The Birthday Trap?!?!


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(I don't own the characters Archie Pelago, Chase Devineaux, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas whatsoever)

San Francisco, CA,USA (February 27 two days before Carmen Sandiego's Birthday)

Inside a hat shop around Union Square

"That is the most beautiful Gaucho hat we've ever made." The female hat shop associate said to Jade Ezell while her cats Sam and Socks are chasing the flies away from the owner who is a hat designer and maker.
"And lovely red one it is." said Jade "How much is this hat?"

"I don't think you've wear that!" The female hat associate answered as Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas saw Jade inside the hat shop while walking around in Union Square.

"Not for me...for my friend or should I say my 'big sister' she fond of hats." said Jade

"I see what you mean...beside it's one hundred dollars and of course it's buy one hat get one hat half off sale I say if you want that hat you'd better get another hat to make it half off."

"Really?" said Jade as she spotted a Breton Hat in clear blue sky colored "Wow that hat looks amazing how much is this one?"

"Seventy Dollars" The female hat associate answered "And no we don't got it in red."

"That's okay it's perfect I'll take this one and the red Gaucho hat." said Jade as the female hat associated is unamused with Jade's choices of hats.

Outside the hat shop

"What is Jade up to?" Moe asked
"I don't know, Moe she's just buying hats." Lars answered with a shrug.
"For who? Herself?"
"Probably for our boss." Lars said as he and Moe giggled then gasped and said "The Boss!" as ran down from behind.

After Jade bought and paid for the hats...the female hat associate place the hats in the hatbox the owner came out and said to Jade "Thank you for dropping by and thank you for bringing your cats in to chase those flies out."
"You're welcome, sir!" said Jade as Sam and Socks reunited with her and left the hat shop.

"Shall we grab them, Moe?" Lars asked

"Let's!" said Moe and they show when Jade and her cats came. "Hi ya, Jade!"
"Well, Well Moe and Lars what're you two...*Lars grab the hatbox from Jade.* Hey what's the...*Moe grab Jade by covering her mouth as the cats jumped unto Moe and Lars.*

"Hey get off of me!" Moe said to Sam who is smacking his paws on him and Socks bites Lars' hand.
"Ow!" said Lars as he dropped the hatbox
"Yeow!" said Moe after Jade bites his hand to let her go and she grab the hatbox.

"Seriously, boys what is with you two?" Jade asked
"We know what you and ACME are thinking" said Moe
"Yeah it's just like the last birthday." said Lars

"Oh I know that case, boys!" said Jade "Yeah Zack and Ivy told me that story where they along with Armando and Tatiana in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. (WOEICS? Episode: 'Scavenger Hunt' I don't own that episode whatsoever)

"I bet Chase Devineaux has some trap for our boss as we speak." said Lars
"No Lars." said Jade "Chase and the other ACME agents are not setting a trap for Carmen...It's all started this morning."

*Jade's Flashback*

ACME Headquarters

Conference Room

Along with Jade and Chase...Archie Pelago, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon, Jason Argonaut, Tyson Jackson, Maylee Young and Jessie Lyon.

"As we all know Miss Sandiego's birthday is coming up in two days." said Archie as all but Jade and Chase groaned "Now, now remember what happened in Brazil."

"Yeah it was almost a major disaster." said Cole
"Cole, you and the rest of us were in the Academy at that time." said Jason
"Yeah and I wasn't there as well." said Lee
"Well this year's birthday we're not gonna catch her this time." said Archie

"In fact we've got a plan for a party." said Chase
"Aw c'mon!" said Jessie "as if we throw a party for her here."
"No, Jessie!" said Chase "But rest assure some VILE henchman drop his list for get everything for Carmen's sake."
"Really? What are they?" Maylee asked
Chase reads the list carefully "Cake, wine, fish and two hats?!?!"
"Why would Carmen want her henchman to get those?" Lee asked "That's doesn't make any sense."

"Or maybe it does, Lee." said Jade "But the henchman didn't tell Carmen what she wanted he must be a scatterbrain however we've all figure we have get those somewhere around the world."

"Yo! Let's do it!" said Tyson.

*Jade's flashback fades*

"Oh we get it!" said Moe
"That henchman is confused with the list." said Lars
"Yeah I believe we've found out what we're going to do." Jade said as her padphone buzzed in as she saw the message. "Well it seems that Archie and Chase found a bottle of Red Riesling in Hessen, Germany."

"Our Boss' favorite drink." said Lars
"That's not all, Lars." said Jade "I've found out Lee and his team found the recipe for Huachinango a la Veracruzana."
"Huh?!?!" Moe and Lars said while raising their own eyebrows.
"It's Spanish meaning red snapper Veracruz style from Veracruz, Mexico."

"Our boss loves Mexican." said Moe
"And seafood." said Lars. "I wonder what's for dessert?" (for some reason the ones who created Carmen Sandiego put down her favorite food in some of the series like Mexican, seafood and dietitian for example well I don't own any computer games whatsoever)

"It is obvious, boys I've got a word that Maylee and Jessie order a Calamondin Cake in Fort Myers, Florida...and right now I've better get back home because everyone's task are done." said Jade.

ACME Headquarters

Archie Pelago's office

"Great Work all of you and that includes you, Miss Ezell." said Archie "I'm glad you explain Moe and Lars the truth did you?"
"I sure did, Archie!" Jade honestly answered "They thought we're trapping her but we're not."
"At least Carmen and her gang will be surprise on her birthday after all." said Archie "You've better go home at once."
"Thank you, Archie!" said Jade "C'mon Sam, Socks let's go home!" as she and her cats leaves.

The End
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