The Curry Conspiracy

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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Zack, Cole Gannon, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas whatsoever and yes it's about food and yes it's a crossover)

Guest Characters: From MegaMan NT Warrior (a Japanese cartoon based on the video game MegaMan Battle Network series by Capcom in which I don't own the game or the characters)

1. MegaMan and his Net Operative,Lan Hikari
2.Roll and her Net Operative,Maylu Sakurai
3. GutsMan and his Net Operative,Dex Oyama
4, Glyde and his Net Operative, Yai Ayano
5. IceMan and his Net Operative, Tory Froid
6. ProtoMan and his Net Operative, Chaud Blaze
7. TorchMan (Alias FireMan) and his Net Operative, Mr. Match
8. ElecMan and his Net Operative, Count (Jack) Zap
9. WackoMan (Alias ColorMan) and his Net Operative,Maddy
10. MagicMan and his Net Operative, Yahoot
11. Rush the Cyberdog
12. Chisao,Dex's little brother
13. Ms. Mari, Lan's teacher
14. Dr. Yuichiro Hikari, Lan's father
15. Famous

(Act One begins)

San Francisco,CA,USA

ACME Headquarters

The Hallway

Thanks to the C-5 Jade Ezell came alright and landed on Zack Monaghan by accident.

His older sister, Ivy Monaghan show up in time as Jade got off of Zack..."Zack,You're okay?" Ivy asked as Zack got up

"Yeah, I'm okay no thanks to Jade she broke my fall." Zack answered
"I'm sorry,Zack!" said Jade
"Whatever!" said Zack as he leaves
"I said I'm sorry to your brother,Ivy,what's wrong with him?" said Jade
"You don't want to know,Jade." said Ivy "anyway Chase is waiting for you."
"Thanks, Ivy!" said Jade as she walk fast to see Chase Devineaux and there Jade saw him,a man with the eyeglasses on,a man with the sunglasses and a '19' shirt on underneath his lab coat and an eleven year old boy with a blue headband on.

"Hey Chase,What's going on?" Jade asked
"Nothing's going on,Jade." Chase answered and pointed at the boy with a blue headband "I glad you came I want you to give this one from Dentech City a tour."

"It better be the City by the Bay,Chase!"
"It sure is,Jade!" said Chase
"Hello,Jade we all glad to meet the way,My name is Yuichiro Hikari,I'm a scientist at Sci-Lab." the man with the eyeglasses on said "And the one in whom Mr. Devineaux want you to take to show around the city is my son, Lan!"

"Hello,Jade!" Lan said "Nice to meet you!"
"Pleasures all mine,Lan!" said Jade as she and Lan shake hands.
"And this gentleman right next to me is Mr. Famous!" Lan introduced Jade to the gentleman with the sunglasses and a '19' shirt on underneath his lab coat.
"No,it's just Famous,alright!" the man said to Lan "Sorry about Lan's introduction to me,Jade!"
"None taken, Famous!" said Jade as she and Famous shake hands to each other.
"Well it's time for a briefly afternoon meeting with the Chief ." said Chase as he leaves to see the Chief.
"And Lan,Famous and I are heading for the ACME lab be sure to listen to Jade while she giving you a tour understand?" Dr. Hikari asked

"Yes,Dad!" said Lan as his father and Famous leaves for the lab.
"Let's go,Lan!" said Jade
"Right,Jade!" said Lan
"Oh Lan!" a voice said
"Was that your father?" Jade asked
"Nope not really!" said Lan
"Lan!" a voice said
"Oops! I almost forgot,Jade." said Lan as he pull out a cellphone like device and on screen is a small blue human like robot.
"Oh so that's who called you,Lan!" said Jade "Hi there my name is Jade!"
"It's good to meet you,Jade I'm MegaMan!" the small robot introduce himself to Jade
"Pleasure to meet you as well,MegaMan...Come on let's get this tour started." said Jade as she and Lan along with MegaMan leaving ACME Headquarters to show Lan and MegaMan...San Francisco.

(end of Act one)
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(Act two,part one begins)

San Francisco,CA,USA

After showing Lan (along with MegaMan) the view of the Golden Gate Bridge on top of the roof of ACME Headquarters...Jade and Lan headed for The Golden Gate Park's Polo Fields to meet Jason Argonaut when all the sudden someone shouted "LOOK OUT!"

Jade gasped as she sees a soccer ball coming towards her and Lan caught the ball.

"Nice catch,kid!" said Jason as he,a boy in a yellow hoodie and a lady with a cinnamon bun like hairstyle came to Jade and Lan

"Thanks!" said Lan
"Ma'am,are you alright?" the boy in a yellow hoodie asked Jade
"I'm okay,thanks to Lan!" Jade answered
"Miss Mari,Tory!" Lan said to the boy in a yellow hoodie and the lady with a cinnamon bun like hairstyle.
"Lan!" said Tory and Miss Mari in unison
"Hey I see you three know each other." said Jason
"Of course,Jason." said Miss Mari "We're from Dentech City!"
"Wow! By the way this is Jade!" said Jason
"Please to meet you two." said Jade
"Make it three!" someone said
"Who said that?" Jade asked as Tory shows his cellphone like device.
"Jade, this is IceMan!" Tory answered shyly.
"Aw how cute!" Jade said as she look at IceMan.
"Cute?" said IceMan
"Come on,Jade we better headed for Chinatown Maylee is waiting for us." said Jason
"Right,Jason let's go." said Jade as she,Jason,Lan,Tory and Miss Mari leaves Golden Gate Park's Polo Fields.

"MegaMan,do you think I'm cute?" IceMan asked
"Oh brother!" said MegaMan


Jade,Jason,Lan,Tory and Miss Mari there was Maylee Young...
"Hey everyone!" Maylee said
"Maylee,thank goodness I thought well..." said Jade until Maylee interrupted "Thinking I might stop at a Fortune Cookie Factory?"
"No,Maylee I thought you be enjoy Dim Sum." Jade answered as someone gasped...
Lan,Tory and Miss Mari were surprised to see a red-haired girl who has the same age as Lan..."Maylu!" Lan said.

"Oh I almost forgot Jade,Jason this is Maylu!" said Maylee
"Hi!" said Jason
"Nice to meet you,Maylu!" said Jade "And I figured Maylu knows Lan,Tory and Miss Mari and Dentech City is where she from as well."
"Whoa,Jade,how did you know where Maylu is from?" Maylee asked
"Well it's a conscience and acquaintance! *laughed*" Jade answered
"I consider that not funny!" someone said.
"Just a good guess...hey did you say that,Maylu?"
"No,it's not me!" Maylu answered as she shows Jade her cellphone like device. "Jade,this is Roll!"
"Roll's a girl!"
"It's true,Jade!" said MegaMan as something beeped "What was that?"
"My Padphone!" Jade answered as she sees the message from ACME. "Lan, I better cut the rest of the tour off there's trouble at the Transamerica Pyramid in Union Square."
"If there's trouble we would like to help!" Lan requested
"It could be dangerous,Lan!"
"What do you mean by that Jade?" MegaMan asked
"MegaMan what if there's a fire or a hostage." Jade answered
"I don't want to risk your friend to get hurt."
"Come on,Jade let's move!" said Jason as he,Jade and Maylee ran off to the scene of the crime.
"Great,now what are we going to do,Lan?" Tory asked "We just can't stand around all day!"
"I don't care what Jade said,Tory!" Lan answered "we got to help out!"
"Lan's right Tory!" said Maylu "And we're coming as well!"
"Lan,you don't know where that Union Square is." said Miss Mari as she shows Lan,Maylu and Tory a map to San Francisco "Unless you got a map with you!"
"Good idea,Miss Mari!" said MegaMan "Lan the map will help out finding Union Square and the Transamerica Pyramid!"
"Then we better look at the map once!" said Lan.

(End of Act two,part one)
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(Act two,part two begins)

Transamerica Pyramid,Union Square

Jade,Maylee and Jason enter the building there she saw Lee Jordan and a white/black haired boy with a red sleeveless jacket over a black shirt and green camouflage pants...

"We're here!" said Jade
"About time!" said Lee "something went haywire here causing a commotion with the main computer system...somehow this kid is the only witness here and his name is Chaud Blaze,vice president of Blaze Quest games."

"Lee, mind if I talk to him?" Jade asked
"Well,Jade!" Lee said until Chaud interrupted "I don't mind hope you're not from the media."
"Of course not,Chaud!" Jade answered "I happened to be a free agent and amateur detective aiding out ACME."
"Well,Jade I wish I could find out what's wrong with a friend of mine." said Chaud as he shows Jade his cellphone like device. "Jade,this is ProtoMan!"
"Nice to meet you,ProtoMan!" said Jade
"Likewise!" said ProtoMan and he sighed "If only there's another place to jack me in so I can find out what causes the main computer system to go crazy."

"I'm sorry,kid you can't come in." said the security guard from the outside.

"Please let us by." someone said
"No way...oh sorry about that go on in!" said the security guard from the outside.
"Those two are with me."

Jade gasped as Lan,Maylu and Tory came inside"Lan,Maylu, Tory,I thought I told you..."
"Sorry Jade,I've figure ACME needs our help!" Lan interrupted
"Huh!?!?!" said Lee "Who in the world...?"
"Calm down,detective!" Chaud interrupted "He's my friend,Lan Hikari!"
"Chaud,what are you doing here?" Lan asked
"Long story I'll explain later,Lan!" said Chaud as Lan brings out a port adapter from his backpack.
"Lan,you brought a port adapter?" Jade curiously asked
"Yeah for our navis to jack in!" Lan answered
"It's about time!" said ProtoMan
"Shall we all jack in?" MegaMan asked

"You got it,here we go... Jack in MegaMan...Power up!" said Lan
"Jack in Roll...Power up!" said Maylu
"Jack in IceMan...Power up!" said Tory
"Jack in ProtoMan...Power up!" said Chaud

Thanks to MegaMan,Roll,IceMan and ProtoMan by enter the main computer system.
The Navis spotted the problem...
"MegaMan,What did you find?" Jade asked
"We found the problem,Jade!" MegaMan answered
"There's some viruses in the main computer system." said ProtoMan
"Oh great all we need is the anti-virus program." said Lee
"We don't have time to contact Spencer he's busy with the two scientists at the lab." said Jade
"Don't worry,Jade!" said Lan "Our navis can handle this."

"MegaBuster!" said MegaMan
"Roll Blast!" said Roll
"Cyber Blizzard!" said IceMan as the three navis got rid of the viruses.
"Cybersword battlechip in...Download!" Chaud said as one of ProtoMan's arms turns into a sword and cut off the main virus for good but just then Cole Gannon and Tyson Jackson came inside fast.

"Detective Jordan!" said Tyson while he and Cole catch their own breath.
"Tyson and I try to get those two men but they got away." said Cole.
"Terrific!" said Lee as Lan remove his port adapter after he,Maylu,Tory and Chaud jack out their own navi.
"What do you mean two men,Cole?" Jade asked
"Why don't you explain to Jade about the two men who were here." said Lee
"I was about to,Lee." said Cole
"Tyson and I better take Chaud to the interview room back at Headquarters."
"Is that okay with you,Chad?" said Tyson
"It's Chaud,Tyson!" said Chaud
"Lan, see you later!"
"Alright,Chaud!" said Lan as Chaud left along with Lee and Tyson as Miss Mari came.
"Are you three alright?" Miss Mari asked Lan,Maylu and Tory
"We sure are Miss Mari!" Tory answered
"Well, Lan I guess the tour is back on!" said Jade "Why don't we stop for tea in Haight-Ashbury."
"That's fine with us!" said Lan 'Oh brother! Me and my big mouth!"

(End of Act two,part two)
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(Act three,part one begins)

San Francisco,CA,USA

Maharaja Tea Room,Haight-Ashbury

Darjee Ling is fixing an herbal tea while keeping an eye on an eight year old girl with braided hair in whom petted his female Himalayan cat,Mina and three other customers until Jade came along with Cole,Maylee,Jason,Lan,Maylu,Tory and Miss Mari.

"This is the owner of Maharaja..." Jade is about to introduces Lan,Maylu,Tory and Miss Mari to Darjee when Lan,Maylu,Tory and Miss Mari interrupted in unison by gasped and said "Yai!"

"Oh hi everybody!" the eight year old braided girl said
"Yai,what are you doing here in San Francisco?" Miss Mari asked
as Darjee came and his mind said 'Oh my! More customers!'

After Darjee serves the tea...

"Tyson and I chase down two men...the men describe by the security guard is a bald headed and wears a saffron colored robe,with a red ochre belt,white sweatpants and a pair of brown flip-flops and the other one is well in the army and knock the guard down with his knee on his stomach." Cole explained to Jade

"Ouch!" said Jade as Darjee came and said "As soon as everyone here drinks tea I have to closed...*everyone moaned* For lunch!"

"Darjee,I've figure you're not into lunch menu are you?" Jade asked
"Certainly not!" Darjee answered "Beside I haven't hire anybody to make lunch for my customers."
"That's a relief!" said Yai "Beside the tea is refreshing and..."
"Miss Yai,we forgot to introduced ourselves." someone said
"Oh yeah! Hello I'm Yai Ayano!"
"Oh it's good to meet you,Yai forgot to introduce ourselves my name is Jade and this is Cole,Maylee and Jason." Jade introduced.
"A pleasure to meet you,Jade!" said Yai as she shows her cellphone like device "And this is Glyde!"
"Greetings!" said Glyde
"It's good to meet you too,Glyde!" said Jade as Mina purrs around the three customers
"Hey do you mind?" one of the three customers said to Mina as Jade gasped by noticing the voice sound familiar to her..."Lars Vegas!"
Lars is shocked "Oh no Jade!"
"Huh!?!" said Moe Skeeter he saw Jade too and he said quietly to his boss,Carmen Sandiego "Bad place to hang out here,boss!"
"Leave the tip,boys!" said Carmen while in disguise and she,Moe and Lars leaves.

"Whoa,who are those people?" Lan asked
"Trust me,Lan!" said Jade "those three...ACME knows them very carefully!"

Until Jade's Padphone just beeps all the sudden and there's a message from Ivy 'Jade,trouble in Folsom Street,Lee is on his way there.'

"Cole,Maylee,Jason take Lan and the others back to headquarters...duty calls!" said Jade and Cole,Maylee and Jason did.

(End of Act three,part one)
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(Act three,part two begins)

Folsom Street,South of Market district

After the C-5 appeared and so does Jade...she saw Lee and said quietly "I'm here,Lee,what's going on?"
"A riot that what's going on?" Lee answered quietly as he and Jade saw people on each side...

"You can't run a restaurant and hosting a net battle at the same time." said a man with a red dot on his forehead. "Obviously you can't give a customer free food."

"Oh it is free when customers net battle against me and if they win they get a taste of Thai curry." said a woman with a short military hairstyle "Why can't you do that,Yahoot,you no-good curry king of Namesty?"

"Lady,how many customers do they win for free food at your restaurant?" a big boy in a green t-shirt.
"Humph!" said a man with a red dot on his forehead.
"Sorry,Yahoot!" said the big boy in a green t-shirt.
"Easy question...but the answer is zero!" the woman answered as Yahoot and the ones who were with Yahoot are not surprised.

"Hey,that's not fair,customers should taste your food as a regular restaurant just like Number One Curry will be opening soon." said a pale strawberry blonde haired woman.

"Thanks for the reminder,Maddy!" a man in a suit said to the pale strawberry blonde haired woman...all the sudden Jade notice someone with the woman with a military short hairstyle.

"Lee,I notice that girl already!" said Jade
"Who is she?" Lee asked
"That's Nora Ka!"
"The pop singer from Bangkok...weird!" said Lee as someone coming from behind came...Jade gasped and whispered to Lee's ear "Look behind you!"
Lee turned around and saw an unknown henchman "Good call!" Lee said to Jade in a panic mode.

The unknown henchman is about to grab to Jade and Lee when all the sudden a dog came and popped out of nowhere the unknown henchman saw and goes after the dog but the henchman end up in the wall and a couple of empty trash cans to disrupted the riot.

"Blister me bagpipes!" a flaming red-haired Scottish accented man said
"Where's the noise coming from?" a man in a suit asked
"Over there!"
"Come back here,you crazy mutt!" said The unknown henchman as he chase the dog and Jade and Lee followed the unknown henchman.
"Huh!" a little boy in a yellow t-shirt said after he came out of the building "Rush!"
"Chisao,get back inside!" said the big boy in a green t-shirt as the unknown henchman comes closer when all of the sudden someone is coming the unknown henchman gasped and ran pass through Jade and Lee.

"Whoa! I never seen a henchman ran off!" said Jade.
"There's the reason,Jade!" said Lee as he pointed Jade to Carmen,Moe and Lars.

"Pen-Chan! What is going on?" Carmen asked to the woman with a military short hairstyle.
"Uh nothing,boss!" Pen-Chan answered
"Excuse me are you the owner of this building?" Carmen asked to Yahoot.
"Yes,ma'am I am the owner!" Yahoot answered
"I was trying to convince him to move." said Pen-Chan
"Any reason why?"
"Well...!" said Yahoot until a man in the suit interrupted "She was trying to tell Yahoot that Thai curry is sweet and spicy than the curry of Namesty."
"Namesty?!?!" said Carmen "Pen-Chan I want you and Nora go back to your hideout I'll talk you two later."

"Yes,boss!" said Nora as she and Pen-Chan leaves.
"Well,we better get back there plenty of 'customers' at Bangkok Cafe."
"Indeed!" said Pen-Chan as she and Nora chuckled.

(end of act three,part two)

Please Note: Namesty is a fictional region in India based on the anime series MegaMan NT Warrior and so does Number One Curry which is a fictional restaurant from the same cartoon (remember I don't own the cartoon)
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(Act Three,part three begins)

(Forgot to mention earlier that Dentech City is a fictional city in MegaMan NT Warrior still I don't own the cartoon whatsoever...Thanks!)

San Francisco,CA,USA
Folsom Street...Number One Curry

After Jade contacted Ivy to meet her and Lee for lunch she,Zack,Lan,Dr.Hikari,Maylu,Yai,Tory and Miss Mari came when Lan shouted "CURRY!!!!!!!!!!!" and oh yeah Darjee came after he close up his tea room.

The flaming red-haired Scottish accented man came and said as he serve three plates of curry for Carmen,Moe and Lars "Here you are...two house curry specials for you two laddies and a chicken curry for Carmen Sandiego!"
"Wow!" said Moe
"That was quick!" said Lars
"Thank you!" said Carmen
"Well,Carmen I didn't know you like curry!" said Ivy
"It's always a good plate!" said Carmen
"Aye! You'll loved it!" said the flaming red-haired Scottish accented man
"Your accent is Scottish!?!" Zack asked
"That's right,I am!" said the flaming red-haired Scottish accented man "And I've figure you already met Lan Hikari and his friends...everyone this is Dex Oyama and his brother,Chisao."

As Maddy came out of the kitchen and said "Hey everyone from San Francisco I'm Maddy this waiter here is Mr.Match!" as a man in a suit came of a plate of veggie and tofu curry and said "Excuse me,out of the way!"
"Oh and that's Count Zap!" said Maddy as Count Zap place the veggie and tofu curry to Darjee's table.

Darjee smells and taste the veggie and tofu curry "Mmm...Mm...This curry brings me back memories of my childhood." said Darjee as Yahoot came.(Darjee Ling is vegetarian so he can't have any meat or dairy products)

"I'm humble that you like my curry just like Lan Hikari here!" said Yahoot while Lan and the others enjoy eating curry.
"Why of course...*gasped* Yahoot!" said Darjee "It's been a long time!"

"Darjee!?!?" said Yahoot
"That's me!" said Darjee "Cayenne said you left Namesty to open a restaurant!"
"We're trying to expand Number One Curry around the world!" said Yahoot.
"That's great,Yahoot!" said Jade

"It's true,Yahoot's curry is delicious!" someone said
"Even Dex can create a good curry and Chisao started making curry as well!" another one said.
"Okay who are those two that said these?" Jade asked as Chisao shows Jade a cellphone like device to her..."Chisao, don't drop my PET!" said Dex
"That's stands for Personal Terminal!" said Tory
"Wow!" said Jade
"Everybody has those,Jade!" said Dr. Hikari
"Just like Lan and the others except everyone don't have those like Miss Mari for example."
"That's true,Jade!" said Miss Mari.
"And the rest of us too,Jade!" said Lee

"Hi there!" Jade introduced herself to a big net navi
"Hi there me GutsMan!" the big net navi introduce himself to Jade.
"Nice to meet you, GutsMan!" said Jade as Yahoot,Mr. Match,Count Zap and Maddy shows Jade their own Navi...

"Now let's introduce our navis...this is my Navi,MagicMan!" Yahoot said to Jade
"Good to meet you!" said MagicMan
"Hello there I'm WackoMan,I'm belong to Maddy!" a clownish introduce himself "I hope you're don't have a PET!"
"Sorry WackoMan but I got a cat!" said Jade
"Show me!"
"Here's my cat,Sam!" said Jade as she shows a picture of her cat,Sam and WackoMan screamed.
"Oh WackoMan! It's just a picture!" said Maddy
"Oh by the way this is my navi,ElecMan!" said Count Zap
"Nice to meet you!" said ElecMan
"and last but not least this is my navi,TorchMan!" said Mr.Match
"TorchMan!" Moe and Lars said in unison.
"Yeah that's me,good ol' TorchMan!" the flaming navi said as Lan said "Hey Dex,how about another plate?"

"How about no,Lan!" Dex answered
"Thanks a lot!"
"Lan,you shouldn't eat too much curry!" said Dr. Hikari
"I can't help it,Dad!" said Lan
"Your father's right,Lan!" said Jade "even though anything ethnic is my favorite food I always followed a dietitian's advice...curry cannot be serve alone."

"That's what I told Yahoot to add a green salad to serve with curry!" said Mr. Match
"It already has enough vegetables in the curry,Match!" said Yahoot
"Match has the point there,Yahoot!" said Carmen as Yahoot's face is about to get red
"Yeah even people don't eat curry that much!" said Lars
"People do like to eat French Fries,Pizza,Spaghetti...!"

"ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!" Yahoot shouted as Mr.Match,Count Zap and Maddy ran back into the kitchen screamed and so does Dex when he grab Chisao and his PET too.

And then all the sudden Yahoot throws everyone out of his restaurant.

"I can't believe it,Yahoot throws us out!" said Maylu
"And worse of all when we returned to Dentech City Yahoot banned me for coming to Number One Curry." said Lan,sadly "Oh well at least Mom's curry is better anyway!"

"Moe,Lars,let's go!" said Carmen
"See you soon,Carmen!" said Jade as Carmen,Moe and Lars leaves and so did Darjee.
"Ivy,did we paid the meal before Yahoot throws out?" Lee asked
"Nope we didn't Lee!" Ivy answered as she,Jade,Zack,Lee,Lan,Dr. Hikari,Maylu,Yai,Tory and Miss Mari head back to headquarters while Rush pop out and feel bad for everybody in the restaurant.

(end of act three,part three)
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(Act four,part one begins)

ACME Headquarters

Conference Room

"We have a match of the two men who were at the Transamerica Pyramid." said Chase as he,Jade,Ivy and Lee are here "Commander,where is your brother?"
"I don't know,Chase!" Ivy answered "He's doesn't want to come anyway."
"*sighed* Here are the men who were identified by Ratana in the Bangkok office...their names are Ram and Yut."
"Ram is a Thai boy name meaning 'huge thunder' and Yut is another Thai boy name meaning 'war'." said Jade "What's their story?"
"Ram was a novice as a temple until he was fifteen years old he started stealing,lying and accepting money for an illegal used and Yut is a Muay Thai Trainer who was banned from fighting after he was exposed by the King's niece." said Chase.


Spencer Ross is fixing the eavesdropper communicator and used Tyson to practice and yes Tyson did hear someone and that someone was Lan who was shouted "WHAT!!!!...Oh man,that's not good!"

"I wonder who took Chisao?" MegaMan asked
"I don't know but we have to go to Folsom Street and meet Dex,Yahoot,Mr. Match, Maddy and Count Zap!"
"Me,you,Chaud,Maylu,Yai and Tory!" said Lan
"Along with ProtoMan,Roll,Glyde and IceMan!" said MegaMan
"We better warn them and fast!"

Tyson is surprised to hear when Jade came back and said "Tyson!"
"Yo,Jade! Lan and the others are going to see their friend,Dex at Folsom Street." said Tyson
"What for?"
"Someone took Chisao!"
"Oh fudge!" said Jade "Tyson,you better warn Chase and the others I've got a feeling Lan and the others are going to fall into a trap so I have to find out at Folsom Street and follow them wherever they go."

"Jade,this could get ugly!" said Tyson
"Of course it does I may find some evidence while following them so I better watch out for myself I'll contact ACME for further information."
"Okay! Be careful!" said Tyson as Jade ran off to follow Lan,Chaud,Maylu,Yai and Tory to Folsom Street.

Folsom Street

"We're here,Dex!" said Lan as he,Chaud,Maylu,Yai and Tory came when Dex is.
"About time,Lan!" said Dex "Yahoot is really angry for what happened today!"
"Is about the time we got kick out of the restaurant?"
" Right after Yahoot kicks everyone including you, Lan out of the restaurant someone came in took my brother and broke every single dishes and spill curry all over him." Dex answered as Yahoot,Maddy,Count Zap and Mr. Match came out of the restaurant.

"They're going to wish they haven't done that!" said Count Zap
"We about to get ready to close up when Pen-Chan and her gang shows up!" said Maddy
"Pen-Chan!" said Chaud
"You know her,Chaud?!?" Lan asked
"She is behind of the battlechip smuggling ring." Chaud answered as everyone gasped even Jade whose behind the wall.
" She mention about net battling for a plate of Thai curry for free." said Yahoot.
"And I remember I asked Pen-Chan about that and she answered zero." said Dex
"It's true because one of the net operators said that battlechips shouldn't be used in Pen-Chan's net battling ring." said Chaud.

"Why that lassie!" said Mr. Match "She better have some reason behind all this."

"Oh yeah,Pen-Chan inform us to meet her at her restaurant called 'Bangkok Cafe' which is at pier 48 on Third Street." said Dex "with no help from the law."

"Then let's go everyone!" said Lan as he and the others headed for pier 48...Jade's mind said 'Pier 48,Third Street isn't that where...? Oh fudge,Chase isn't going to like this!'

And Jade send a message to Chase at once....

(end of act four,part one)
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(Act Four,part two begins)

ACME Headquarters

Chase Devineaux's office

"Jade shouldn't run out like this." said Lee
"Jordan,Jade knows what she's doing...she concerning Lan's safety and so far we got a message from her." Chase said
"What? Already well what is it?'" Lee asked as someone knock on Chase's door. "The door's open!"

It was Zack with a can of Coca-Cola "I know it is." Zack said in a bad mood.
"Ooo...still in a bad mood?" Lee asked
"Of course I am!" Zack answered
"You need anger management more than your sister,Zack."
"That's enough you two!" said Chase as Dr. Hikari came.
"Mr. Devineaux,have you seen Lan?" Dr. Hikari asked
"Not than I know of except Jade knows where your son is." Chase answered
"What?!?! What do you mean?"
"Your son and his friends left for Folsom Street to meet their friend,Dex and the ones who run Number One Curry."
"Anything else?" Dr. Hikari asked
"According to Jade...Chaud knows the name 'Pen-Chan' and inform everyone that she's behind the battlechip smuggling ring."
"I heard it from The Net Police informing everyone to be on a lookout for the battlechip smugglers."
"The question is where?" said Chase as he sees an E-mail message and pictures from Jade..."Goodnight!"
"What is it?" Dr. Hikari said as Chase shows Dr. Hikari the pictures..."*gasped* Lan!"
"And look where the battlechips end up in?" said Lee as Zack saw the picture while drinking his favorite soda,shock and spit his soda out of his mouth "Oh fudge!"
"That's why I never told you all this." said Zack
"Why The Accolade all the sudden?" Chase asked
"I'm thinking Pen-Chan's gang is storing the battlechips there." said Lee
"Jordan,for once you're right!" said Chase "Dr. Hikari it's time to stop this battlechip smuggling ring."

"I'll get Famous and a lot of help from you guys!" said Dr. Hikari as he leaves Chase's office.

"It's a lucky thing, Jade inform us she cannot make a move without us." said Lee.
"Smart thinking,Jade!" said Chase "Jordan,inform your team and Ross, Monaghan inform your sister at once I need her immediately."
"Right,Chase!" said Zack.

Pier 48...'Bangkok Cafe'

While Jade waits for ACME to arrive...

Lan,Chaud,Maylu,Dex,Yai,Tory,Mr. Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot enter inside...there stood Pen-Chan along with Nora Ka,Ram and Yut.

"I'm glad you all came!" said Pen-Chan
"Net Police knows what you're doing is wrong,Pen-Chan!" said Chaud
"Yeah and we're here to shut down this battlechip smuggling ring." said Lan
"Lady,where is my brother?" Dex asked
"Oh you'll see that little rugrat soon." said Pen-Chan "Right now it's time to net battle."

"Alright if it's a net battle you want then a net battle you'll get...Jack in,MegaMan,power up!" said Lan
"Jack in,ProtoMan,power up!" said Chaud
"Jack in..." Maylu,Dex,Yai and Tory said in unison
"Roll!" said Maylu
"GutsMan!" said Dex
"Glyde!"said Yai
"And IceMan!" said Tory
"Power up!" Maylu,Dex,Yai and Tory said in unison
"Jack in..." Mr. Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot said in unison
"TorchMan!" said Mr. Match
"ElecMan!" said Count Zap
"WackoMan!" said Maddy
"MagicMan!" said Yahoot
"Power up!" Mr. Match,Count Zap, Maddy and Yahoot said in unison and one by one each navi appeared.

"Nice navis but not good enough!" said Pen-Chan "Allow us to introduce our navis...Jack in WaveMan power up!"
"Jack in HardMan power up!" said Ram
"Jack in CrashMan power up!" said Yut
"Jack in Ocean Girl power up!" said Nora as each navi appeared one by one.

(end of act four,part two)

(Please note these net navis were based on the MegaMan game series in which I don't own the game and also these navis are in fact robot masters they don't have a net navi counterpart...

WaveMan is from MegaMan 5
HardMan is from MegaMan 3
CrashMan is from MegaMan 2
and Ocean Girl is based on Splash Woman from MegaMan 9
Anyway I don't own them whatsoever)
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(Act four,part three begins)

In the cyberworld

"So you must be MegaMan we're honored to meet you for the first time and for the last time." said WaveMan with a chuckled.

Pier 48 'Bangkok Cafe'

"In this Net Battle there's only one battlechips!" said Pen-Chan
"Oh why not?" Maylu asked after the rest gasped.
"Because...I won't tell you,little redhead!" Pen-Chan answered
"The only thing your navi has to used is only the basic ones that your navi has." said Yut.
"Indeed." said Ram.

In the cyberworld

"Why don't you all start first." said Ocean Girl
"With pleasure...Mega Buster!" said MegaMan
"Guts Hammer!" said GutsMan
"Roll Blast!" said Roll
"Sonic Boom!" said ProtoMan
"Cyber Blizzard!" said IceMan
"Glyde Cannon!" said Glyde
"Fire Arm!" said TorchMan
"Lighting Strike!" said ElecMan
"Double Tower!" said WackoMan (Double Tower: Fire Tower and Aqua Tower combo)
"Magic Fire!" said MagicMan
as each navi's attack appeared somehow WaveMan,HardMan,CrashMan and Ocean Girl didn't get hit.

Ocean Girl laughed
"What's so funny you mean little mermaid?" Roll asked
"I'm sorry girly girl but each attack didn't phase us at all." Ocean Girl answered as every single navi gasped.
"We'll show you all how ours is better!" said CrashMan.
"Wave Shooter!" said WaveMan
"Laser Trident!" said Ocean Girl
"Hard Knuckles!" said HardMan
"Crash Bomber!" said CrashMan
Without a doubt each navi's attack just knock MegaMan and the other navis down.

Pier 48, 'Bangkok Cafe'

"ProtoMan,are you okay?" Chaud asked
"No Chaud!" ProtoMan answered "If only we could used the program advance!"
"I wish we did!" said Chaud
"But you can't you N-1 Grand Prix Cheater!" said Pen-Chan
"What did you called me?"
"An N-1 Grand Prix Cheater that's right you and that first runner up loser,Lan Hikari!"
"Hey!" said Lan
"Pen-Chan's not kidding!" said Ram
"It's true!" said Yut "You shouldn't done the program advance it should have been banned along with the battlechips!"

"And beside our navis are really strong because they are in fact Level Five Navis!" said Nora
"Level Five Navis!?!?!" said Dex and Count Zap in unison.
"Hey there's no such navi as a Level Five Navi you just made that up you know!" said Maddy
Pen-Chan laughed "And not only that your navis are trapped forever and of course deleted...there's no one who can help your navis now!"

"Wrong!" said Jade as she appeared along with Chase and Maylee (with the warrant of course). "ACME won't let you get away with this,Pen-Chan!"
"Jade!" said Lan
"We got a warrant for your arrest,Pen-Chan!" said Maylee
"You and your gang have breaking and entering an authorized building." said Chase
"I don't see the property sign!" said Pen-Chan "Now if you all excuse us we have a net battle to finished."
"Lan,now's everyone's chance to defeat Pen-Chan and her gang...used your battlechips!" Jade advised Lan "Don't say you can't,Lan! You and your friends can Pen-Chan wants your battlechips badly!"
"Jade's right everyone!" said Carmen as she,Moe and Lars appeared "Go for it!"
"Right!" said Lan.
(end of act four,part three)
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(act four,part four begins)

Pier 48 'Bangkok Cafe'

Pen-Chan,Ram,Yut and Nora were surprised by Carmen's cheering response...

"No you can't do this to us,Carmen!" said Nora
"Can and will because you four are outer here!" said Carmen
"What?!?!" Ram and Yut said in unison.
"You heard the boss!" said Moe
"She meant you four are dismissed,expelled,canned,fired you see what she means" said Lars as he and Moe chuckled
"ACME,they're all yours!" said Carmen as she,Moe and Lars leaves.
"It's over,Pen-Chan!" said Jade
"It ain't over til the net battle's over!" said Pen-Chan "Let's finish this!"
Lan and the others gasped but thanks to Maddy's mind saying 'Looks like teamwork is needed...of course that's it!'
"Yahoot,Count Zap,Mr. Match,remember Namesty?" said Maddy
"Oh like the time we almost fried MegaMan!" said Count Zap
"Aye! Maddy,brilliant idea!" said Mr. Match as Yahoot nodded his head 'yes'

In the cyberworld

"How could we never forget about that time?" said WackoMan "Hey let's play ball ElecMan!" WackoMan used his Wacko Ball to pass to ElecMan.
"I'm all over it!" said ElecMan as he kick the ball "MagicMan!"
"TorchMan!" said MagicMan as he used his head to pass the ball to TorchMan
"Okay he shoots! *Kicks the ball to aim at WaveMan,CrashMan,HardMan and Ocean Girl* He...!"
"Don't think so!" HardMan interrupted "Hard Knuckles!" the ball comes back to TorchMan but MegaMan saves TorchMan by kicking the ball to knock down HardMan!

Pier 48 'Bangkok Cafe'

"No HardMan!" said Ram
"Good shot,MegaMan!" said Lan "and now it's our turn Mini Boomers Battlechips in download!"
"What?!?! Lan Hikari I told you and your friends no battlechips!" said Pen-Chan
"Too late,lady!" said Dex
"And beside we ain't gonna listen to you anyway!" said Maylu as Nora,Ram and Yut gasped while Pen-Chan growls at Lan.

In the cyberworld

As the Mini Boomers came in as Lan remember using it against SkullMan at the N-1 Grand Prix so MegaMan and the other navis making sure that WaveMan,HardMan,CrashMan and Ocean Girl won't get to them.
"Where do they go?" CrashMan asked as he gasped because of Roll's Roll Arrow.
"A-ha! Laser Trident!" said Ocean Girl as her laser trident outwits Roll's Roll Arrow "Nice try girly girl!"
And Ocean Girl used her opera screamed to knock down Roll...
Roll gasped
"Roll,no!" said Maylu (in 'the restaurant')
"Mindbender Battlechip in download!" Maddy said (voice only) as WackoMan uses Mindbender on Ocean Girl preventing Ocean Girl to attack Roll while Glyde used his Hero Sword to break Ocean Girl's trident and Roll uses her triple lance to delete Ocean Girl.
"Oh no, Ocean Girl!" said CrashMan "You three are going pay for this!"
"Uh-oh!" WackoMan said and he,Roll and Glyde screamed
"Heat Shot Battlechip in download!" said Mr. Match (voice only) as TorchMan uses Heat Shot on CrashMan.

"No CrashMan!" said HardMan
"Freeze Tower!" said IceMan
"Electric Boomer!" said ElecMan as ElecMan's Electric Boomer along with IceMan's Freeze Tower gives a shocking freeze on HardMan while GutsMan knock CrashMan with his Guts Punch and MagicMan's Meteor to delete both HardMan and CrashMan.

"NO!!!!" WaveMan shouted as MegaMan and ProtoMan came.
"Shall we,ProtoMan?" MegaMan asked
"Let's!" ProtoMan answered
"Time for the Program Advance!" said Lan and Chaud in unison (voices only)
"Cyber Sword...Wide Sword...Long Sword battlechips in!"

"Light Sword!" said MegaMan and ProtoMan in unison.
"Wave Shooter!" said WaveMan but thanks to MegaMan and ProtoMan's Double Light Sword attack WaveMan is deleted.

Pier 48 'Bangkok Cafe'

Pen-Chan is angry as she and her gang are about to getaway Lee and Ivy just happen to block them from escaping...
"Going Somewhere?" Lee asked to Pen-Chan and her gang "Didn't think so." as Ivy shook her head 'no'

"I'm glad that's over with!" said Dex
"Dex!" said Chisao who came along with Zack,Cole,Jason,Tyson,Spencer,Famous,Dr. Hikari, and Rush who barked.
"Chisao!" said Dex as he came and hugged Chisao is happy he's safe.

(end of act four,part four but this story is almost over trust me on this story)
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(Please Note from Act Four,part four...the battlechip 'Mindbender' is from MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge in which I don't own the game and of course MegaMan NT Warrior I don't own the episodes 'Skullmania' 'Don't Mess with Mama Zap' and 'The Great Curry Battle' along with the Program Advance I don't own those either)

Maharaja Tea Room,Haight-Ashbury

Jade,Chase,Lee,Ivy,Zack,Cole,Maylee,Jason,Tyson and Spencer came along with Lan,his father (Dr. Hikari),Miss Mari,Maylu,Chaud,Dex,Chisao,Yai,Tory,Mr. Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot to have tea with Darjee serving the tea when all the sudden Lars opened the door and saw a crowd of customers..."Darjee,we can come back later when the crowd gets smaller." said Lars.
"Oh no,Lars there's plenty of room!" said Darjee "I hope Carmen's around!"
"Yeah, Carmen's here too along with Moe!" said Lars
"Come in then!" said Darjee as Lars opened the door for Carmen and Moe after Lars wave his hand to them.

While Darjee is preparing the tea...Yahoot sighed and said "I want to apologize to everyone who came to the restaurant I didn't mean it but I was afraid no one can enjoy curry here just like it happen in Dentech City...lots of customers likes it but I found out they put out some suggestions to add more curry dishes and of course what Mr. Match told me to add a plate of green salad with the order of a curry dish...oh well it seems for now on Number One Curry remains as a local favorite to Dentech City...And I also like to apologized to Lan as well I didn't mean to banned him out like that I was afraid he might eat another plate and there's not enough for the other customers."

"We understand your apology and we forgive you,Yahoot!" said Jade
"Same here,Yahoot!" said Lan."And beside my father's right about eating too much curry."
"Don't worry Lan!" said Dex "I make a Big Curry Sample Platter so you can enjoyed one curry dish at a time."
"Thanks,Dex!" said Lan.

"Oh well so much for expanding Number One Curry around the world!" said Count Zap "They rather have Pizza,French Fries,Spaghetti instead of curry."
"Now wait a minute,Count Zap I heard that Namesty did made a bizarre taste of the pizza,french fries and spaghetti with curry." said Jade
"What!?!?!" everyone said as Darjee came with an Earl Gray tea for Mr. Match and Darjee said "It's true! *as Darjee place the Earl Gray Tea onto the table where Mr. Match,Count Zap and Maddy are sitting.* I remember a diner chef visit Namesty once wanted to make a delicious chili cheese fries instead he used the leftover cheese curry as a result by accident everyone enjoys cheese curry fries."

"Say there's two Italian chefs who came to Namesty as well." said Lars
"By accident an expert pizza chef uses the naan bread dough instead of pizza dough thus created curry pizza." said Moe
"And Neapolitan style chef make curry spaghetti by making the tomato sauce thicker and instead of using Italian spices curry powder is in." said Lars
"And make a French chef made a cheese omelet with curry sauce in Namesty as well by accident." said Carmen as everyone gasped
"I remember I got a cookbook about that as a birthday present from Cayenne I didn't realized it til' now we'll get those dishes into the Number One Curry menu!" said Yahoot
"All right!" said Lan as everyone cheered.

Three Weeks Later...

everything went smoothly according to Lan Hikari as Jade reads the message from him...

1. Chaud went to Namesty because of his father's business meeting and for the first time Chaud tasted a Spring Chicken Curry...according to Chaud he enjoyed a good curry dinner.

2. Thanks to the customers' suggestions Yahoot is happy because Number One Curry became a local and tourist spot for a friendly/family atmosphere,top ten in ethnic tasting and best in delivery service (in which Mr. Match is one of the best delivers around Dentech City beside pizza and Chinese food).

3. As for Lan he still keep going with school along with his friends and still net battling and thanks to Jade and ACME all the battlechips have been recovered and returned to each net ops back in Dentech City.

The End

(Please note that the foods mention at the end of this story is inspired from Coco Ichibanya in which I don't own the restaurant whatsoever and beside California and Hawaii are the only two US States have that those and San Francisco is not locations to find it.)

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