The Disaster Which Changed Life

Pitya Ivyr

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October 2013

Ivyr hadn’t been 14 for long. The weather had been nice. Until now, as the two women headed up for a day in the snow. The two were happy as could be. Enjoying themselves. Ivyr hadn’t played in the snow since she left her homeland. And she was as excited as any young teenager could be.

Her mother, Tara, made sure the car was equipped properly as they ascended toward the meadows where they could enjoy themselves. She looked a lot like her daughter…. Though her hair was different. Instead of ebony like her daughter, she had stunning naturally red hair that shimmered lightly with snowflakes as she exited the car to unload their snowshoes. It was about time for her to spend these moment with her daughter and not worry about work.

Tara smiled sweetly at her daughter, ruffling the ebony hair and causing snowflakes to fall gently onto the heavy jacket the girl wore. “What do you say to have fun my little crystal?” Her voice was soft as she put on her snowshoes. Her daughter however, struggled and the soft tinkling laugh emerged as she helped her put them on correctly. Her red hair falling in front of her eyes gently. The red hair tumbled down her back in curls and waves, stuck up in a low ponytail so she could see where she was going.

As the day grew from morning to afternoon, one could hear soft laughter as the two women enjoyed themselves. Truly acting like a family at long last. The trees held snow in their branches, soft sounds of snow falling as shoes crunched the snow. Tara sadly knew they had to get home. It was not a short drive back for sure. She led the way back, her eyes sparkling as she watched her daughter take off the snow gear… cheeks flushed from laughter and happiness.

Tara’s phone however, ruined the duo’s happy moments as they headed home. The elder woman answered it and instantly went into business mode. Her voice swiftly changing from happy-go-lucky to calm and brisk. She was a veterinarian ( a long road she knew took her forever to get to the end of… and most likely influenced her daughter in some way shape and form). She had an emergency to go take care of. Her fingers tapped the steering wheel as she headed home. Her eyes focused solely on the road. She stole a glance at her daughter as they headed down the mountain… only to find the wheels hit a slick piece of black ice. The car slid out of control,

The car headed for the hill, and the whole thing was a blur. The wheels turned and the red haired woman glanced to Ivyr fondly as she ordered her to hold on nand be careful. The subaru hit a tree and the impact jarred both women. Ivyr couldn’t remember much after that. Her vision blurred and her body ached and hurt. She was injured that much was obvious but her mother was top of her mind. The car was slowly getting colder and colder as snow entered the beat up vehicle. Her fingers clenching as Ivyr tried to reach her mother.

Lights shone from above the two and vaguely… Ivyr remembered hearing warped voices as she tried to glance around. Soon though, red and blue lights shone from the road and figures descended towards the wreck. Ivyr was carefully removed from the wreck, her vision warped and foggy. Everything after that faded in and out. She could remember being moved. Pain in her side and head. A warm back of a car… her guess was an ambulance. Light in her eyes caused her to try and jerk back, not expecting the harsh brightness. Then darkness overtook her.

The next time the girl awoke, a hospital is what she saw. The sheets a light blue, crisp and clean A strong smell of disinfectant caught her nose as she tried to sit up. Her body protesting violently and a figure beside her started awake. A co-worker of her mothers. Violet… if she was remembering correctly. “Where’s mom?” Ivyr asked groggily. Her body laying on the pillows delicately. The woman beside her bed sighed before she shook her head and gently took a hand in hers “Ivyr honey… your mom… didn’t make it.” Violet sounded choked up and Ivyr’s eyes widened before she shook her head.

“No…. no way. Mom wouldn’t. That’s not true. It can’t be true!” her voice cracked as tears welled up. All that fun time…. All that was alright and perfect, was the last time she had seen her mother?! She refused to believe that. Tears fell gently as Violet shushed the girl gently. Her poor head was bandaged, stitches adorning a gash above her right eye, along her brow bone. She looked like she had been in a fight. Violet guessed she kinda had… just with nature and not an actual person. Luckily a letter had come in the mail for the girl.
“Ivyr, this came for you in the mail the other day. You’ve been out of it for a while.” Violet murmured, gently handing the girl an enclosed letter. The letter was addressed to Ivyr for sure and as she opened it her breath caught. ACME had invited her into their ranks… to join the academy… at this point, what was left for her here? Nothing. Her family gone, her home no longer feeling like home the girl sighed before she gave a tired smile to Violet. “Looks like I’m headed back to school huh.” she murmured, swiftly accepting and laying back in bed. Somehow thinking this decision would change her life as she knew it.

Ivyr’s adventures were just starting at that point. She exited the hospital with crutches and a burdened soul… but a fierce look of determination to do something with her life. She headed home, Violet thankfully taking her in her truck. Ivyr set about packing up things. Her fingers lingering over to old dvds and cds her mother gave her. Her eyes watered slightly before she brushed them away. She could grieve later. Right now she had to pack.

A week later the girl was done packing and leaving her home. Violet was willing to drive her, thankfully cause she had adopted two dogs and thus it would be slightly difficult to travel she bet. Ivyr stole a glance back at her home and then glanced at her lap, a cold nose pressing into her hair causing her to give a slight smile to her two new partners. A new road lay ahead… and for what, she had no idea. All sorts of new adventures awaited.


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Was this moment what Ivyr remembered most about her mom, or were there others that come to mind first when she thinks about her mother?

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