The Kahuna Pit


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(I don't own the characters: Carmen Sandiego, Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Ivan Idea, Aileen, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas whatsoever it's not only a crossover it's a also Halloween story not that scaring trust me it's funny)

Guest Characters (I don't own them whatsoever)

Ritchie and his Pokemon, Sparky (Pikachu), Zippo (Charmeleon) and Rose (Taillow) along with his own Rotom Phone (a smartphone enhanced with a Rotom (the Plasma Pokemon))

Lana and her Pokemon, Primarina (the Soloist Pokemon) and Sandy (Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon)

Kiawe and his Pokemon, Charizard (the Flame Pokemon), Turtonator (the Blast Turtle Pokemon) and an Alolan Marowak (the Bone Keeper Pokemon)

Mallow and her Pokemon, Tsareena (the Fruit Pokemon)

Sophocles and his Pokemon, Togedemaru (the Roly-Poly Pokemon) and Vikavolt (the Stag Beetle Pokemon)

Along with Ash's Pokemon
1. Rowlet (the Grass Quill Pokemon)
2. Lycanroc/ Dusk form (the Wolf Pokemon)
3. Incineroar (the Heel Pokemon)
4. Melmetal (the Hex Nut Pokemon)

And two starter Pokemon
1. Squirtle (the Tiny Turtle Pokemon)
2. Torchic (the Chick Pokemon)

Members of Team Rocket

Cassidy and her Pokemon, Houndour (the Dark Pokemon) and Sableye (the Darkness Pokemon)

Butch and his Pokemon, Hitmontop (the Handstand Pokemon) and Mightyena (the Bite Pokemon)

Dr. Namba, a scientist working for Team Rocket


Samson Oak, Professor Samuel Oak's cousin and Principal of the Pokemon School

Professor Kukui, Teacher at Pokemon School
Professor Burnet, Kukui's wife
Lei, Kukui's newborn son

Ulu, Mallow's older brother and his Pokemon, Lickitung (the Licking Pokemon)
Abe, Mallow and Ulu's Father
Oranguru, the Sage Pokemon who is a friend of Abe and Mallow
Torkoal, the Coal Pokemon (a friend of Oranguru)

Harper and Sarah, Lana's younger twin sisters and the Pokemon, Luvdisc (the Rendezvous Pokemon) and Corsola (the Coral Pokemon)

Molayne, Sophocles' cousin and his Pokemon, Magneton (the Magnet Pokemon)

Rango, Kiawe's Father
Sima, Kiawe's Mother and Rango's Wife
Mimo, Kiawe's Younger Sister and Rango and Sima's daughter

Olivia and her Pokemon, Lycanroc/Midday form (the Wolf Pokemon)
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Bella's (a fictional Italian restaurant),The Bronx, New York City, NY, USA

*Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas are enjoying a veal scallopini with a piccata sauce (sauce made from lemon and capers) on a bed of arugula served with roasted potatoes and drinking a water in a wine glass.*

Server (male): *as the hostess seated a couple in a hat and trench coat* Will be there anything else, gentlemen?
Lars: Yeah a cannoli to go, please.
Moe: and a check, please!

Server: Of course! *heading for the couple in a hat and trench coat* Have you decided what you wanted?
?( a golden blonde hair/ purple eyed female): Get us 'The House Special', please! *Server gasped noticing the customers already and head for the kitchen and whispered to the ?‍?(pastry chef) preparing Lars' Cannoli to go she gasped as she opened place and covered something underneath the plate with a cloche and server grab and served 'The House Special' to the couple in a hat and trench coat*
Server: Enjoy! *as he heads back to the check and a cannoli to go for Lars.*
?( a green-haired/ maroon colored eyed male): Thanks a lot!
?( a golden blonde haired/ purple eyed female): *whispered * Butch, there's two gentlemen eating dinner.
Butch: *whispered* Don't worry, Cassidy they'll just waiting for dessert they won't hear us *as he lift up the cloche: 'The House Special' is a digital voice recorder Butch pressed the play button.*

? (male's voice only): I'm glad you two made because this is important...we just learned something about these 'special gems' that make a Pokemon stronger and our boss already knows this because he sending those lazy trio of losers there anyway I want to head you two to this place and remember it's not a vacation, find two very important people there they made know these 'special gems' and if anyone finds out about this distract them! *recording ended as Cassidy pick up a postcard and Butch looking two pictures of whom they're looking for*

Cassidy: *quietly* C'mon, Butch let's go! *as she and Butch in their own hat and trench coat and ran off as the server give Moe and Lars the check and the cannoli to go.*

Lars: *grab his cannoli while leaving a $20.00 tip and Moe paying the meal with a $100 bill* Did you hear what I hear?
Moe: *his cellphone rang* Sure did...*checking the caller ID* It's the boss!
Lars: Let's warned her.

Meanwhile on a private island in Belize...

Carmen Sandiego (in a coral sundress wearing a lavender blue colored swimsuit underneath): *shocked and spits out the water out of her mouth while talking to Moe on her cellphone and holding a bottled water at the same time* WHAT?!?! Team Rocket?!?! Are you sure about this?
Moe: *voice only* Of course we are, boss!
Lars: *voice only* We heard everything about something about 'special gems'
Moe: *voice only* We have no idea what they're talking about?
Lars: *voice only* Except it's for Pokemon getting stronger or something?
Carmen: Ugh! No wonder VILE isn't allies with any criminal organizations that does something to do with hurting anyone or using something dangerous, boys!
Moe: *voice only* What're we do, boss?
Carmen: Nothing, boys I've figure it's up to Jade and Team ACME to handle a organization like Team Rocket.
Lars: *voice only* I wish ACME has Pokemon Trainers involve with this situation.
Carmen: I wish they do, boys as I remember ACME Japan has a chief who has those creatures and probably looking for any ACME agents who are also Pokemon Trainers as well.

(end of Prologue)


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Chapter One

A month later...

Waimea Bay Beach Park, Oahu, HI, USA

Jade Ezell: *in her pure blue swimsuit, life jacket and prescription swim goggles riding on Wailmer the Ball Whale Pokemon* Woo-hoo! Ride'em Wailmer.

Lee Jordan: *in his charcoal board shorts and life jacket riding on Sharpedo the Brutal Pokemon* Oh yeah you're good at jetting around, Sharpedo! * a black haired/ brown eyed muscular man with a red swim shorts and life jacket shows up with a Lapras the Transport Pokemon*

?: Hey you two let's head back to shore don't want to stay long.
Jade: Oh yeah good idea, Cal! C'mon, Lee!
Lee: Right, Jade! *as he, Jade and Cal along with Sharpedo, Wailmer and Lapras head back to the beach.*

On the beach...

Jade: *as she switch her prescription swim googles to her ? after she, Lee and Cal remove their own life jacket* Thank you for this special training exercise for us, Cal.*
Lee: We truly appreciate you and your Pokemon. *Lapras, Wailmer and Sharpedo is happy for gratitude*
Cal: What's a informant for? I'm glad you two are here Hawai'i is get spook up since last month.
Jade: Which doesn't count the Haunted Luau in Kauai for this year's Halloween.
Lee: You're exactly right, Jade what'd you know, Cal?

Cal: All I found out is there are strange noises around Oahu I mean around Makua Cave at Kaena Point, the Naval Satellite Antennas have been malfunction and even Diamond Head.
Lee: Why those places?
Cal: Beats me all I know is some people dressed in black and others well act as zombies.
Jade: Anything else?
Cal: Something to do with a new fast food joint and tourists have vanished after going there.
Jade: The only question is what's going on?
Cal: I don't have an answer, Jade that's where ACME come in. *Jade's Padphone beeps as Jade grabs it.*
Jade: *after looking at her padphone* You're right, Cal we're going find out right now.
Lee: Thanks for the information, Cal!
Cal: Anytime! *as Jade and Lee ran to the changing room to bathe and get dressed*

One and a Half Hour Later...

ACME Headquarters, Honolulu, HI,USA
*The C-5 appeared and so does Jade and Lee in their own normal outfit and beach tote bag*

?: *a brown haired/brown eyed/tanned skin young woman* Hey Aloha, Lee and you must be Jade!
Jade: And you must be Aileen and...*gasped as she saw someone familiar* Ritchie?!?! Sparky?!?!
Ritchie: Jade!
'Sparky': Pika, Pika, Pika! *as Sparky the Pikachu and an Eevee comes over*
Lee: Whoa, Jade you know this kid?
Jade: I sure did, Lee I met Ritchie at ACME Headquarters in Vancouver while going to search for those missing ACME Academy students in Lake Louise, Alberta. (Read the Case of the Pokemon Pilferers)
Ritchie: So you must be Jordan!
Lee: That's right the one and the only, Lee Jordan! *Lee ? as an Eevee jumped onto Lee* Oh fudge, Ritchie is this your Pokemon?
Ritchie: Oh that Eevee belongs to...

?(female voice): Sandy! *the Eevee ran to a blue haired/ blue eyed girl who came with Ivy Monaghan, Chief Jenny, Doctor Joy and a dark skinned brown haired with red color highlighted/brown eyed young man along with Chief Jenny's Pokemon (Growlithe the Puppy Pokemon and two new Pokemon she got recently) and Doctor Joy's Pokemon ( Chansey the Egg Pokemon, Audino the Hearing Pokemon, Wigglytuff the Balloon Pokemon and one new Pokemon she got as well)*

Chief Jenny: You two made it figure Archie send you two for help.
?: *weird voice* I agree with that, Chief Jenny
Jade: Who said that?
Ritchie: *as he shows Jade a weird smartphone* Oh everyone this is my Rotom Phone.
Rotom Phone: Nice to meet everyone I'm like a Pokedex only in a smartphone form.
Lee: Yeah Chief Jenny who are they?
Chief Jenny: This is Manectric *point to a blue canine quadrupedal with spiky yellow mane* and Gumshoos *point to a long bodied mongoose with yellow stripes on the forehead and ends between the shoulders*

Rotom Phone: Manectric is also known as the Discharge Pokemon and Gumshoos is also known as the Stakeout Pokemon.

Doctor Joy: And this is Comfey *point to a green creature with flowers*
Rotom Phone: also known as the Posy Picker Pokemon
Ivy: And Jade, Lee this is Lana and Kiawe.
Lana: *to Lee* Hi I hope Sandy didn't bother you.
Lee: Not at all Sandy is just friendly that's all.
Kiawe: Very both glad to meet you.

*Someone is screaming...Team ACME ran and saw Zack Monaghan getting sprayed by Squirtle the tiny turtle Pokemon with Water Gun and Ivan Idea getting pecked by Torchic the Chick Pokemon.*
Lee: *?* Can't handle a Squirtle, Zack? You're really soaked and wet *? again*
Zack: *? when he gives Squirtle to Lee* Why you don't try it for yourself!
Ivan: *as Jade came close to him* Can somebody get this little chicken off of me?
Jade: *as she take out a Poffin* Here Torchic have a Poffin! *Torchic jumped onto Jade and ate the Poffin it like it.*
Ivan: I hope that little chick will be with you than with me, Jade thanks!

Jade: I wonder why?
Chief Jenny: I can explain Professors Oak and Birch are worried that those two will need some self-confidence before the new Pokemon trainers arrive.
Doctor Joy: And of course we hoped there'll be ACME agents who are also Pokemon Trainers in order to pursuit Team Rocket.
Lee: * ?* Team Rocket?!?! I thought ACME only pursuit Carmen Sandiego what gives?
Chief Jenny: You don't understand, Detective Jordan Team Rocket are a criminal organization who goes after Pokemon for lots of tough reasons.

Lee: Somehow I've figure Carmen would never get involve in allied with another criminal organization.
Doctor Joy: Exactly! There's something else you also know about the latest case already.
Jade: Yeah Cal told me and Lee about what happened here in Oahu.
Kiawe: Not only Oahu but everywhere else in Hawai'i.

Lana: That's right our Principal Samson Oak and our teacher, Professor Kukui disappeared a month ago.
Kiawe: And after what happened last month everything changes like what happened to my family farm in Maui?
Jade: When did this happened?
Kiawe: About a week ago.
Lana: And my twin sisters disappeared yesterday, we all search around here and there.
Ritchie: That's where ACME comes in to help.
'Sparky': Pikachu!
Chief Jenny: We figure we try use Pokemon to help solving this case
Aileen: That's right before Halloween.

Chief Jenny: Better split up I wish I can try the food at Aina's Kitchen but it was close a month ago.
Jade: I say we can talk to the owner of the restaurant and find out why.
Ivy: We need to someone who knows what happened to Samson Oak and Professor Kukui?
Doctor Joy: I suggests you talk to Kukui's wife, Professor Burnet in Hawai'i Kai near Diamond Head.
Aileen: Better get a jeep you guys?!?!
Doctor Joy: I've got a better transportation the jeep is still in the shop.
Team ACME: Huh?!?! *Four Tauros shows up*

Doctor Joy: I hope these Tauros can take you to Hawai'i Kai.
Ivy: *as she jumped onto one of the Tauros* I've never rode one of these before.
Doctor Joy: There Tauros are among one of those Poke Rides around the island *as Aileen jumped in, so did Ivan but Zack is ? with the last Tauros.*
Aileen: Oh Zack can't you do anything right just hop on?
Zack: I just not into bull riding.
Kiawe: Oh really you never know til' you try it. *as Zack jumped unto the last Tauros.*
Lana: Just relax, Zack you'll get use to it.

Jade: While the rest of us go on foot at once.
Kiawe: Lana and I will take you all to Aina's Kitchen
Ritchie: You know where it is?
'Sparky': Pika?
Lana: Sure do!
Lee: Lead the way!

(end of Chapter One and I don't own each Poke Ride whatsoever)
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Chapter Two

Kipahulu Region, Maui, HI, USA

?(blue haired/blue eyed girl wearing a Slowpoke shirt): I'm so scared I wish our big sister is with us.
?(blue haired/blue eyed girl wearing a Shellder shirt): And I'm so hungry, Harper.
Harper: Don't worry, Sarah someone will find us *something move from the bushes Harper and Sarah ?until a Luvdisc and a Corsola appeared* Oh how cute a Luvdisc!
Sarah: Oh hello, Corsola do you know where to find a place to eat.
Luvdisc: Luvdisc
Corsola: Corsola! Corsola!
Harper and Sarah: Led the way! *as Luvdisc and Corsola show Harper and Sarah find something to eat.*

Back in Oahu...

*Jade, Lee, Ritchie, Kiawe and Lana saw a very long line.*

Lee: Whoa! That's one very long line!
?: *male voice only* That's very long line is for the Kahuna Pit.
Jade/Lee/Ritchie/Kiawe and Lana: The Kahuna Pit!?!?! *as everyone turn around as a dark green haired/dark green eyed ?‍? and a Lickitung and there was Aina's Kitchen*
?: Aloha I'm Ulu and this is Lickitung.
Rotom Phone: Also known as the Licking Pokemon

Jade: Nice to meet you, Ulu I'm Jade, this is Lee Jordan, Ritchie, his Pikachu, Sparky and these are Torchic and Squirtle!
'Sparky': Pikachu!
Torchic: Torchic!
Squirtle: Squirtle!
? *a green haired/ green eyed girl show up* Hey Kiawe, Lana I see you two brought some customers.
Lana: Actually they want to talk to your father, Mallow!
Mallow: Oh come on in everything will be explain!

Inside Aina's Kitchen
*after Mallow serve everyone a glass of Pinap Juice along with her Pokemon, Tsareena and a Torkoal (Juice made from Pinap Berry: a berry that looks like a ? but spicy and sour but as a juice it's good for both Human and Pokemon)*
Rotom Phone: Wow! a Tsareena also known as the Fruit Pokemon and a Torkoal the Coal Pokemon.
Lee: *looks at the picture of another dark green haired/dark green eyed ?‍? and looks at the person's name.* Abe?!?!
Ulu: That's our father he runs the restaurant.
Ritchie: Where can we find him?
Mallow: That's just it he disappeared.
Jade: How long was that?
Ulu: A month ago we're worried about him.

Mallow: Dad isn't the only one missing, bro!
Lee: He's not?
Mallow: No a friend of my father's and mine too.
Ulu: Mallow!
Lee: Who is it?
Mallow: A Pokemon named Oranguru!
Ritchie: Oranguru?!?!
Rotom Phone: Also known as the Sage Pokemon. Known for high intelligence.
Lee: Is there a restroom I can use?
Ulu: Of course around the back!
Lee: Thanks! *as he grab his beach bag and head straight to the restroom*
Squirtle: Squirtle! Squirtle Squirt! (Hey wait for me!) *as Squirtle follow Lee*

Jade: Whatever happened to Oranguru?
Mallow: Someone trash his place around not a single Pokemon around except for this Torkoal.
Torkoal: Torkoal!
Ulu: Business is kind-a slow since our father disappeared a month ago when Mallow return with Torkoal I thought Torkoal might help save our restaurant so far no single customer has come to Aina's except for some kids to young adults.
Ritchie: I wonder why?
Ulu: Well the Kahuna Pit doesn't allowed the ones who are under twenty-one years old if only we could find out what the secret behind that restaurant. *as Lee came in a black tropical shirt, khaki cargo shorts and brown flip flops and Squirtle has a ? and ? on it.*

Lee: And Squirtle and I will I'll be undercover as a tourist while Squirtle goes around the back to find out what the secret is.
Squirtle: Squirtle!

Ritchie: Better be careful you guys!
Kiawe: It's never gonna be easy to get in.
Jade: Just be careful, Lee whatever you do don't end up disappeared like the tourists.
Lee: Don't worry we'll be back! *as he and Squirtle head for the line to the Kahuna Pit.*

The Kahuna Pit

*the waitress comes from the back of the restaurant and hold a brown paper bag*
Lee: Squirtle sneak in there and find out what's in there!
Squirtle: Squirtle! (Right!) *as Squirtle leaves when the waitress came to Lee.*
Waitress: Here you go, sir it's a free sample of our favorites you'll love it.
Lee: Uh thank you! *Squirtle is about go inside but some guy in black with an 'R' on it but Squirtle ran Squirtle* Found something?
Squirtle: *shook his head to Lee 'no'* Squirtle Squirt Squirtle! (Can't go in someone blocks my way in)
Lee: Never mind let's go! *as he and Squirtle left and return to Aina's Kitchen.

Back in Aina's Kitchen

*Everyone's shocked at the combo Lee brought back.*
Jade: I've never seen a combo like that before, Lee. *Torchic isn't a happy Pokemon so did 'Sandy', 'Sparky', Squirtle, Lickitung, Tsareena and Torkoal.*
Lee: I know it's kind-a queasy isn't it?
Ulu: Sure is that's a green shake.
Jade: Not like a green smoothie I've figure there's no green vegetables in this drink.
Mallow: Ew! I wouldn't eat the :fries:the color looks weird.
Ulu: Those are purple :fries:.
Lana/Kiawe/Lee/ Mallow/Ritchie: Purple :fries:?!?!
'Sparky' smell the purple :fries:and he got ? and he stick his ? out.
Ritchie: I agree with you, Sparky I wouldn't eat those :fries:.
Mallow: I wonder what those :fries:are made of?
Jade: I've figure these :fries:are made from purple yams mixed with instant mashed ? flakes.

Lee: This weird ??
Ulu: That's call the Kahuna Burger! *as Jade uses her padphone to send a message to ACME Lab in San Francisco, CA, USA*
Lee: Yuck! I wouldn't take a bite out of it would you, Jade?
Jade: I'm sent this 'combo' to the lab and find out why tourists twenty one or older got hooked all of the sudden. *And she C-5 the evidence at once.*

Lee: Smart thinking, Jade! Thanks Ulu we'd better head back to headquarters.
Mallow: Hold on we like to help you guys out. *Tsareena nodded*
Ulu: We?
Mallow: Just me and Tsareena, Ulu!
Ulu: Okay, sis I'll try and get the family business back on track for our sake.
Mallow: Hope you will, bro. *as she tag along with Jade, Lee, Ritchie, Lana and Kiawe along with the Pokemon hopefully to solve this weird case.*

Meanwhile in Professor Kukui's house in Hawai'i Kai

Professor Burnet: *while holding Lei, her and Kukui's newborn son* What happened to my husband was awful.
Aileen: Do you know what happened to your husband?
Professor Burnet: It was a month ago when a couple in black trench coat and hat tries to get hands on the Z-crystals.
Zack: Z-crystals what are they?
Ivan: *looking at the case* You mean like these?

Professor Burnet: an item required an upgrade moves to Z-moves through the used of a Z-ring...Unfortunately those Z-crystals are just replicas.
Ivan: Oh sorry but what is a Z-ring?!?!
Professor Burnet: a bracelet that allows a Pokemon trainer and their own Pokemon to gather the Z-power required to perform Z-moves.
Ivy: Z-moves?!?! Never heard of them.

Professor Burnet: There for Pokemon not human, Commander Monaghan there very powerful however Z-moves can used only once per battle.
Ivan: After all there are eighteen types of Pokemon the question how can we find the Z-crystals before Team Rocket does?

Professor Burnet: It's not easy, Pokemon trainers should earn them in the island challenge by defeating trial captains and island kahunas. Even beating a totem Pokemon in an SOS battle.
Ivy: So you have no idea where to find them.
Professor Burnet: Neither my husband nor Samson Oak knows the origins of where each Z-crystal is located.
Zack: Figure Team Rocket never knows that part we've better get back to Headquarters.
Professor Burnet: Before you all go you can take the four Pokemon for the case they belong to Ash Ketchum bring back safely.
Aileen: Mahalo! (Hawaiian meaning 'Thanks!')

(end of Chapter Two and the information about the Pinap Berry, Z-crystals, Z-ring and Z-moves I don't own that information whatsoever)
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Chapter Three

ACME Headquarters, Honolulu, HI, USA
Outside after everyone give an information to Chief Jenny.

Zack: *to Jade, Lee and Ritchie with Torchic, Squirtle and 'Sparky' Okay everyone you can opened your ? now!
Lee: Well it's about time, Zack! *He, Jade and Ritchie are surprised to see a small young ?, a golden orange ? like creature, a bipedal red/black muscular ? like creature and a liquid silver humanoid like creature embedded with hexagonal nuts*

Rotom Phone: Rowlet the Grass Quill Pokemon it's a grass and flying type, Lycanroc the Wolf Pokemon, Dusk Mode, Incineroar the Heel Pokemon it's a fire and dark type and the final form of Litten and last but certainly not least, Melmetal the Hex Nut Pokemon, a steel type mythical Pokemon.

Jade: Amazing Pokemon!
Zack: Yeah this Incineroar is good against a Squirtle!
Lee: What?!?! Are you crazy, Zack? *Jade, Ivy, Ivan, Aileen and Ritchie are shocked*
Zack: I mean it, Lee! What'd you say a Pokemon battle will tell which Pokemon is better?
Lee: Oh I get it you're jealous, Zack because you can't command Squirtle any moves?
Zack: *?* That's because that Pokemon doesn't listen to what I say.
Lee: Oh really, Zack? Is that it? Face it, Zack Squirtle has a chance against that Incineroar.
Zack: Well this Incineroar is much bigger than Squirtle?
Lee: Okay, Zack you want a Pokemon battle let's settle this once and for all.

Jade: *to Zack and Lee* Boys you're overreacting!
Aileen: Please don't start this fight.
Zack: Not overreacting, just serious!
Ivy: *halt both Zack and Lee* Well don't even think about this fight.
Ivan: Yeah you two we all should focus on the case.
Ritchie: I agree with Ivan.
'Sparky': *as Chief Jenny, Lana, Kiawe and Mallow shows along with 'Sandy' and Tsareena* Pika! (Right!)
Chief Jenny: That's exactly what we're doing here, boys so don't start a Pokemon battle.
Lee: You're right, Chief Jenny, sorry!
Zack: Sorry we both get carry away!
Squirtle: Squirtle! (Sorry!)
Incineroar: Incineroar!(Me too!)

Chief Jenny: After all we've the information we got from the witnesses we knew Team Rocket is responsible of this caper.
Kiawe: And I just remember I've got to go back to Maui to my family.
Jade: I wonder what's going on in Maui?
Kiawe: Beats me all I remember is the farm is in trouble.
Chief Jenny: I agree there's some troubles around Maui as well as the Big Island and Kauai.
Aileen: *shocked* That's not good and there's not gonna be a haunted luau.
Jade: Don't say that Aileen we're going to stop Team Rocket at once it won't be easy but we will succeed.
Ritchie: I agree with you, Jade.
Chief Jenny: But you all split up to those islands.

Jade: I'll take Maui
Ritchie: I'm coming with you, Jade
'Sparky': Pika!
Torchic: Torchic!
Lana: So am I
Mallow: Me too!
Kiawe: *as a Charizard shows up* I'll meet you there! *as he hop onto the Charizard*
Jade: Wow, a Charizard is that yours?
Kiawe: Yeah it use to belong my grandfather! I'm afraid there's no room for you guys!
Mallow: Don't worry we'll get a quick ride?
Jade: *holds her padphone* Got it cover!

Lee: Ivan and I are going to the Big Island!
Ivan: *put on his transportation watch* Got it cover!

Aileen: We're heading for Kauai!
Zack: Better get a helicopter!
Ivy: Or take a ride with a Pokemon, Zack!
Chief Jenny: I've got one in mind *whistle and three Charizard shows up.* These will take you to Kauai right away.

*As everyone left for those islands...*

While in Oahu

Carmen: *as she, Moe and Lars shows up* Team Rocket will never to find those 'special gems' anywhere...And then I realize ACME wouldn't stop Team Rocket's plan alone.
Moe: Well that's one thing they prefer money and power.
Lars: Pride and greed.
Carmen: I've figure I need my old friend to come.
Moe and Lars: *in unison* And so do we, boss. *until they heard something from behind they turn around.*
*Carmen, Moe and Lars ? because of some 'old friends'*

(end of Chapter Three the rest of the information of the Pokemon I don't own that either.)
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Chapter Four

The Big Island (alias Hawai'i)
*Thanks to Ivan's transportation watch he and Lee arrive along with Squirtle there was a rental shop owner*

Rental Shop owner (male): Aloha, boys! Is there anything you need?
Lee: *show the rental shop owner his ACME badge* An information, please?
Rental Shop owner (male): Why not? I remember something about what happened a month ago when a new fast food joint open in Hilo and tourists disappeared after that.
Ivan: Did any of the tourists have children under twenty-one years old?
Rental Shop owner (male): a few tourists has kids but the ones who run that fast food joint never let kids in.

Lee: *as he and Ivan gasped and quietly to Ivan* Same in Honolulu.
Ivan: *quietly* Right after the kidnappings of Professor Kukui and Samson Oak.
Lee: *quietly* Along with Abe the owner of Aina's Kitchen and a Pokemon called Oranguru.
Ivan: *quietly* o_O!?!?!
Lee: *quietly* Ivan think what is Team Rocket is going to do with that Pokemon?
Ivan: *quietly* Don't know!?!?

Rental Shop owner (male): Is there anything else?
Lee: Yeah, is there any disturbance around the Big Island?
Rental Shop owner (male): Of course I remember there's a lot of disturbance recently around Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. *Lee and Ivan ??* Thanks to some mad ?‍? finding a place to mine for some gems?!?!

Ivan: *quietly* Z-crystals!
Lee: *quietly ?* Not good!
Squirtle: *shake its head* Squirtle! (Same here!)

Rental Shop owner (male): And he just came back here already with a group of people dressed in black and they split up and I remember that mad ?‍?headed for Kalapana while the others headed for the Mauna Kea Observatories.
Lee: Thanks for all the information, sir.
Rental Shop owner (male): Anything else, boys?
Ivan: We need to borrow a vehicle?
Rental Shop owner (male): No problem? *whistle and a pair of big mixed breed ? like creature shows up.*

Ivan: *?* Am I seeing a giant version of a terrier?
Rental Shop owner (male): Nope they're Stoutland the big hearted Pokemon!
Lee: Sweet! Another Poke Ride!
Squirtle: *as Lee hop onto one Stoutland* Squirtle! (Alright!) *as it jumped onto Lee*
Lee: I'm heading for Kalapana, Ivan check out the observatories!
Ivan: *as he hop onto another Stoutland* Where else! *and they split up and to the Rental Shop owner* Mahalo! *and the Rental Shop owner wave his hand goodbye and good luck!*

Meanwhile in Maui

*Thanks to the C-5 Jade, Ritchie, Lana and Mallow along with Torchic, 'Sparky', 'Sandy' and Tsareena after Kiawe arrived first thanks to Charizard.*
? (female's voice): So glad you all show up! *Jade and Ritchie saw a dark skinned/black haired/dark gray eyed woman shows up along with a Midday form of a male Lycanroc.*
Jade: *?* Wow! Those are so amazing jewelry you got on.
?: Mahalo! I'm Olivia, I owned a jewelry and accessory store in Lahaina you're welcome to look around.
Jade: Sure! But right after this case is over I would before going home.

Olivia: o_O
Kiawe: It's true, Olivia we're helping ACME out to solve a serious case.
Olivia: Let me guess is it about the missing tourists?
Ritchie: Not only that but do you know about Professor Kukui or Samson Oak?
Olivia: Of course I know those two they're my friends why what happened?
Jade: They disappeared a month ago. *Olivia is shocked*
Mallow: Along with my father and Oranguru.
Lana: And my sisters disappeared since yesterday.
Olivia: Oh my! I remember the owner of Laulima Fruit Stand saw two men dressed in black dragging two little girls from a cargo helicopter and left them in Kipahulu.

Jade: An unincorporated community in the Hana district of southeast Maui.
Lana: Isn't that the 'Ohe'o Gulch is?
Jade: Is it, Lana. *Lana ? and ? for her little twin Olivia* Are there anymore disturbance around here?
Olivia: Of course in the Haleakala National Park that's all I know.
Kiawe: I better check on my family at Haleakala Ranch.
Ritchie: Be careful, Kiawe! *as he and Charizard head off to the farm.*

Jade: We'd better split up and search!
Mallow: Lana and I better check out Kipahulu and look around at 'Ohe'o Gulch.
Ritchie: And we better check out the national park.
Olivia: Good idea! *as a female rental shop owner brings five Clydesdale horses with dreadlock mane style* Don't worry these are Mudsdale the Draft Horse Pokemon.

Jade: *to the female rental shop owner as she shows her a digital ID badge* Excuse me, we like to borrow those, please.
Female rental shop owner: Absolutely figure you all need them for exploring those careful with these.

Jade: Right and Mahalo! C'mon Torchic! *as Jade hop on to one Mudsdale and so did Torchic same with Ritchie and 'Sparky', Lana and 'Sandy' and Mallow and Tsareena.*
Olivia: *as she hop on to the last Mudsdale while her Lycanroc doesn't hop on but rather help out with all four paws of his to the female rental shop owner* We'll be back safely! *And just like Lana and Mallow head for Kipahulu while Jade, Ritchie and Olivia head for Haleakala National Park*

(end of Chapter Four)
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Chapter Five

Kipahulu, Maui, HI, USA

*Harper and Sarah are surprised they saw a bunch of Pecha Berries (these berries are sweet and they shaped like ?es) thanks to Luvdisc and Corsola.*

Harper: Wow!
Sarah: Yummy! Let's go!
Both: Yay! *as they about to grab all of the sudden a group of Beedrill (the Poison Bee Pokemon) are there. *Harper and Sarah ? and ? they ran along with Luvdisc and Corsola.*

Harper: Luvdisc try and use sweet kiss! *Luvdisc did but Beedrill use twineedle to avoid that attack*
Sarah: Corsola, Spike Cannon! *same thing and the twins are in trouble and ran into the 'Ohe'o Gulch*
Both: *yelled* ? *When all the sudden Lana and Mallow shows up in time as each got off except for 'Sandy'.*
Lana: Oh no, Harper, Sarah! *she and Mallow ? because of the group of Beedrill* Mallow do something!
Mallow: Tsareena, stomp! *Tsareena did causing a group of Beedrill to get Tsareena's attention.*

*Harper and Sarah fell into the water along with Luvdisc and Corsola*
Lana: Save them, Primarina! *after her Pokeball opened Primarina comes out as a sea lion ?‍♀ like creature and dives in to save Harper and Sarah along with Luvdisc and Corsola.* Harper, Sarah!
Harper and Sarah: Big sister! *as they gave her a hug*
Harper: We're scared!
Sarah: And hungry!

Mallow: *as she and Tsareena shows up* Uh, Lana we've better get outer here!
Lana: Why? *as a group of Beedrill shows up she, Lana and the twins well ? until a fire spin shows up and scared the group of Beedrill away turns out to be a Hiker who has a Flareon (the flame Pokemon among one of the evolve form of Eevee by expose to a Fire Stone)*

Hiker (male): You girls alright?
Mallow: We sure are thank you so much!
Hiker (male): I'm glad thank goodness I didn't want to eat around Hana.
Lana and Mallow: Hana?!?!
Hiker(male): Yeah some new fast food joint called the Kahuna Pit I rather eat a Spam musubi than a Kahuna burger.
Mallow: Hey if you're ever in Honolulu come to Aina's Kitchen.

Hiker (male): Hey I might come by after a good hike around Oahu, better go c'mon, Flareon!
Flareon: Flareon!
Hiker (male): And Mahalo! *as he and his Flareon leaves*
Mallow: At least that hiker knows why he wouldn't eat there. *as Lana returns her Primarina in her Pokeball.*

Lana: *as she hop onto a Mudsdale* C'mon Mallow let's head for Haleakala National Park and find the others.
Mallow: *as she hop onto the other Mudsdale* Good idea! *Harper and Sarah hop on to along with Luvdisc and Corsola on each Mudsdale.*
Lana: Girls you can't bring them with you.
Twins: Please!?!?!
Lana: Alright but you can't trained them til' you both are ten years old.
Twins: Thank you! *Lana ??*

Haleakala National Park

*Jade, Ritchie and Olivia arrive just in*

Ritchie: Boy this place is so rocky I wonder why?
Olivia: Haleakala is a dormant volcano hasn't been erupted for centuries.
Jade: It was once part of Hawai'i National Park until July 1, 1961 and became designated as an International Biosphere Reserve in 1980. *'Sparky's ears moved*
'Sparky': Pika! *as he jumped off from Ritchie and ran off*
Ritchie: 'Sparky'!
Jade: I believe he saw something or someone there!
Olivia: Let's move, Lycanroc follow that Pikachu!
*Lycanroc did and thanks to 'Sparky' Jade, Ritchie and Olivia saw a little dark-skinned girl crying each get off of Mudsdale and came to her.*

Jade: Hello, little one we're here to help!
?: * stops ? and saw Jade, Ritchie and Olivia along with 'Sparky', Torchic and Lycanroc* Mahalo!
Ritchie: Hi I'm Ritchie, This is Jade and Torchic!
Jade: What's your name?
?: Mimo!

Olivia: *gasped as she recognize her* Oh my gosh, Mimo, what happened?
Mimo: I ran away from the farm.
Ritchie: Can you tell us why?

Mimo: People dressed in black took mommy and daddy away along with the Pokemon from the farm.
Jade: That's just awful...wait a minute is that where Kiawe's going?
Olivia: Yes and Mimo is his little sister. *Jade and Ritchie are surprised and Olivia shows them a picture of Kiawe and Mimo along with their parents...quietly* Their parents are Sima and Rango they run the Paniola Dairy farm.

Ritchie: Then we better head for the farm at once.
Jade: Right! *until a dark ghost bipedal like creature and a black and white hyena like creature stops them from going* Ritchie!
Ritchie: Sableye and Mightyena!
Rotom Phone: Also known as the Darkness Pokemon and the Bite Pokemon.
Olivia: Who brought them in?

Cassidy: *voice only* We thought you never ask so...Prepare for Trouble...
Butch: *voice only* And make it double! *as he and Cassidy appears*
Both: Here's our mission, so you better listen!
Cassidy: To infect the world with devastation!
Butch: To blight all people in every nation!
Cassidy: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!
Butch: To extend our wrath to the stars above!
Cassidy: Cassidy
Butch: And Butch, of course!
Cassidy: We're Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and night.
Butch: Surrender to us now or you will surely lose the fight!

(I don't own that motto from Cassidy and Butch whatsoever)

Jade: *?* Yeah right, Team Rocket! Uh your name's Cassidy...
Ritchie: And her partner, Biff!
Butch: It's Butch!
Olivia: Whatever you two won't get away with this.
Jade: *?* You two better tell us where you hid the tourists at?
Cassidy: We won't tell you anything.
Butch: *pointed to Mimo* We just want the little girl.

Olivia: Jade get Mimo outer here!
Jade: C'mon, Torchic let's get to safety!
Butch: Don't let them, Mightyena! *Mightyena tries to get to Jade and Mimo but Olivia's Lycanroc stops it.*
Cassidy: Get them, Sableye!
Ritchie: Let's go, Zippo! *as he throw his Pokeball and out comes his Charmeleon*

Jade: *as she grab Mimo and run* Let's move, Torchic! *Torchic follow Jade and Mimo when a Team Rocket Grunt shows up Mimo ?.* Oh terrific! Let's get that grunt out of our away Torchic!
Torchic: Torchic!
Team Rocket Grunt(male): Let's go, Raticate! *as he throws his Pokeball out and out comes a big black rat like creature (in fact it's Alolan version of Raticate).* Tackle! *its goes after Torchic*

Jade: Torchic, Quick Attack! *Torchic did knocked Raticate to the ground.*
Team Rocket Grunt (male): *to Raticate* Tackle again!
Jade: Torchic, use Ember!
Team Rocket Grunt: Dodge it! *Raticate did*

On the other side...

Cassidy: Sableye use scratch!
Ritchie: Zippo, use slash! *Zippo did*
Butch: Mightyena, tackle!
Olivia: Lycanroc, dodge and double team! *Lycanroc did and confusing Mightyena*

Team Rocket Grunt: Raticate, Hyper Fang, Let's go!
Jade: *to Torchic* Dodge and Peck from behind! *Torchic did*
Team Rocket Grunt: Let's get'em! *two more grunts shows up but stopped by an Alolan version of Marowak by using its ?shaped club on the ground.*
Mimo: Kiawe! *as Jade notice Kiawe and Charizard shows up from the sky and Charizard use flamethrower to blast the grunts and Raticate away.*

On the other side...

Cassidy: Have enough yet! *Lycanroc and Zippo are getting weak*
Ritchie: No way!
Olivia: Not a chance!
Butch: Oh yeah, give it up right now!

Mallow: *voice only* Tsareena, Stomp!
Lana: *voice only* 'Sandy', Double Edge! *And Tsareena and 'Sandy' did stops them.*
Harper: *voice only* Luvdisc, Water Pulse!
Sarah: *voice only* Corsola, Spike Cannon! *as Luvdisc and Corsola did the same to Sableye and Mightyena.*

Ritchie: 'Sparky', Thunder shock! *'Sparky' did*

Cassidy and Butch: *as they got blasted along with Sableye and Mightyena* Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off...again!*

(end of Chapter Five and about Alola yes you guessed the region is based on Hawai'i so I don't own that information whatsoever but the story isn't over yet)
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Chapter Six

Meanwhile in the Big Island

*Lee and Squirtle arrive in Kalapana thanks to Stoutland*
Lee: Stay here, Stoutland! We'll be right back!
Squirtle: Squirtle! (Promise!) *as Squirtle and Lee sneak in the village and saw two men tied up and Lee recognize the two men describe by Chief Jenny...Professor Kukui and Samson Oak when all of the sudden Squirtle heard something weird coming this way* Squirtle!

Lee: *To Squirtle* ? *quietly* Keep it down, Squirtle might hear us!
Squirtle: *to Lee* Squirtle! (Turn around!)
Lee: *as he turn around to Squirtle and quietly* Squirtle I told you not to...*?* Yikes! ?‍♀?‍♂s! Uh Squirtle, do me a favor...use water gun on to the ?‍♀?‍♂s! *Squirtle sprays water gun unto the ?‍♀?‍♂s! Lee gasped* Oh fudge they're not ?‍♀?‍♂s after all they're the missing tourists.

* And he and Squirtle heard an evil ?*
?:*as Lee and Squirtle around and saw the mad ?‍? who has bald with some hair and a mustache* Well, well what do we all have here?
Lee: I wanna know is who are you?

?: Very well I am Dr. Namba one of the scientists working for Team Rocket.
Lee: I just wanna know why Team Rocket is after going after the Z-crystals?
Samson: They wanted those crystals for world domination.
Kukui: That's why they want to luring the tourists by creating a fake fast food joint and turn the tourists into ?‍♀?‍♂s to distract anyone who tries to stop Team Rocket's plan for world domination.
Namba: Thank you for the information you blabbermouth.
Lee: *?* You are so not getting away with this!
Squirtle: Squirtle! (That's right!)
Namba: We already have...*use a remote control to control the tourists as ?‍♀?‍♂* Put that noisy ?️‍♂ and that Pokemon of his to the Ka'u Desert.

*Squirtle gasped*
Lee: I would've be smelling the sulfur dioxide, do you, Squirtle?
Squirtle: Squirtle! (No way!) *Until a light brown wild duck with a leek or a spring onion stalk appeared and so did a big sea weasel like creature shows up gotten the tourists dizzy.*
Lee: C'mon Squirtle! Let's free those men! *as he and Squirtle coming to save Professor Kukui and Samson Oak*
Namba: Don't just stand there, stop them! *however that big sea weasel spray Namba with hydro pump he screamed while the wild duck freed the hostage with an air cutter.*

Lee: *to Kukui and Samson Oak* C'mon you two let's get out of this place!
*He, Squirtle, Kukui and Samson Oak follow the wild duck and the big sea weasel there stood Stoutland*
Kukui: Wow, thanks for the save, Farfetch'd!
Samson: And you too, Floatzel!
Lee: Stoutland, did you bring them here? *Stoutland shake its head 'no'*
Moe: *voice only* Actually it was us!
Lars: *as he and Moe appeared* They are old friends, Lee Jordan!
Lee: *?* I didn't even know that, boys!

Lars: C'mon Jordan our boss is heading for the observatory!
Lee: *as he hopped onto Stoutland along with Squirtle* That's where Ivan's heading, thanks boys! We'd better get going!
Lars: Not so fasting, Jordan! *whistle as two more Stoutland appeared*
Moe: Yeah we can't let you and that Squirtle go add it alone!
Lee: *sighed* The more, the merrier.

(end of Chapter Six


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Chapter Seven

Inside the Mauna Kea Observatories *After sneaking inside and then passing a Team Rocket grunt when that grunt didn't see Ivan coming in.*

*Suddenly Ivan accidentally step on a tail?!?! it screamed*
?: *quietly voice only* Keep it down, Togedemaru!*
Ivan: *quietly* Huh?!?! *as he turn around and saw a sphere shaped rodent like creature...Ivan and the creature screamed as an orange haired/ brown eyed boy appeared and ? at them*
?: *quietly* Quiet, those people in black can hear us...*as the boy saw Ivan for the first time* Who are you?
Ivan: *quietly* I'm Ivan Idea I'm from ACME and you are?
?: *quietly* Sophocles! And this is Togedemaru, my roly-poly Pokemon!
Ivan: *quietly* Kind-a cute one huh?!?!

Sophocles: *quietly* I need your help my cousin is in trouble.
Ivan: *quietly* What kind of a trouble?
Sophocles: *quietly* Those people took him to search for the Z-crystals here. *Ivan is shocked and surprise and Sophocles shows him a picture of a blond haired/ cadet grey eyed man and a three eyed robot like creature.* That's Molayne and his Pokemon, Magneton!
Ivan: *quietly* Do you know where he is? *Sophocles nodded his head 'yes'* Lead the way! *and Sophocles did...while two shadowy figures appears.*

In the main area

?: *male voice only* I don't know where a Z-crystal is.
?: *grunt's voice only* According to our reports this is it now where it is?
?: *as Ivan and Sophocles with his Pokemon, Togedemaru* I told you, gentlemen I don't know!
Ivan: *quietly* Uh-oh! Not good!
Sophocles: *quietly* We need a plan to make sure Big Mo escapes.
Ivan: *quietly* I hope you got another Pokemon in mind!
Sophocles: *as he take out his Pokeball* My stag beetle Pokemon, Vikavolt will help us. *out of the Pokeball outcomes Vikavolt, a beetle like Pokemon with a pair of mandibles which is a bug and electric type Pokemon.*
Ivan: *quietly* Good, let's go, Melmetal! *as he use the Pokeball and outcomes Melmetal* Ready, Sophocles?

Sophocles: *nodded his head 'yes' and quietly* Togedemaru use Zing Zap and Vikavolt use Signal Beam!
Ivan: *quietly* And Melmetal use thunderbolt! *With a triple shocking surprise the grunts (not to shock them but make some minor brownout) and notice Molayne and Magneton escape...they decide to go after them.

Sophocles: *as he and Ivan saw Molayne catches his own breath* Big Mo!
Molayne: Thank goodness you're alright!
Ivan: C'mon let's go! *as he, Sophocles and Molayne along with Togedemaru and Melmetal (after Sophocles put Vikavolt back in its Pokeball) try to escape but the Team Rocket Grunts stops them.*

Grunt#1: Come on out, Machamp! *and out comes the Superpower Pokemon, a four arm humanoid like creature*
Ivan: Save us, Melmetal!
Grunt#1: Machamp, Focus Punch!
Ivan: Melmetal, harden! *it stops Machamp's Focus Punch* Use Headbutt!
Grunt#1: Dodge it! *Machamp did.*
?: *female voice only* Lucario, Aura Sphere! *as a blue and black jackal bipedal like creature shows and stops Machamp with Aura Sphere*

Grunt#1: Machamp, no!
Grunt#2: Let's go Golbat! *and out comes the bat Pokemon, a large blue ? like creature.* Use supersonic!
?:*female voice only* Quick Guard, Lucario! *Lucario blocks Golbat's supersonic!* Lucario, quick attack! *and Lucario knock Golbat down to the ground and the other grunts saw Carmen Sandiego.*
Ivan: Carmen, what're you doing here?
Carmen: Figure you need some help!
Grunt#1: Get her! *as Squirtle shows up with a skull bash attack to the wall to knock the grunts down to the ground.*
Moe and Lars: *as they and Lee along with Farfetch'd and Floatzel* Boss!
Lee: Ivan, you're okay?
Ivan: Yeah thanks to Squirtle!

Five minutes later...

*Moe and Lars ties up the Grunts after Ivan put back Machamp and Golbat into their own Pokeball.*

Molayne: Please don't take anything, Miss Sandiego, please!
Carmen: I'm not!
Moe: *as he got a fold up paper* Hey, boss this check out! *as he gave Carmen the fold up paper and she shocked and give it to Lee*
Carmen: Better warn Jade and the others that piece of paper is just a map to the main headquarters of the Kahuna Pit. *as she, Moe and Lars along with Lucario, Farfetch'd and Floatzel leaves.*

Lee: *to Ivan after he saw where the main headquarters of the Kahuna Pit* Is that where Ivy, Zack and Aileen are?
Ivan: You said it.
Lee: I've got a feeling this case is about to be solve.
Squirtle: Squirtle! (Right on!)

(end of Chapter Seven)


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Chapter Eight

ACME Headquarters, Honolulu, HI, USA

Chief Jenny: *saw a screen* I hope you and Aileen found something, Detective Monaghan!
Zack: *voice only* We sure did, Chief Jenny! *as his drone move up closer* There it is.
Chief Jenny: Good work you two! Can you try and get a little closer, Detective Monaghan?
Zack: *voice only* With my drone it'll be a piece of cake.
Chief Jenny: At least back-up is coming your way Doctor Joy and I will be there soon as...*but then the screen is snowed in* Oh no, Detective Monaghan, Aileen!

That's why Zack and Aileen are outside of Wailea, Kauai spotted the Kahuna Pit Headquarters when Zack's drone got destroyed.

Zack: Oh terrific that drone was my birthday present.
Aileen: Who would do such a thing like that? *all of the sudden a weird humanoid like creature and a small black dog like creature shows up.*

Cassidy and Butch: *as they show up* Surprise! *as the grunts shows up along with Dr. Namba.*
Namba: Well, well if it isn't more snooping detectives coming in to expose us I see.
?: *voice only* Taillow!
Namba: What was that?
Jade: *voice only* Hold it right there, Team Rocket! *Namba, Cassidy, Butch and the grunts saw the rest of Team ACME (Jade, Ivy, Lee and Ivan) shows up along with Ritchie, 'Sparky', Kiawe, Lana, 'Sandy', Mallow, Tsareena, Sophocles, Togdemaru, Harper and Sarah with Luvdisc and Corsola and Olivia and Midday form Lycanroc along with Torchic, Squirtle, Dusk Form Lycanroc and Melmetal.*
Ritchie: You all won't get away with this...Rose, return! *as he use his Pokeball to return his Taillow back in*
Namba: We already have! *to two of the grunts* Get rid of them!
Two Grunts: Right! *as each got a Pokeball and outcomes Alolan versions of Golem (rock and electric type) and Sandslash (ice and steel type) Namba, Cassidy, Butch and the rest of the grunts ran back to the Kahuna Pit Headquarters*

Zack: Oh man!
?: Let's go, Excadrill! *and outcomes a mole like creature*
Rotom Phone: Also known as the Subterrene Pokemon!
?: Go Blazkien! *and outcomes a bipedal chicken like creature*
Rotom Phone: Also known as the Blaze Pokemon! *as Cal and the Hiker shows up*
Cal: Don't worry we've got'em!
Hiker: Get going you all!
Team ACME: Thanks! *as they left and went inside the Kahuna Pit Headquarters*

Namba: I would've guess you all pass through now you all going to pay dearly! *using his mind control machine the tourists as the zombies and controlling Oranguru.*
Mallow: Oh no, Oranguru! Dad!
Kiawe: No not my parents!
Jade: That machine of his is controlling everyone!
Ivy: Then let's destroyed it.
Lee: You got it!
Kiawe: Let's go Turtonator! *and outcomes Turtonator the blast turtle Pokemon*
Lana: Let's go Primarina! *and outcomes Primarina*
Zack: Let's do this, Incineroar! *and outcomes Incineroar*
Aileen: Go Rowlet! *and outcomes Rowlet*
Namba: *to Cassidy and Butch* Don't just stand there stop them!
Butch: Let's go Hitmontop, rolling kick!
Ivan: Melmetal, harden! *stops Hitmontop's attack*
Cassidy: Houndour, Flamethrower!
Lee: Squirtle, Hydro Pump! *Squirtle stops Houndour's attack*
Cassiidy: Houndour, use smog! *Houndour did*
Moe: *voice only* Swords Dance, Farfetch'd! *Farfetch'd clear the smog*

Namba: Ugh! Carmen Sandiego!
Carmen: Everyone aim for the machine!
Jade: Let's do it! Torchic, Fire Spin!
Lee: Squirtle, Hydro Pump!
Ritchie: Sparky, Thunderbolt!
Kiawe: Turtonator, Flamethrower!
Lana: Primarina, Icy wind and Sandy, Double Edge!
Harper: Luvdisc, water pulse!
Sarah: Corsola, Spike Cannon!
Ivy and Olivia: Lycanroc, Accelerock!
Zack: Incineroar, Flame Charge!
Aileen: Rowlet, Brave Bird!
Ivan: Melmetal, Flash Cannon!
Sophocles: Togedemaru, Zing Zap!
Mallow: Tsareena, Magical Leaf!
Moe: Farfetch'd, Brave Bird!
Lars: Floatzel, Whirlpool!
Carmen: Lucario, Aura Sphere! *and hello the machine is destroyed the hostage and Oranguru are freed*

Cassidy and Butch: * as them and their own Pokemon blasting*Looks like Team Rocket blasting off once again!

Jade: Place is about to explode!
Lee: Let's all get outer here!

*When Chief Jenny and Doctor Joy shows up they saw Team Rocket's cargo helicopter to escape once more while Team ACME along with the hostages escape before the headquarters well...explode! (as least Carmen, Moe and Lars escape as well along with Lucario, Farfetch'd and Floatzel) along with their own Pokemon safe and sound.*

Twenty minutes later

Chief Jenny: I can't believe Team Rocket got away!
Jade: At least we save the hostages from being slaves!
Chief Jenny: At least we found what causes the tourists to disappeared.
Ritchie: Yeah some mind control serum!
Lee: And using a psychic Pokemon like Oranguru to control them.
Ivy: At least everyone will be alright!
Zack: That's for sure!
Aileen: And there's enough for the Haunted Luau!
Team ACME: Oh Yeah!

(end of Chapter Eight)
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Waimea, Kauai, HI,USA

The Haunted Luau (there's a haunted Tiki Bar, non carve Tiki pumpkins and skull Tiki torches are among the decorations around and yes there's plenty of food and everyone in Halloween costumes especially the heroes)

Jade: *dressed in Hawaiian blue long muumuu ? with white hibiscus prints with pink lei crown headpiece, bracelet like wristbands and necklace and light brown close toe ?s to Ritchie who in kigurumi (cosplay pajamas) version of an Eevee and Sparky wear Ritchie's ?* Aloha, Ritchie!
Ritchie: Oh hi, Jade that's lovely dress you're wearing but should you wear a costume?
Jade: *as she grab a ?* This is my costume, Ritchie! I'm a Hawaiian Scholar.
Torchic: Torchic-Torch! (Yeah, yeah!)
Samson Oak: *who dressed as a ?* And a very good choice of a costume there, Jade!
Jade: What do you need to know?
Ritchie: Were there any mythical Pokemon around here?
Jade: I believe there is mythical Pokemon here centuries ago before of any of us were born...*there are Harper dress up as a kigurumi version of Psyduck and Sarah as a kigurumi version of Slowpoke along with Luvdisc and Corsola and there was Lee dressed up as a ?‍♂?‍♂*
Lee: *in a weird voice* Wanna hang ten, girls?
Harper: Luvdisc!
Sarah: Corsola!
Both: Water Gun! *and Luvdisc and Corsola did unto Lee*
Lee: Hey!
Squirtle: Squirtle-Squirtle-Squirtle-Squirt-Squirtle! (Hey you two stop spray water on Lee!)
*Ivy dressed as Pele the Polynesian female deity of ?es and ? and Aileen dressed up as a ?‍♀ Hula dancer laughed when Zack and Ivan dressed as Tiki Totems brought more guests
Lana: *dressed up as a ?‍♀ and 'Sandy' dressed as a hula dancer* Harper, Sarah, I told you two not to trained your Pokemon until you two are ten years old!
Mallow: *dressed up as a ?* The Feast is going to be ready in no time.
Aileen: I'm glad we need the extra help!
Mallow: Mahalo, Aileen figure you need more help!
Kiawe: *dressed as kigurumi version of Charizard along with his sister, Mimo dressed as kigurumi version of Charmander* Hey Halloween you guys! *Sophocles dressed as a Pokeball along with his Pokemon, Togedemaru*

Kukui: *dressed in a orange Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals along with Professor Burnett dressed in a orange muumuu dress and sandals and Lei dressed in a baby kigurumi version of a Pikachu* Aloha, everyone!
Burnet: I hope we're not too late!
Samson Oak: Not at all we just get started this haunted luau
Olivia: *dressed in a pink smocked muumuu* And what you think of the jewelry I made for Ivy!
Zack: Oh yeah she's really is on ? wait till I snapshot it from my ? and send it over to...
Ivy: *interrupted* Don't even think about it, Zack!
Sophocles: Better don't it or Togedemaru would zing zap on you! *Zack screamed and ran and everyone laughed*

The Feast begins...

*after a prayer everyone enjoy a bowl of poi (mashed taro root), green macaroni salad (the green macaroni is made from spinach and cauliflower), Lomilomi salmon, sweet Hawaiian dinner rolls, ?&? Luau, Chicken Laulau, steamed white rice, Kalua ?, purple ?, Cole Slaw with ? and for dessert, ? cake (at least Jade save a slice for her father when she goes back home after the party's over).*

Outside the luau

Moe: *enjoying a Mai Tai while Lars enjoys a Blue Hawaii* Well we couldn't crash the party!
Lars: You said it, Moe! *Farfetch'd and Floatzel shows up along with Carmen and Lucario*
Carmen: It's a shame we have to departed but we're still be friends, Lucario!

Moe: Yeah it's a shame alright we wish we could keep you!
Lars: But you know...well you know!
Farfetch'd : Farfetch'd! (We understand!)
Lucario: Lucario! (Me too!) Lucario! (So long!) *as Lucario, Farfetch'd and Floatzel leaves but always remember Carmen, Moe and Lars when each Pokemon met each one as children: Carmen met Lucario when she was the ACME Academy as a thirteen year old girl and Lucario was once Riolu (the Emanation Pokemon), Moe as a ten year old boy before meeting Lars he met a little Farfetch'd who was injury in pain and Lars as a twelve year old boy before meeting Moe he met Floatzel when it was a Buizel (the Sea Weasel Pokemon)*

Happy Halloween!
(end of Epilogue)

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