tries to scarf down a macaron as well." said Jade.

"This is going to be a rough." said Lee
"You got that right,Lee!" said Daniel

"Yeah first the Turkish Roses,then the Godiva Chocolates,bottles of Dom Perginon, Hallmark's Valentine greeting cards,the kidnapping of The Pokemon Queen of France and now the bug type Pokemon in five regions being sprayed by Buggs Zapper." said Jade

"I know it's tough Miss Ezell but we have to planned together before Valentine's Day approaches." said Archie.

(end of Chapter two)


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Before going to Chapter's the list of Pokemon that belong to Ash Ketchum will appeared some you know in the Case of the Pokemon Pilferers...some who appeared for the first time.

1. Oshawott (the sea otter Pokemon)
2. Bulbasaur (the seed Pokemon)
3. Torkoal (the coal Pokemon)
4. Totodile (the big jaw Pokemon)
5. Noivern (the sound wave Pokemon)
6. Swellow (the swallow Pokemon)
7. Hawlucha (the wrestling Pokemon)
8. Corphish (the ruffian Pokemon)

I hope you continue enjoying this story...believe me it's funny.


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(Chapter three)


Slateport Harbor (It's a fictional place in Nagasaki because Slateport City reminds everyone of Nagasaki,Japan)

In an old warehouse...

a pale-skinned woman dressed like a witch...using her cauldron already using a potion..."How long does it take to make this love potion?" a man in a pinstripe suit asked while someone enters inside.

"Buggs it's not a love potion...this will turn a person into Pokemon more than a locomotion."


"I'm missing some Pokemon in type of a bug and not a rug."

"Did you say bug...I took care of those in an instant."

"Darn it Buggs thanks a lot now you got'em into drugs."

"Drugs...Medeva I used a bug sprayer so what I can't stand'em like regular ones." said Buggs Zapper as Jacqueline Hyde enter the along with the red-haired girl who was tied up with a dragged by Jacqueline.

"Did I interrupted anything?" Jacqueline asked in a sweet voice.
"Not at all,Hyde!" Buggs answered as he starred at the red-haired girl. "Welcome to Nagasaki,your majesty!"

"Let me go,please!" the red-haired girl said

"Jacqueline Hyde." Carmen said after she came in Jacqueline turns to her sweet self..."Did you do anything to deal with a ransom note?"
"Of course,Carmen." Jacqueline answered "if they want this one back." suddenly a barrel got roll down of the sudden...
"What was that,boss...a toss?" Medeva answered
"No Medeva!" said Carmen
"So Whaddya want us to do,Carmen?" Buggs asked.

"Nothing it must be Eartha and Wonder Rat coming back from Europe." Carmen answered "I should've brought Vic to go with them."

As someone came out from behind there stood a honey blonde haired/blue eyed girl wearing a magenta short fedora wearing a pink jumper dress over a grayish black top with a white collar and blue bow on it,a long red vest like jacket,black tights and brown ankle boots.

The red-haired girl gasped and said "Serena!"
"Aria,what are you doing here?" Serena asked
"You better leave now!" Aria answered
"Not without you,Aria come on out everybody!" said Serena and there stood three creatures at her side...a bipedal fox,a little panda bear and a cute four legged pale cream and pinkish ears,feet and tailed creature with ribbons and bows over all over itself.

"*turning her evil self* WHY YOU PRETTY PRINCESS TAKE THIS." said Jacqueline as uses her electric orb onto Serena.

"Pancham use dark pulse to counter that orb." Serena commanded to a little panda bear and it did cause to collide and Jacqueline got knocked down with Buggs. "Pancham freed Aria quick!" and Pancham did.

"*gasped* Serena,look out!" said Aria after Medeva created a spell that resembles a Pokeball.

"I had enough with you...time to become a Pikachu." said Medeva as she about used a spell on Serena...Serena stopped her with the cute creature by saying "Sylveon,use fairy wind."
and the cute creature did blowing the spell away...Buggs got up and yelled at Serena "YA PAY FOR THIS!"

"Braixen,knock down that bug sprayer!" Serena commanded to the bipedal fox and the bipedal fox did with a stick.

"Let's get outer here!" said Aria
"Come on everyone!" said Serena as she,Aria,Braixen,Pancham and Sylveon ran out of the warehouse when the bug sprayer falls into Medeva's cauldron and Ka-boom!

"Oh that's just terrific!" said Buggs
"At least we're blasting off like Team Rocket that's really surprise me than a hot pocket." said Medeva
"*still in her evil self* I'LL GET THAT GIRL AND HER POKEMON TOO." said Jacqueline as she,Medeva and Buggs just blasting off.

(reminds me when Team Rocket (mostly Jesse,James and Meowth the scratch cat Pokemon whose talks like a human...I don't own them whatsoever) being blasting off after being defeated all the time...I don't own that part whatsoever)

ACME Headquarters,Paris,France

In the lounge...Jade arrive when Bolt tells everyone to come to the lounge along with Chase, Archie,Lee,Chief Jenny with Growlithe,Daniel,Sakura,Clemont and Bonnie along with Dedenne in her bag.

" (translated from French) In Nagasaki,Japan today an old warehouse at Slateport Harbor has been burned...there's nobody hurt inside but the police recovered some clues there." said the news reporter.
"Looks like someone is an arsonist blowing buildings like that." said Daniel.
"But there's no eyewitnesses to that blast,Daniel." said Sakura
"Well,we've better help the police in Nagasaki they maybe stump but ACME is not." said Chief Jenny "Jade,if you please."

"I've got the coordinates ready." said Jade as she pressed the transfer button on her Padphone and the C-5 appears...Chief Jenny with Growlithe,Daniel and Sakura enter the C-5 and disappeared.

Back in Nagasaki,Japan...
Serena and Aria ran from Slateport Harbor to Downtown... along with Serena's Pokemon (Braixen,Pancham and Sylveon)

The girls catch their own breath...
"I hope everyone make it out okay." said Aria
"Especially Carmen Sandiego." said Serena
"I sure did." someone said and Aria and Serena turn around saw something weird.
Serena gasped and said "That can't be!"

"Whoa! A girl Pikachu wearing Carmen Sandiego's fedora." said Aria "Except the face is different."

"What?!?! That's impossible!"

"Uh Carmen,when was the last time you look at a mirror?" Serena asked as she uses her compact mirror unto the female Pikachu and surely enough that is Carmen Sandiego as a female Pikachu when she screamed.

Three hours later...

At a guesthouse in which it belongs to Aria's mentor...just outside of Nagasaki

Serena finished preparing dinner...while her Pokemon are eating their own food...

"Boy am I starve!" said Aria as she returns with a pink pastry box
"Me too." said Serena "It's not fancy but I hope you like chicken ramen noodle soup."
"It's okay by me!" said Aria.

As Carmen came out of the bathroom wearing night clothes (tank top and pajama shorts) underneath a yukata provided by one of the servants of Aria's mentor.

"I'm glad you'll back to old self,Carmen." said Serena.
"Thankfully Medeva's magic just wore off ten minutes ago." said Carmen.

"Cheer up you two." said Aria "I've got us dessert."
"Aria,that's so sweet of you I've got iced green tea already made." said Serena
"Carmen,I hope you like frosted calamondin cake." said Aria
" Of course I would love to have a slice of that cake after dinner." said Carmen.

The three girls are enjoying a good dinner together that night...and of course a very good night's rest as well.

(reminds me at the end of the Pokemon episode 'Hocus Pokemon' to the beginning of 'As Clear as Crystal' when Ash Ketchum becomes a Pikachu and then back to his own self while in the Johto region...Hey I don't own the episodes whatsoever and of course end of Chapter three)
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(Chapter Four)

ACME Headquarters,Paris,France

The Cafeteria (it's different unlike the San Francisco branch except it's sort of like a cafe with a twist of a bistro)

"(translated from French) I hope you'll like this lunch special." said Garcon,Informant for ACME France to Jade,Lee and Chase.

"(translated from French) it's a combo from Provence with a twist...Ratatouille,Confit Byaldi style and the nineteenth century version of the Salade Nicoise how's that sound?"

"(translated from French) Sounds good to me I'll have that one." said Jade.
"(translated from French) Cassoulet ,Garcon!" said Lee

"(translated from French) Just a cup of coffee and a Quiche Lorraine,please." said Chase until something sprays water at Chase's face and Jade saw Totodile (the big jaw Pokemon).

"Totodile!" said Yvette Beaumont who came into the cafeteria along with a young woman who resembles to Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games trilogy (I don't own the character nor the books whatsoever)..."There you are,Totodile!"

"Yvette!" said Jade "Oh hello,Dominique!"
"Hey,everyone sorry we're a little late!" said Dominique
"Not a problem,Agent Beaumont!" said Chase "What happened?"

"Nothing except there's a report from Chief Jenny while in Nagasaki investigating the Slateport Harbor arson case." Dominique answered as Garcon heads for the kitchen and Dominique place the report down onto the table.

"Totodile,why don't you just stay here okay? Me and my sister have to go okay?" said Yvette and Totodile said "Totodile" (translated 'Okay!')

After lunch...

Jade,Chase and Lee enter the conference room...along with Totodile...Oshawott open the door.

"Thanks Oshawott!" said Jade as she,Lee and Chase along with Totodile enter the conference room and saw Armando Arguella.

"Hola everyone!" Armando said
"Good to see you,Armando!" said Jade

"Did you get the report from Chief Jenny?" Bolt asked
"I have it with me,Upright!" Chase answered.
"Good because another report come in from Seoul,South Korea ACME agents have nab Tom A. Hawk...and believe me he's not talking."

"Now what are we going to do?" Jade asked "We have to solve the case before the Valentine's Day party."

"And we will,Jade,let's go outside!" said Armando.


"I'm glad you all are here!" said Archie as Jade,Lee,Chase,Bolt and Armando along with Totodile and Oshawott and saw Archie,along with,Clemont,Bonnie,Cole Gannon,Maylee Young,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson along with Chespin,Dedenne,a small gray rabbit with brown tips on the ears and black and blue lion like creature.

"Professor Oak has giving us a permission to use the Pokemon he brought in...Oh there you two are."

"Osha!" said Oshawott
"Dile!" said Totodile
"We are responsible to use it wisely...any questions...Good!" Archie said "I've figure Miss Ezell gets both Totodile and Oshawott."

"Mr. Arguella,you'll get Bulbasaur!"
"Gracias Senor Pelago!" said Armando as Bulbasaur "Been a long time,amigo!"
"Miss Young,Torkoal is yours!"
"Torkoal!" and Maylee smiled.

"Mr. Gannon you'll take Swellow!" Archie said as a big swallow came to Cole.
"Nice to meet you Swellow!" said Cole
"Mr. Argonaut you'll take Corphish." Archie said

"What's a Corphish?" Jason asked as a lobster like creature came to Jason. "I have to ask."

"Mr. Jackson,here's Hawlucha!" said Archie as a small bipedal bird like creature with cape like wings and clawed hands.
"Nice to meet you,Hawlucha!" said Tyson.

"And Mr. Jordan you'll take Noivern."
"Noivern!?!?" said Lee as a large bat like creature came and Lee said "Nice! Hey what about Chase?"

"Jordan,I have to remain here." said Chase
"But what the other two Pokemon."
"Oh Bunnelby and Luxray are coming with us and Chespin that includes you!" said Clemont after Chespin has been caught by Clemont sawing the spiny nut Pokemon trying to sneak in the kitchen.

"Everyone,an ACME informant gives us the coordinates where the crooks are meeting at so be careful all of you." said Chase

"Right!" everyone said.

"And take these information about the Pokemon you've been assigned for." said Archie as he hand out the Pokemon's information and moves to used.

"Jordan, Jade you two are in charge of this mission...good luck all of you!" said Chase.

New York City,NY,USA

Central Park's Bethesda Terrace and Fountain...

Jade,Lee,Armando,Cole,Maylee,Jason and Tyson take a peeked behind the bushes along with Bonnie and Dedenne.

"Thank goodness for your Padphone to get us here on time." said Lee,quietly
"Of course,Lee all we need to do is catch those crooks... they'll heading this way." said Jade,quietly

"It's going to be over in no time." Clemont said,quietly
"Yo,what's that?" Tyson asked,quietly
"The future is now thanks to science! Clemontic Gear,On!" Clemont brought in his latest invention "This is the crime wrapper."
"What does it do?" Cole asked,quietly.
"It captures crooks in an instant." Clemont answered,quietly
"Here they come!" said Maylee,quietly as Eartha,Wonder Rat,Medeva,Buggs Zapper and Jacqueline Hyde came along with other VILE agents and the stolen items.

"Yo Medeva,where's Carmen?" Eartha asked
"Boss has been loss after we got blast off with a toss." Medeva answered
"No fair!" Wonder Rat said
"Yeah it's true,Rat!" said Buggs as Clemont uses his invention carefully and surprise his latest invention got backfired and got wrapped in a tree by Medeva's magic

"What was that?"
"Oh it's a cute boy!" said Jacqueline in a sweet self
"Why don't you take care of ...*screamed*" said Bonnie when Medeva lift her up with her levitation spell.

"Aha! You ACME vermins don't stand a chance!" said Buggs as the VILE agents spotted Jade,Lee,Armando,Cole,Maylee,Jason and Tyson.

(You see the next part of this story in the last chapter)
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(Chapter five)

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain...

"Well,well look who it is." said Eartha
"*laughed* Nice try ACME agents!" said Wonder Rat.
"Oh yeah,rat it isn't over yet!" said Lee "Maylee!"
"Make some smoke Torkoal!" Maylee commanded and Torkoal did causing VILE to get confused where did ACME go.
"What happened?!?!" one of VILE agents asked.

"Totodile,used water gun!" said Jade as Totodile did spraying the VILE agents to the fountain.
"You're going to be in a big trouble for this." Buggs said to Totodile as he about to use his bug sprayer..."Oshawott save Totodile use razor shell." Jade commanded and Oshawott did by cutting Buggs' bug sprayer in half.

"Bunnelby,use mud slap,Luxray stop Wonder Rat,Chespin tackle." Clemont commanded.
"Swellow save Bonnie!" said Cole as Bunnelby uses mud slap onto Jacqueline Hyde's face,Luxray scared Wonder Rat by pinning him down,Chespin tackles Medeva causing her magic to lose her concentration and Swellow save Bonnie.

One of VILE agents send in a flare signal to get the other VILE agents while in Central Park.

Eartha grab a boulder and said "I'll crush you Lee Jordan!"
"No way Eartha!" said Lee "Noivern boom burst!"
Noivern turn the boulder into pieces...Eartha scared and said "I'm outer here!"
"Bulbasaur don't let Eartha escape use vine whip,amigo!" Armando commanded and Bulbasaur did.

"Tyson look out!" said Jason as Tyson saw other VILE agents coming in "Corphish use crab hammer on the ground."

Corphish did causing the other VILE agents to fall.

"Alright Hawlucha pin'em down with flying press!" Tyson commanded and Hawlucha did.

Jacqueline Hyde turns to her evil self cause the mud to break out of her face...
Medeva uses her spell that she try and did earlier..."Lee Jordan don't make a decipher you become a Scyther." she said as she about to throw her spell at Lee..."Sylveon,fairy wind!"

Sylveon blow Medeva's spell away and unto Buggs whose about to grab both Totodile and Oshawott.

"Oh am I....*gasped and screamed* I'm a bug!" said Buggs as a Scyther after he sees his reflection on the fountain as he is about to run but Jade use Clemont's invention to capture him and then someone shows up with Sylveon.

"*gasped* Serena!" said Clemont and Bonnie in unison
"I'LL GET YOU THIS TIME!!!" said Jacqueline as Pancham jump and knock down Jacqueline with arm thrust and Braixen stops Medeva by holding a torch.

The NYPD came and take Eartha,Wonder Rat,Jacqueline,Medeva and Buggs (in which Medeva's magic just got wore off ten minutes ago) away along with the other VILE agents...

"Serena,how did you get here?" Clemont asked
"Let's just say a friend knows all of you are in a big trouble." Serena answered
"A friend?!?!" said Jade "I've figure that's Carmen."
"Miss Serena what happened to Aria?" Armando asked
"Aria has return to Paris unharmed!" Serena answered "And I'm still on a journey in Kyushu region (alias the Hoenn region) to be perform in the Pokemon Contest."

"Would you explain why?" Jade asked
"Trying to perform and make people smile just like Aria did." said Serena as Jade uses her Padphone and activate the C-5 corridor.
"This will take you straight to Nagasaki." said Jade
"Thank you! Goodbye everyone!" said Serena as she enter the C-5.

"Well,the case is closed,the items will return just in time for Valentine's Day." said Jade.

Epilogue (Please note: I don't own the information about South Korea's Valentine's Day,White Day or Black Day whatsoever)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Valentine's Day Party

Everyone in ACME are dancing to the music...At the refreshment table.

Jade: (dressed in a red crushed velvet dress) Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Lee: (dressed in a charcoal suit with a red necktie) Valentine's Day is kinda different in South Korea right?

Jade: You're right, South Korea women give chocolates to the men.

Lee: Ah! But what do the men give to the women?

Jade: On March 14th men give women back a gift as long as it's white.

Lee: But what happens if men or women didn't get a gift?

Jade: On April 14th they wear black and eat Jajangmyeon, a noodle dish topped with thick black soybean paste,diced pork and vegetables.

Lee: Really? *while Jade is pouring a cup of her Valentine's Day tea.*

Jade: Yeah,Lee! Want some of my iced tea?

Lee: I'll passed *grabs a bottle of hard apple cider and leaves*

Jade shrugged and smile.

The end! (P.S. All bug-type are recovered thanks to Doctor Joy with a special healing potion)
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