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I just thought this might be a fun topic. This can be answered in or out of character.

Would you ever join a mission to colonize another planet if it meant never returning to earth?

Lucy would not because it would be too anxiety-provoking.
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It would sounds like a good idea, and a great adventure...on the other hand...FOREVER is a long time...not only to be away from my loved ones on Earth...but also, to be stuck with a group of fellow colonists that I might end up not liking very much. So, no, probably not. 😛

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There would be too many unknowns for me to go, but I think I would send an android version of me and he could relay how it is there by long range communications. Oh! I could also build a robot to protect the crew and have it say “Danger Will Robinson!” As an homage to a certain show. Plus I think “Houston we have a problem.” is getting kinda old by now.

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