TBG: 1.5: San Francisco Sea Monsters?!

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[hr][/hr]San Francisco | October 28th, 2014 | Vol. 001 Issue 005[hr][/hr]​
[bimg=fleft]http://findcarmen.com/data/photos/l/0/131-1414442055-156cdb9aa4e156a00acfea2b25aefac4.jpg[/bimg]San Francisco Sea Monsters?!
Spotted just off the city’s west coast, a giant serpent sea monster! Residents repot seeing the beast coming up for air before diving back down. The monster is said to have a dark blueish/black colour and scales.

“It was wider than a sailboat and twelve times as long!” Says our eye witness Mr. Tellin DaTruth.

On Thursday, local fisherman also reported seeing the beast on the east coast, near Treasure Island. More on this story as it breaks. [Reference]
ACME Hoverboard?
Our local detective agency foray into a personal transport device that hovers on air seems to have hit a wall—literally! @Deric Storm was seen testing the device before it crashed into a brick barricade! Will ACME's boy genius ever get the device up and running? [Reference]

Blast from the Past:
Halloween Party at Shelgrin-Fetton Manor!
In 1933, Harold Fetton and his wife Fey Fetton hosted a Halloween Party at his home. Illustrious guests included business developer James Morgan, Hotelier Marielle Muir, San Fransicso Examiner reporter Rhea Porter, Entertainer Mr. Burnt Out Hippie, Socialite Elsa Olsson and Detective Richard Dickbrickler. Photos by Oliver Whaley. [Reference]

[bimg=fleft]http://findcarmen.com/data/photos/l/0/132-1414442304-c5eb582524c0478d10086216820e696d.jpg[/bimg]ACME Conspiracy: Chase's Chair
By: @Invader

The real reason Chase never lets anyone sit in his chair, is because it is the source of his clairvoyant powers. Really why do you think Chase always knows when someone is up to something. That chair is his source of power, and sitting in it interferes with that. That is why he forbids anyone from sitting in the chair. However you can get around that by sitting on the back of said chair, and still be following the rules. Touching said chair is ok as well, so don't worry about touching it. However just don't touch it for to long, info about you will imprint onto the chair itself. Chase will come by later and read that imprint, however he will always deny what he really knows.

Gotta story? We'll print it! Contact The Bay Gull today!
This issue is dedicated to Squeaky a.k.a. "The Bird"
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My word, sea monsters in our bay? That reminds me of my younger years searching for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland.

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