The Case of the Pokemon Piferers

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(Act four,part four begins sorry I misspelled 'Pilferers' on the title)

Dr. Belljar's hideout as the sunset comes around Lake Louise...

"I'm glad you implanted that little sticker of yours onto Krookodile and under your control." said Wonder Rat
"As night falls we will go back and return to Professor Oak's Lab and round up the rest of Pokemon tonight." said Dr. Belljar "And for the last time Wonder Rat it's a mini microchip."
"Should've we get Carmen out of jail,pretty please?" Eartha begged.
"Absolutely not,Brute!" Dr. Belljar answered "Carmen's cat and mouse games are history forever *laughed*"

Until the wall just blast in...there stood Jade (in her medium blue battle suit),Chase (in his dark red battle suit),Maylee (in her hot pink battle suit),Tatiana,Armando,Yvette,Ritchie (with his Pikachu 'Sparky' and a crimson bipedal reptilian creature) Professor Oak and Ash's Pokemon
Oshawott and Krookodile).

"In your weird dreams,Belljar." said Jade
"*gasped* What the...!" said Wonder Rat,Eartha and Tom in unison.
"So you're the free agent Carmen warns us...*gasped* how did you all get out?" Dr. Belljar asked
"Long story don't wanna tell you,Belljar!" said Jade.
"Ooo..a Charmeleon how nice!" Eartha said.
"*Ritchie uses his Pokeball to return his Charmeleon* Sorry lady,'Zippo' is my Charmeleon." said Ritchie as Jacqueline Hyde came and said to Ritchie in a sweet voice "That's just rude,little boy let Eartha have it."

"No way why don't you all try and catch Pokemon on your own." Ritchie said "You just can't steal Pokemon like Team Rocket does."
"That was lovely *changing her evil self* NOT!" said Jacqueline Hyde and growl at Ritchie and 'Sparky'
"Hey Torkoal!" said Maylee
"Tor!" said Torkoal
"I choose you!" said Maylee.
"Come on!"
"What are you doing,Young?" Chase asked
"Trust me I have to." Maylee answered while she and Torkoal protects Ritchie and 'Sparky'.
"GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!" said Jacqueline Hyde as she start throwing an energy orb...
"Torkoal,use iron defense!" said Maylee and Torkoal did and Maylee uses her nano-tech squash paddle to bounce the orb outside.

"Of course,Professor Oak?" said Jade.
"Why not!Let's go!" said Professor Oak.
"I choose you,Totodile!" said Yvette
"I choose you,Oshawott!" said Jade
"Bulbasaur,I choose you amigo!" said Armando
"Bayleef,let's pair up!" said Tatiana
"I'm counting on you,Buizel!" said Chase
As Dr. Belljar's 'circuits' just got his 'spark plugs' shock out and Jacqueline is still in her evil mood.
"Uh-oh!" said Maylee
"YOU'RE SO GONNA GET IT!" said Jacqueline Hyde and laughed
"Totodile,cool Hyde's mood with water gun!" said Yvette and Totodile did by spraying Hyde with water gun and Hyde got plunge into the lake.
"Why you little gator you're mine!" said Wonder Rat as he uses a net catcher.
"Totodile,look out!" said Yvette
"Oshawott,save Totodile by cutting that net with razor shell!" said Jade and Oshawott did.
"Why you little pipsqueak!" said Wonder Rat
"Osha!" said Oshawott as this sea otter Pokemon is scaring and hides behind Jade.
"Buizel use aqua jet on Wonder Rat!" said Chase and Buizel did sending Wonder Rat to the lake where Jacqueline Hyde is about to get out but she got plunge again along with Wonder Rat.

"NO!NO!!!" Dr. Belljar yelled
"Let's make a banana and split,Aunt Eartha!" said Tom.
"Let's!" said Eartha as she and Tom are about to get to the helicopter.
"Oh no you don't,Bulbasaur,quick amigo use your vine whip to lassoed Tom." said Armando
"Bayleef,do the same on Eartha!" said Tatiana and Bulbasaur and Bayleef did and yup, Eartha and Tom got lassoed.
"I'll take that!" said Armando grabbing his bola back from Tom. "Gracias!" (in Spanish it means 'Thank You!')

"No matter I've got Krookodile under my control." said Dr. Belljar as he uses his brainwashing machine..."What the...Krookodile,what is the matter..."
"Yoo-hoo! Looking for this!" Cilan interrupted as he came and hold an evidence bag containing a mini microchip as Dr. Belljar gasped and said "No!!!"
"Oh yes,Belljar it's over!" said Jade
"Not for long!" said Dr.Belljar as he is about to grab a grabber..."Sparky,use thunder to stop Belljar!" and 'Sparky' stop Belljar by thunder onto the grabber.
"Why you...!" said Dr. Belljar
"Krookodile,use stone edge to destroy Belljar's machine." said Jade and Krookodile did.
"My brainwashing machine!" said Dr. Belljar as he was about to leave Professor Oak and Muk are standing there.
"Okay Muk use body slam on Belljar." said Professor Oak and yes Muk did the right way that is.
"As Carmen Sandiego would say when any one of us is not doing the job right 'why me?'" said Belljar when Muk is holding him.

Back at the campsite...
After the police arrest Dr. Belljar,Jacqueline Hyde,Wonder Rat,Eartha and Tom and send to jail...

Delia tells Brock what he miss out while studying to become a Pokemon Doctor.
"That's amazing!" said Brock
"sure does!" said Delia while she,Mr.Mime,Brock and Cilan fix up the chowder together right after Quilava use flamethrower onto the firewood.
Tracey preparing Pokemon food for each Pokemon including Ash's..."Say Tatiana how bout you and I go together sometimes." said Brock
"Nyet, Brock!" Tatiana answered "I already have someone else!"(in Russian it means 'no')
Brock's jaw dropped and Croagunk laughed.
"Well Chase,this case is officially solve." said Jade
"Anything else,Jade?" Chase asked
"Well the Chief returns from Tokyo and decided that ACME agents and Pokemon Trainers are helpful to fight crime against Team Rocket with ACME Tokyo's Chief Jenny.
"Wow!" said Ritchie
"Pika!" said 'Sparky'
"Char!" said 'Zippo'
"Taillow!" said 'Rose'
"Chief Jenny?!?!" Brock surprised as he came to Jade and Jade shows Brock a picture of Chief Weller with Chief Jenny on her padphone.(This Jenny is different than any Officer Jenny in the Pokemon series (in which I don't the character whatsoever)
"Is there a Nurse Joy there?" said Brock
"No Brock however the ACME Medical Center in Tokyo will added a Pokemon Center for Pokemon too."
Jade answered.
"That was a surprise to hear." Chase said
" The bad news is not only Carmen Sandiego got away as always well Lee Jordan really mess up in upstate New York after all." Jade answered as Chase's face gets really red.
"Oh boy Lee's gonna get it anyway!" said Armando
"He's going to be sorry for this." said Tatiana.
"JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chase yelled.
The end!
(end of Act Four,part four)
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(epilogue...well not really an epilogue to tell the truth and oh yeah cameo appearance by Lee Jordan of course (I don't own him whatsoever)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The hallway

Jade: Hey everyone it's me fresh back from the North of the Border...while Chase is talking to Lee...everyone's wondering how did Chase,Armando,Tatiana and the others got out without Dr. Belljar knowing?

Jade: Okay I'll tell you...before Dr. Belljar and the others got captured me,Maylee,Yvette,Ritchie,Tracey,Brock and Cilan went through the hologram along with 'Sparky',Totodile and Oshawott...we saw Ash's Krookodile it seems know Cilan however Cilan saw something on Krookodile's back...Thanks to me with a magnifying glass and turned to be a mini microchip that is linked to Dr. Belljar's brainwashing machine in which of course thanks to my padphone scanning that microchip.

Jade:...what?!?! Oh sorry where was I? Oh yeah my padphone suddenly got back to normal and thanks to my padphone again which link to Chase's ACME Communicator to Chateau Lake we planned out the plan and it works.

Jade: Tracey takes Yvette along with Brock and Cilan while me,Maylee and Ritchie stay along with Krookodile and 'Sparky'
Tracey send in Venonat to put the henchmen to sleep with sleep powder.
Brock enters the utility room spotted Chase,Armando,Tatiana along with Professor Oak,Delia and Mr. Mime along with Scraggy...Only Bulbasaur,Muk,Bayleef,Quilava,Torkoal and Buizel remain in cages but thanks to Brock's Croagunk using brick break to break the cage doors.

Jade: And Cilan uses the hotel key card after I give him that and the ACME Academy students ages eight to fourteen...afterwords the students head back to the campsite along with the Pokemon after I show them the way only Scraggy and Quilava goes with them along with Cilan,Brock,Delia,Tracey and Mr.Mime as well.

Jade: I hope that answers that question and about that gadget I test out on Carmen while in prison...this gadget is called the mumbler it's translated what a crook mumbles about...listen to what Carmen mumbles about.(uses the mumbler in translation mode)

Carmen(voice only): That no good scrap heated scientist I swore that invention of his will not be accepted...brainwashing Pokemon ha! That's just wrong. (the mumbler automatically shuts off by itself)

Jade: So now you know...(Lee Jordan runs out of Chase's office screaming)

Chase: COME BACK HERE,JORDAN!!!! (Chase goes after Lee)

Jade: Anyway I'll be back for my next adventure.;)
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