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I found myself with a deep desire for freedom for this dark place. I have no idea on how to find my family? I exhale deeply as I slowly fiddle with my cage's door. I was trying to be ever so quiet as I didn't what my captors to hear.

I find myself free and I run out of the old place and find myself standing in front of acme san franciso headquarters.

I knock on the door trembling with fear.

I hope they don't notice the bloody gown I am in

I need shelter as in someone's after me

my name is mystique or at least I think it is

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is very intrigued by the this "Name the Nation" guessing game, now that knows the correct answer is a nation in Africa. ;)
*discovers she has "hole"y socks just in time for the holidays*
Nevon wrote on Patty's profile.
Nice snapshot, Patty!

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