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[OOC: Chase has read and approved of his appearance in this post]

The following is a transcript of Jonathan Eckart's interview with Director Chase Devineaux, taken from a camera recording and an audio recorder on the Director's desk.

Parties are identified by CD for Chase Devineaux or JE for Jon Eckart.

*A knocking is heard, and after a second, Director Devineaux closes the folder he was looking through, and asks the person in*

CD: Come in.

(Jon Eckart is seen entering, Chase motions for Jon to take a seat)

CD: Good to see you, Jon. So, I have your Academy grades here, along with your background checks. You did quite well in your classes, and would just like to ask you a couple questions.

JE: Thank you. Good to meet you, too, Director Devineaux. What did you want to know? (Chase opens an official-looking folder, and flips through the contents)

CD: While you were in training at the Academy, the Chief ran an extensive background check, standard for all agents. He found a few things. Now, these few things do not automatically exclude you from becoming an Agent, as long as you are honest about them. (Chase paused for a second and took a sip from his tea)

CD: On looking into your background, the Chief found that you ran away from a foster home in 2007, where you had been living after your parents passed away in a car accident. That was in Yreka, and about six months later, you turned up in Oakland registered for school. Would you care to explain? (Chase leveled his gaze at Jon)

(Jon shifted in his seat)

JE: The foster family I was placed with were not nice people and were verbally abusive; I think they were in it just for the money. I ran away one night, and lived on the streets for about half a year, until I met someone who helped me get back into school. (Chase flipped through the folder, and handed a printout to Jon)

CD: Do you care to explain how your fingerprints came to be in a stolen car found in some trees on a backroad in Oakland? (Jon looked uncomfortable)

JE: One night, the weather was bad and I found a car that was unlocked, and I camped out in it, and found a slimjim and a set of lockpicks. The next night, I found a car and was able to pick the ignition, and drove to Oakland, ditched the car and went back to living on the streets, until I met someone who helped me out. (Chase nodded)

CD: And, while you were living on the streets, and living with the person you met, did you ever go by a different name?

JE: Umm… yes, I did. In an attempt to stay off the radar after I ran away, and all the way through school, I went by the name ‘Andrew Kilmeyer’, and listed him as my father on any paperwork. The identity was fake, as was his being my parent.

CD: Mmmhmm… to date, have you ever been arrested for anything, under either name?

JE: No, I have not.

CD: In your time on the street, did you ever assist anyone in committing any crimes?

JE: No, I did not. The false identities was not my idea, but at the time, all I could think about was not going back to the foster home and their continual neglect. I never pressed any charges, and never have had any plans of doing so. (Chase is seen to be nodding, though he shows no sign of agreement or disagreement on his face)

CD: So, is there anything else you would like to tell me about your past? What is said in here stays in here, and if you are forthright about it, I will not get you charged for it. (Jon looked confused at first, then squirmed the slightest bit)

JE: Umm, I don’t really know. I’ve never had many friends since I switched schools so long ago, and never had a problem studying anything. I’m not squeamish around blood, and can hold my own in a fight, if needed. I don’t drink much, mainly just a glass of expensive scotch on the anniversary of the accident, tried marijuana a couple times, but that was over ten years ago. (Chase can be seen nodding his head)

CD: If you were brought on as an agent, and someone committed a crime we were investigating, and that someone turned out to be someone you knew, would you treat them or handle the case any different than anyone else off the street?

JE: No, I wouldn’t. If I had a brother, if he did something that the Agency was handling, I would not let him off or handle it any different than any criminal I might find somewhere else. (Chase nods almost imperceptibly)

CD: If brought on as an agent here, would you have a problem with being on call twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, even on holidays, and quite possibly while on vacations?

JE: No, I wouldn’t.

CD: Here at ACME, no kind of discrimination is tolerated at all. We regularly deal with all walks of life, from rich captains of industry to homeless on the street, Africans to Asians to Caucasians. We treat them all the same. Also, on occasion, as part of the job, we may handle cases where you may be exposed to information that would be considered classified. That is why, on your first day, and at least once a year, the Agency will have you sign a new NDA, and for some cases, there will be other paperwork to sign. Do you understand everything I have told you?

JE: Yes, I do understand. (Chase nodded)

CD: Any questions?

JE: If I remember right, each agent is issued a gun, do Agents regularly use the guns, or are they only for defense as a last measure? And, also, if I may ask, are rookie agents partnered with someone else or do rookies mainly handle paperwork?

CD: Most of the time, Agents don’t use their firearms. I would have to check the files to see when the last time someone used their sidearm. Rookie Agents are partnered with someone; we’ll have you meet the fellow Agents, and it’s their choice if they want to partner with you. When not on a case, there is always paperwork to handle and reading through the paperwork will familiarize you with our case files and the criminals we catch. (Jon nodded in response).

CD: If there are no other questions, I would like to welcome you to the ACME Detective Agency. You can start your first day today if you want. (Chase stood up and came around his desk, Jon stood up, and Chase shook his hand)

JE: I would like to start today, if there is a desk available. I have my starter gear in my car. Oh, also, will I need a parking permit to park in the ramp, or is there an ID card that doubles for that?

CD: For now, you can go ahead and park in the ramp. We have parking permits, but last I heard, we were getting down on them, so just let the front desk know what car is yours along with the plate number and you’ll be fine. So, go ahead and get your gear and I’ll get the IT guys to get you a login for the system. Let’s say, meet at the front desk in five minutes and we’ll get you setup.

JE: Thank you, Director Devineaux. I’ll be right back in after I park in the ramp; I’m parked across the street by the café.

(Jon can be seen turning around and leaving, Chase picks up his phone and calls someone; records indicate the IT department, before he leaves his office)

[End of interview]

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