The Great Pokémon Caper


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon, Renee Santz, Rock Solid, Ivan Idea, Baron Wasteland and Top Grunge whatsoever and this is another crossover)

Guest characters (from the Pokémon anime series I don't own them whatsoever)

Misty and her Pokémon: Psyduck (duck Pokémon),Politoed (frog Pokémon),Gyarados (atrocious Pokémon), Goldeen (goldfish Pokémon),Staryu (star shaped Pokémon) and Corsola (coral Pokémon)

Gary Oak and his Pokémon: Umbreon (moonlight Pokémon)

Casey and her Pokémon: Meganium (herb Pokémon) and Elekid (electric Pokémon)

May and her Pokémon: Blaziken (blaze Pokémon),Skitty (kitten Pokémon),Wartortle (turtle Pokémon) and Glaceon (fresh snow Pokémon)

Dawn and her Pokémon: Piplup (penguin Pokémon) and Buneary (rabbit Pokémon)

Iris and her Pokémon: Axew (tusk Pokémon) and Dragonite (dragon Pokémon)

Professor Samuel Oak
Professor Birch
Max, May's younger brother

(Act one begins)

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

After the C-5 appears...Jade Ezell and her cat, Sam enters the front entrance there stood an ACME agent who is male, Japanese and he's around Lee Jordan's age...

"Oh hello! You must be Jade right?" the ACME agent asked.
"I'm her and this is my cat, Sam!" Jade answered and Sam meowed.
"Ah! Lee told me once about you and your cat before leaving for Morocco with Renee Santz!"
"And you are..."
"Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself I'm Daniel Yamaguchi, I'm an ACME agent here and I'm here to escort you to Chief Jenny at once."
" That's whom I'm seeing Chief Weller send me."
"Chief Jenny knows...come on!" said Daniel as Jade and Sam followed Daniel in the hallway.

Meanwhile in Singapore...

Raffles Hotel
Stateroom Suite Room Number 103 (the number of the rooms at that hotel has according to wikipedia by adding the numbers of staterooms (18), courtyard and palm court suites (66), personality suites (12), grand hotel suites (5) and presidential suites (2) according to its website's accommodations in which I look that up already and I don't own the hotel or its website or wikipedia whatsoever)

a seven year old boy woke up after a housekeeper just opened the door with a hotel key walk to a veranda (a roofed open-air gallery or porch often enclosed by a railing frequently extends the front and sides of the structure)...the boy screamed when sees a view and the boy when he came back in..."*gasped when the boy saw someone familiar disguising as a housekeeper* Oh great Carmen Sandiego, what in the world are you doing here?"
"What's it looks like, kid!" Carmen answered "*gasped* a kid!?!"
Both Carmen (disguising as a housekeeper) and the boy screamed woke a henna hair colored man up from the bed "What's with all the...huh?!?!" the man said as he recognizes Carmen's latest disguise. "Carmen! Nice disguise you got there."
" *gasped*Chase Devineaux!" said Carmen.
"You're know the guy is he your boyfriend?" the boy asked.
"Of course not, kid!" said Carmen.
"The name's Max!" the boy introduced.
"Max! You're not from here, are you?" Carmen asked.
"Where's here?" Max asked.
"Singapore, kid!" said Chase getting up from bed.
"It's Max!"
"Oh sorry!"
"Actually, I'm not from here I'm from Petalburg City!"
"Petalburg City!?!?!" Carmen and Chase said in unison and Max nodded his head 'yes.'

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Chief Jenny's office

Someone knocks on her door...
"Come in!" a woman's voice said and Daniel enter along with Jade and her cat, Sam there stood Chief Jenny (as mentioned in the Case of the Pokémon Pilferers) ..."Agent Yamaguchi!" said Chief Jenny as Daniel closes the door. "Ah Miss Jade welcome to ACME Japan, please have a seat!"

"Thank you!" said Jade as she's about to seat on the orange chair when Chief Jenny said to Jade "Oh no not that chair!" a dog growled at Jade she screamed, and Sam jumped onto Jade's shoulders getting scared.
"Growlithe!" Daniel said to the dog.
"Yours, Daniel?!?!" Jade asked.
"Chief Jenny's" Daniel answered "Growlithe is the puppy Pokémon some of her relatives have those some don't."
"Thanks for telling her that Agent Yamaguchi, you better interview Mr. Oak at the Interview Room he's waiting for you." said Chief Jenny.
"Yes ma'am!" said Daniel "Nice to meet you, Jade see you later!" and Daniel leaves the office by opening and closing the door.

"Mr. Oak?!?!" said Jade after spotting an empty chair and sits down there while Sam sits on the floor next to where Jade is sitting.
"Yes, Gary Oak is upset someone kidnapped his grandfather, Professor Samuel Oak!" said Chief Jenny.
"Professor Oak?!?!" Jade said, "I remember meeting him along with his assistant, Tracey Sketchit and Delia Ketchum while in Canada."
"Well, someone took him away and that's not all the Pokémon League at the Kanto region is cancelled due to vandalism of one of the eight Pokémon gyms."
Jade gasped and said, "That means Pokémon trainers will not get to earn badges in order to enter in the Pokémon League there."
"That's true, Miss Jade!" said Chief Jenny "all gym leaders have to close its gyms for this."

"Which gym got vandalize I'll help that gym leader out with ACME's help?" Jade asked as the closet door opened.
"I'm very glad you said that." another female's voice said and there stood a tomboyish girl who has orange hair and blue-green eyes and a yellow duck next to her that said "Psy!"
"Miss Jade this is Misty, the gym leader from Cerulean City." said Chief Jenny
"Nice to meet you, Misty!" said Jade.
"Psy!" the yellow duck said.
"And you too!"
"Jade this is my Pokemon, Psyduck!" Misty introduced Jade to the yellow duck.
"Psy!" said Psyduck as Sam smells Psyduck with his nose. "Psy!" Sam jumped onto Jade.
"Oh Sam, Psyduck said 'hi!' to you." said Jade as someone knock on the door.

"Come in!" said Chief Jenny as the door opened there stood a fifteen-year-old female ACME agent..."Sorry to bother you, Chief Jenny!" the female agent said, "But we've got a huge problem from the Aqua Training Center."
"Oh no!" said Misty.
"What did you do, Misty?" Jade asked.
"Miss Jade, I'll tell you when we get there." said Chief Jenny as she, Jade, Misty, Psyduck and Sam step out of the office to follow the female ACME agent.

(End of Act one)
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(Act two begins...forgot to mention earlier no Pokémon will not be harmed during blogging)

(Act two begins)

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

"I was about to get the coffeemaker ready when all the sudden an ACME Academy Instructor came in and he told me to get you at the Aqua Training Center." the female ACME agent said while she, Chief Jenny, Jade, Misty, Psyduck and Sam are walking down the hallway.

"Why didn't that instructor come to me himself, Agent Watanabe?" Chief Jenny asked.

"You're the Chief that knows Pokémon." said Agent Watanabe.

"COME ON NOW DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE WATER!!!!!!!" a girl's voice shouted.
"We're not we've been told not to enter there." another girl's voice said.
"The instructor's order." one more girl's voice said as Jade notices Maylee Young and Yvette Beaumont are here along with the other students talking to a pigtail purple haired brown eyed girl dressed as she were going to the Japan Series game and holding a cheer bell.
"Casey, what are you doing here?" Misty said as she recognizes the girl.
"Oh, hey Misty, what a nice surprise!" said Casey.
"Casey, you should've waited your turn to be interviewed with my cousin?" Agent Watanabe asked.
"Cousin?!?!" Jade said.
"Yes, my cousin's Daniel and beside my name is Sakura!" Agent Watanabe introduced herself to Jade.

"Miss Jade, Misty come with me if you all excuse us we'll be back." said Chief Jenny as she, Jade and Misty along with Sam and Psyduck enter the Aqua Training Center...there stood the instructor...
"Chief Jenny, thank goodness you're here!" said the instructor.
as Jade sees a green bipedal frog like creature and a small pink roundish like creature with branch like coral in the wading pool..."Wow, a Politoed and a Corsola!" said Jade.
"I hope you didn't see what you saw already!" the instructor said.
"I did they're just Pokémon!" said Jade "They're harmless!"
"Harmless?!?!" the instructor said to Jade as he shows her the next swimming pool. "Then take a look under water at this pool!"
A white/orange fish and a golden-brown sea star shape like creature..."A Goldeen and a Staryu!" said Jade while Sam sits on to the bleachers.
"It's alright, Agent!" said Chief Jenny "they won't harmed any of the Academy students while being trained underwater."
"Easy for you say because that yellow duck is about to...!"
"Psyduck!" said Misty as Psyduck fell down in the diving pool by accident. "Oh, Psyduck it can't swim!"
"Psy!Psy!" said Psyduck asking someone to save it.
"I'll get it out!" said the instructor as he grabbed a pool net to save Psyduck but just then a blue sea creature just came out the instructor screamed and out comes Psyduck splashing out of the pool and onto the instructor..."There's your answer!"

"That's my Gyarados!" said Misty.
"Gyarados?!?!" the instructor surprised and said to Misty after he give her back Psyduck. "Now see here you Miss Tomboy you better keep that sea creature in your Poke ball is that clear?" And the instructor leaves...
"Now I know exactly how I felt when Lee told me to keep you at home, Sam!" said Jade and Sam just sits there.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Jemaa el-Fnaa (a square and marketplace in the old city)

Speaking of Lee...he and Renee Santz are searching for Touriste Classe.

"So far no sign of that master art thief!" said Lee using his binoculars searching for the suspect.
"You sure about it, Jordan?" Renee asked.
"Yeah, no sign of him!" Lee answered, "But this place brings me back memories."
"Of what, Jordan!"
"The time when I caught Carmen Sandiego." (Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Episode 20: Boyhood's End Part One according to Lee he did track Carmen down for three solid months then he caught her in Morocco and the police there botched.)
"Yeah right...huh!"
"What now?"
"Hey Binocular Boy look at this." said Renee as Lee uses his binoculars and saw someone alright.
"a VILE Henchman!" said Lee.
"Let's move it, Lee!"

Lee and Renee follow the henchman is searching for something or someone...
"I wonder why that henchman shows up all the sudden?" Renee asked.
"I don't know but we're going to find out as soon as we grab him and put him in interrogation." Lee answered as he and Renee continued following that henchman when all the sudden someone said to Lee and Renee "That's far enough you ACME nitwits!"
Lee and Renee turn around and saw another henchman...and then someone is screaming...

(End of Act two)
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(Act three begins)

Marrakesh, Morocco

Jemaa el Fnaa

The henchman came grabbing a person in a caftan with the headscarf on...
"You two are too late to save this one." the other henchman said to Renee and Lee
"Actually, we're just looking for Touriste Classe!" said Lee.
"Where in Morocco is he?" Renee asked.
"Oops it seems someone give you two the wrong for this Pokémon Trainer her luck just run out *laughed as he removed the headscarf as reveals a pink kitten like creature on top of an indigo turtle like creature with furry ears and tail* What the...!"
"Hey, looking for little old me!" said a ten-year-old light brown-haired girl with green bandanna on her head.
"Why you!" said the other henchman.
"Skitty used tackle!" the girl said to the pink kitten like creature, and it did on the other henchman..."Wartortle water gun on that henchman!"
The indigo turtle like creature did spray the water onto the henchman away to the spice vendor.
Lee and Renee were surprised...
"Unbelievable!" said Lee.
"Amazing!" said Renee as the other henchman gets up and gets angry at the girl "Young lady, I'm tired of your tricks hand over your Blaziken or you'll see never your brother again." he said.
Lee and Renee gasped, and Lee said to Renee quietly "What does he mean by that?"
"Don't know just throw this!" said Renee while she and Lee are at the orange juice vendor grabs an orange and throws at the other henchman and Lee well did the same..."Come on!" Lee said to the girl and the girl follow Lee and Renee along with Wartortle and Skitty to a riad (a house or palace with an interior garden or a courtyard).

"That was close!" said Renee.
"Wartortle, return!" the girl said to Wartortle as it returns to the Poke ball while Skitty jumps onto Lee.
"Hey!" said Lee quietly while Skitty meowed "You crazy cat get off of me."
"Shh!" said Renee quietly "Keep it down!"
"Not me, the cat!"
"Skitty is a Pokémon not an ordinary cat!"
"Oh sorry, Renee!" said Lee quietly as the girl grab Skitty "Young lady you're safe with us we're from ACME."
"Oh, thank you!" the girl said quietly "By the way my name is May."
"Lee Jordan and this is Renee Santz!"
"What are you doing here in Morocco?" Renee asked quietly.
"I was invented to entertain the royal family in Rabat but when I got there the royal guard inform me that they didn't send it and then those two henchmen show up, so I have to get away from them." May answered quietly and shows Lee and Renee the invitation card that has a coat of arms of Morocco.
"Well with no doubt the royal guard's right about it." said Lee.
"When did you get the invitation?" Renee asked.
"Right after my brother, Max and Professor Birch have been kidnapped." May answered as Lee and Renee gasped and put Skitty back in the Poke ball without any of henchmen hearing its voice.
"Well, we can't stay here long!" said Renee.
"Let's go!" said Lee as he, Renee and May ran from a riad and head for the train station so they can get the next flight outer here.

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

The conference room.

After Gary and Casey got interviewed each one at a time, they were sent to the conference room along with Misty in whom Jade interviewed.

"I hope you were finding out who did kidnap my grandpa?" said Gary whose hair color is similar to Chase Devineaux's (Gary's hair color is mahogany and Chase's hair color is henna)
"And of course, trying to attempt to kidnapped Professor Elm in New Bark Town." said Casey.
"I hope Jade and Chief Jenny figure it out who it is, or I'll never be a gym leader anymore." said Misty.
"Oh, Misty cheer up!" said Casey.
"Yeah, quit being negative, Misty!" said Gary "I'm upset too you know."

Meanwhile at Chief Jenny's office

Chief Jenny and Jade are talking to Ivy Monaghan while Ivy is in Miami, Florida...
"You mean you can't find Mr. Devineaux at all?" Chief Jenny asked Ivy.
"No luck at all at least The Everglades is safe for now." Ivy answered.

Miami, Florida, USA

Little Havana district

"Keep in touch, Ivy!" said Jade on screen on Ivy's communicator.
"Thanks, Jade, I will!" said Ivy as she heads for a cafe where her brother Zack, Ivan Idea and Spencer Ross are looking up at the menu for lunch.
"Let's go for a Cuban sandwich!" said Zack.
"Sounds good to me, Zacky!" said Ivan.
"Agree!" said Spencer as Ivy came and said "Boys, why don't you get your lunches...*gasped* Boys cover your noses!"
"Why?" Zack said as Ivan hears a motorcycle coming.
"Uh-oh here comes Mr. Rotten!" Ivan answered.
"Top Grunge!" said Spencer as he, Ivy, Zack and Ivan get down under the table cover their own nose while Top Grunge enter the cafe..."Swoosh that was close!" Grunge said, " I hope I can get outer here and find those Pokémon at the Oak Lab and the rest in Petalburg City and meeting the baron in Sentosa wherever that is."

"Piplup!" something or someone said.
"Huh!" Grunge said and he saw the kitchen door swinging back and forth so he sneaks in the kitchen...
Ivy, Zack, Ivan and Spencer get up from the table.
"Whoa! Looks like Grunge just left." said Zack.
"I doubt it, Zack!" said Ivy.
"He wouldn't leave his bike that's for sure!" said Ivan.
"Ivan's right, but I do know about meeting the baron in Sentosa." said Spencer.
"The baron?" Zack said.
"Let's go interrogated Grunge!" said Ivy until Grunge is screaming and running out of the kitchen and speeds outer here in his motorcycle..."I wonder what happened?"
"Piplup!" said a small light blue penguin like creature as it came.
"There's your answer, Ivy!" Zack said as a ten-year-old dark blue haired girl with a white beanie hat on shows up...
"It worked, Zack!" the girl said, "Well almost!"
"Piplup!" the penguin said.
"Zack, who is she?" Ivy said to Zack.
"Ivy, this is Dawn and her Pokémon, Piplup!" Zack introduced Ivy to the girl and her penguin friend "Dawn, this is my sister, Ivy!"
"Nice to meet you, Dawn!" said Ivy.
"You too, Ivy!" said Dawn.
"Dawn, tell me why you're here?"
"I just so happened to be in the neighborhood after I talk to an ACME agent about the attempt kidnapped of Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town."
"It's true, sis!" said Zack as the people came out of the kitchen "Plus this restaurant is had it with Grunge's stench that scare the customers away."
"So that's why Grunge ran out." said Ivy.
"Yup! His hygiene is really bad!" said Dawn.
"Piplup!" said Piplup (Translation: 'Agree!')

"We better get back to Tokyo and take Dawn with us." said Ivy.
"That's great I can't wait to go back." said Dawn.
"Piplup!" said Piplup cheerfully.
"And we like four Cuban Sandwiches to go, please!" said Dawn to the waitress.

Somewhere in Singapore

After checking out at the Raffles Hotel for just one night Chase and Max for Changi Airport by bus...

Terminal 1 Ticket Counter

"I'm sorry everybody all flights are cancelled due to computer error we apologize for the inconvenience." the Airline Ticket Agent said to all the passengers who wanted to leave Singapore.
"Terrific!" said Chase.
"Now what, Chase?" said Max.
" I got a feeling that Baron Wasteland wants me to stay put for nothing." said Chase.
"What are we going to do?" said Max "*gasped* Did you say Baron Wasteland?"
"I did, Max!" said Chase "Come on lets you and I talk away from the crowd."
"Good idea!" said Max as he and Chase did.

(End of Act three)
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(Act four, part one begins)

Somewhere in Singapore

Changi Airport Terminal 1's Transit Area

"And that's how you end up here separately from Professor Birch?" Chase asked Max how he end up in Singapore.
"Him and my parents!" Max answered, "And that's not all Wasteland just trash my dad's gym."
Chase is getting angry at Baron Wasteland after what happened at the Everglades when all the sudden, he saw a plane landed at the airport..."Wasteland!"
And then something or someone is behind the bushes scaring Max out...Chase tiptoe slowly and there he saw a VILE henchman grab him and plunge him down to the swimming pool with a punch.
"Chase are you alright?" Max asked.
"Definitely!" Chase answered as he picked up a car key.

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Someone came in the entrance of headquarters...
"Can I help you?" Daniel asked to a violet-haired/medium brown skinned girl who catches her own breath as Rock Solid came and grab the girl "Gotcha!" Rock said.

"Let me go! Let me go!" the girl as Gary came and said by using a Poke ball "Umbreon, quick attack!" and out it comes a black creature with yellow circles and its quick attacked Rock to let go of the girl by pushing Rock down to the floor.

"Hey why you...!" Rock said to Gary.
"Gary what are you doing?" Misty asked as she and Casey came.
"I choose you, Meganium!" said Casey as she used her Poke ball and out comes a pale green sauropod like creature with a flower rounded its neck..."Used vine whip to wrap up that crook!" said Casey and Meganium did.
"Let go!" said Rock as Jade and Chief Jenny came along with Sam.
"Hey, what's going on here?" Chief Jenny asked.
"We caught a crook!" Casey answered.
"No, you didn't, Casey you caught one of ACME's good guides." said Jade as Gary and Casey got surprised by what Jade said.
"Now let him go!" said Chief Jenny.
Casey's Meganium let Rock go..."Solid, where were you?" Chief Jenny asked.

"I was with Gannon, Jackson and Argonaut around the fish market when all the sudden VILE henchmen pursuing this girl here." Rock answered.
"Okay, where are Agents Gannon, Jackson and Argonaut because Detective Jordan will be responsible for them if those three are reported..."

"Missing? No! Capture? Yes!" Rock interrupted and Jade gasped until her padphone is activated..."What the...*noticing the transport button is glowing green and Jade press the transport button*" said Jade and the C-5 appeared and so does May and Dawn along with Dawn's Piplup.
"Whoa! Who are you two and who's that Pokémon?" Jade asked.
"Piplup!" said Piplup
"Oh hi, Piplup!" said Jade.
"Alright people you all are coming with me to the conference room immediately!" Chief Jenny commanded.

Somewhere in Singapore

Sentosa Island

Imbiah Lookout

"...don't worry it won't happen again!" said Grunge.
"Grunge, I warn you no more excuses...I can't believe that Professor Oak's assistant sends out the Pokémon you were supposed to bring in and then attack you? That's a terrible excuse from you!" said Baron Wasteland
"And like I said..."
"Silence!" Wasteland interrupted as a red Porsche Cayman came along with a semi-truck ..."At least that one didn't fail me."

"Sir, we only got the ACME agents but not the two girls." a henchman said who is in the semi-truck and after rolling down the window.
"What?!?!" Wasteland said.
"They escaped, sir out of nowhere!" the henchman said.
"Describe those girls."
"One has a blue penguin but uses a rabbit to bounce and dizzy punch three of our men and the other girl well has a chicken like warrior that sky uppercut and mega kick two of the rest I was the only one that escape along with the one in the car."

"Excuses, excuses! *Baron Wasteland knock on the car window* I'm glad you never make any excuses, do you?" Wasteland asked as a henchman shook his head 'no'. "Good! Now go!" as the car and semi-truck leaves to go on.

Another henchman came and brought in a piece of paper and give it to Wasteland "Ah! Three more ACME agents from Tokyo." he said after reading the paper "The girl got the file earlier escaped along with an ACME Good Guide...That was a top-secret surprise...P.S. The Boss is here!"

Grunge gasped and asked, "What should I tell the boss?"
"Nothing at all!" Wasteland answered as he walks away.

ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Conference Room

"I'm May and this is Dawn!" May introduced herself and Dawn to Jade, Rock and Chief Jenny along with Misty, Gary and Casey.
"And my name is Iris!" the violet haired/medium brown skinned girl introduced and then all the sudden there's a grayish-green bipedal like creature with a tusk on the mouth appeared behind her hair "And this is my Pokémon, Axew!"
"Axew!" the creature introduced itself.
"Piplup!" Piplup said saying 'hello' to Axew.
Sam meowed (by saying 'hello' to Piplup and Axew)
"What brings you three here to ACME?" Chief Jenny asked.
"And please one at a time." said Jade.

"No need to worry...Let just say that me and May have to escape with Ivan's transport watch he and Spencer invented recently to escape from VILE Henchmen." said Dawn as she shows Jade and Chief Jenny the watch and place on the table.
"And here!" said Iris as she brings in a file folder "This file contains evidence when I grab it from VILE!"

Chief Jenny opened the file folder and gasped.
"Is that evidence?" Jade asked.
"It is!" Chief Jenny answered as Jade saw the evidence and gasped.
"So that's it!"
"What's it?" May and Dawn said in unison.
"It's top secret and it deals with..."
"All of your Pokémon list in this file." Chief Jenny interrupted as Gary, Misty and Casey gasped along with May, Dawn and Iris.

"So where in the world is Ivan Idea?" Jade asked.
"VILE henchmen took him along with Ivy, Zack and Spencer to Singapore." Dawn answered.
"Including Lee and Renee." May said as Jade and Rock gasped.
and Rock said, "I bet that's where Cole, Jason and Tyson are there too."
"And if I'm right Chase would be there as well along with Professor Oak." said Jade.
"Would there be a chance my brother, Max and Professor Birch be there too?" May asked.
"I believe so, May." said Jade.
"Well, you better find out yourselves if you all are right." said Chief Jenny

"I just remember that filthy creep named Top Grunge is going to meet a baron in Sentosa wherever that is." said Dawn.
"Sentosa?!?!" said Jade "I know that's an island across from Mainland Singapore it's a paradise of fun there we should check there...And Dawn which baron is Top Grunge talking about?"
"I don't know!" said Dawn.
"I bet that Baron Wasteland is the one baron in whom that Top Grunge meeting him there." said May.
"Why Wasteland?" Jade asked.
"He's the one who trash my dad's gym and took Max and Professor Birch away he wants one of my Pokémon." May answered.

"Which of your Pokémon is Baron Wasteland after?" Chief Jenny asked.
"My Blaziken!" May answered as Chief Jenny and Jade gasped.
"Just like Baron Wasteland wants my Gyarados!" said Misty.
"All right I send in two warrants for Top Grunge and Baron Wasteland...Miss Jade take Gary, Misty, May, Dawn, Casey and Iris." said Chief Jenny "Especially your cat, Jade!"
"Right, Chief Jenny!" said Jade "Come on everyone let's go!"
"Rock, you remain here until further notice." Chief Jenny commanded.
"Yes, ma'am!" said Rock as Jade, Gary, Misty, Casey, May, Dawn and Iris along with Sam, Piplup and Axew leaving the conference room and head for Singapore's famous playground for everyone.

(End of Act four, part one)
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(Act four, part two begins)

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Resorts World, West Zone

a three-bedroom villa

Baron Wasteland and Top Grunge enter there tied up are Professor Oak and a man who in his thirties...
"Well,well,gentlemen I guess it's time for you two to drown." said Wasteland
"Why is that?" Oak asked
"It seems your grandson won't give me an Aerodactyl!" said Wasteland
"Nor that Misty give us that big blue sea creature." said Grunge.
"I wish you would take a bath, Grunge!" the man in his thirties said.
"Watch it, Birch!" said Grunge.
"Yes, watch it, Professor Birch, that girl won't give up her Blaziken either." said Wasteland.
"And what are you going to do with her brother?" Birch asked.
"Nothing at all!" said Wasteland as he snapped his fingers as two henchmen grabbed Oak and Birch as they followed Wasteland and Grunge.

Siloso Beach

The C-5 appeared and so does Jade (with her cat, Sam), Gary, Misty, Casey, May, Dawn (with Piplup) and Iris (with Axew)...
"Glad you made it, Jade!" a familiar voice said as Jade turn around and saw Carmen.
"Carmen!" Jade said.
"Why is she here?" Gary asked.
"She'll explained everything." said Jade as a red Porsche Cayman came and parked.
"There is an explanation!" said Carmen as Chase(in disguise as a VILE Henchman) and Max came out of the car.
"Max!" said May
"May!" said Max as he ran towards May and hugged her.
"Chase!" said Jade as Chase came.
"Jade, what are you doing here?" Chase asked as he removed the sunglasses.
"Looking for you and the other ACME agents who were captured." Jade answered.
"What?!?!" Chase said.
"It's true, Baron Wasteland and Top Grunge are behind this Pokémon caper." said Jade.
"After what happened in the Everglades? I've figure he ambushed the others." said Chase.

"Max, where's Professor Birch?" May asked.
"I don't know, sis!" Max answered, "He's not with me!"
"What about my grandfather?" Gary asked.
"You mean Professor Oak?" Max said.
"Yeah, is he here?"
"Sorry he's not with me either." Max answered as a semi-truck came and parked.
"Uh-oh! Trouble!"
"Everyone hide! I'll take care of this!" said Carmen as a submarine emerged while Jade, Chase, Gary, Misty, Casey, May, Max, Dawn and Iris along with Sam, Piplup and Axew hide.

Getting out from the submarine there was three henchmen bringing out Cole Gannon, Tyson Jackson and Jason Argonaut...Then in the semi-truck one henchman open the back of the semi-truck there was Ivy, Zack, Lee, Renee, Ivan and Spencer "Move it!" he said, and they did and finally Baron Wasteland and Top Grunge along with two henchmen escorting Professors Oak and Birch.

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan...

Chief Jenny's office

Chief Jenny is looking at her computer when all the sudden someone knocking on the door..."Come in!" she said and Rock opened the door and said "Anything?"
"Nothing so far...*gasped* then again look at this."
Chief Jenny and Rock saw the pictures from Jade that she sent after taking them and send them by her padphone.
"Oh, Poke balls!" said Chief Jenny "Solid, let's move it."
"Right, Chief Jenny!" said Rock as he and Chief Jenny leaves.

Back in Sentosa's Siloso Beach

"Chief Jenny is on her way right now." said Jade quietly after she reads Chief Jenny's message.
"We have to buy some time when Chief Jenny gets here." said Chase quietly, "I better help our enemy around."
"Be careful, Chase!" said Jade quietly as Chase goes with Carmen carefully.
"What are we do?" Iris asked quietly "We can't sit around all day."
"We're not, Iris!" said Jade quietly "I hope each of you got your Pokémon with you."
"Sure did." said Casey quietly, "It's like a bottom of the ninth inning for one more strike for the visitor's team."
"More likely to ambush back to the bad guys." said Jade quietly.

Baron Wasteland and Top Grunge saw the 'henchman' showing up Wasteland asked "Where were you?"
"Getting some fresh air." said Chase while in disguise as he and Carmen walked.
"I hate fresh air...Carmen, what are you doing here?"
"What's it looks like Wasteland?" Carmen said, "I'm disappointed at you and Grunge."
"Now Carmen!" said Grunge.
"You think you can used Pokémon to make VILE a better criminal organization than any other." said Carmen.
"Think of it, Carmen, VILE is the bottom of the criminal chain." said Wasteland.
"Yeah, why can't we do what we want to do beside taking the Mona Lisa away or even go back to the basics." said Grunge.
"Without leaving a single clue for ACME to track us down."

Carmen sighed and said, "Release them!"
"What?!?!" Wasteland and Grunge said in unison.
"I said Release them!"
"Never!" Wasteland said.
"Wasteland, you better do as your boss said." said Chase as he removed his disguise.
"*gasped* Devineaux! Why you?" said Wasteland as he is about to used his cane to shock him...Sam stop Wasteland by jumping onto him and then his cane got dropped by a shock after Sam gets off of Wasteland.

"Elekid!" said a yellow/black striped plug like creature.
"Strike three you're out!" said Casey.
"Henchmen, grab that Pokémon!" Wasteland commanded.
"Let's get it!" one of the henchmen said...
"Glaceon, Blaziken let's go!" said May as she uses her Poke balls to summon a light blue creature and a chicken like warrior.
"Come on out, Buneary!" said Dawn as she uses her Poke ball to summon a small brown rabbit like creature.
"Dragonite, I choose you!" said Iris as she uses her Poke ball to summon a light orange bipedal dragon like creature.

The henchmen got scared...
"That's right boys!" said Jade after she came "When mess with ACME you mess with Pokémon."
"You blasted free agent; you're going pay for this." said Wasteland as the police from Mainland Singapore arrived and Chief Jenny and Rock as well.

Two weeks later...

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Conference Room

"I've got a letter from Chief Jenny." said Jade holding a letter along with Chase, Ivy, Zack, Lee, Renee, Ivan, Rock, Cole, Maylee, Jason, Tyson and Spencer. (Her cat, Sam is at her mother's house just so you know)
"According to her letter she's doing great so far...the Pokémon League in the Kanto region is back on track...Grunge who trashes the gym in Cerulean City is forced to clean it up after what he did there and Wasteland well, he has to clean up the gym in Petalburg City after what he did there too."

"But the question is what is in that file?" Lee asked.
"Top Secret, Lee!" said Jade "but for now everything's back to normal."
"Jade, we still got plenty of time to capture Carmen Sandiego if she and her gang strikes again." said Chase.
"The old-fashioned way?"
"The old-fashioned way, Jade!" said Chase.

Outside of ACME Headquarters

Carmen is smiling after using her binoculars and listening on what Jade is saying..."You're right about that one, Jade! It seems I have another 'meeting' to discuss my gang to do things my way." she said and uses her rocket backpack to fly away.

The End

(End of act four, part two...Sorry I was struggling with this part of the act I just want the story to be just right you know what I mean)
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Another great story, Jade. I liked that there was a lot of humor. I liked the way your cat, Sam helped out; and I liked the way the Pokémon helped the ACME agents, too. ;)

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