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The First Pack - August 2005

I guess some may wonder about my first two dogs and how they came to live with me. Before the accident occured, I was trying my best to live on my own and deal with everything myself. As I threw myself into my work - I found myself drawn to two strays at the shelter I worked at. Something about the two seemed to draw me in - and of course they also took to me. I had a way with animals.

The shelter wasn’t big, a medium sized red and grey building with a good chunk of acreage behind it for the dogs to play in. In total the shelter had 20 acres of woods and open grassy fields to let the dogs and animals go for walks and rides - as the shelter did rescue horses and needed land to be able to let them exercise. The hallways were cream with oakwood doors and bamboo laminate floors. The kennels weren’t huge - but not too small either and usually held 1-2 dogs each. Luckily I was willing to take the two that took to me in.

Hungry, lonely and a bit aggressive the two females wanted no person close to them. Of course I couldn’t resist the challenge - it kept my mind off things going on back home. I guess they just reminded me of me - if that makes sense. A gorgeous Saluki and border collie that were as attached to the hip as I was to my singing and passion for animals. It took a couple weeks but eventually I won over their trust.

I began taking the two out for long walks - enjoying the sun and sometimes the snow and rain too. It really depended on what day I was having - did I go on long walks in the rain, or did I want just some relaxation in the sun with the two?

As such , after a few months , just around christmas time actually - I decided to adopt the two. I had begun training them and honestly the two were so smart. As I walked home with snowflakes dusting my ebony hair with flecks of white - I thought about possible names. The two dogs walking beside me loyally as I headed home for the holiday. Zienna - that was what I would call the Saluki. Her long legs and streamlined body seemed so graceful to me and her long fur ebony with a tan belly and under paws. She was gorgeous - her head and face narrow but elegant. Xena - that was the border collie. She was fierce and fiesty - not unlike the warrior princess herself. Russet red long coat with white splotches on her belly, tail, and paws. Both dogs had stunning, gorgeous blue eyes. Though Zienna had more grey mixed in so it looked like a swirling storm cloud. This was my pack - my home, and my life as of now. The two demanded most of my attention every day - especially when i got home from work (unless they tagged along that day). It was something new - but I had a family again. I felt complete. More than I had in a long time now. I was home at last.

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