Thanksgiving 2008 at V.I.L.E. HQ


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Thanksgiving 2008 at V.I.L.E. HQ

[Archival Post: Original thread | Posted on Nov 27, 2008 ]

Vic the Slick, Carmen Sandiego
What: An informal, one day only RP
Where: Somewhere in V.I.L.E. HQ

Vic cleaned his new shoes and polished them until he could see his own reflection clearly on the black leather and vaguely on the white. When he grinned, he spotted a piece of vegetable between his teeth and dug in with...
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Sometimes we are so focused on the treasure we are seeking, that we fail to see the one right in front of us
Joe Kerr wrote on Patty's profile.
Is it weird that when someone said "things that glitter" my first thought was you?
At times, when we're so focused on 'who' we are, we forget 'where' we are.

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